Hey guys (: I’ve been wanting to do a follow friday for some time now, but as you might of figured, I am way too lazy. Anyways, I was in a mood to make something today, and even if it turned out like crap, I still  wanted to acknowledge you flawless people. You all are honestly my favorite blogs but I’ve always been too shy to actually talk to  you, but yeah, idk (: 

-malikzniallspackage ☆ horanty ☆ lousbutt ☆ zaynmilkandcookies ☆ dropitstyles malikempire ☆ nialler-smiler we-are1-direction ☆ 1-d-memeszaynmalikshakesstylishirishboobearsexualtipsydirectiondirectioner-secretsliampayneismyboyfrienditsgottabelirry ☆ 80-proof ☆ sluttyforlouis ☆ zayns-69thpubic-hair ☆ boomitsnialler

Sorry if I forgot anyone. Love you all x

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Sorry for the paint edit, i have to go to work in like 10 minutes, I’M RUSHING.

Now presenting, my follow friday, in no paricular order:

harryballs | niallspackage | zaynchrist | tonguemalik | harrysclavicle | nuns-in-buns | tipsyniall | whorold | toiletraybans | bonjourmalik | dayumharrystyles | fostertheoffice