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I need to follow people Top 10 blogs or edit blogs?? x

nialllhoran (I strive to be her)
niallslittle (Jfc Mia. I love her)
punkcaster (love her attitude)
whiteteethniall (she’s just rad)
bobbyhorin (hilarious)
harrystylesdildo (he is just great)
hellodaisyevans (really rad)

69perksofharry (makes those soft grunge pics idk what they’re really called)
punkd-edits (all celebrities)
siiickstyles (punk edits are rad)

Hope I helped! Xx

KateGate: The Story of How a Grown Woman Ruined My Life for 5 months

So this is actually my third time writing this fucking thing. The first time was sort of just going through everything chronologically and the second my computer shut down and didn’t save anything. So hopefully this is my last time attempting this.

I guess I should start from the beginning, but just to keep this in mind while you read this my story will most likely be different from Mia’s and Shanna’s and others who have come forward. Mostly because maybe this whole thing was my fault.

I didn’t really edit this so sorry if there are some bad grammar or missing words in places and sentences.

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Hypnotic - Niall one shot

This is the first time I wrote something that long in English, so of course it has grammar mistakes. But don’t hate me, please? 

It’s based on the song “Hypnotic” by Zella Day and some posts from a lovely niallslittle

It contains smut but not as much as I thought it would - I just suck at writting smuts in not my first language. Go to hell Niall.

Enjoy :) 

There was absolutely no doubt – he was handsome. And even this word isn’t perfect to  describe his appearance properly. He was standing next to the kitchen counter, pouring water into perfectly washed glass. His thick fingers held the bottle with no problem. Here, from the couch I was able to secretly see his muscles working through his plaid shirt. I couldn’t stand the thought about his flexing back, strong forearms and stretching chest while he drank his damn water.

He moved from his previous spot so I could see his whole body, no longer covered by the kitchen island. His legs looked even more skinny in black ripped jeans which I truly adored. I was the first one to wear holes in my pants, but he didn’t mind taking the idea. He always wanted to look good, like the attention he was achieving was something well deserved. That’s why he spent a good few minutes to combine his hair, which was now in a perfect-imperfect mess.

Niall took his black leather jacket from the chair and came to the living room, where I was seated. When he most probably thought he was ready to leave, I wasn’t able to take my eyes off him. His perfect look made me melt on the inside, I had to sneak out of my duvet to let my redden cheeks rest for a minute. He was focused on the TV, what’s supposed to be my job in that moment. He smiled a bit after someone had told a terrible joke. He rested one of his legs on the couch and put his hands into jacket pockets. He looked confident, sure of himself, ready to rule the world. The black leather covered his black and red shirt just a tiny bit and showed off a loose white t-shirt he loved to wear. Perfectly tied up laces of his black shoes made his legs look even more stunning, if I can say so.

“Do you really have to leave?” I couldn’t stop the question from leaving my mouth. I had to lick my lips due to the amount of saliva on my suddenly very thirsty tongue. I wasn’t able to control my body anymore and I was afraid I’d lost it at some point.

He looked at me, he knew I didn’t like being alone recently. I had these days which had to include cuddling and eating sweets together, I just couldn’t live in any other way. He was the drug to my oxygen, which I knew I’d love forever. I couldn’t breathe properly without the knowledge of him loving me.

“You know I need to, baby.” He pouted a little and looked again at the screen. His little laugh made me smile and instantly remember the fact, that I won’t see him for the next couple of hours. Some other girls were going to see him, stare at him and have dirty thoughts about him, while I’ll be the impatient one over here, trying to kill the time and forget about his damn legs and arms. “You can call your girls if you want, have some fun like you always do.” His offer wasn’t good enough. I knew I could do that, hell I was happy he wanted me to be occupied. But two chicks weren’t something as precious as him, they weren’t the company I needed. That’s why I just shook my head and sighed loudly.

“Nah, they’re probably busy anyway.”

“Then I can call Willie to come home with his girl..” He didn’t finish, since the look on my face stopped him. No, I didn’t want other couple to accompany me, they were going to fuck anyway and I’d be alone again. With nasty noises next to me. Noises that weren’t made by me and my handsome lover. “..or only Willie. You both are good at Fifa, aren’t you?”

“Yes Niall, whatever.” I didn’t have more strength in myself.

“Oh, come on..” He whined, which instantly reminded me about my inner needs. And the fact that he stood up and started making his way to me didn’t help at all. He kneeled down on the sofa, right next to my body. His arms rested next to my head and now he was hovering all over me. “You know this one is important, we’ve been planning this event for weeks now.” He was trying to make it up to me with his words. It’s not like it didn’t work – his voice was the best thing I could be listening to. But the idea of him, looking like the God he is, leaving me cuddled to my pillow for his presence seekers made me unhappy. Normally it wouldn’t this much, but I had issues and he had to deal with them. Which he knew damn well.

“I know, I know.” Despite being vulnerable underneath his strong scent and body I pressured my hands to stop melting because of him and, just do something. I untangled them from loads of fluffy material and brought them to his face. I gently touched his cheeks which made him smile immediately, oh Lord how I loved his smile. His eyes were sparkling, lips parted and teeth showing. Skin beside his eyebrows wrinkled a little and created something so beautiful I couldn’t resist kissing him.

I absolutely did not want to seem like a horny girlfriend. He would only laugh at me and leave quickly, making me feel embarrassed and angry. My lips barely touched his, Niall’s hot breath made his way all over my face and was keeping me in a warm bubble.

I struggled not to give in. It was so hard not to just hold him close and almost throw all of my frustration at him. Funny, how just his look made me feel. That’s why I had to pretend bored, tired or just stopped by my current mood and turn away from him. He gave my cheek gently kisses while I narrowed my eyes at the TV.

“Take a nap baby. You’re exhausted.” He pointed with the last kiss on my forehead. I was dying inside. He got up off me and adjusted his pants, which didn’t go unnoticed by my needy eyes. The waistband of his black boxers was slightly visible when he bent down to take his phone and keys from the coffee table. I got lost in my thoughts without his scent so close to me, I needed him. Needed to be as near as possible, with every breath and sharp move. I wanted him to notice my inner self right now, when he was standing in his freaking skinny jeans and a leather jacket.

He started to walk away. I almost panicked I won’t do anything on time, I was scared I’d miss such an occasion. I couldn’t resist the urge to be touched by his hands, kissed by his lips, caressed gently here and there or just the opposite. I didn’t care, I just wanted him to stay a little longer and make it up to me – the fact, that I won’t be able to do anything with him wearing the most sexy outfit I’ve ever seen on him. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but my thoughts were obvious. He looked to me like a sex God this evening and there was nothing you could do.

“Niall-“ I got up. I didn’t pull up my loosely hanging sweatpants, I didn’t cover my cleavage slipping out of my tank top. Blood was boiling in my veins, heart beating so fast I forgot what was my name. I almost tripped over my blanket and he saw it. He was smiling so wide at me I wanted to punch him. He acted like he was such an oblivious bastard. He had known me for more than three years and he still treated me like a child. I was his doll, he had me wrapped around his finger. And that was the moment, when my need of chocolate was nothing. Absolute zero in comparison with what I was seeing. His smirk made it all obvious, he knew what I meant. He crossed his arms and looked at me with such a curiosity. With no hesitation  anymore I pulled him to me by his jacket and showed him what I had in myself.

The kiss was so passionate I’d fall over if not his strong arms, finally where they belong. He held me by my waist tightly while my hands were all over his hair and back. Our lips worked in a perfect sync, yet it didn’t stop him from laughing. He started from giggling like a funny little school boy, but it wasn’t funny to me. It soon started to disturb me, that he couldn’t just shut his Irish beautiful mouth.

“H-honey, I need to leave,” he laughed again, “and you’re not helping!”

“It’s not my fault, Niall.” I held him forcefully by his clothes and started to go back to the backrest of the couch. “Why you had to wear like this, huh?” I couldn’t stop, I felt insanely good kissing him. My lips travelled down to his throat and that’s where my strength started showing up. I wasn’t his little baby anymore, since he decided to wear his plaid shirt. He couldn’t call me a kid, because I had a perfect view of his chest hair. I needed to be treated equally, with the right of having power. That’s why I decided not to give in and continue giving him hickeys like mad. If he looked like this in black skinny jeans, he might as well wanted do complete his badass look by having a proof of a naughty girlfriend. “Come on, baby. I know you love touching my body.” I was trying to convince him so bad. “You like when I’m whining and begging for more.” He groaned. This made me instantly his, I couldn’t think straight and didn’t know if I was able to continue my confident game. I wanted to, though. He deserved it.

“You’re gonna pay for my boner.” He snapped at me, attacking my lips once again. That’s when I was the one who was smiling. I knew he loved kissing me and it was making him beyond excited, so I moved my hands to his abdomen and caressed his tensed muscles. They discovered his delicate skin, now trembling under my touch. He had power over my mouth, but my hands were somewhere else. It made me feel even more sure of my every move. I wanted him badly and I was going to get him.

“Then let’s do something with it.” I offered between his licks of my lips and moved my hands downwards. I unfastened his zipper and touched him through the black material. He wanted to slide his pants off, but I stopped him and brought his hands to my waistband instead. I could say he was confused, I just stopped him from doing something obvious. “Please, have them on. Just take him out of your boxers.” I moaned. How could I not, I just asked him to fuck me with all of his clothes on. That was like a dream coming true, dream made barely a few minutes earlier.

I hadn’t known exactly what was happening. My head was spinning, I didn’t know where to focus my eyes – on his beautiful flushed face, amazing clothed body or his hands, that started to take off my sweats with my panties. He had me seated on the backrest, with legs spread and glued to his back. I held his neck so he couldn’t be too far away from me. I needed his intimacy, our mixed breaths and swears. That was something intoxicating, it made me moan even louder than I thought I could.

“You’re such a terrible girlfriend.” He started laughing, when he was pumping himself right next to my main ache.

“And why is that?” Now I was laughing too. When I had known what was about to happen, I couldn’t care less.

“You know damn well why.” He growled and entered me slowly. He had to hold me by my hip and keep his balance on the black sofa. His forehead rested on my shoulder and we both started breathing loudly. My hands were now on his bum, holding tightly to his black jeans and making sure they won’t fell off.

I loved the way he was moving. His hips worked so hard on keeping the same pace all the time, but eventually he started to speed up. And I was beyond content with his lips kissing my neck, hands touching my buttcheeks and lower abdomen hitting my pelvis.

He was in such a rush, like the true Niall he is. He didn’t waste his time, he wanted to get what he deserved. His upper body held me with love and affection but no lack of bites here and there, while his thrusts were good enough to make me see angels. He was so thirsty we probably looked like we didn’t have sex in ages, but it was just the way it should be. It had always been this way and it was absolutely okay. The fact, that he fucked me in his clothes though, wasn’t okay. It was unbelievably amazing.

“Oh my god, I love you” I managed to whisper to his jaw and then kiss it again and again.  Then I screamed out his name once or twice and tried to calm my breath, while he was doing his last thrusts. His face stopped at mine with a few long, sloppy kisses. We stayed still, our foreheads still touching as we laughed slightly.

“Fuck, baby” He was out of his breath. He looked like after running couple of kilometers, which made me able to redo his hair. With smile full of content I ruffled his hair and made it look still good.

“You look like sex” I kissed him once more and took off my tank top to wipe his shaft with it. He stared at my black bra and then kissed my hair.

“Well, don’t you say..” His laugh was precious. Unforgettable. “Are they visible?” he pointed at his throat covered with four bloody red hickeys.

“Of course they are.” I smiled like a proud girl. “Now you’re ready. You look sexy and every woman knows you had some. But don’t you dare think you can have more in the club, sweetie.” I warned, but kissed him slowly.

“You’re such a badass,” He zipped his jeans and adjusted so that everything looked normal. “and I love it.”

So its been awhile since I’ve made a follow forever of the people who make my dash amazing! All of you guys are amazing and should hmu

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I’m doing another one of these because *harry styles voice* I love the pain. But since it is my birthday, I thought I’d take some time to appreciate a few amazing people. So, thank you to anyone, and everyone who is on here, and to the people I forgot, and to the people that I don’t appreciate enough. Thank you for always brightening my day.

Also, excuse the edit. I do all my editing at 3AM so it’s not the best, but it sums me up very well.

Specials Mentions  

liamsquad: i think know i love you more than zayn missed leeyum that one time

dammitcal: you get real deep at 4AM man and i’m glad i was only half awake for that (jk jk)

tmhstan: cait you’re literally so amazing and perfect and ilysm

zainistan: thank you for letting me rant about tv shows lmao rabya ily

norrmanikordei: we hardly ever talk anymore but i still love u sarah


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And that is all! Once again, thank you for being amazing people. Thank you for making me constantly happy. Even if I hate most of you :).

-Missi aka. frogmeme

i’ve decided to make one of these because i’ve been mentioned in a few and, also, you guys are so nice and i’ve been making some friends on here so yeah haha

not bolding anyone bc i love you all

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I hope I didn’t forget anyone and typed all your usernames correctly haha :) I also hope you guys have a great summer and i love you all x

hey guyss!  i FINALLY hit 3K and my birthday is coming up soon so i decided to give back to all the people who have been such amazing people to meet and become friends with in just over a year! you guys have been so kind and amazing and have helped me in the greatest times of need! 103979843298562569 apologies if i forget anyone coz i have soooo many mutuals! i still love all of you! even if you dont follow back!


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some of my best friends here i love you guys more than anything!

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my real life tribal friends you guys are the best and i love you!

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if i forgot anyone please let me know!:


ok so this like my third follow forever?? i was planning on making one for christmas but i was so busy all the time and not near my laptop so i’m making a new years/holiday one! i just want to thank all my followers for everything and sticking with me. i’m always here wanting to talk to you and i love you guys and wow y'all just mean to much to me and dam!! But here’s some of my friends to start this follow forever off..

Edenaka mobniall: you’re the first friend on here that I actually talk to outside of this website!! It sucks we live so far away but you are fly as hell like!!!! I just want to thank you for always being so sweet and I miss you so much!!

Kay aka legendaryhemmo:dam kayla we used to go to school together and you are honestly one of my best friends and i really really love you and i put up with you talking about 5sos all the time!! but i love that they make you happy and i hope you’re doing swell in college and thinkin about harry a lot!! esp in your biology lab!! but anyways im gonna see you soon and ily!!

Adi aka capniall: AdI!!!!!!!!!11 i love you so much and we are #DOMESTICNIALLSQUAD!!! you’re so sweet and i lveo talking to you bc you’re so honest and a great listener and i feel like i know you??? like i’ve known you for forever idk. but i hope chris evans and niall get to see how beautiful and amazing you are bc they are your loves!!!! you are wow a+!!

Amanda aka ewzayns: AMANDA!!! i havent talked to you in like 30 yrs but you are so sweet and you added me to my first group here on tumblr and it’s honestly my most favorite group im a part of bc you and kirby and cate just make me feel so gr8 and you are such a gem i swear i wish i knew you in person!! 

 Danielle aka niallhoranhasthat1thing: danielle tbh when i see you on my dash reblogging dob and niall i get so happy bc your blog is all about the two ppl i lvoe!!! and you’re sweet and i need to talk to you more bc you are such a little ball of fluff ily!!

ok so now im going to go into most of my blogroll!! sorry i cant organize this im so bad at alphabetical and counting like dam!! but i love all of you and if we’re in a mutual and i forget someone like i always do just feel free to go into my ask box and roast me!!! 

bolds are my squad!! if you’re bolded and you don’t consider us squad just know, I consider us squad!!!!!!

painettes // niallharrystyles // sexualwhorean // gotniall // iiniall // zaynthotsquad // ofhoruans // liamgotmoney // niallthirst // beyniall // champagnepadre // hateniall // halfziam // hardniall // zeysus // immortalmalik // ziallbums // birdcagedlourry // paynkink // striplucas // cardiganliam // zaynishigh // emojilucas // groupiesquad // fricknialls // gagginiall // niallslittle // stylesthyghs // neeyumm // blowingstyles // aghniall // niallssidehoe // niamasaurus // dangcalum // calumtho // wintermalum // nonbinaryharry // asskimo // londniam // rudolphkink // hhoran // niallsgas  // datirish // 21nh // nialuke // cuitepies // ticklyniall // turnthoran // tommotommlinson // nilldos // orharry // fuckedniam // niallez // trippylou // broders // 420zouisquad // zaynisrich // whorannaround // wastedcal // thwellingtoncurse // adidaslilo // kittyharold // rnullingers // fireprooflouisx // probloumatics // icantdrink // nialljhorn // leims // vvazik // punkbrits // isbradford // niftynialler // fanfictioniall // awlourry // niallerlilcraic // lirrye // hazslut // smokingpayne // niamrockme // ofziall // cardiganliam // freezechapel //

again, thank you guys for everything i love you!! you all mean the world to me :)))

My first ever follow forever in honour of reaching my first hundred!


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Non-Mutuals; I still love you!

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There are so many more I want to add but I need to go and I’ve been putting this off for almost a month now. Love you guys!

im horrible at this plz forgive me if I forget you. its actually my tumblr birthday, so I decided to just go with it. ALSO: some of you think I probably don’t even follow you but i do i swear its just bc this isn’t my main blog srry i love all of you

If you’re bolded its bc you mean a lot to me and i love you a lil extra

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H-J :  hairstyls hallouisen harrypopsz hisroyalhighnessmalik hoe4harry horanhoop humptheharreh i-laugh-myself-to-sleep icecooly94 ididziall igubler iiniall ikigaiziall imgoodatbeingawkward imjustzialling infinitylourry inziallwetrust irish-shout irishkinksishipbullshitdealwithit itsaziallworld justaslightniallobsession justzialling

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(jfc i can’t believe there were so many with z’s)

I love all of you mucho!!! happy holidays to all of you :DDD

u guys r amazing n amazing people to talk to from time to time thank u for making my life funnier than it already is thank u all of u… especially bith ass butttom hate her ass but shes my 1 on here fuk…. anyway thank u for everything :D


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………this is so long my bAD FUK!! anyway love all of u honestly all 800+ people i follow love u guys B)


Can you just imagine you’re at some event and Niall is busy with his official duties, interviews, greeting fans. Like a good girlfriend you wait off to the side, maybe grabbing a drink from the bar, just out of sight of the cameras yet well within his view when he’s finished…

But then he turns, his eyes scanning the crowd worried at first when he doesn’t see you. It’s not your fault, of course, the rather large guy who is doing his best to make a move hides you completely. You side step to the left, hoping this will make you visible to your boyfriend, and praying he’ll be finished up soon. You’re still new to all of this after all, so you’re trying hard not to offend this man because you have no idea who he may be. Meanwhile, Niall sees the flash of your hair, zeroing in on your nervous laughter. And unfortunately the mans hand on your arm as you try to walk away. Luckily, he let’s you go and you hurry to where Niall stands, waiting just out of camera view, hoping the scowl on his face proves to be to your benefit as the evening roles on.

He’s unhappy. Someone had their hand on his girl. He knows you’re his, knows you love him, knows you’d never be swayed by some slick suit, but he can’t help but run his fingers thru his hair in frustration and feel like he has failed somehow to protect you and guard his most precious treasure, His Princess. He begins to reach his arm out to beckon you to his side, not caring about the photos or fans. But slides it back in his pocket and stares daggers at the man who has now followed you to where you stand much closer than before. His angry look fades to a contented smile, when he hears you tell the man that you’re “waiting for your boyfriend” and gesture in His direction. In a moment the man is gone and you smile triumphantly. He knows you are proud that you handled the situation on your own. But he also knows that when he gets you home he’s going to make sure it’s clear whose arms you belong in.

niallslittle. This is for you. ;)

2k14 follow forever ~

i have over 400 mutuals which is literally INSANE so thanks for being a positive presence and for bein u B) i hope 2015 is kind to u all!!

this list should include eVeRyOnE so if ur not on here i APOLOGIZE and please let me know. a lot of ppl are changing urls for holidays and such and i’ve been working on this for a few days so be sure to check for your old url if you’ve recently changed! 

1977punk / 20liam / 2dgf / 50kwatch / 5solukee / aleximis / aliciageorgine / allergic-alien / allyhoo / andialwaysknew / anglelica / annakendorks / annieclarkvevo / apicturesqueplace / arcadefieri / arcticscum / arepitasdulces / asthmaticpuppy / astrolatrys / audpaige / audplanet / awpayne / bad-hair / badumdumtss / baileycmiller / baiolicious basicmen batmanglj / battlebornes / bebravelily / believeinbritboys / benknope / bill-haters / billniall / blackwidowitch / blamesnialls / bleachedtommo / blueyeslie / bobrosstho / bonadrags / boyjorts / boysallaroundtheworld / boysbander / bradford-coffee / braveladsziam / breadbowling / breaths / brownpropaganda / butttom 

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*kevin hart voice* alright alright alriiiiiiight while im waiting for champaynepapi to drop a song i think its time for another follow forever!! these are a list of my fave blogs (i cant possibly fit everyone so im sorry about that i still love you too) but i tried my best and no one is bolded or the whole thing would be bolded and i love you all thanks for being hella and makin it rain all over my dash

special shoutout to my closest friends i love you all so so much and thank you for putting up with me :~) (hover for a msg)

karyn ♥ mecca ♥ ariana ♥ zoie ♥ elise ♥ maggie ♥ kai ♥ ash 

and to the whole squad!!! we’ve been a group for over a year and things wouldn’t be the same without you and i love you guys so much  

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i think its rlly adorable how niall gets grumpy when he’s sleepy. like i can imagine him getting home rlly late one night from work and ur still up, sitting on the couch watching tv or reading or something. and he stomps inside, dragging his feet, pulling off his jacket and tossing it on top of a chair. and he’d run his hands thru his hair and sigh for a bit.

‘hi babe’ u’d say, smiling and getting up to wrap ur arms around his waist. and he’d rest his chin on top of ur head for a bit and just mumble about how tired he was and how he had such a long day and he’s ready for bed. and you’d pull him onto the couch and cuddle up next to him, and he’d start grumbling on again.

'y/n, i dont wanna cuddle i wanna sleep. i’ve been workin all day long, im tired.. ’ and u’d smile a bit coz he’s so fucking cute when he’s all grumpy and whiny like that.

'fine then, go to bed, grumpy’ you’d tease, pushing him up off the couch. 

as he’s shuffling to the bedroom he’d be saying, 'i am not grumpy. im just tired, you’d be tired too if ya worked all day like me. haven’t had any rest all day …’ he was still talking but it was so quiet and mumbled that u couldn’t understand anything else he said. you shook ur head and went back to reading ur book. a few minutes later he stumbled back into the room, now wearing only his sweat pants. 'are ya comin to bed now or not?’ he’d grumble, his hair all messed up and his eyelids heavy. 

'yeah, i’ll be there in a bit,’ you said.

he’d scratch his tummy and mumble, 'well hurry up, i can’t sleep if you’re still up’ and then he’d trudge sleepily into the bedroom. u could hear him flick off the light switch, and the bed squeaking as he got into it. he’d only been in bed for a couple of minutes when he calls u. 'come on, y/n, i don’t wanna sleep by meself all night long, would ya get in here?’ and when u didn’t reply right away, 'did ya hear me? c'mere.' 

'im coming, niall, calm down’ you’d laugh, picking yourself up off the couch and joining niall in the bedroom. you changed into pajamas and crawled into bed next to him before he finally cracked his eyes open. he’d manage a small tired smile and wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you in next to him to keep him warm. 'thought you said you didn’t wanna cuddle.’

he’d just grunt in reply. 'changed me mind,’ he’d say after a bit, nuzzling his head into ur shoulder and kissing it gently.