Shawn Mendes Imagine for niallscraicaddict

You were prepared for the heaviest snowstorm ever. People said school would be closed for a week. There goes your April Vacation…

Although, you weren’t really into staying home by yourself, you decided to call your best friend, Shawn.

“Hey, Tawny.” You hear his voice. “Hi, Shawn. Wanna get snowed in with me?” you ask him. You knew Shawn didn’t have anything else better to do, besides; you two would always be snowed in together when you were little. It was a perfect time for you, considering your parents were away for the weekend. With plane delays due to the weather, you knew they’d be gone even loner. “Sure, I’ll be over soon.” He says as he hangs up the phone. You walk into your bedroom to make it somewhat nice for him. You then went over to your thermostat, to keep the air warm in your house. However, on the screen you notice 60 degrees at a solid number.

You sighed not knowing how to work the levels on the thermostat. You figured Shawn would do it for you. You spray yourself with his favorite perfume on you as you see him pull into your driveway. You run down the steps and open the door wide open as you see him. He wore a dark grey sweater with a matching beanie. He came inside quickly as you held the door open. “Hiiiiii Tawny” he screamed right in front of you as if he were a little kid. You giggled as you watch him take off his shoes, “hi Shawn.”

You follow him as he walks up the stairs. “Can you fix my thermostat?” you ask behind him. “Yeah, what’s wrong with it.” He said going up to the wall. You admired how tall he was, he didn’t have to bend down, or reach on his tippy toes, or nothing. “I don’t know, it like won’t work.” You say as you feel the chills. You cross your arms as you lay them on your chest. You watch Shawn as he fumbles with the meter. He furrowed his eyebrows in frustration. “Think you might need to get a new one.” He said turning to you. “Are you serious?” you frown. You both walk into your room, it was somewhat warm in there. “It’s okay, we’ll improvise.” He laughed trying to make the situation better, as usual.

You two lay in your bed as you hear snow pounding on your roof. You jump at some times, being afraid of the heavy snowflakes. Shawn would hold you closer as you stared into his sweater. “I like it.” You said as you played with the collar. “You think so?” he asked for your opinion. “Sweater weather.” You say.

He smirks down at you as he starts to sing. You smile as you play with his fingers as you heard his angelic voice. You got him to sing without his guitar a few months ago. Besides, even without his guitar, he still sung perfectly. You close your eyes for a couple of moments as you thought about everything; you let the sound of his tone flow throughout your ears. It made you melt inside, but you loved the feeling.

Both of your fingers lingered slowly as he stopped singing. “I love your singing.” You smile as you face him. “I love you.” He said as he stared into your eyes, more likely your soul. You took in your time to process everything. Did Shawn really say he loved you? You always loved Shawn, but never actually thought of it that way. You creep on a smile shyly, as you move closer into him. You felt his heartbeat as you continue to shiver.

The night was growing long and cold by the minute. Shawn covered about 5 blankets on you both as you fell asleep to his voice just for a small period of time. You slightly open your eyes as you watch him stare at your white ceiling. “Are you okay?” you ask him interrupting his thoughts. He turned his head over to you as he holds you closer. “I’m just thinking about things.” He says. You inhale the smell of his cologne that you loved.

“Like what?”


You become confused as he said that word, us as in plural. Meaning you and him together. You didn’t say much and just listened to him hum. “Remember when we ‘dated’ in middle school?” he laughed. He brought back those good memories you two shared. Although, you guys didn’t really date, it still brought you closer together. “I remember.” You quietly laugh into his chest.

“Wanna try it for real this time?” you felt his eyes on you as he said it. You lifted your body up, as your elbow held your posture. “Can we?” you say.

Shawn smiled showing off his pearly whites and softly kisses your lips lightly as possible. “Love you, Tawny.” he says sneaking his arm around your waist. He continues to sing throughout the night as you fall asleep in his arms.