nialls laugh kills me

In the Most Unimaginable Way

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“What do you mean I’m staying here? I feel fine!”  Harry was barricaded at the door by the other three boys, insisting that he should stay in the hotel and just rest for the day.  Last week in Switzerland they were performing their last show before they had  a two month break and then headed into the American leg of the tour.  It had started pouring, and the rest the of the boys were quick to put on rain jackets, but Harry continued on singing and dancing like he didn’t even notice the rain. However he did the next day. He was meant to go golfing with Niall, but with a splitting headache and not being able to breathe out of his nose he had to cancel.  

This morning he felt a lot better, minus a bit of a scratchy throat, and after a week of lying in bed he was ready to get back to rehearsing.

Niall crossed his arms and glared at him. “You sound like a twelve year old boy hitting puberty.  I wouldn’t qualify that as feeling fine.”

Harry threw his head back, tugging a hand through his hair, laughing.

“Guys, honestly I’m fine.  This is the best I’ve felt all week.”

Louis leaned against the doorframe, his eyes sweeping across Harry. “Well you’re looking a bit crummy, mate.”

Harry cocked his head towards Louis and rolled his eyes. “Thanks Lou.”

“Look, what if I just hung out with you guys today.  I promise not to sing or do anything.”  

Harry looked at the boys expectantly before letting out loud sneeze.

Liam shoved his hands in his front pockets, rolling back on his heals. “Look, mate. Why don’t you take it easy today.  We’re gonna start recording for the new album in about a week and you won’t want to be poorly for that.”

Harry nodded reluctantly, knowing Liam was right.

He groaned, “Alright, I’ll get back in bed.”

Niall and louis patted him on the shoulders before turning and leaving.  Liam  

looked at him again, pursing his lips and pointing a finger at him “Drink lots of fluids, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Liam patted him on the back before following after the other boys.”

When they were around the corner Harry muttered under his breath, “Oh, I won’t.”

He turned back into the room and shut the door behind him, making his way back to the bed.  He sat down patting his hands against his thighs, deciding what to do next.  He picked up his journal that was sitting on the nightstand and flipped it open.  He thought he could maybe write for a bit, but he really hadn’t done anything lately worth reporting.  He closed it and tossed it back onto the nightstand, before scooting further up on the bed and resting against the pillows.

For the next hour or so he alternated between flipping through channels on the t.v. and messing around on his phone, both of which soon lost their appeal.  He sighed, turning off the t.v. thinking maybe he’ll just take a nap.  Turning his head to look at the clock and see what time it was, he saw his juice from earlier, sitting on the table and remembered Liam told him to be drinking fluids. As he picked it up and took a sip he started thinking of things he could do to keep himself from going crazy.  Liam had told him not to do anything he wouldn’t do.  What would Liam do?  

He sat the glass back down and saw out of the corner of his eye his laptop, sitting on a chair, near the end of the bed.

An idea popped into his head, but it was absolutely mental.  He chewed on his bottom lip for a moment, rationalizing why he shouldn’t do what he was thinking.

“Screw it.” He shot out  of bed and strided across the room, picking up his laptop.  

Taking it back to the bed he powered it up, logging on.  

The boys all knew Liam had secret fan accounts, and he would always joke with them about the stuff he would find.  

Harry decided to log on to tumblr, because Liam said it was always good for a laugh.  He quickly made an account, making his username, Packers194.  He knew it was stupid but he couldn’t think of anything else.

After the account was set up he pursed his lips, thrumming his fingers against the keyboard, not sure where to go next.  

He adjusted himself on the pillows, typing ‘one direction’ into the search box, just to see what it would bring up.   

He started scrolling through pictures of himself and the boys, and came across a picture of Niall that was captioned,

Giving Harry a run for his money?

Harry leaned in closer to the screen to get a better look.  Niall was wearing a white button down( most of the buttons opens), black jeans, and…. Harry squinted his eyes, leaning in a bit closer.  Harry scoffed, smiling in disbelief. “He stole my boots.”

He hit reply on the picture and started typing, being careful with his wording so he didn’t give himself away.

Not a chance. Looks like he broke into Harry’s closet.  Those shoes are obviously too big for him.  

He hit send and made a mental note to get after Niall.  After another minute of scrolling, he saw his blue message box lighting up.

The girl who had posted that picture had replied to his comment.

Maybe, but he’s rocking those jeans better than Styles.

Harry scoffed, furrowing his eyebrows and quickly typing back a response.

Absolutely not. Besides he’s angled weird in the picture making it look more perky. Who are you to be judging anyways?

I’m only joking.  Although it wouldn’t kill Harry to do a few more squats. :)

Harry snorted and rolled his eyes. After another few minutes of talking back and forth he found out her name is Katie, she’s 19 years old, and she lives in Washington.  When she asked about him he told her he was from England, but said he wanted to keep his name anonymous.

Well Katie from Washington, besides being an expert of their bums in jeans,, what do you think about the band?

Oh I love one direction! How about you?

Harry laughed to himself, deciding which way to go with this.  He decided to be a fan.

Oh ya, they’re amazing! Especially that Harry bloke.  He’s definitely the fittest one.

He waited, smirking to himself, expecting a very forward answer either agreeing or disagreeing, but what he got was not what he had anticipated.

He’s definitely gorgeous and there’s no denying that! He’s my favorite too.  But there’s so much more to him than just his looks that makes him a beautiful person.

Harry smiled softly to himself before responding.

What’s your favorite thing about him?

He suddenly got nervous flutters in his stomach, waiting for the response.  He didn’t even know this girl, but he’s always cared about what people think of him.  He was at the point now where he was comfortable being completely himself, and he always encouraged others to as well.   But as much as he tried not everybody liked what was put right in front of them.  

The message box lit up again and he quickly opened it.  

Where to even begin, haha.  I know my response is the same for a lot of people, but he is incomparable.  He is kind and generous, and accepting and loving of everyone he comes in contact with.  whenever he performs he gives nothing less than 100%, but he’s always aware of everyone around him, making sure they’re ok.  I love how giving he is and how passionate he is for the things he believes in.  I love how he’s completely himself, and inspires myself and so many other people to love who they are.  I know my knowledge of him doesn’t scratch the surface of the man he is, but I do know he is a beautiful person inside and out. Just everything about him makes me smile.  And lets face it, he’s not bad looking. :)

Harry chuckled and sat silent for a moment.  After feeling poorly for a week this is just what he needed. He’s used to seeing negative things about himself, so he wasn’t sure how to respond to something like this.  He didn’t know where it was coming from, but his eyes were suddenly starting to water.  He tried to convince himself it was because he was about to sneeze, but he knew it was because of what he had just read.  The hardest part about fame is dealing with the people alway trying to put you down, and make you seem terrible just to get a good story.  But he knew he had something special.  Him and the others boys knew how amazing and unique there fans were, and how lucky they were to be supported and loved through everything they did.  

He sat, chewing on his bottom lip trying to think of how to respond, when his phone suddenly buzzed.  He looked down, reading a text from Niall saying they were back and to meet them downstairs to go out for dinner.  

Before closing his laptop he wrote back quickly.

He definitely loves being able to express himself and share his music with others.  I’m sure the fans have inspired him just as much as he’s inspired them.  

He nodded, shutting his laptop before getting up to join the boys.  

They went to a restaurant/bar across from their hotel since they were all too tired to go anywhere further.  After they had all sat down and gotten their food they filled Harry in on what he had missed during the day.   Apparently during rehearsal, it had gotten hot inside studio so they went outside cool down.  Liam splashed some water on Louis’s shoulder and it all went downhill from there.  Louis turned around and grabbed a water bottle, opening it and getting ready to throw it on Liam.  However, Louis did not look where he was aiming and splashed it all over a girl who was walking by.  Louis apologized and the girl said it was fine, but the chiwawa she was walking felt differently.  It barked and nipped at Louis ankles leaving little teeth marks all over the place.

Liam and Niall were cackling hysterically and Louis was glaring at both of them. “I don’t know what you’re laughing at.  Bloody thing could have killed me!”

Niall laughed again, wiping his eyes.  He nudged Harry’s foot under the table. “Oh c’mon Harry, that was funny.”

Harry, who had been previously been staring distractedly at his plate, looked up and knuckled his eyes. He had been in and out of the dinner conversation, nodding occasionally and pushing his food around his plate.  
“Sorry guys, I’m just a bit tired.”

Louis drug a fry through some ketchup and popped it in his mouth. “What do you mean you’re tired?  Haven’t you been lying in bed all day?”

Harry nodded, stifling a yawn. “Yeah, but I wasn’t exactly sleeping.”

“Mmm, find yourself a lady friend to invite upstairs, Styles?” Liam teased, taking a sip of his drink.

Harry choked on the bite of food he had taken. “What? No…no there was no one else in my room.”

Niall rolled his eyes.  “Cut if off, Harry.  I can see you blushing.  Just tell us her name.”

Harry dropped his fork, making it clank against his plate, ‘“Guys, I promise you there was no girl in my room.”

Louis pointed his finger at Harry, smirking. “But there is a girl.”

“Bloody hell.” Harry muttered under his breath, taking another bite of food.  

Louis laughed. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about Harry.  If I was bored, and stuck in a room all day I’d definitely make a point to–”
“Ok! Enough talk about what I did or did not do today.  The point is I am feeling much better and am good to start rehearsing.”

Harry didn’t know why he was getting all defensive.  He really didn’t have any feelings for the girl, but he didn’t like the boys insinuating things.

Liam chuckled, rubbing Harry’s shoulder. “Alright mate, we were only joking with you.  Besides I told Harry not to do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Oh ya.  I bet he’s got himself a fan account by now.” Niall quipped.

Harry chuckled nervously, sipping on his drink.


Over the next month, Harry continued talking to Katie and became pretty good friends with her, although he never shared much information about himself.  He now knew that she had three other sisters, a dog named Raven, and she wanted to go to school to become a social worker.  

They were currently in rehearsal now, taking a short break, so Harry pulled out his phone.  He got onto tumblr and opened the message, laughing the post she sent and started to reply.  He suddenly felt three pairs of eyes on him.

Harry looked up sheepishly and stopped typing. “Can I help you boys?”

Niall leaned against his mic stand and grinned, shaking his head. “Harry, enough’s enough.  You’ve been completely distracted during rehearsal the last few weeks, and you’re always pulling out your phone every two minutes.  You’re not foolin’ anyone Harry.  Who’s the girl?”

Harry knew he hadn’t exactly been sneaky about it, but he had hoped the boys would just ignore it.

He blew out a breath and stood up, tucking his phone away in his jeans.

“Alright, so…there might be a girl.  But before you guys get all excited, we’re just friends.”

They all whispered excited ‘I knew it’s’ and Liam frowned, handing louis a 20 dollar bill, for winning the bet that it really was a girl.  

Liam shoved Louis’s shoulder and smiled at Harry.  “Well whoever this secret friend is she must be pretty special.”

Harry nodded, smiling down at the floor. “Ya, she’s pretty something.”


They had a show that night is Santa Clara, and as soon as it was over and he was back in his hotel room he pulled out his laptop, logging onto tumblr.  

Anything exciting happen today?

A few seconds late there was a reply

Nothing really special today, but GUESS WHAT?!


My concerts in two days!!  I’m going to the one in Seattle :)

Harry Laughed to himself

No way! I’ll be in Seattle that week too.

Are you going to the concert?

Oh I’ll definitely be there.

What!? Shut up no way! We’ll we have to meet up then.

Harry grinned, running a hand through his hair.

Where are your seats?

I’m front row! Right next to the catwalk, nine rows back on the left side.

Sounds good.  See you there.


“Alright boys, ready for a great show?”  Liam fixed his in-ears, looking back at the other boys.  

They were backstage in Seattle, minutes from going on stage.  They all nodded and smiled back at Liam as the intro video finished and the door to the stage slid open.  They all ran on, pumping up the crowd and belting out their opening song.  

Their show went on and it was going amazing.  It was during ‘Little Black Dress’ when Harry was on the other of the stage, that he finally spotted her.  He was dancing and running down the catwalk, waving to the fans, before she stopped in front of the ninth row. There she was, right in front.  Wearing a tour shirt and singing at the top of her lungs.  He laughed, catching her attention and blew her kiss.  She laughed and blew one back.  Harry caught it and smushed it to his cheek before continuing down the runway.   

The show continued on and Harry glanced and waved at her a few more times, before it was his turn to talk.

“We would just like to say a massive thank you to any parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, aunts, anyone, who brought someone to the show tonight.  We hope you had a fantastic time.” Harry caught Katie’s eye before continuing on.

“Thank you to all of our amazing fans who have loved us and supported us throughout these last five years.  We truly couldn’t have done it without you. “

There was suddenly and eruption of screaming coming from some girls a few rows down from Katie.

Harry shuffled closer to them, squinting and trying to make out what they were saying.  He laughed, ruffling his hand through his hair. “I don’t know what you’re saying!”

Liam came up next to him and looked down at the girls, “Styles, I think they want you to take your clothes off.

The entire stadium roared as Harry covered his face with his hands, shaking his head. “Nooo. This is not that kind of show! You all need to calm down!”

He laughed at the girls before catching Katie’s stare again, winking.  “Besides, It wouldn’t kill me to do a few more squats.”

Katie beamed up at him before catching on to his joke. Her eyes widened and her hands flew up, covering her mouth.  

Harry blew her multiple kisses before announcing “This is Best Song Ever!”

As they performed the last song Katie was in too much of shock to do anything but stand with her hands over her mouth, trying not to hyperventilate.  

There was no way.  No way she had spent the last couple of months talking to Harry Styles over tumblr.  What he said just had to be a coincidence.  But the way he had been interacting with her all night made her think otherwise.  

She remembered back to all the things they had talked and joked about.  How she had told him everything she loved about him.  Her emotions were all over the place as her eyes started to well up, tears leaking down her cheeks.  Her friend she had come with shook her shoulder, asking if she was alright.  She nodded and slowly lowered  her hands, smiling so big her cheeks hurt.  She watched in awe as Harry danced across the stage, singing and waving to all the fans.  

The song was coming to an end and she joined in at the chorus, singing at the top of her lungs.  She watched as the boys ran down the stage, waving goodbye to all the fans.  As they were coming back up Harry passed her, running backwards and yelled into the mic.  “Bye Katie!”

They took a final bow and ran through the doors as the fireworks went off.  

Katie was crying and laughing, still trying to process what just happened.  

The final notes of the song drug out as she smiled, memorializing her friendship with, Packers194.

Thanks for the request! Hope you like it :)



You hadn’t seen Niall in about a year, and you decided to visit them while they were in Japan. Of course, Zayn might have mentioned something about a surprise visit to Niall. Niall was sitting on the couch, waiting for his surprise. His cheeks had gone red, he wasn’t sure whether to be excited or scared. Everyone was silent, waiting for your arrival.

“So much stress in this room.” Niall broke the silence, laughing loudly. “It’s killing me.” He mumbled. Afterwards, you walked in the room, making Niall’s eyes go wide and making him run over to you, kissing you all over the face. 

“Best surprise ever.”