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Niall’s Night

Let’s talk about the irish man:

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1. His beautiful smile.

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2. The way he sings and dances “Better than words”.

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3. How the little things make him happy.

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4. The ease with which we go crazy for him.

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5. He’s a sunshine.

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7. His fucking serious’s faces.

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8. Adorable.

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9. Blue eyes.

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10. His occurrences.

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Louis / Harry /  Liam

I absolutely love this picture for some reason! So sexy ! <3

Finding a Family pt. 2

Authors Note: So here it is! Finding a Family part 2. I have to tell ya, this thing was a damn monster to write, and I apologize in advance for the sorta cliffhanger but it was getting to be really long. But in the next one, you bet Niall’s gonna wet his nappy ;) Happy New Year!!!!!!! (At least where I am.)

Niall drifted in and out of sleep, contentedly sucking on his dummy. He was warmer and happier than he’d ever been in his life and he was afraid that when he woke up, this dream would end. He continued dozing for a few minutes, kicking his legs slightly and enjoying the feel of his thick nappy crinkling around his hips.

Niall was disturbed by the sound of a door opening and a nearby light being switched on, making his closed eyelids turn pink. The blonde boy scrunched his face and whined, burrowing his face into the pillow. He heard a chuckle and he was picked up by a pair of strong arms. Niall opened his eyes and stared sleepily at Liam, who smiled softly and set him on the changing table, kissing his forehead.

“How’s my little boy today?” he said softly. “Let’s get you out of this nappy and eat some breakfast, huh?”

Niall smiled shyly and allowed his onesie to be unbuttoned and his nappy pulled off. He hid his blushing face in his hands as Liam switched his nappy for a fresh one, frowning at the dryness but not commenting. He grinned and leaned down, blowing a raspberry on Niall’s tummy. The Irishman squealed and kicked playfully, wiggling around on the changing table.

“No Daddy no!” he squeaked, giggling madly. Liam jerked his head up, shocked at what Niall had called him. The blonde boy stopped cold and stared at Liam in horror, tears welling up in his blue eyes at his perceived rejection. The older man saw this and scooped up Niall, rocking him from side to side and shushing him gently.

“Oh baby, I’m so happy you called me Daddy! That’s really good baby!” he soothed, bouncing Niall in his arms. The irish boy calmed down, sniffling a bit and rubbing his eyes cutely.

“Niall’s a good boy?” he asked in a small voice.

“Yeah baby, you’re a good boy. My little Nialler,” Liam reassured him. Niall beamed happily and threw his tiny arms around the older man’s neck. Liam hugged him back, burying his face in the blonde hair and inhaling the comforting scent of clean diapers and baby powder. The moment was ruined by a loud growl coming from Niall’s stomach, making him blush.

“Looks like someone is a bit hungry, eh? Lets go get some food in that tummy!” Liam exclaimed, carrying Niall out of the room and down the stairs. They walked through the hallways and into the kitchen where Louis was stirring something in a bowl.

“Looks like its pancakes for breakfast, buddy! How does that sound?” said Louis excitedly, kissing Nialls’ cheek. The Irish boy smiled shyly and blushed, nodding his head happily.

“Never had pancakes befowe!” Niall exclaimed. The two older men shared a look of surprise.

“Baby, can I ask you a question? You’re gonna have to use your big boys words,” asked Louis cautiously. Niall nodded, confused.

“I want you to tell me why you never had pancakes, baby. Why are you so thin?” Louis asked gently, stroking Niall’s oddly thin torso. The blonde boy furrowed his brows, sluggishly trying to find the proper “big boy words” while still in his headspace.

“Couldn’t buy a lotta food. Dinnint have too much money,” declared Niall haltingly, attempting to force the words out correctly, oblivious to the appalled faces of his two daddies. Liam recovered the fastest, raining kisses all over his baby’s face, making him giggle and scrunch his face up.

“Well now you can have all the food your tummy could ever want!” Liam said loudly, burying the horrified feelings from the revelation about his baby. Liam ushered Louis back to the pancake batter, whispering about waking up the other two men. Louis only nodded, still in shock. As Liam set the blonde boy in his high chair, Harry and Zayn sleepily shuffled into the kitchen, kissing Niall’s hair and murmuring “good morning” and slumping down into chairs.

“Mownin Aba!” squeaked Niall to Harry, making the curly haired man jerk his head up and grin excitedly.

“You hear that? I’m Aba!” Harry shouted happily, flailing excitedly around the kitchen. Louis looked at Niall with puppy dog eyes.

“What am I, baby?” he pouted, fluttering his eyelashes dramatically. Niall put his fingers in his mouth, thinking as he absentmindedly sucked.

“Dada!” Niall squeaked triumphantly, leaning forward and leaving a sloppy kiss on the mans cheek. Louis whooped happily, joining Harry in the ridiculous flailing. Zayn, the only one left, was still half asleep but awake enough to look amused at the proceedings. Niall leaned towards the middle eastern man, excitedly whispering in his ear.

“Baba!” he loudly whispered. Zayn’s eyes widened in surprise at Niall’s pronunciation of the word.

“Baby, you know that Bay-ba, what you just said, is Arabic for Dad, right?” Zayn asked, incredibly stunned. Niall just beamed happily and nodded, leaving a sloppy kiss on Zayn’s cheek and sticking his fingers back in his mouth. A grin grew on the older mans’ face; his baby called him Daddy in his own language!

Zayn laughed happily, grasping Niall’s face in his hands and pressing kisses to every patch of skin he could reach. The celebration settled down a few minutes later when the timer for the stove went off, signaling the pancake batter was done settling. Louis attended the pancakes and minutes later, a heaping stack was placed in front of Niall, who perked up and made grabby hands towards the food.

“No Ni Ni,” Zayn said gently but firmly. “We have to cut the food up first so you don’t choke ‘cause you’re just an itty bitty baby, remember?” Niall blushed, heart fluttering happily at the verbal reminder that he had people to take care of him now. The tanned man smiled at his baby and cut the pieces carefully, lifting a spoonful to the blonde boy’s mouth.

“C'mon Nialler, open up for the train! Choo choo!” Zayn exclaimed cheerfully, continuously feeding Niall bits of pancakes until the plate was empty. Zayn smiled gently and took the empty plate to the sink while Harry picked up the sleepy Irishman, carrying him to the living room and sitting down on the couch. The curly haired man cradled Niall in his lap, shifting the blonde’s head until it rested on his shoulder.

“We have a little surprise for you, baby,” cooed Harry, rubbing Niall’s back. “You just have to stay awake a little longer, yeah?” the blonde boy blinked sleepily and ducked his head shyly, cuddling into the crook of Harry’s arm.

A few minutes passed in which Harry hummed a tune and gently rocked his baby until they were interrupted by the arrival of Louis who was holding something behind his back.

“Look what Dada got!” Harry said, nudging Niall to look at Louis. The oldest man pulled a full bottle of milk from behind his back, only to be answered by happy gurgles from the blonde boy. Niall’s eyes went wide and he turned his body towards the bottle, making helplessly frustrated noises when he couldn’t reach it.

Louis only chuckled lightly, handing Harry the bottle, which he gladly took, and nudged Niall’s lips with it. The Irish boy immediately latched on and sucked the milk, body going limp with pure bliss at being bottle fed by his very own Aba. His blue eyes were slipping closed fast, contentedly sucking every last drop of milk he could get. Both Harry and Louis awwed at the sight as Niall’s body finally went completely limp moments later when the bottle was empty, curling into Harry’s chest. The curly haired man smiled and set the bottle on the nearby coffee table, grabbing an afghan and tucking it around his baby so he would be extra cozy during his impromptu nap, also gently inserting the clover dummy into Nialls’ mouth. Liam and Zayn walked in and sat on the sofa next to the other two men, smiling briefly before turning serious.

“Lads, I don’t like what he told us in the kitchen,” began Liam in a hushed tone so as not to wake Niall.

“Me neither. I knew he was a little too skinny when we brought him home yesterday, but I never imagined he didn’t have enough money to eat,” murmured Zayn in a stunned voice.

“We’ve been following him for long enough that we should’ve known he didn’t have enough money. That minimum wage job was his only one. For gods’ sake, we went through his medical history!” Louis said with rising panic, heart torn to shreds over imagining how hungry their baby must have been. The boy in question mumbled sleepily and the four men froze, thinking he was waking up but Niall just burrowed further into the blanket. The men sighed in relief.

“Well,” Liam said, breaking the tension. “He’s our baby now. We can feed him whatever we want whenever we want. Besides, he’s a lot more open with us today than yesterday! That’s progress, right?”

“Well yeah, but he still hasn’t used his nappy yet,” responded Harry. The men frowned for a moment.

“When he wakes up, we can just keep giving him things to drink and not let him out of his nappy until he goes. The bottle should already be working,” suggested Zayn. The other men nodded their agreement just as Niall was starting to make fussy noises. The blonde boy stretched like a cat, raising his arms up above his head and then retracting them, curling his body into a ball. Niall sucked strongly on the dummy, pulling the blanket further over his head.

“Heya Nialler, whatcha doing?” cooed Harry, bouncing the blonde boy slightly. Niall whined sleepily and wiggled.

“None of that now, naptime is over! We can watch movies or play games, baby!” Louis said with exaggerated excitement, scooping Niall up and setting the boy on his hip. The Irish boy blinked sleepily and plonked his head on his Dada’s shoulder.

“Movie?” lisped Niall around the dummy, peering hopefully at the featery haired man. Louis grinned and nodded, walking over to the gigantic flat-screen.

“Yeah baby! We have a lot of movies just for you!” Louis promised, opening a cabinet below the TV that stored all of their movies. Nialls’ mouth dropped open at the assortment of Disney movies, dummy barely managing to stay in.

“Bwave!” he squealed happily, snatching the movie and holding it up for his Dada’s approval.

“Good choice buddy! Let’s get comfy, eh?” Louis smiled, rubbing his nose against Niall’s. The blonde boy giggled and clapped his hands, squirming into his Dada’s arms. The older man popped the movie into the DVD player, walking over to the couch and setting Niall down on top of the blanket. He pulled some other blankets from the couches and wrapped both him and Niall in them.

“There we go, we have to take them all so your other Daddies don’t get any,” Louis whispered conspiratorially. Niall quietly snickered, curling into his Dada’s side. He perked up when his other three Daddies walked into the room, each holding a different item.

“Here you go baby, we don’t want you getting dehydrated,” whispered Liam as the movie was starting, handing Niall a bottle full of water. The blonde boy smiled gratefully and sloppily kissed Liam’s cheek, oblivious to his filling bladder. While keeping an eye on their baby, the four men leaned back to watch the movie. The ending was going to be great.