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Niall Smut// Fifteen Days

@jennalbriggs asked,“Could you do a Niall smut where he comes home from a long day at the Studio then starts working on his laptop and you start teasing him”


You sat on Niall’s couch waiting for him to come home while watching tv. You didn’t leave here, but your roommate had her boyfriend over. Watching them made you miss Niall even more than usual. He’s been busy with work in the studio all week and you rarely saw him.

You heard the door open and keys changeling door the apartment hallway. Your eyes brightened as you heard Niall stepping down the hallway.

“Y/N? Is that you?” Nial asked, running upstairs, most likely to his room.

“Yeah, I wanted to see if you could hang out tonight?” you called to him.

He didn’t answer.You could only hear him going through his things. He came down the stairs and walked into the living room.

“Hey, darling,” he said before kissing your cheek.

“Hey, so I thought maybe we could order some food and watch a movie and cuddle for a little,” you suggested, facing him from the couch.

“I would love to baby, but I have to work a bit tonight,” he told you, “but if you want to stay and order some food, I’d be okay with that,” he said before walking away to his office.

It has been ten days since you and Niall had spent any real time together; it had been fifteen since you actually had sex. Not only did you miss him, you needed him. His hands, his arms, his lips, everything. You had made attempts to get him alone, but he was either busy or tired.

You got up from the soft couch and walked into the doorway of his office. His hair was disheveled, and he seemed stressed. He was typing quickly and stopping every once and awhile.

“You okay?” you asked Niall. His head slowly raised up. You recognized his tired blue eyes as soon as they met yours.

He ran his hands down his face and nodded, “I’m fine, I’m good.”

You didn’t believe him. You walked over to him and sat down on his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck,

“I think you need to relieve some stress, baby. You’ve been working a lot lately,” you whispered in his ear.

“Y/N, I have to work. I need to finish this before the end of the week,” he told you sternly. “I can’t have any distractions right now.”

You pouted and ran your fingers through his hair that was browner than it was blonde now, “That means you have three days to finish this, and I can maybe help you.”

“I’m in the studio for the next couple days then I have to fly out to LA on Friday,” he sighed.

“Please,” you mumbled, slowly rocking your hips against his. “It’s been ten days since we spent any time together, Ni. Fifteen since we had sex, and you love sex,” you reminded him.

He slightly chuckled, “Baby, don’t do this.” You raised your eyebrows, questioning him. “Don’t move your hips like that, darling. I need you to get down.”

“Okay,” you smirked while you slid off his lap and onto your knees in front of him. You slowly ran your hands up his thighs and around his crotch.

“Y/N, I’m bus-”

“Then just work, Ni,” you whispered as you undid his zipper and his pants buttons. You slid his pants down to is ankles, leaving him in just his boxers. Niall was only semi-hard through his boxers when you massaged his cock.

“Baby, baby, stop. I can’t focus,” he told, slightly groaning.

You ignored him as you took his cock out of boxers. You licked the palm of your hand and gripped his cock. You rubbed your hand from the tip to his balls. You looked up at your flustered boyfriend; he was a mess.

You dragged your tongue around his tip causing him to moan. You continuously did this as your hands ran down his shaft. He ran his fingers through your hair as you took him fully into your mouth.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he moaned, biting his lip.

You hadn’t seen Niall this worked up in awhile. His cheeks were red, his hair was wild, and the lust in his eyes was intense. You continued bobbing your head and rolling your tongue around his cock. You could feel his member becoming harder in your mouth; he was fully hard by now; he was yours now.

You released him from your mouth, leaving him a bit disgruntle, “Well, you’re a busy man, and you have to work so…” you smiling, standing up from your knees.

“Oh no you don’t, baby girl,” Niall growled, standing with you. “You just woke up fifteen days of sexual frustration, and you’re not going anywhere.”

His hands lifted up your hoodie revealing your bra-less chest. His hands roamed your chest as his lips attacked your neck. You leaned against his wood and marble desk. Niall kicked off his jeans and underwear from his ankles.  He helped you onto the desk and removed your leggings.

“Were you wearing any underwear?” Niall questioned, sliding your leggings off. “You walked in here today just wanting to be fucked, didn’t you?”

“Maybe,” you mumbled.

“I bet you came in here wet, didn’t you?” His finger played with your wet silt. “You just couldn’t wait for me to fuck this pussy.” You shook your head in a response. He rubbed his cock against your silt. “I’m going to need an answer from you, baby.”

“Niall, I need your cock; I’ve needed it for days. Please fuck me, Ni,” you begged.

“Lay down.” You placed your back on the cold surface.

Niall didn’t waste any time placing his cock inside of you. You were already back in heaven with Niall slowly thrusting into you. His arms held your legs to get deeper inside of you.

This is what you had been craving for two weeks. You knew touching yourself wasn’t the same.  

“Fuck, is it me or did you get tighter than the last time because damn, you’ve never left so good,” Niall mentioned in between moans.

He quickened his tempo. He held both of your wrists over your head after you tried touching yourself.

“I haven’t touched you in fifteen days,” he reminded you as his right hand squeezed your breast again. “You just lay there and enjoy yourself, babe.”

You felt yourself already close to your high. You knew Niall wasn’t even close to being finished with you. You knew he was only getting started, but you couldn’t help yourself.

“Niall, I’m s-so close,” you cried.

“Don’t you dare. I’m not done with you yet,” you mumbled. He pulled you by your arms to meet him. “In my arms, baby girl.”

You did so as he lifted you by your ass and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You attached your lips to his, throwing him off balance and into the fall. You both laughed against each other’s lips.

“Fuck me against this wall,” you whispered against his skin. “Please, Ni.”

He turned you around so your back faced the wall, “Well, yes, ma’am.”

He re-entered you again with his head in the crook of your neck. You bounced with his thrust; you were in perfect sync. His right hand gripped your hair as he left his mark on your neck collar.

“Holy fu-fuck,” you cried out.

You were breathless in Niall’s animal-like actions. You knew you weren’t going to make it. He was hitting every place just right.

“Baby, I can’t anymore. I’m going to cum!” you told him as quickened his thrust to the point of being sloppy.

“Come on, Y/N. Cum all over my cock,” Niall told you.

You felt fifteen days of lust sweep right from under you. Your body shook in Niall’s arms as you reached your high.

Niall let out profanity after profanity as he approached his high with you. He felt his arms getting weaker as you slid down the wall with Niall falling with you. You fell on top of him as you both ended your highs. You were lying down on Niall’s rising chest.

You heard Niall’s phone from the desk begin to ring. Niall looked up as you looked at him.

“Um I think I’ll just-” you began but he stopped you.

“No, just let it ring,” Niall told you. “You said you wanted to watch a movie and get some food.”

“You have to work, and I’ve distracted you enough if it isn’t obvious,” you smiled.

“Y/N, you are my work. I’ll order the food, and you pick out the movie.”

“Niall, you said you had a deadline in a cou-” you were quickly cut off as Niall picked you up again. He placed you on the desk again and handed you your clothes.

“Like I said, go find a movie, baby,” he mumbled before kissing your forehead.

You put your hoodie back on and smiled, “Niall Horan, I love you.”

“Y/n Y/L/N, I love you.”

Game Night

Author: Sarah

Warnings: Smut, little bit of drinking, mostly smut

Word Count: 2,025

Summary: (Y/N) and Niall haven't seen each other in a while and game night turns into something more. 

“Niall, I’m here!” I yelled walking through his front door, letting some snow flurries come through. I shut the door behind me and stomped my boots to get some of the snow off. I slid off my jacket hanging it on the hook on the wall. I glanced down the hall wondering where he was, as I took my scarf off hanging over my jacket and placing my gloves inside the jacket pocket. I placed my hand on the wall to steady me as I took off my boots. Adjusting the sleeves of my sweater, I walked down the hallway stopping to look in the living room. The fireplace was lit, making his home feel cozy and monopoly was already sitting out on the coffee table. I smiled thinking of the last time we played monopoly. I looked around the room but it was empty. I heard footsteps coming up from the basement, “Niall?”

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Preference #21 He Has A Wet Dream

I made this one awhile back and I laughed while editing this xx



You had your head against Liam’s chest while watching a movie on the couch. He had fallen asleep, but he was keeping you warm until he started grinding on you.

“Liam, stop,” you complained, but you received a moan from him instead. You felt a bulge form onto your back making you giggle.

“Goddamn Y/N, you’re so good for, daddy,” he moaned, holding and grinding on you harder, but you were still laughing.

His moans were progressively getting louder. You tried everything in your power not to laugh. You were a bit uncomfortable, but you were still laughing.

“Are you gonna make daddy cum?” he groaned making you struggle more to get out his grasp.

“No, I don’t wanna make you cum,” you laughed, trying to escape.

He moaned on last time before knowing that he had came. “Ew Liam, that disgusting!” Yyou yelled causing him to wake up.

“What’s wrong?” Liam asked as you got up from the couch.

“Go and get changed!” you yelled pointing at his pants.

“Oh God,” he groaned walking up to our room.

“Don’t come back until you’re cleaned off and we are done with any kind of cuddling for the night!”


You sighed as you walked through the front door. “Niall?” you called out through the house while kicking off your shoes. He didn’t respond. “Niall? babe?” you called you out again.

You looked in the kitchen and the couch, but he was no where to be found. You walked up stairs and heard a distant moan coming from your bedroom. The door was closed and the moaning got louder.

“Jesus Christ baby, you feel so good!” you heard Niall moan.

You were shocked. Was he with another girl? You took a deep breath before opening the door. He was by himself, in his underwear, grinding on the bed.

“Fuck Y/N you’re so tight,” he groaned, grinding faster.

“Niall,” you laughed, shaking him. As much as you wanted him to stop it was amusing to watch him get himself off in his sleep.

“Fuck baby!” he moaned. You laughed even harder when you saw your boyfriend mess up his boxers.

“Niall, wake up!” you yelled hitting him with a pillow.

“What! What’s wrong?” he asked, scrambling to get up.

“Something tells me you had a great nap,” you laughed pointing at his boxers.

“Aw not again,” He mumbled, waking to the bathroom.



“Zayn, dinner is ready!” you yelled from the kitchen, getting two plates out. He didn’t respond. “Zayn?” you called out again.

He was only on the couch; he should be able to hear you. You walked into the living room to see him moving on the couch.

“Fuck Y/N you feel so good around me,” Zayn moaned, grinding on the couch.

This wasn’t the first time you caught Zayn having a wet dream, but it was the first time that you couldn’t wake him up.

“Zayn, seriously,” you said shaking him, but his hips just moved quicker. He moaned louder and you knew he was very close. You knew just to let him ride it out.

“Aw s-shit, Y/N!” he groaned and you knew that he had just came.

“Zayn! Jesus Christ, wake up!” you yelled with a little giggle in your voice.

He slowly opened his eyes and smiled, “Hey, is dinner ready yet babe?” he asked.

“Yeah but if I were you, I would go wash up. Down here as well,” you laughed pointing to his crotch.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Zayn asked, running his hands down his, now, red face.

“I tried babe but you wouldn’t wake. So, go and clean yourself before you eat.”


You finished putting on your pajamas and walked into your bedroom. You saw Harry passed out on top of the bed hugging his pillow. You smiled at the sight of him looking like a child.

“Y/N…” Harry moaned, hugging the pillow tighter. “You feel so fucking good,” he moaned out again.

He was having a wet dream about you. It was almost flattering that he was having dreams about you. You sat next to him and and shook his shoulder.

“Harry,” you said shaking him a bit harder.

“Fuck Y/N, I’m close!” he moaned louder.

You shook him harder trying to wake him up before he messed up the bed. He got much louder with his moans before you saw a wet spot form in his boxers making you laugh.

“Harry!” you yelled hitting him with a pillow making him wake up.

“Oh, hey,” he yawned sitting up. “I had the best dream about you.”

“I can tell,” you teased, gesturing to his pants.

“Did I-”

“Yeah, but it was kinda hot,” you said, rubbing his arm. “Go clean your self up and tell me exactly what I did and maybe we can see if reality can beat your fantasy.”


The sound of Louis mumbling something in his sleep was keeping you up.

“Ugh Y/N,” he mumbled, shifting the bed.

“Louis, shut up and stop moving the bed,” you complained.

“Oh fuck, baby, you’re so tight,” Louis moaned.

“Oh you’re having a wet dream,” you smiled. “Louis please, faster baby harder.” You mocked moaned in his ear. You felt the bed move faster.

“Oh my God Lou!” you moaned trying to contain your laughter. You dug your nails in his back and he hissed.

“I’m so close babe,” he groaned.

“Let it go!” you said but started laughing.

“Y/N? What’s wrong; it’s like 2:00 in the morning,” Louis said sitting up.

“You don’t remember that dream you just had?” you asked, trying to calm your voice.

“Actually, it was a great dream,” he smirked.

“I think it’s obvious,” you laughed, pointing at his crotch.

“The hell Y/N. Why didn’t you wake me?” he asked, running his hand through his already disheveled hair.

“I thought it would be funny to mess with you, but if you go and clean yourself up, I’ll make it up to you,” you said before kissing him behind the ear.

“I’ll be back,” he smirked, jetting off to the bathroom.

It's About Teamwork

A soft cry from the monitor wakes you up. You groan and Niall shifts and rolls over to look at you. 

“You know he’s your son?” You glare at him. 

“Oi, he’s yours too.”

“Only by default.” You tease before pecking his lips. 

“Just like you’re my wife, by default.” He raised his brow and you hit his chest playfully. 

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Amazing Year

for myirishlove (It was a submission so I didn’t want to but your email out there for everyone to see)

(Warning: A lil’ bit of het and a lil’ bit of dubious consent (I think…))

Niall couldn’t explain it. Despite having to move to a new country and a brand new school, he just had a feeling that this year would be amazing. 

That feeling may or may not be due to the fact that his new guide to the school was by far the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her name was Barbara and there wasn’t a doubt in Niall’s mind that he wanted her to be his girl. When he told her this she had just smirked and teased him, “We’ll see about that,” Was all she said, making Niall want her ten times more. 

It was lunchtime when Barbara began to show him around the grounds. Niall couldn’t help but distinguish the several different groups of people there were. There were groups of people with wide rimmed glasses and textbooks, large-armed boys smirking at cheerleaders, and then others decked out in combat boots and beanies, talking about some blogging website Niall couldn’t remember the name of. 

Barbara comes to a stop at a table of cheerleaders- of course she’s a cheerleader- introducing Niall with a hand on the small of his back and a knowing smirk on her face as her friends take in the bottle blondes appearance. “Oh my god..” Niall faintly hears one of them mumble as the rest giggle excitedly. 

Barbara sits him down, and the girls all lean in as Barbara tells the little that she knows about Niall. The blonde himself spaces off a bit, busying himself by watching Barbara intently as she talks. He breaks out of his trance when one of the girls squeal. “Well, he’ll fit right in with Zayn and them don’t you think.” It’s Paris, Niall thinks, or something like that. 

“You think, Perrie?” One the other girls, a short girl with brown hair, pipes up. 

“Oh I know so.” Perrie says lowly. “In fact, Barbs, you might need to watch your back… if the way Harry’s looking at your little friend says anything.” 

Immediately, Barbara’s head swings back to look at this ‘Harry’ character, making Niall glance with her. As Niall takes in the appearance of a tall, devilishly attractive boy who’s smirking directly at the blonde himself. Barbara’s hand falls from Niall’s back instantly, making the blonde’s smile drop. 

“What?” Niall asks, confused. “Who is that?” He asks nervously, not liking the defeated look on Barbara’s face. 

“That’s Harry Styles.” She mumbles. 

The other girls give her sympathetic pats on the back and Niall’s confusion only grows. “What?” He asks, a bit frantically, “What does that mean?”

“I think he wants to talk to you, Barbs.” The short girl says again, and Barbara grits her teeth, getting up and going over to the tall boy quickly. 

“What?” Niall asks for a third time. “Is he her boyfriend?” He asks, trying to keep his voice from shaking. Sure, he really liked Barbara, but he could never go up against that huge guy. 

The girls giggle lightly. “No, no… Harry’s got- a relationship… with- well, nobody’s really sure.” Another girl, this one with blonde hair, says. 

Niall’s eyebrows scrunch up in confusion, “Wha-” He’s cut off by a large hand on his shoulder. He turns fast, standing as he sees the tall, dark boy that was behind him. Beside the boy is Barbara, who looks pale and is shaking a little, not meeting Niall’s eyes. “Um..” Niall says, not sure what to say to the curly haired boy who has still got that huge smirk on his face. 

“Hi, Niall, right?” He asks, his voice a lot friendlier than Niall had imagined it would’ve been. 

Niall nods, making the boy grin even wider as he gripped Niall around the waist, dragging the blonde down the green hill that the lunch tables were perched on. “I’m Harry Styles, you’ve probably heard of me.” He says cockily, making Niall narrow his eyes. 

“Barely.” The blonde quips, butt he smile doesn’t fall from Harry’s face. Instead, he laughs, head tilted back and dimples prominent. For a second, Niall forgets that he’s mad at Harry. “What did you say to Barbara?” He asks, anger already faded because Niall doesn’t really keep grudges. 

“I told her that you were going to be with us now and that she needed to back off.” He says simply, making Niall gape at him. 

“With who? What?” Niall asked, because apparently he was always confused when it came to the people at this school. 

Harry looks down at Niall, an exasperated look on his face. “Myself, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. You’ll meet them soon.”

Niall bit his lip, expression still flabbergasted. “Look mate, I don’t mind being friends with you lot but I don’t understand why you told Barbara to back off..” 

Harry stopped, his face suddenly dark as he loomed over Niall. “Because she wanted your dick? How stupid can you be to have not seen that?” 

Angry at the taller boy’s words, but intimidated nonetheless, Niall shrinks back. “She was just being nice…” Niall says slowly, not understanding Harry’s anger. 

The dark look doesn’t leave Harry’s face as he takes several steps towards the blonde, making Niall run into one the walls of lockers. “So what? You actually want that slut back?” 

Niall, never one to stand for bullying, rushes to defend Barbara, “Hey man, you can just talk about her like that… I’m sure she’s not-” 

“She was planning on sucking your dick behind the bleachers and then tonight she was going to go out to dinner with her boyfriend, who’s in college.” Harry says, smiling evilly as Niall pales at his words. “Still want to defend that whore?” 

“H-how could you possibly know tha-” Niall squeaks as Harry slams the boy (a bit painfully) against the lockers. 

“Because I bloody talked to her, didn’t I?” Harry snarls. “What? Are you doubting me already? Our relationship will never work if you don’t fucking trust me.” 

Niall’s eyes widen. “Relationship? You are not my boyfriend... I’m fucking straight you fa-”

Yet another squeak leaves Niall’s mouth when someone else is suddenly in front of him, pushing him more harshly into the lockers. “Do you really want to finish that sentence?” A low, thickly accented voice asks him. Niall’s close to tears when the new boy finally lessens his grip, focusing in enough on the boys face to recognize amber colored eyes and chiseled cheekbones. 

Frantically, Niall shakes his head. “M’ sorry, alright?” He says weakly, directing his apology at Harry, who’s still got that fucking smirk on his face that just screams ‘ha-ha’. 

The guy drops Niall to the floor, straightening the blonde’s hoodie in a friendly manner and brushing a gentle hand through his hair. Niall trembles at the touch, but don’t bat the hand away despite how much he wants to. The tanned guy laughs darkly as he steps away, “You were right, Harry. We were doubting you, but you definitely chose a good one.” 

Niall’s eyes are still wide as saucers when the tanned guy gets right up into Harry’s personal space, basically licking his ear as he says, just loud enough for Niall to hear, “Louis is gonna love ‘em.” 

Niall looks down the hall, there’s no one around, and for once in his life Niall is begging for the bell to ring. ‘How long is their goddamn lunch period?’ 

Niall begins to inch away slowly, back still facing the wall and eyes set to the floor, not wanting to watch the two boys in such an intimate stance. He jumps when he feels an arm wind around his waist. It’s the darker colored boy, but he’s soon joined by Harry, who’s arm joins the other boys’. 

“M’ Zayn by the way.” ‘Amber eyes’ says close to Niall’s ear. “You’re Niall, right?” 

Niall barely has it in him to nod. 

“W-where are you taking me?” Niall asks, still shaky, as the two drag him out what seems to be the back doors. 

“We’re going to go to Louis’ house, gotta give our best mate his birthday present, don’t we?” Harry says, shoving Niall forward so that the blonde almost runs face first into an expensive looking black car. 

“U-uh I have school- I can’t-” Niall stutters, whimpering lightly as Zayn pushes him up against the car one more time. Except this time, rather than threatening the blonde, this time he buries his face into Niall’s neck, sucking and biting at the exposed skin sharply, making Niall whine and push against the broad shoulders. At some point Harry must’ve come along and started to brush a hand through Niall’s hair, and Niall lets out a loud whine of protest as his large hand finds it’s way down Niall’s pants. With Zayn pushing Niall up against the car, leaving what must be a massive hickey on his neck and Harry palming his prick through his boxers, Niall knows where this is heading. Trying to swallow his pride, the blonde doesn’t hold back, moaning and groaning as the two get him off against Harry’s range rover. Niall feels it coming, and bucks against the double pressure he has against his crotch. Harry and Zayn both let out noises of approval as Niall cums in his pants. Zayn lets go, pulling his teeth away from Niall neck and Harry just smirks as always, squeezing Niall’s prick one last time before getting into the drivers side. Zayn pushes Niall into the back seat and locks the doors behind him, as if Niall could move after that experience. 

It takes a minute for reality to come back to Niall. The realization came with the uncomfortableness in his pants and the absolute mortification of what just happened. The two guys up front had just molested him in the school parking lot before forcing him to skip class. Before Niall can even think about how to get out of the situation he was stuck in, Zayn is dragging him out of the car, and the three are standing outside a huge mansion. Niall’s still reeling, confusion etched all over his face as he’s led into the giant house. 

“Lou! Liam!” Harry calls as soon as they’re allowed into the house by some man in a tuxedo. Zayn joins him the shouting and Niall still feels like curling up into a ball. 

Then, two boys are tumbling down the stairs, one with large muscles and puppy eyes, and the other, more lithe with sharp blue eyes that reminded Niall of his own. Harry and Zayn hug the blue eyed boy tightly, wishing him a happy birthday. Niall identifies the blue eyed boy as Louis, leaving the other to be Liam. While they all exchange their ‘hellos’, Niall continues to look like an idiot, mouth tight and shifting uncomfortably due to the mess in his pants. 

“So… what did you get me?” Niall hears faintly, and he wonders the same. They talked about a gift but the only thing they had brought in here was.. ‘oh no.

Harry and Zayn are latched onto him in no time, forcing Niall to stand in front of Louis, “His name is Niall.” Harry provides, as if there was no more explanation needed. Aparently there isn’t, because in moments, the brown haired boy is smiling widely, nodding in approval. 

“Really?” He asks, circling Niall as if the blonde was an animal. “But I thought you all didn’t want a fifth?” 

Zayn shrugged. “Harry saw him today and just knew. Sent me and Liam some pictures and we agreed. We know how much you wanted this, Lou. Plus, look at him.” Zayn says, eyeing Niall up and down. “He’s beautiful.” 

Liam, speaking up for the first time. “Why does he look so skittish?” He asks, eyes drawn in together, not impressed. 

Harry chuckles darkly. “He wan’t obeying at frist, so Zayn and I had to do some.. convincing.” 

Louis gasps, looking offended. “He’s my gift!” He complains. Niall’s eyes widen as he realizes exactly what he’s hearing. 

“Um- What? No- no. I’m not anyones- gift?” Niall scrubs his hands up and down his face. “I don’t know what the hell you people are on, but you’re fucking insane if you think I’d ever be in some kind of– fucked up five-some with you lot!” He shouts, attempted to shove past Liam and Zayn, both of which look impossibly angry. 

“I thought you said you convinced him..” Liam said, eyes narrowed as he holds onto one of Niall’s arms. Zayn grips the other, and they both shove him down onto a large sofa, standing in front of him as the other two follow. 

Zayn shrugged. “I meant I gave him that hickey and Harry made him come in his pants.”

Niall’s face flamed, choosing to stay silent. “Oh,” Louis says, and Niall doesn’t like the evil sound in his voice. “What? Is little baby Niall embarrassed?” Louis asks, gripping Niall’s chin and forcing him to meet his icy blue eyes. “Embarrassed that you couldn’t keep it together because you’re a little virgin who’s pretending to know what he likes?” The brunette says, cruelty dripping off of his words. 

The other boys are smiling, each looking just as devilish as the birthday boy in front of Niall. Niall’s jaw is locked tight. “I’m straight.” Is all he can grit out before Louis shoves him down onto the couch further. 

“Have you ever kissed a boy, Niall?” Louis asks, anger in his eyes. 

Hesitantly, Niall shakes his head, reminding himself that he needs to stay on these boys’ good side. “Exactly.” Louis says. Without any other explanation, Louis leans forward, gripping Niall’s face and forcing the blonde to kiss him. Niall doesn’t kiss back for a moment, confused and angry at himself for not being able to feel the difference to when he kissed a girl. Louis doesn’t wait for the Irish boy, shoving his tongue through the slightly opened gap of Niall’s lips and- there- Niall feels it. 

It’s completely different from kissing a girl. Louis is leading, he’s making Niall moan and making Niall feel good and licking over Niall’s teeth and Niall has never felt this good when just kissing someone. When Louis pulls away, Niall follows, making Louis smirk knowingly. “Not so straight after all, huh?” 

Niall, completely shamed looks to the ground. He hears a heavy sigh, and a larger hand on his shoulder. Looking up, he’s met with those puppy eyes that he usually looks for in a girl and a reassuring pat on his knee is given. “It’s okay if you’re gay Niall. It’s also okay if you’re bisexual.” Liam says, smiling gently. The smile soon passes, replaced by a leer. “I would say it’s okay if you’re straight, but I think now it’s pretty obvious that you aren’t.”

Niall doesn’t respond at all. He doesn’t speak much for the rest of the day as Louis cuddles him during horror films, but he lets Louis kiss him during the boring parts and he even lets Harry kiss him once when he showed Niall the way to the bathroom. He doesn’t even say a word, actually, until Zayn and Harry are dropping him off at home. He mumbles a quiet, “thanks.” 

He doesn’t quite know what he’s thanking them for yet. 

* * * *

The next day, things have changed. Teachers think that he’s a slacker and is going to be a terrible student because he skipped on his first day and his mother is pissed off and Barbara won’t look at him. Her friends are giving him sorry looks at first, but then glare at him as they recognize the hickey on his neck that he completely forgot to conceal before school. He doesn’t see Harry, Louis, or Zayn at all during his first period, but he does see Liam, once, in the hallway. Niall was talking to some pretty blonde haired girl, just trying to figure out where his homeroom would be held after lunch, when the girl asks him if he wants to eat lunch with her and her friends. He’s about to accept when the girl’s eyes widen and she sputters out a “n-nevermind..” and scampers off. 

Liam ends up ‘miraculously’ appearing out of nowhere and telling him where his homeroom was. He also tells Niall that the blonde is going to meet him and the rest of the boys at their table for lunch. Niall understands that he doesn’t really have a choice.

* * * *

Niall knew that he should’ve just gone to the boys’ lunch table directly when the bell rang. But Barbara was in this class and he knew he wouldn’t get another chance to explain himself that day. 

“Barbara!” He calls, trying to ignore the fact that she was quickening her pace to get away from him. Luckily, he gets close enough that he can lightly grab her arm, getting her to turn around. 

“Oh- um- hey Niall.” She says nervously, looking around the hallways guiltily. 

Niall suddenly feels nervous as well. “Um. I just- I wanted to explain about-” 

“No, no, Niall i understand. Once Harry’s group decides they want something, they get it. I understand, really!” She says, trying to dismiss him. 

“But-” He stops her from walking away. “I really liked you, Barbara- really-” 

Barbara’s face is pleading now, “I-”

Niall opens his mouth once more, “But, I know I can get them to stop, so if you can just wait-” He begins, trying to convince her that he could eventually get the boys to stop going after him, but the brunette girl’s face darkens, and she cuts him off. 

“No, Niall! God! You’re hot and everything, and sure, if you didn’t belong to them, then maybe I’d suck you off or at least give you a handie, but I would never get in a relationship with you! You think I didn’t already have a boyfriend? Are you really that fucking dense? You might be hot, Niall, but he’s in college, and if you think you could compete with him, you’re fucking batshit. Now stop fucking talking to me before your idiot ass boyfriends ruin my reputation!” She yells, and Niall’s eyes are watering. 

He turns away, rushing down the hall. He ignores the gasp he hears, knowing that Barbara must’ve found out that Zayn was standing behind her for the better half of her little speech.  

Niall sits in one of the bathroom stalls for a while, sniffing and wiping away the tears as they came. He unlocked the stall, only after he had double checked in his iPhone camera that there were no traces of tears on his cheeks. He stood in front of the mirror, cursing his flushed cheeks and red-rimmed eyes. It was obvious that he’d been crying. 

“Let’s skip.” A voice says from the back corner of the bathroom. Niall jumps, nearly falling to the floor at how scared he was. He doesn’t know why he didn’t expect one of the boys to be waiting for him. It’s Harry, who’s walking over towards him and pulling Niall into his arms. Niall grits his teeth, not wanting to cry again, but there’s something about being hugged by someone that makes him want to cry even more. 

He snuffles into Harry’s chest, shaking his head. “You were right.” Niall mutters. “About Barbara.”

Harry shrugs. “I wouldn’t lie to you, Niall.” and Niall believes him. 

After wiping his tears one last time, Harry leads Niall out back to the same range rover, only this time three familiar boys are leaning against the car, anticipating their return. Once they all see the obvious signs that Niall had been crying, plus the confirmation from Harry, each of the boys went livid. 

Niall knew that they all had darker personalities, but he had thought they were all against him. If their deep growls of, “We’re going to ruin her, Niall, don’t worry about it.” and “She doesn’t even know who she’s dealing with, I’ll slaughter her.” were anything to go by, Niall might even dare to say that they cared about him. 

Louis snorts, taking Niall under his arm protectively as they get into the car. “It’s alright, Nialler. You have four boyfriends to take care of you, and after tonight, She’ll have zero.” He reassures. 

Niall decides not to focus on the ‘four boyfriends’ thing and voices, “She does have a boyfriend.” His voice is cracking and sad. 

Louis nudges his hand against Niall’s jaw affectionately, “We might not hit girls, Niall, but I’m not afraid to ruin her life.” He says, as if that explained it all. 

Liam, who was previously silently cuddling into Niall’s side, explains, “A.K.A. we have a video of her confessing to Harry that she wanted to suck you off and we’re going to post it to Facebook tonight.”

“Perrie’s kicking her off the team.” Zayn said, clicking his phone off and returning the high five Louis offered him. 

“Wh-what? Why? And how?” Niall asked, sitting up farther. 

“Perrie’s cheer team captain. I told her what Barbara did, and we made a deal. Bam, she’s off the team by tomorrow.” Zayn says smugly. 

Niall’s face is confused again so once more Liam elaborates, “A.K.A Zayn promised Perrie that she could have the video of us fucking you and she agreed to kick Barbara off the team.” 

Niall jerks upward, away from Louis and Liam, shouting, “What?!” His eyes are full of fear and he’s basically trembling just at the thought of these four trying to– fuck him?

Louis tries to calm him, pulling him back into the seat and shushing him quietly. “Niall,” Harry says sweetly. “We would never do anything without your consent.”

“What about yesterday?!?” Niall screams, absolutely petrified at the thought of anything going inside of him. 

Everyone rolls their eyes consecutively. “Niall, look me in the eyes and tell me that you did not enjoy any of what happened yesterday.” Zayn commands and Niall can’t. Not after his newfound gay crisis over the kiss with Louis. “Exactly.”

“We can all give you our word, Niall, we will not be doing any fucking until you give us your complete consent.” Liam says, and each of the boys nod in agreement, serious and calm looks on their faces. 

“In fact, by the time we fuck you, you’re going to be begging us, and we still are going to need some more convincing before we fuck you. Good luck, by the way.” Harry winks, making Niall’s cheeks redden considerably. 

“I say we go get ice cream.” Louis suggests, and the other boys nod in agreement, but that’s just the beginning

* * * *

It’s a month later that the boys formally ask Niall to be their boyfriend. They do so at Nandos, which they’ve learned by now is way better than some cheesy Italian  restaurant. They give him a little bracelet, it’s tiny and made from leather, but there are four beaded letters attached to the bracelet, two L’s, a Z, and an H. When they ask, they’re each nervous, each blushing a bit and words slurred. Niall’s weirded out because he’s never seen any of them so vulnerable before. Niall, obviously, agrees and kisses them each right then and there. They get a lot of stares when they go on dates, and Niall’s mother will never fully understand why different pairs of boys will consecutively come in and out of Niall’s room with hickeys and messy hair, but Niall’s never been happier that a girl turned him down. 

Though it definitely didn’t pan out the way he expected, it really was an amazing year. 

ooooooOOOH cheesy

Also the return of the Oneshots :o 

I apologize for any mistakes I wrote this in like 1 hour tops. sadly, this might be the only oneshot till next week since technically this week is the week for Arcadia and Three Musketeers. The next two weeks are going to be fukced (i’m sorry) I’m taking an extra credit spanish 3 summer school things and its from 7am-4pm and kill me :( 

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Knee High Socks (Niam oneshot)

So I have been thinking lately and realised there isn’t that much Niam smut anymore so I wrote a little bit of Niam in my free time when I should be studying :) 


Enjoy :) 

Deep huffs of breath left Liam’s chapped pink lips, obvious teeth marks in the sensitive flesh. He blinked quickly trying to fit his key in the key hole without missing, but failing as he tried to conceal his obvious erection with crossed legs.

“Oh for fuck sake, c’mon.” He grumbled, sighing in relief as he finally slotted the key in the hole and swiftly opened the door to a lovely scent of Niall and chicken filling his nose but quickly snapped out of his trance when he tripped over his own feet and balanced himself with his palm on the wall, using his other hand to take of his shoes.

 “Niall!” He shouted when he finally slipped off his leather jacket and switching a few lights on before kicking his torn up shoes out of the way and sprinting up the stairs, trying not to gasp as his boxers and jeans caused a lovely friction on his cock, he bit his lip.

 He finally hopped to the landing and strutted to his bedroom door, finding that the door was slightly ajar and none of the lights were on except his bedroom one.

 “Niall?” He questioned, poking his head in the bedroom door and finding that the bedroom was, empty?

He finally entered the bedroom, letting his socked feet pad his way through the door before closing it and making his way to the bed and sitting down, scratching the back of his head before squeezing his eyes shut because for fuck sake his erection was fucking throbbing in his pants and he really needed Niall.

 He flopped onto the un-made queen sized bed, trailing his large hands down his torso, biting his lip as his breath began ragged and palms became even more sweaty.

 But before Liam could slip his hand into his jean waist band the lights shut off, making him shot up but not moving with his hand still cupping his erect penis.

 “Tut, tut tut,” An angelic voice chuckled, Liam moaned at the deep Irish accent he knew too well. Now sweat pretty obviously rolling down his sun kissed forehead. “You couldn’t wait could you?”

 Niall giggled, swaying his hips slowly as he trailed behind Liam in nothing but tight laced underwear and knee high socks. He bit his red lips before slowly crawling onto the bed on his hands and knees while Liam stayed still on the mattress, his eyes following Niall from behind, his dick harder than ever seeing Niall in just tight little panties. He tried to bite back a moan by biting his lip harder than ever, drawing a good amount of blood.

 Liam tried to stay still but didn’t last as Niall crawled on top of him, upside down and looking into his deep chocolate eyes in the dark, the moon light shaping Niall’s angel features perfectly as he leaned down slowly, nothing but their thudding heart beats and deep breaths could be heard.

 The older brunette couldn’t hold on anymore and quickly grabbed Niall’s hips, making him squeal as he slammed him in the mattress and pinning his slender wrists above his head and spreading the blondes legs wide so he could lean down onto them, moaning loud because finally, his cock was getting some attention.

 “Oh Niall,” Liam growled breathlessly, trailing deeps and slow kisses along his neck, nibbling at the pale skin, one of his larger hands still gripping onto his slim wrists while the other traced the pattern on his tight girl’s underwear, loving the way Niall breathed deep and back arched as he grazed his teeth over his hard nipples, leaving long wet trails of saliva over his sensitive skin.

 The younger boy whimpered as Liam hooked his legs over his shoulders but still pinned his hands down, making it impossible for Niall to touch him. Liam smirked before thrusting his hips hard into the younger, shuddering as he felt Niall’s slightly smaller dick rub against his.

 “Oh God,” Niall whispered more to himself than anything but Liam still heard him and bit harder onto his collarbone. But Niall didn’t know if he should either be scared because Liam was never like this, yeah he always topped but Niall never knew him to be so….. Dominate?

 Soon enough Liam’s slick and skilled tongue left his mouth and licked over Niall’s chest, trailing up to his soft neck, nuzzling his face into his neck so he could feel his rough stubble, making Niall moan loudly and for Liam to bite harshly onto his milky skin.

 “L-Liam,” Niall whimpered in ecstasy, trying to move his hips slightly to touch Liam’s hand, which was playing with them, slipping his hand in and out of the pants, making Niall’s eyes glisen with tears, because of god he’s been waiting for so long for Liam to finally come home from work (he was a police man).

 “Shhhh,” Liam hushed, trailing his hands down his body, loving the way his skin turned pink and chest started to lift and fall rapidly. He smirked. “Bad boys need to be punished.”

 Liam’s hand lifted, using his other to turn Niall to the side so he could strike his plump ass cheeks, watching as Niall’s sinful mouth opened and neon blue eyes rolled to the back of his head as he let out a pornographic moan. Liam growled.

 “Say my name baby, c’mon,” Liam praised, kissing Niall’s face with wet kisses, licking his lips multiple times before grabbing his jaw and chin with his slender fingers, opening the blondes mouth and licking his skilful tongue. “Say it.”

 “L-Liam,” He whispered, wrapping his legs around Liam’s waist slowly, biting his lip at the feeling of Liam’s leg hair scratching against his arse and clenching hole.

 Liam’s hands soon slipped Niall’s pants off, licking his lips as he saw Niall’s dick slap against his tummy, and he also  quickly slipped his shirt off so Niall could finally touch/feel his flawless tanned skin and chest hair, but he left his boxers on and throwing his jeans aside on the floor.

 Niall was a squirming mess beneath the older male, back arched until it hurt his spine and toes curled with his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt Liam roll his body on top of his, rubbing his big clothed erection against his bare leaking one, his petite hands trying to grip onto Liam but he was simple to weak so he fisted the blue sheets instead while Liam’s hands worked down his body.

 “Tell me what you want,” Liam said aloud, his mouth way down Niall’s body by now, a hot shiny trail of saliva all down Niall’s body.

 Niall shook, his eyes wide as he watched Liam get so close to his hole and pleading cock, his white knees high socks still on but the rest of his body exposed to his lover. Niall tuck a deep breath.

 “I-I,”  Niall looked into Liam’s dark brown eyes, seeing them filled with lust as he grabbed his cock through his boxers, making Niall squirm because God Niall wanted him to fuck him so hard.

 “C’mon baby,” Liam mumbled, eyeing Niall’s cock before giving it a lick, making Niall gasp and arch his back with surprise and desire.  “On your knees.”

 Niall’s eyes widened before sitting up but soon let out a small squeal as Liam flipped him over so he was on his stomach, with Liam flushed on top of him with his cock grinding onto his arse and wet hole.

 “Oh baby, you look so good like this, so ready for my cock.” Liam teased, before raking his hand in Niall’s hair and clenching his fist, pulling Niall’s hair so that his neck was at strain and arched, Niall’s mouth fell wide open.

 “Ahh,” Niall gasped when Liam smacked and grabbed his right arse cheek, but leaving his other hand in his hair so that Liam could lick along Niall’s throat and bobbing adams apple, Niall whimpered.

 “Oh p-please,” the younger male started to rub his hips along the bed sheets, his cock leaking so much pre cum and getting harder every seconds and action.

 Liam smirked and got Niall onto his hands and knees, biting his lip because oh God Niall’s hole was clenching and he was still in knee high socks which for some reason turned him right on. He slowly trailed his large hands up Niall’s arched back and plump arse, feeling every dip and flaw as he trailed higher.

 But before Niall could blink he felt something cold and wet lick across his hole, his mouth opened wide and hips jerked downwards where Liam was licking the blonde’s entrance. Liam’s hands placed firmly on his arse, spreading his cheeks so he could dip his tongue inside while Niall pushed back and eyes fluttered.

 “Mmmm,” Liam hummed, taking one of his hands off of Niall’s raw arse cheek, cupping his throbbing cock with one hand, giving it a firm squeeze before slipping his hand inside and slowly jerking himself off.

 Niall’s face was still stuffed in the bed sheets, his eyes closed and lip bleeding, red blotches and forming hickeys all over his neck as he tried so hard not to burst then and there. He soon slowly turned his head down so he could see Liam but soon regretted it. He saw Liam’s hand in his black boxers  and face stuffed in his arse , which one of the hottest things Niall had ever seen.

 “Liam!” The blonde screeched as the brunette unexpectedly trailed the tip of his massive cock along the boys puckering pink hole, smirked as Niall’s hands reached above his head, digging his finger tips into the sheets.

Before Niall could get back up on his hands again Liam had already slicked up his dick and slowly started to enter him, his walls clenching as he gasped for breath and head hit the sheets again, beads of sweat rolling off his forehead down his flushed face. 

Liam soon enough started to slam into the small blonde, gripping harshly onto his dyed blonde locks, digging his teeth into his neck and ears, loving the way his dick was embraced with warm, sweat heat which was Niall. 

“Oh God yes!” Niall screamed when Liam hit his prostate smack on, his mouth hanging open and eye lashes fluttering shut, loving the beautiful tingle he got inside. 

“Turn around,” Liam breathed, gripping Niall’s slim shoulders and making him look at him, he licked his swollen lips before diving onto him, slamming his lips onto his but his hips never stopped working into him. 

Niall’s hands gripped onto Liam’s back, digging his finger nails into his sweaty back, leaving red lines over his spine and ripples into his back. 

“S-so,.. close,” Niall gritted his teeth and lifted his legs to Liam’s broad shoulders, arching his back while Liam gripped his hips firmly but still kept kissing his neck and hit his special spot inside. 


They both cursed as Liam loaded his cum into Niall’s clenching hole, holding his face so he could kiss him passionately while Niall came all over their stomachs and heaving chests. 

"Oh God, I love you so fucking much.” Liam laughed breathlessly while he slipped out of the younger boy, watching as his warm liquid left his tight hole, he smirked.

“Love you too Li,” Niall said dreamily, stroking Liam’s defined face with his index finger, tracing his other hand down his abs, giggling when Liam growled and brought him into a big hug before climbing under the covers and spooning his little Niall. 

“Night love.” Liam mumbled into the blue eyed boys hair, grinning wide when Niall stuck his arse out so it touched Liam’s ‘softened’ dick. Niall giggled sleepily. 

“I always knew you had a thing for knee high socks.” Niall smiled sleepily before saying goodnight and giving his lover a quick kiss. 

niall horan smutty one shot


you watched him drink his coffee and eat his breakfast, while you and your best friend sat across the table, eating your own breakfast. (y/bf) is niall horans daughter and as it turns out, you have the biggest crush on him. of course you wouldn’t tell her that, because that’s probably crossing the friend code line. but how were you, a hormonal teenager, supposed to stop yourself from liking the incredibly beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed man child in front of you. he also has money but who wouldn’t know why, being in an internationally famous boy band when you are in your 20s, makes people recognize you on the streets.
“(y/n), my dad has to take me to my moms house today, for piano practice, but he can take you home after he drops me off,”(y/bf) tells you with a mouthful of food in her mouth.
“um, why can’t he take me home first” you question your friend, earning a dumbfounded look in return.
“did you not listen to me, I told you I had piano practice, I have to be there at a certain time and we aren’t going to have time to drop you off first,” she sassily says to you getting a chuckle from her dad.
“(y/n), don’t worry, I won’t bite” niall says showing his off his perfect teeth.
“ok,” you half whisper out wondering if they even heard you.
“well, you guys should probably go get your clothes ready, because we have to leave like right now,” niall says shaking his head.
you and (y/bf) run upstairs and hurriedly pack up your stuff, you from the mess you made spending the night and her the stuff to go to her moms. you thank god everyday, because niall and his wife are divorced. you know that doesn’t sound very nice but you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have his hands run all over you.
“earth to (y/n), are you ready,” niall questions you while snapping his long fingers in front of your face.
“oh ya I’m sorry,” you apologize, realizing the somehow you had made it downstairs again.
“(y/n), you get in the front seat because you get out last and on that side of the road,” (y/bf) tells you, basically forcing you into the front seat.
“hey, could one of you change the radio I don’t like this song,” she says after you guys have been driving a while.
“sure,” you and niall say at the same time, as you both reach to turn the station, suddenly your hands touch and, as dumb as it may sound, you feel sparks. you duck your head and mumble a sorry. the rest of the car ride you find yourself wondering if he felt the “sparks” you had felt earlier too.
“bye (y/n), bye dad, I love you both!”(y/bf) pretty much yelled in both yours and nialls ears.
“we love you back,” niall chuckles back at her as u smile. as soon as she shuts the door you realize that you are in the car alone with her hot father.
“mr. horan,” you start, but he interrupts you.
“you can call me niall, love” he says, putting his hand right above your knee squeezing it gently.
“well niall, do you remember where I live, it’s been quite a few months since I’ve seen you,” you state, staring at his hand, as it stays put on your leg.
“it has been quite a while hasn’t it, I’ve missed you,(y/n)” he says, seductively groaning the last part. as his hand starts rubbing your thigh, his hand getting closer to your heat, you start to shift in your seat, uncomfortable with the sudden wetness that is now in between your legs. you squeeze your legs together, thinking that it would help but all it does is grab nialls attention, making him smirk.
“you’ve missed me?” you cough out purely shocked by everything that is happening.
“oh god yes, I’ve missed you running around my house in your spandex, fucking fit, god,” niall shakily breathes out. you bite back a scream, when he quickly pries your legs apart, only to start rubbing you where you need attention.
“your so wet (y/n), who made you this wet?” he smirks at you, still rubbing your heat.
“where are we?” you moan out noticing he stops the car in front an unfamiliar house.
“now, since this is your first time with me I’m going to let you off the hook,” he says as he stops his rubbing,”(y/n), when I ask you a question you better answer me,” he finishes, looking you in the eyes. you mumble a sorry, wishing you wouldn’t have messed everything up.
“hey doll, get out of the car,” niall says, brushing your arm as he leans across the console to unbuckle your seatbelt. slowly he reaches his arm across you, making sure to trap you in, with his arm across your breasts, to open the door through the inside, the whole time his eyes never leaving yours. as soon as he moves his arm and turns away, you feel longing to touch him and have him touch you again. quickly you get out of the car, hoping that when you get inside, you guys can resume what he started. you and niall start walking quickly to the door, him being in front because his strides are bigger than yours.
“this is my house by the way,” he states catching you off guard. as you walk in the house you’re astounded by the sleekness of nialls second home.
“you have two houses?” you question him, looking at him stare at the ground.
“actually, I have four,” he looks from the floor to you, and back again,”the other two are vacation homes though,” he assures you, like it really matters.
“damn, daddy’s got money,” you confidently say. suddenly niall looks up from where he was looking at the floor and closes the space between you guys, pushing you up against the wall.
“what did you just call me?” niall forcefully questions you as he bends his head down to the crook of your neck.
“daddy,” you moan out, as he starts leaving wet kisses along your neck, to your collar bones.
“mmmmh, I want you to call me that from now on baby,” he says into your neck, still at work leaving bruises as he pleases. you suddenly arch you back, and moan, when he bites your neck.
“you like my love bites doll?” he questions, as his hands start roaming your body. landing on your breasts first, he starts squeezing them, teasing you through your bra.
“mmh, yes daddy, oh I want your mouth all over me,” you moan out, grinding your hips against his, while your hands start taking off his flannel shirt. when he stops kissing you to watch you take off his shirt, you take it as a reason to put yourself in control. you quickly change positions, making him be the one trapped against the wall, and go back to work with his shirt. once you get his shirt off, you lean up so you can kiss him, as he deepens the kiss you run your hands up and down his toned chest, slowly breaking the kiss when you reach down to undo his pants.
“let’s go to the bedroom ya,” he stops you, only to pick you up, so you can wrap your legs around him. you kiss his neck on the way to the bedroom, until he sits you down on the bed while you watch him take off his pants. when he only has his boxers on he strides over to you.
“god (y/n), you have way too many clothes on,” he says while looking you up and down,”we need to change that.” as you start to stand up he pushes you back on the bed, not wanting you to get up.
“babydoll, let me help you with your clothes,” he seductively says, as he starts to take off your shirt. after he gets your shirt off he quickly unclasps your bra throwing them both somewhere in the room.
“daddy, I need you in me,” you involuntary moan out when he squeezes your boobs, taking your nipples in each of his hands, pulling on them just enough to send a wave of pleasure through you. niall takes off your spandex, realizing that you aren’t wearing any underwear with them.
“daddy’s naughty girl, not wearing any panties,” he chuckles. you buck your hips impatiently, wanting him to be inside you and fill you up.
“daddy please,” you whine again, sitting up to pull nialls boxers down his legs. you moan when you see his big cock, your core throbbing at the sight of it.
“someone is impatient for daddy’s cock,” he says as he rubs the precum up and down his penis. finally he rubs the tip of his cock along you folds, lining it up with your hole, and quickly thrusts in you making you scream in pleasure.
“you’re so good daddy, faster,” you moan as he starts to speed up. he reaches in between you two to grab your boobs and pull at your nipples.
“mmmh, let’s see how flexible daddy’s little girl is,” he moans out, while putting your legs on his shoulders. the change in the position makes him hit your g-spot with every thrust, him going harder and harder.
“fuck daddy I’m close,” you scream out when he starts playing with your clit.
“me too, ah god,” he groans, as you clench around his cock,”fuck, your little pussy is so tight and warm I could just be in it forever, god.” with one last thrust you cum all over his cock. with the feeling of your pussy clenching and your warm cum, he pulls out and releases all over your stomach. you watch as he gets some of the cum off your stomach with his fingers and sticks them in your mouth, to have you swirl your tongue and suck on them.
“you taste good daddy,” you moan out, licking your lips.
“are you already horny again,(y/n)?” niall chuckles and lays back on the bed by you, wrapping and arm around you and pulling you up on him so you’re straddling him.
“can I ride you this time daddy?” you question as you lean down to kiss him on the mouth.



Prompt- Can you do a smutty imagine where Niall is watching a sports game or something and you want attention and everytime you try to say anything to him he doesnt listen so you start to like kiss him and stuff. 

~ 702 words 


Groaning (Y/N) looked over at Niall who had his eyes glued to the TV that played the football game. She was starting to get annoyed that he wont even spare her a glance, every time she tried to talk he would just grunt or just say a simple “Mhmm” like he did just hear what she said. 

She bite her lip as she looked at his features, stubble scattered his jawline, he was too lazy that morning to shave and (Y/N), of course, didn’t mind. Niall chewed on his thumbnail, something he always did when he was watching sports or nervous. His hair was flat and unstyled. He wore a  t-shirt and baggy sweats. But even though it was a lazy day and Niall was dressed a bit like a slob (Y/N) still found him so sexy. 

She daydreamed about how she wanted to put her lips on the side of his neck, making him moan. The moan that always made her extremely turned on. She thought about how much she wanted his large hands on her hips as her smaller ones took off his shirt and started to feel the his stubble. 

Deciding to turn her daydream into reality (Y/N) scooted closer to him until she was close enough to swing her left leg over his so that she was now straddling his legs. “Babe.” Niall whined looking over her shoulder so he wouldn’t miss a second of the game. 

(Y/N) smirked at her boyfriend and started to suck at his neck, she could hear his breath hitch and a quiet moan leave his lips. She playfully nibbled at his soft earlobe, his hands travailed to her hips squeezing gently. “But babe, the game.” He said.

“Fuck the game.” With that (Y/N) took off her shirt and tossed it carelessly somewhere in the living room. Almost instantly she could feel his member start to grow, his eyes for the first time in hours left the television screen and was now staring at the black lace bra that cupped your breasts. He let out a shaky breath before he gently pulled her closer, the two started to make out. Her hands tugged at his hair as his hands kneaded her ass. They only pulled away fast enough for (Y/N) to rip off Niall’s shirt and throw it in the same direction as her shirt. Niall started to attack her neck in kisses and sucking every now and then. Knowing it  would leave marks, something (Y/N) never appreciated afterwords but in the moment she loved it and wanted nothing more than to take this even further, she needed Niall in her. 

Pulling away once more she jumped off his lap and pulled down her athletic shorts as Niall also took this time to pull of  his pants as well. Getting back into the previous position (Y/N) started to grind on Niall making him unbelievably hard. “Fuck, (Y/N)” He moaned tipping his head back enjoying the feeling. “Come on, Princess, ride me.” 

Without having to be told twice (Y/N) quickly got rid of her panties and Niall pulled down his boxers enough so that his cock was able to spring free. Lining up she grabbed Niall’s shoulders to steady herself. His lips attacked the exposed skin of her chest making her dig her nails into his shoulders. 

Niall moaned as (Y/N) started to ride him. “Jesus Christ, (Y/N). Fuck.” He watched her bounce on his dick while she tilted her head back in pleasure. Nails dug into his shoulders as she speed up chasing her orgasm. “Fuck, baby.” He grunted. 

A scream reached her lips as the strong pleasure of her orgasm hit her and Niall also moaned loudly. Soon (Y/N) slowed to a stop and flopped down onto the couch next to Niall still trying to pull herself together. “That was unexpected.” He laughed pulling his boxers back up. 

“You weren’t paying attention to me so i thought that would get your attention.” She smirked kissing his chubby cheek. 

“Yeah that got my attention.” Niall smiled returning the kiss. 


Sorry that was short but hoped you liked it. requests are open. 

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I, Spy (Harry/Niall)

Pairing: Narry

Summary: Niall Horan is an international spy, Harry Styles is most wanted man alive because of his crimes. What happens when the two collide?

Contains: Bondage, AU, riding, dom!harry, sub!niall 

Word count: 1197

“Well hello Mr. Horan.” A voice said causing Niall’s attention to snap up. He struggled against his rope restraints when he realized what was happening, he was captured.

He squinted to see who stood in front of him in the dim lit room. The only light source was on him. All he could see was the silhouette closing in but stopping right in front of the light where the man was still hidden

“Who are you?” He demanded. A chuckle emanated and the man stepped forward. Niall identified the man based on his smirk and his emerald eyes. “Harry…” He said. This man was wanted by the secret service for a while now, now Niall found him, but he wasn’t in the best position.

“It’s Mr. Styles to you. You don’t get to say my first name.” Harry said

“You aren’t the boss of me.” Niall said

“Oh but I am Mr. Horan.” Harry chuckled. He leaned down and his long fingers brushed against Niall’s cheek. “In fact I could be your daddy if you wanted me too.” Niall flinched away and gave Harry a horrified look.

“What kind of shit do ya think I’m into?” He snapped. Harry smirked and pinched Niall’s cheek.

“You’re cute.” He said. He straddled Niall and looked down at him. Niall couldn’t help but blush and glance away. Harry however wouldn’t allow that and he took his finger and made him look at him.

“Why are you seducing me?” Niall asked

“Who says I was seducing you?” He said “Maybe, I will if you want me to? But I’m top.” He said Niall’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head, before he could protest Harry began to reach down and began to work at the tight black pants he had.

“W-wait.” Niall spoke up. Harry looked up and cocked his head. “I-I’m not wearing anything underneath…” He admitted. Harry couldn’t help the small smirk on his face and soon enough he was laughing pretty hard. “What?” Niall scoffed

“Oh…” Harry said recovering from his laughter, “You’re just so cute.” He leaned in close so he hovered over Niall’s face. “If I’m willing to fuck an internation spy who has been hunting me down for the past few months, do you really think I care that you don’t have a pair of boxers on?” Niall blushed even more and looked away. Harry sighed and gripped Niall’s chin and made him look toward him.

“Why aren’t you wearing any anyway?” He asked

“Well this suit is pretty tight , it’s kinda hard to you know…” He finished off awkwardly. Harry nodded and reached down to palm Niall.

“Well at least things will go faster then.” Niall resisted the urge to moan as Harry continued to touch him. He eventually pulled the tight pants off revealing Niall’s beginning to harden cock.

“Would you look at that pretty little cock.” Harry said placing his fingers lightly on the tip. Niall stiffened slightly at the small jolt of pleasure that shot through him. Harry smirked and took a hold of his cock. Niall’s head tilted back as he moaned.

“Why are you…doing t-this to me…” He asked

“Niall…I don’t like one thing. I meanI have a lot of things I don’t like, but ONE thing really gets me angry.” He leaned toward Niall. “You know what that is Niall?”

“N-No…” He said still having his cock in Harry’s big hand

“I don’t like people snooping around my business. Especially spies.” He said slightly tightening his grip on Niall. That caused Niall to groan and he clenched his teeth “So now you’re gonna learn your lesson.” He smirked

“Go to hell…” Niall muttered. Harry chuckled and leaned in to kiss Niall’s neck. He let go of Niall’s more stiffened cock.

“You like this and you know it…” Harry breathed out against Niall. Harry’s hot breath gave Niall goosebumps. Harry pulled back and began undressing himself. Niall watched but tried to look elsewhere. He was hoping to not Harry see he was watching him.

When Harry walked back he was completely naked. He took a hold of Niall’s shirt and with one swift movement he ripped the material revealing Niall’s chest. “I hope you didn’t need that.” Harry said.”But it’s much better when don’t have that black clothing covering everything.” He said slowly tracing Niall’s porcelain like skin.

Harry reached down and lifted Niall’s legs making Niall have to adjust. Harry groped Niall’s bum and took a good look at pink hole. He took to of his fingers and lubricated them with spit. With one quick thrust he slipped them inside

“UGH!” He gasped

Harry glanced up but he had that stupid smirk on his face. “I’ve been told my fingers have a tendency to be magical.” He said. Niall didn’t respond, he was too busy actually enjoying it, but hating it. Harry wasn’t lying.

“Should I add another?” He muttered “Hmm…” He teased. “What do ya think Ni?” 

“Uh-uh…I-I.” He began but was cut off by Harry grasping his cock again.

“Hm Niall?” He said

“I don’t know…” He muttered

“Hm…alright.” He said as he removed his fingers. “I think you’re good.”

With one movement Niall’s legs were stretched back even farther and Harry’s hardened cock was pressed lightly to Niall’s bum. Niall felt the pressure build inside of him just wanting it to get over with. Then Harry thrusted in, hard.

“Fuck!” Niall shouted

“Watch your language.” Harry smirked. Niall growled at Harry causing him to smirk even wider.

“You’re a feisty one.” Harry added

“You’re an asshole.” Niall spat through his teeth. Harry chuckled and continued to thrust rhythmically.

Harry eventually got to the point where he was hitting his prostate continuously at a fast pace. Niall was just about to come then and there. “I think I’m gonna…”

“Don’t you even fucking think about it.” Harry growled “You only can when i say you can.” He said

“Fuck you…” Niall said tilting his head back in agony.

It seemed like it’s been forever and Niall honestly felt as if he was literally gonna explode. He had his eyes squinted shut and he felt tears streaming down his face from the feeling of the constant pleasure.

His eyes opened when he felt Harry pull out. He looked up and almost whined at the loss of contact. Harry looked down at him and smirked. “Here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna ride you, since that pretty little cock of yours is hard as a rock, and you can come if you do a good job.” He said brushing his fingers along Niall’s jaw. “Do we have a deal?” 

Niall only responded with a small whimper. Harry chuckled and pecked the boy’s lips and straddled Niall. He reached back to position the boy’s red cock and positioned it to his hole. Niall could only moan at the feeling of Harry’s tight heat around his way too sensitive dick.

After a while Niall couldn’t take it anymore “Harry…I don’t think…”

“What did I say about saying my name.” Harry warned. Niall couldn’t help but sigh before he corrected himself.

“Mr. Styles…I-I can’t…” He was barely able to say.Harry gave the boy a nod

“Alright go ahead.” Niall didn’t waste any time before he came into Harry’s hole. He gasped loudly feeling his load explode. Harry got off Niall’s lap and gave him one more peck and left the tired boy naked and asleep.

A/N Fun fact I wrote this during Earth Science. 






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anonymous asked:

Heyyyy :) Can you please write Niall smut? Niall is watching you when you had your workout and is getting horny? Thx ;)

Niall pushed the front door open after unlocking it.  He’d had a helluva day and all he needed was a beer, a shitload of spaghetti, and the remote.  There was a soccer game on TV tonight and his intention was to park his ass on the couch and not move for the entire game.

He heard the thumping bass shaking the floor and realized instantly that she was downstairs working out.  The only time she ever listened to rap music was when she was working out.  He grabbed a beer, opening it with the opener and taking a long swig as he made his way down the stairs where the gym was.

He was hardly prepared for the sight presented to him when he walked around the corner.  

If there was one thing he loved about her it was that she was no “cardio bunny”.  She lifted weights, heavy ones.  And she made sure to let him know whenever she passed up one of his records.

And right now she was squatting with a bar between her legs that currently had 100 lbs on it.  Landmine squats.  He knew them well.  When Mark made him do them his ass had been sore for a week.  But the ease with which she was doing them now, the beads of sweat dripping down the side of her perfect porcelain cheek, caused some serious tightness in his jeans.

He heard that low groan/grunt on her last rep.  The one that told him the weight was almost too heavy.  Almost.  

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Wreck Me - Ziall Horlik

Wreck Me - Ziall Horlik


In which Zayn comes home to Niall, waiting to be wrecked.


Zayn sat boredly in the high office chair. He was in an important meeting, discussing his business and career. He obviously didn’t want to go, but he had to for the sake of his job.

He laid his forearms on the long table, leaning forward a bit to get comfortable. He wasn’t even paying attention to half the stuff coming out of his colleague’s mouth. He just wanted to get home to his beautiful boyfriend, Niall.

His thoughts immediately drifted to Niall. His pale, smooth skin he loved to leave dark marks on. His pink and plump lips that he loved to press to his own. The innocent vibe that Niall had; but he was far from innocent. Niall’s bright and big blue eyes that looked up at Zayn whilst he was sucking him off.

Zayn felt his pants tightening slightly, and his eyes widened. He shifted in his seat, just barely crossing his legs. No one in the room seemed to notice, much to Zayn’s relief. Zayn took steady breaths and he thought about the grossest thing he could.

It helped, well, it did at first. It was then Zayn’s phone buzzed in his pant pocket. A few of the people close to him turned their heads, and he let out a small, “Sorry.”

He pulled his phone out of his pocket, and looked at the screen. It was a text from Niall, and all he saw was a winky face. Zayn furrowed his eyebrows, and unlocked his phone, clicking on the message.

Zayn’s eyes widened for a second time as he looked down at his phone. He hid it more under the table, still taken a little by surprise by the text.

The text consisted of a message, and picture. The picture being most of Zayn’s concern. Zayn looked up at everyone, noticing they weren’t paying attention to him. He sighed and looked back at the picture of his seemingly innocent boyfriend, apparently sitting on the bed with one of Zayn’s sweaters on. Yet, it wasn’t the sweater Zayn was paying attention to.

No, it was the fact that Niall didn’t have boxers on, and he was just barely covering his length with the bottom of the sweater, and his small sleeve covered hands. He was biting his lip sexily, and you couldn’t see his eyes.

Zayn’s pants tightened for a second time as he read the message, “I need you, Zayn.” It read.

Trying to calm his obvious erection, Zayn locked his phone and took a deep breath. He didn’t want to think about it, but he did. He wanted to absolutely wreck his boyfriend, take away his cute innocent face, and make him beg.


After the painful meeting was over, Zayn quickly got out of his seat and immediately urged to the door. He covered his erection with some papers and folders he had needed throughout the meeting.

When he got to his car, he hopped in and shoved the keys into his car, starting it and driving off as fast as he could. He probably broke a few laws, but he just wanted to get home to his waiting boyfriend.

The important papers were forgotten in his car when he got to his and Niall’s house, he just barely stopped the car before he got out of it, quickly slamming the door shut.

He opened his door, stepping inside and kicking off his shoes before lunging toward the steps. He had to play it cool however, but he couldn’t hide how desperate he was to get into his boyfriend’s tight hole.

The door to his room was slightly cracked open, and he pushed it open slowly with his hands. He first spotted the television on, and then his cute boyfriend on his bed. Exactly how the picture he got looked.

Niall snapped his head to Zayn, and he smiled a cheeky smile. Zayn scoffed and shook his head, “You’re something else Niall, I swear.”

Zayn stalked his way into the room and clicked the television off, before turning to Niall, “You realize I was in a meeting, right?”

Niall giggled and nibbled at his bottom lip, “Yes.” Zayn shook his head again and walked toward his almost bare boyfriend whose hand’s were covered by the sleeves of the cream colored sweater and he was tugging at the bottom of it.

“That’s naughty, you know.” Zayn licked his lips and Niall looked down, nodding. It seemed Niall was ashamed, but he was far from it.

“Punish me then.” Niall smirked, looking back up at his tall, and godly partner. Something in Zayn snapped, and he loved the naughty words coming out of Niall’s so called innocent mouth.

Zayn used a hand to push Niall back on the soft bed, and he attached his lips hungrily to Niall’s, who immediately moaned at the touch. Zayn trailed a hand down Niall’s small body, resting it against his hip.

Niall put more effort into the kiss, trying to get Zayn to kiss back just as roughly as he was. Zayn pulled away from Niall, making the boy whimper in protest, “So eager.” Zayn whispered into Niall’s ear, nibbling on his earlobe.

A small moan escaped past Niall’s lips, and he reached a hand up to grip at the back of Zayn’s neck, pushing his head more toward his neck. Zayn pulled away once again, making Niall whine, “Stop it.” He pouted.

Zayn just smirked and trailed a finger down the side of Niall’s neck. Niall’s breath hitched, and shivers ran down his spine. He really wanted to be fucked, and Zayn’s teasing was not helping him at all.

Closing his eyes, Niall leaned into the touch. Zayn continued to trail that finger down his body, past his nipples, his ribs, his faint abs, his hips. When Zayn got to Niall’s thighs, he slowed down, knowing that Niall’s weakness was his thighs.

Niall practically purred, his hands messing with the sheets. Zayn slowly slid a hand up Niall’s, well, Zayn’s sweater, just brushing past Niall’s sensitive shaft. Niall visibly shivered, and he huffed, “Please, Zayn.”

“Please what?” Zayn smirked, painfully slowly moving his hand closer and closer to Niall’s length.

“Please, wreck me, fuck me until I’m begging, eat me out, please.” He begged, his words breathy and his eyes still closed. Zayn chuckled at his desperate boyfriend, and finally wrapped a hand around Niall’s length.

Niall gasped quietly, not seeing it coming, before moaning softly. Zayn pumped slowly, watching his boyfriend’s face closely. Niall had his eyebrows furrowed, his lip trapped between his teeth, “Please.” He whispered, dragging out the word.

Zayn lifted his sweater higher, letting him get a clear view of Niall’s hard shaft. He bent down and attached his mouth around the tip of Niall’s cock, sucking and swirling his tongue teasingly. Niall let out a strangled moan, his fingers tangling in Zayn’s jet black hair.

Moans erupted from Niall’s mouth as Zayn continued to take more and more of Niall in, using his tongue expertly. Zayn deep throated Niall, his length hitting the back of his throat. Niall then whimpered and cried, pushing down on Zayn’s head more and more, his legs going weak.

“I’m close,” Niall shakily said, one of his hands clawing at the sheets. Zayn gave a few more sucks, and swirls of his tongue before pulling away from Niall’s length, making Niall shake his head and whine.

“Please let me cum.” He breathed, licking his dry lips and looking down at Zayn desperately. Zayn shook his head, and lifted Niall’s sweater over his head, throwing it on the floor.

Niall bit at his lip, writhing beneath Zayn, desperate to cum. Zayn hovered over Niall, placing his lips on his. Niall’s hands pulled at Zayn’s hair, Niall trying to pry open Zayn’s lips with his tongue. Zayn allowed it, just this once, and he opened his mouth, tangling their tongues together and taking full dominance.

Zayn bit Niall’s lip, making the boy groan softly. Zayn smirked in success, and he licked across his boyfriend’s lips teasingly, before attacking his neck with his lips. Niall took a shaky breath and tilted his head to the side, letting Zayn suck marks into his skin.

Niall’s moans erupted throughout the room as Zayn kissed down his shoulders, his chest, and took his sensitive nipple into his mouth, sucking on it roughly. His teeth grazed it, making it puffy and pink.

By the time he did the same to the other, Niall was lost in a daze. All he could think about was the massive pleasure he was getting, and the moans he allowed to escape.

Zayn then kissed down Niall’s abs, slightly adding his tongue into the mix. When he got to Niall’s happy trail, he kissed the top of it before lifting up Niall’s legs and bending them toward the small boy’s chest, putting his puckered and pink hole on show.

Licking his lips, Zayn teasingly lifted his shirt off of his amazing body, making sure Niall was watching. Niall whimpered in desperation, wanting to be touched. It took Niall everything he had not to lick up Zayn’s sexy abs, leaving marks.

When Zayn’s shirt was thrown to the floor, he licked his lips again, before attaching them to Niall’s sensitive thighs. Niall immediately moaned, chills running throughout his body. Zayn sucked love bites all over both of Niall’s thighs, making Niall cry and whimper.

Zayn kissed down his thigh, getting closer and closer to Niall’s hole. Niall didn’t really see it coming when Zayn’s tongue licked across his hole. But when the touch surged through his body, a loud moan escaped.

Niall let out shaky and heavy breaths as Zayn ate him out, Zayn’s hands gripping his thighs. Zayn stuck his tongue deeper into Niall’s hole, swirling it and teasingly licking. Niall’s back arched off the bed as soon as Zayn hit that special spot.

“Zayn.” Niall whimpered loudly, his thighs shaking. Niall was close, but Zayn wasn’t allowing him to cum yet. Zayn pulled away from Niall’s hole and fiddled with his belt, taking it off and throwing it to the pile of clothing on the floor. Niall reached down and eagerly helped with Zayn’s jeans, wanting them off.

Soon, Zayn’s boxers and jeans were in a cluster on the floor, and Niall wrapped his small legs around Zayn’s waist, pulling him closer to him. Zayn smirked and placed a gentle kiss to Niall’s lips, before heavily thrusting into Niall’s tight entrance, with barely any prep and no condom.

Niall cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure, tears pricking his eyes. He dug his nails into Zayn’s shoulders, dragging them down Zayn’s back as Zayn continued to thrust roughly.

The sound of skin against skin went throughout the room, along with Niall’s cries and whines. Niall wanted this, he wanted it so bad. He wanted to be wrecked, torn apart, crying out in pain and pleasure.

“You’re such a little slut.” Zayn muttered as he ran his hands up and down Niall’s sides. Niall nodded, his back lifting as Zayn hit directly into his prostate.

“Y-yes, I-I’m your s-slut.” Niall responded dryly, his voice cracking and the pain audible. Niall let a tear escape, and Zayn’s thrusts just began to get fully pleasurable rather than painful.

Zayn hit his prostate every time, making Niall’s body shake. Niall moaned filthily, his head tilted back and his eyes clenched shut.

“I’m so c-close.” He moaned, his body rocking to the rhythm of Zayn’s thrusts. Zayn slapped Niall’s thighs, “Don’t cum or you’ll be punished.” He breathed, thrusting even harder.

Niall whined and begged, “Please!” Zayn shook his head, and he felt his high coming closer and closer. He came into Niall’s tight hole, his cum dripping out and onto Niall’s pretty thighs. Niall whined at the feeling of the dripping cum, wanting to cum himself.

Zayn then leant down, sucking and pumping Niall’s shaft, “You may cum.” He granted, before re-attaching his mouth to Niall’s shaft. Niall immediately came, making Zayn swallow it all, it slightly dripping out of his mouth. Zayn smirked and kissed Niall, making him taste himself.

Niall bit and licked at Zayn’s lips, tasting himself greedily. Cum was left on his pretty and pink lips, but Niall could care less. Zayn finally collapsed on his sweaty and panting boyfriend, breathing heavily himself.

“You’re such a cockslut, Niall.” He rolled his eyes. Niall nodded and licked his lips, still in a daze, “I know.” He whispered, slightly giggling.



Summary: In which Niall gets caught watching a far too intimate moment between Liam and Zayn through an ongoing Skype call.

“I miss you so much!” Niall exclaimed into his computer, on skype with two of his best mates. Liam and Zayn had gone to stay in a villa abroad for a few days for some alone time, wanting to get away from the fans for a bit and have some privacy, and a little fun.

“Aw, Ni. We’ll be back soon.” Liam smiled at the boy through the camera.

Niall pouted cutely, but nodded his head. “You’ve got to come back ASAP. Being stuck with just Louis is anything but fun.”

“Don’t die, we’ll be back before you know it!” Zayn waved at the camera, Liam wrapping an arm around his boyfriend’s waist with the two of them grinning at Niall.

“Bye guys, love you!” Niall called, just as Zayn pressed something on his laptop, figuring Niall would end the call. Instead of closing the Skype application, he ended up just minimized it to a small icon at the bottom of his screen.

Liam turned to Zayn smiling and leaned in lustfully, connecting their lips while he raised his hand to Zayn’s cheek, resting it there and caressing the seemingly perfect skin with his thumb.

Niall thought that Zayn had ended the call, but apparently he hadn’t, instead he left Niall to turn his mic off and watch two of best mates kiss. He watched how each of their hands roamed over each others bodies, clearly showing their cliche want and need for each other.

Zayn dragged Liam’s shirt up his torso, getting it over his head and throwing it to the floor. He leaned forward to scatter kisses over his abs while Liam bit his lip anxiously. Zayn was quick to undress himself as well, all of their actions urgent and the two of them completely unaware of what was going on at the other end of their skype call.

Niall’s eyes went wide as he watched one of his bandmates jeans drop to their ankles.

Zayn kicked off his jeans from his ankles and turned to find Liam laying on the bed in his tight black boxers, arms behind his head in a relaxed posture, while a grin nearly took over his face.

Niall debated on hanging up, knowing that he wasn’t in too deep yet. However, he chose the more appealing option and unbuckled his own jeans, knowing that he was half hard already.

Zayn laid down on top of Liam, their hard cocks pressing together as he did so and Liam didn’t hesitate to grope Zayn’s bum, their hips grinding against each other’s and Zayn’s precome leaking through the thin material of his white boxers.

Niall knew what he was doing was wrong and dirty and that if he really wanted to, he could just watch porn. Except this was far more thrilling and Liam and Zayn in action was beyond hot.

“Want you.” Zayn mumbled against Liam’s lips. Liam nodded his head and watched Zayn lift off of him a bit, tugging down his own boxers, before he lazily did so to Zayn’s.

“Go get the lube, baby,” Liam wrapped a hand around his cock and moaned, Zayn hurrying towards their dresser to retrieve the lube. Once Zayn got it, he laid on the bed with his bum raised in the air. Liam groaned at the beautiful sight in front of him, opening the lube and squirting some onto his fingers.

“Hurry up, Liam.” Zayn rutted slightly against the mattress, begging for contact. With the way he was laying, his head was facing towards the desk, where his laptop rested open, the screen black from not being used for a certain amount of time. However, the light beside the camera was green and Zayn frowned, nudging Liam with his hand. “Babe,” he frowned, “why’s the camera on?”

Niall could hear what they were saying and shit, he quickly cancelled the skype call, fearing that he’d been caught.

When Liam and Zayn finished their activities, Liam went back on the laptop and found that Skype was still open, before realizing that Niall had hung up, yes, but their skype call was a lot longer than it should’ve been. Liam frowned and went into the bathroom to have a shower, but not before sharing his findings with Zayn.

The European break for the Where We Are tour was over. One Direction were in America and reunited as a band, busy as ever with shows most nights and traveling the country. Niall was the most nervous about starting the new leg of the tour, because that meant seeing Zayn and Liam again and pretending that he hadn’t seen them together during a time of intimacy and when he shouldn’t have been watching to begin with.

Soundcheck was to be ending in a bit, right after they finished their last set, and then there was a two hour break until the opening group came on. Niall had avoided any conversation with Zayn and Liam, Harry off in his own world and hanging over Louis every chance he got. Louis had noticed Niall’s anxiousness the day of the skype call, however he hadn’t called him out on it, after all he was a guest in his home while they spent a portion of their break together, Harry off in Los Angeles to kill suspicions of them being together. Zayn was missing, as always, and Liam was said to have been on vacation with his girlfriend.

Niall stayed towards Louis and focused on his singing instead of the glances that were being steered his way, and the ones shared between Liam and Zayn. When they were done with soundcheck, they all went backstage to their own dressing rooms, only for Niall’s arm to be grabbed and his attention to be drawn towards the exact two people he wanted to avoid at all costs.

Liam and Zayn.

Liam murmured something about Zayn and him wanting to speak with him, before they all went into Zayn’s dressing room, Niall practically dragged their as he wasn’t all laughy and happy as normal. His heart was beating faster than regular as he dreaded what the couple had to say to him. He knew that he’d been caught, and there was no doubt about it.

Niall’s back was roughly pushed against the wall beside the dressing room’s door, Liam pinning him to the hard surface as Zayn stood beside him with a small smirk.

“I bet,” Liam grinned, “you wish that we hadn’t seen you.”

Niall’s eyes widened, for sure, Liam was blunt, but he was never this blunt and never this hot while being blunt.

“You want to watch us fuck, hm?”

Niall shook his head quickly, not having the nerve to verbally say no or verbally say exactly what he was thinking; yes.

“No?” Zayn frowned and leaned down with a smile, kissing Niall’s shoulder through his shirt. Liam leaned more weight into Niall, his body smaller and easily leaning into the wall with more force. He hadn’t expected for Liam to start to unbuckled his belt, or for Zayn to kiss his neck with hands on his waist. “Should we fuck you, then?”

Niall didn’t know what to say and remained silent, watching Liam bring his jeans down to his knees.

“Zayn,” Liam’s voice was harsher than normal and Zayn seemed to know exactly what was wanted of him, for Niall soon found his torso leaning into the wall after being turned around by Liam, and Zayn kneeling in front of his legs, tugging down his boxers.

“M’gonna fuck you.” Liam’s presence was behind Niall, and he couldn’t see him, but he could feel Liam’s cool breath on his ear and the sound of the man’s belt being undone. “And you’re never going to spy on us again.”

Zayn remained silent as he jacked Niall off until he was hard. Niall was finding himself overwhelmed as he tried to pay attention to both people who were focusing on him alone.

Liam ran a hand over Niall’s bum and he instantly jolted, just as Zayn prepared to take him into his mouth. Reaching around Niall’s head, Liam shoved two fingers past Niall’s lips, pressing them down flat against his tongue, before retracting and tending back to his bum.

“You’re going to ask next time.” Liam stated, his voice strong. “Are we clear?”

Niall nodded his head, only for his bum to be roughly smacked to the point where was thrusting forward and down Zayn’s throat, stifling a groan because talking just seemed so weird at that moment in time.

“No, answer me.” Liam roughly spread Niall’s cheeks apart and forced a finger inside of him unexpectedly. When Niall hesitated, another went in.

“Y-Yeah, yes.” Niall nodded his head. “We, we’re clear.”

Liam didn’t bother to stretch Niall out any further, mostly because he was feeling vengeful towards him and felt as though any pain he was going to cause was deserved. Niall winced as Liam pushed his way inside of him, trying to lean forward and away from him, only for his waist to be grabbed, because no matter which way he went he was getting closer to someone. By leaning forwards, he found himself further down Zayn’s throat, Zayn’s hand around his base tightening. When he was forced backwards, Zayn leaned forwards, but Niall was too preoccupied with Liam’s heavy pants and tight, demanding grip.

“I should let Zayn have a go at you too, yeah?” Liam chuckled. “Would you like that?”

“Oh god,” Niall moaned almost incoherently, palms faced against the wall as his upper half leaned against the plaster for support. He could feel how close he was, the pain coming from his bum not helping along with Liam’s man handling.

He finished around the same time that Liam did, and it was almost as though they completely dropped him once they were done with him, for Zayn and Liam were leaving the dressing room to get something to eat and Niall nearly collapsed to the floor half naked and completely shocked.

- Shelby & Amy.xx

Walk-In Sex



Your parents weren’t supposed to be home. If they knew you were home alone with Niall Horan, the town’s bad boy, they would die. Your dad, a pastor, did not like his tattoos or piercings. Or his smoking nor his attitude. But frankly, he was hot and out of your norm. He wasn’t that football jock or that good Christian boy. “Sure ya want to do this?” He asks, holding the condom up for you to see. You nod, biting your lip. “Yes.” You whisper. He rolls it on and spreads your legs, “Okay.” He murmurs, “This might ‘urt a bit.” Niall whispers as he pushes into you. You whimper in pain, but that soon fades and you nod at him, “Okay, okay.” You breathe out, wanting him to just move. Which he does. He starts to move quickly in and out of you, his eyes on yours. Niall moans softly at your tightness. His long fingers reach down to rub at your clit as he moves, wanting to draw out your orgasm and just as you were about to cum, you dad walks into the bedroom. You scream and Niall pulls out, throwing the sheet over you. You sit up, wincing at the soreness but force yourself to stand after a moment. “Daddy!” “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?” Niall grabs his boxers, pulling them on. He picks up his jeans and jumps out the window. Your dad starts to chase after him, but he gets on his motorcycle quickly enough to leave. After you get yelled at by your dad and you have “consequences”, and “lots of prayer”, you get a text from Niall, “We’ll finish that later love… x


“Oh fuck!” You scream out, gripping the kitchen table, Harry thrusting into you from behind. His hand was pulling your hair back, his filthy words flowing form his mouth. You were the only daughter to a constantly working father. So you knew the two of you would be okay if you had sex in the kitchen-no one would be home for a long time. “Tell me how it feels, you dirty slut.” Harry growls in your ear. “Oh fuck, so good sir. So good.” You whine out and moan loudly as he spanks you. The explicit words, moans, and the sound of the bodies slapping against one another filled the empty flat and were loud-loud enough for the neighbours to hear. The last person you would expect to walk through that door was your dad. His eyes widen and he throws his soda at Harry. “Bloody hell-shit.” Harry pulls out, pulling up his boxers, running out the back glass door, “I’ll call you!” He yells, hurrying out down the fire escape. 


With an empty house, you had to invite your much disapproved of boyfriend, Louis, over. He brought the rope and you couldn’t be more excited for this. It was something new you were trying. Louis had you tied down to the bed, arms at the top two posts, feet spread at the bottom two. He currently was fucking your mouth, his hands gripping the top of the headboard, moving roughly. You were gagging, but you knew he loved that. He pulls out, “You fucking dirty girl, you like that, huh?” You nod, taking in deep breaths to catch your breath before he starts to fuck you. Before Louis’ dick even gets near your soaking opening, the door flies open and your extremely protective older brother sees you tied to the bed, “You nasty fuck!” He starts after Louis who is hurrying to pull on his boxers and dodging punches as he runs out of the room out of the front door… leaving you tied to the bed. 


You rode Liam, panting out ‘Daddy’ every time he thrusted upwards into you, hitting your gspot. He liked it when he could hear your pleasure. “Oh fuck, daddy, harder.” You whine and put your hands on his chest as his hands come up to pinch and pull at your nipples. You arch slightly as he does so, “Oh god.” You whine out, grinding down so your clit rubs against him, causing you to tighten further around him. You were getting closer to your rush of pleasure when the door bangs open and his mum walks in. His very over protective mum. You scream and grab the closest things, which was Liam’s tank top and Liam stood up, holding the sheet over himself, “Mum, please-” “Out!” She screamed shrilly. You pulled on your skirt, not caring how ridiculous you looked, or the lack of bra or the lack of panties-afraid of his mum. You ran out, getting into your car, driving away. You get a text from Liam. “Well… Guess you’re going to have to ride me later x


Your parents were on vacation for the week and you had your adorable boyfriend over. You loved his tattoos, his piercings, all of it… Your parents did not, they were more conservative… And if they knew the kinky sex that you and Zayn had, they would have an aneurism. Zayn had the collar tight around your neck, the leash in his hand, pulling back as he took you while you were on all fours. You looked back at him, enjoying the slight choking that was going on. “Oh fuck.” He spanks your ass as he goes harder and you moan loudly. You were perched on the living room coffee table and Zayn stood behind you as your parents walked in-early because your dad had a work emergency. Your dad’s face turned bright red. Zayn turned around and smirked, “Hey Mr. and Mrs. Smith, welcome back.” Your mum sat down, her hand over her heart. Your dad started after him and Zayn laughed as he tripped putting on his boxers and ran out the front door. 

You Jump, I Jump (Niall Horan Smut)

Sorry it took so long! I kept getting distracted! Hope you like it!!

For Olivia

Imagine Masterlist

My phone buzzed and it was a message from Harry.

Hey liv, we just pulled up. Coming in.

The boys had just gotten back from their first tour opening for Big Time Rush, and I hadn’t seen my best friends for 3 months. I heard the door open and close and I was faced with 5 boys in my doorway. My eyes instantly shot to Niall. I have to admit, Niall and I had become extremely close since Harry introduced us last year. We spent almost every day together when he was home, and I missed him horribly. Niall walked up to me engulfing me in a giant hug. Soon all the boys joined in and I was in the middle of a One Direction embrace.

“I missed you so much.” Niall whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

“I missed you too.” I giggled into his neck.

Soon all the boys released me and we went into my basement to play video games and catch up. I sat down on the couch and Niall sat to my right and Liam to my left. I was so wrapped up in my game of FIFA that I didn’t notice when Niall put his hand on my thigh. Sure we had cuddled before, but he never touched so close to my private area. Harry gave Niall a look and cleared his throat. Harry and I had known each other since the fifth grade so naturally, he was very protective of me. Niall pulled back his hand and moved his arm around my shoulder. Liam had just beaten my butt, and I surrendered my controller in defeat. Louis stood up and stretched.

“Guys, I think I am going to head home.” He spoke, and got up to leave. I gave him a hug goodbye, and all the other boys stood up to follow except Niall.

“I think I am going to hang here for a little while…if that’s alright with Olivia?” Niall looked at me with a questioning look and I just smiled. I couldn’t deny the butterflies that appeared in my stomach at the thought of spending time alone with Niall. I have always had a crush on him, but since the band was getting so big, I didn’t think he would be interested in little old me. After the boys left, I turned to Niall.

“What would you like to do?” I asked twiddling my thumbs.

“Movie?” he suggested.

“Sure, but can we watch it in my room? I don’t want my parents to walk in and start talking.” He just nodded and followed me up to my room. I jumped onto my bed pulling the covers over my legs and Niall just stood to the side awkwardly. “You know you can sit weirdo.” I snickered at him. He gave me a goofy smile and plopped down on the bed next to me. I pulled up Netflix on my PS3 and handed the controller to Niall. “You pick.” I stared at him while he scrolled down to the romantic movies. I looked at him in disbelief because the Niall I knew was into comedies and action movies. I turned back to the screen and he had chosen Titanic.

It was the scene where Jack was going to draw Rose and Niall subtly pulled me over to him. I was now leaning against him with my head on his chest. I knew the love scene was coming up and my heart was racing. I shifted in my spot when Jack and Rose entered the car. When they began kissing, I looked up at Niall. His bright blue eyes were already looking down at me, and he smiled. He leaned down so I could feel his warm breath on my face.

“You know, you are way prettier than Rose.” I blushed and looked away from him, but I felt a strong hand on my chin pulling my face up. Niall’s soft lips grazed mine and I instantly felt sparks. I shuffled around so that I could bring my face closer to his. Niall sat up to pull me onto his lap and my arms found their way to his neck. His hands found his way to the hem of my shirt and tugged on it. I broke the kiss long enough for me to pull my shirt over my head, and Niall’s lips quickly found their way to the valley in between my breasts, and kissed all the way up my neck. God, he is good at this. I let out a small moan as he began to suck on my sensitive skin. His hands moved down to my waist and he dug his fingers in. There would probably be bruises, but I could really care less. I slid my hands down from his neck to the end of his shirt, and slipped them under it. He leaned forward and broke our kiss long enough to pull the material over his head. I went to his pants and unbuttoned them slowly. Niall was staring at me intently and all I could hear was the movie in the background and Niall’s deep breathing. I pulled his jeans down his legs leaving him in only his white Calvin Klein boxers. I went back onto his lap and began kissing him passionately. I was still left in my bra and jean shorts when Niall spoke.

“You’re wearing too many clothes.” He breathed. I just smiled and continued kissing him. I grabbed his hands and brought them around my back to my bra. He quietly undid the pink material and slid it off my shoulders. I could clearly feel how hard he was, but I wanted to make him wait. I backed away from him and sat up on my knees to unbutton my own shorts. I slid them down my long legs ever so slowly and I thought Niall’s eyes were going to pop out of his head. “You’re so beautiful.” He pulled me back into his lips and I smiled at his comment. His hand slid to my pink and black panties gliding between them and my skin. I whimpered at the sudden contact with my area and he just smiled.

“Don’t laugh at me.” I smiled into his neck. Alright, enough of this. I grabbed Niall by his boxers and rolled onto my back pulling him on top. He chuckled at my sudden dominance.

“Someone’s eager.” He leaned down to kiss my collarbone and my hands trailed back down to his boxers. His now fully hard member was poking my thigh and he hummed as I palmed him. I went to push the boxers off his hips when he stopped me. “Are you sure about this?” he truly cared about my feelings and how this could affect me, and it made me all warm and tingly inside. I just nodded my head and he completely removed his boxers and threw them on the floor. My panties were the next thing to go. They were a bit wet from my arousal and Niall snickered. “All this for me?” he questioned, a hint of arrogance in his voice. I just smiled and lifted my hips into his signaling a yes. He went back to kissing me and his hand met with my wetness below. He slid a finger in to assess how tight I was. I groaned and my hands quickly found his blonde hair, pulling slightly. “God, I can’t wait to be inside you.” Niall was never one for dirty talk, but this was out of pure desperation to be close to me.

“Then what are you waiting for?” I teased him by running my hands down his sides and up his back. He lowered his body down onto mine and slid in. Every thrust was accompanied by his deep groans and my small whimpers. Niall was going at an agonizingly slow pace and I knew he was trying to ‘make love’, but I needed more. “Faster Niall!” I almost screamed when he rammed back into me going deeper than before. “Oh God, yes. Right there!” Niall let out a string of curse words in his thick Irish accent.

“Fuck, you’re so tight baby.” He was holding my face in his hands and had his forehead to mine. He was almost shaking and I held his body so there was no space between us. “Shit, I’m gonna-” He stopped with a hard thrust and a loud moan. I felt him release into me and his entire body relaxed and fell onto mine. Even though he had finished, he didn’t stop trying to please me. He was determined to have me finish too.

“Ugh Niall!” I screamed and he reached his hand down between us. He rubbed my sensitive nub as he started to pound into me again. I came with one final thrust and Niall just laid on me kissing me till I came down from my high. Oh my God that was amazing. Niall pulled himself out of me and leaned himself up against the headboard. I sat up looking at him and his eyes were already glued back to the movie. “Niall?” I looked in disbelief.

“Huh?” he asked as if that didn’t just happen.

“Are we going to talk about what just happened or..?” I questioned.

“Wait just one minute, this is my favorite part.” He brushed me off and I was starting to get mad. Then I turned to face the tv and see what had his attention. 

Jack was talking to Rose and Niall looked at me.

“Rose, you’re no picnic, all right? You’re a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you’re the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I’ve ever known…”

Niall looked at me and spoke.

“That’s what I think of you” he whispered and gave my head a kiss.

“You think I’m a brat?” I laughed and he chuckled.

“Yes I do, but I also think you are the most amazing girl I have ever met, and I am completely in love with you.” He paused after as if waiting for my response, but all I could do was smile. I was so in love with this boy. I pulled him to me and kissed him with such a passion that it made my head spin.

“I love you too,” was all I could manage.