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Not very much of a sneak peek but we’ve had a pretty hectic evening with news and phone calls and all that so I’ve been away from my laptop all day. I have to do so much more so I’m pushing back to the date of posting to Wednesday or Thursday. I’m so sorry. I promise it’ll be this week though! You’ll definitely have one part to read by the weekend;

“(Y/N! Hey, darlin’,” Tomo grinned, wrapping his arm around your shoulders once you’d reached a close distance between the two of you, “congratulations on tonight. It’s such a massive turn out. This is incredible for your first opening.”

“Is it? I’m super nervous about it. It’s the first time I’ve shown people of the public my painting,” you stated softly, shuffling nervously in your heels as you snuck a hand around Tomo’s waist, giving him a comforting side hug, “thank you for coming though. I heard Sam isn’t very well.”

“She’s okay. Lou and Lux are sat with her whilst I’m here. Insisted I showed my face because you’re my best friend and I’d be the biggest idiot to turn this event down,” he chuckled, his lips pressing to your forehead before he pulled away, “you look beautiful, by the way. You look like a professional artist sellin’ her paintings.”

“You dressed up too. You look wonderful.”

He was dressed to the nines; nothing like you’d seen him in.

His typical attire was knitted jumpers or paint-splattered t-shirts that had been in his wardrobe from the moment you’d met him. He seemingly lived in sweatshirts and jeans so seeing him in a suit and dressed appropriately for the occasion was something that took some getting used too.

“Thank you. I had Sam help me but I think she was a little high on painkillers,” he chuckled, “her head’s been killing her recently and she’s definitely got the high-end of the flu. She’s been on nothing but painkillers, tea and soup.” 

“Oh, bless her. I’ll have to pop by tomorrow or something and sit with her. I know you’re off to your studio,” you reminded him, removing your arm from around his waist and standing to your comfortable position, “I have some of your paintbrushes and an extra canvas at my flat that you wanted a while back, so I’ll need to pop by yours anyway to drop it off.”

“That sounds alright, yeah. Sam would be all for the company. She’s been getting a bit lonely since I have the big project deadline coming up and that magazine interview that I was telling you about is next week so she’ll be more bored. Unless she’s feelin’ better,” Tomo smiled, chuckling lightly whilst taking a short step away from your body, “now, I got someone I want you to meet here.”

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Welcome Home (SMUT)

A/N: Decided to combine these two :) Also, football = soccer. I use British English, people :P I also had trouble looking for an appropriate GIF for this and this was the best I could use for it XD

Character: Niall

Warning(s): Smut

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