I interviewed my husband (just call him P) after our concert to get his opinion on the show and the boys. He got us front row catwalk seats for my wedding present and filmed the entire concert for me because he is wonderful and supports my obsession! He is a 27 year old heterosexual married man who is a casual fan on One Direction and their music! Four is his favorite album and Stockholm Syndrome is his favorite song. He is very open-minded to the idea that Harry and Louis are in a closeted relationship but is not 100% convinced (no matter how hard I try). 

Here is a summary of his thoughts: 

“The Musician”- Niall

P thinks Niall wants to be a true musician. Niall loves his fans and loves what he does but it is obvious that he is looking for more musically and wants to explore new music styles. Along with Liam, Niall knows the songs the best and helps fill in a lot vocally to give the boys (especially Harry and Louis) a rest during songs. P thinks Niall interacted the least with crowd and seemed to focus more on his guitar and the band. P also said Niall is really tiny with tiny legs (haha). 

“The Vocalist”- Liam

In his opinion, Liam is the real leader of the band. He is the best vocally, has great range and knows exactly when to do his little stunts and mic flips perfectly. He knows the songs better than the other boys and is overall so impressive vocally. Before the concert, Harry was P’s favorite but now Liam is his favorite by a landslide. P said Liam knows how to work the crowd and was the most fun to watch. It was hard for P to film Louis for me (whoops) because he was so drawn to Liam. P thinks Liam is very manly and is definitely the most athletic of the boys. P saw Louis rip open Liam’s shirt and I don’t think he minded very much at all haha. 

“The Entertainer”- Harry

Like I said, Harry was P’s favorite before the concert. P said that Harry exudes confidence on stage and interacts so well with his audience of mostly young women. Harry and Liam run around on stage the most and are the most confident, that is their “job”. P thinks Harry is very confident with his sexuality and could be bisexual (P knows I believe in HL so he is biased to think Harry is not straight). He said Harry “dresses like a girl” in that he wore women’s shoes and a billowy white shirt although P hoped he wore his gold or pink boots. P thinks his long hair is cool and really liked his man bun. On his interactions with Harry, P said “you know when Harry is looking at you”. When he first looked at P, Harry gave him a thumbs up like *good job, way to be here*. I think P was a little overwhelmed with all of the attention (which you could tell by the camera shaking) but he enjoyed the fact that Harry was in front of us a lot and acknowledged his presence as one of the only young guys at the concert. P also gave a peace sign that Harry returned :-). 

“The Tease”- Louis

P described Louis as “shy” and “a little coy” which I found so funny considering Louis is known as the loud one in the fandom. Interestingly enough, P took Louis’ stage presence as confident but acts shy as if he regards something as sensitive, maybe it is “about his voice, being gay or having a crush on Harry” (again P knows I believe in HL so he is biased to assume these are possible sensitive topics for Louis). P is not sure if Louis even likes his own voice (this is so sad :(:( ). P said it doesn’t make sense that Louis can talk to Niall and Liam and just avoid Harry, that maybe they are mad at each other or one of them said “I love you” and it wasn’t reciprocated (again he is heavily biased with my belief in Larry). P said Louis knows he has die-hard fans but he interacts the least with the crowd. Louis is obviously confident but sensitive and P thinks he has something going on. P also noticed that Louis touched his bum a lot (lol) and said that Louis’ voice is definitely very unique but not his favorite (I DISAGREE). P said that Louis seemed to be like a big brother to the rest of the boys but was confused by his lack of interaction with Harry (AHEM). 

P’s favorite songs: 

Stockholm Syndrome and Fireproof.

P’s favorite moments: 

1. When Niall read my “Fireproof was our wedding song” sign and went “Oh?” to me and gave a little “where?” shrug. So I gave a thumbs up and pointed back at P who gave a “hang ten” sign, and Niall saw P and pointed at him!  

2. When Louis looked at me :-). P said he knew because I stopped breathing. Ahhhh.  

Overall Thoughts:

P had a great time and was genuinely pleased with the entire experience. He was nervous coming into the concert about the “crazy” young fans and being the only guy there, but once the show started he didn’t mind much at all, especially since all the boys seemed to love that he was there! P thought the boys all put on a great show and are all very kind and humble about the whole situation. Also, P is now a huge Liam fan and he is excited about album five!

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