So my sister came into the room and she was grumpy, and as a normal sister i asked her what was wrong, and she snapped at me. I got annoyed and asked what crawled up her butt and died, and you know what she said?? She glared at me and said “ your boyfriends dick.” Then just got up and left. Like what the fuck? This girl is 9, she shouldnt know what a dick even is and she didnt even know I had a boyfriend either…. This just makes  no sense to me.

I want him. I know I sound like every Directioner out there, but I want him (not sexual). I want to be with him. Scratch that. I want to befriend him, become friends and then see where it leads from there. But of course that will never happen because he’s THE Niall Horan. The cute, blonde Irish boy from One Direction. And I’m me. The depressed chubby girl who wears glasses and has no support from her family and nothing going for her. He would NEVER take a second glance at me. :/