~I’m sorry if I haven’t been answering some of your questions lately. :S

one-direction-world: I don’t follow back though… Sorry! x

purelyonedirection, kidrauhlsdirection, justlistenandlove1d: Omg thank you so much. :’D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

radcliffing: Ohh psshhh! Shaddap Christen :’) LOLOL we need to catch up on things! LOVE YA TOO! x

nialljhoran101: Aww thanks! Glad that you love it :) x

freakingonedirection-infection: That’s so thoughtful of you to stop by! Thank you <3

miranlove: YOU LUCKY BITCH. FKL;SAKFL;ALKL;FKSA; But awwww I wish I could meet the boys! You are so lucky to have met them and thank you. :) x

likenaanaana: Thank youuuu! Just go to my descriptions and you’ll see “Theme” then it’ll just lead you to whatever.