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hey manca =) just drop by to say that you're in my follow forever page, well this is clearly because I love your blog and your edits and that you're always giving dowload audios and links and yep everything ;) btw just discover you have another blog and that you love mcfly A.W.E.S.O.M.E xxx

thank you!

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hahaha again there's nothing to be sorry about. I'm happy you love 1D as much as I do now =) we have another thing in common now... mcfly,PUDD, 1D, football and for what I see you like brucas too we are twins LOL wiii... haha. I'm fine just about to do hw with a friend =/ so I'm gonna come back later. how are you? do you go to college? since when are you a mcfly fan? haha (I love asking quests, you are gonna get used to it ;). xxx

I love you already for that, i love questions! :D I’m glad we have so much in common <3

I’m fine. I’m starting going to University on monday,actually. After over 4 months of vacations, so it’s going to be hard at the beginning,haha.

McFly fan, well…It was March this year actually. xD I know them, for like 4-5 years, but i’ve only known like 10 songs, and i knew nothing about them. But i remember i’ve always had Obviously on my ipod, i adored that song. And then, bc of tumblr, i’ve got more interested and BUM, i couldn’t live without them now.

BTW, YOU LIKE PUCKLEBERRY, how perfect. xxx

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hey mari =) how has your first week at uni been? hope it's going great xx

It was…interesting :D

it was very very chaotic, we don’t know which groups we’re in, so it was a mess. But people seem to be really cool, so i’m quite excited :D Thanks for asking x

And how are you? xxx