This Golden Town - Golden by Zayn & This Town by Niall

it goes and it’s golden like sands of time 

and it’s so, so hard - so far from the stars

Knocking on the wrong door au

28. Knocking on the wrong door au w/ Niall

It was midnight when a loud banging on your door began. You had only just moved into this house a week ago and you hadn’t even known anyone in this neighborhood so you were a bit frightened to see who was at you door at this hour.

Ten minutes later, the banging hadn’t calmed and you were worried that it would start to disturb your neighbors– if it wasn’t one of them already banging on your door from some reason. You stumbled downstairs to the door, slightly lifting the curtain covering the window directly near the door. Peering out of it, you saw a blonde boy with his head leaning against your door. His eyes were closed but he still continued to knock on the door, not thing the hint that you didn’t plan on answering. 

“C’mon Liam, it’s cold out here.” He groaned.You hadn’t expected him to speak up to try and and get your attention but it was clear that whoever he was looking for wasn’t here because you definitely weren’t Liam nor did you even personally know someone named Liam.

Shakily, you cracked open the door, just enough to see him, though it was clear he wasn’t expecting this as he was leaned against the door. He tumbled forward, pushing the door open completely and falling into your entryway.

 “Are you okay?” Forgetting about you previous fear of this stranger, you kneeled down to make sure he hadn’t hurt himself from his fall. 

He only groaned in response, finally sitting back up when he realized that he didn’t recognize his surroundings. “Is Liam here?” His voice cracked and he instantly cleared his throat and blushed at the sound.

“No, I don’t even know a Liam, I’m sorry.” 

“Oh…” He then stood up, you quickly following as he went back onto your porch. “He told me to stop by his house tonight but I guess I went to the wrong place…” This mystery boy seemed so confused when he glanced at your house number. “Did you just move in?” 

You nodded. “About three days ago.”

He cursed under his breath. “I can’t believe I fucking forget he moved.”

You gave him a small pity smile, hoping to finish up this ordeal soon since you had a job interview in the morning and you really wanted to make a good impression. 

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble so late at night.” His apology seemed sincere and your gratefully accepted. “I’m Niall, by the way. Thank you for being so kind to me after a banged on your door for fifteen minutes.” He smiled, reaching to his pocket to grab him keys.

“It’s alright, Niall. It was just a mistake, I’m y/n by the way.”

“Well,” He began, walking backwards towards his car as he smiled at you. “Thanks again and I truly am sorry.”

You once again said that it was alright and watched as he got into his car, likely to drive off to find Liam’s true house instead.

Maybe he’d make a mistake like that and you’d get to see him again, but under different, better terms.


Sick In The Middle Of The Night: Niall

Here’s the sick Niall one. I hope you enjoy it. Justyn your imagine should be up tomorrow. All the love-Jess

Sick In the Middle Of The Night: Niall

It was four in the morning when you heard it, the distinct sound of someone retching. At first you thought that maybe it was your imagination, but when it happened again you realized that you weren’t dreaming it. You open your eyes to find the spot where Niall was usually sleeping empty, assuming that the retching sounds were coming from him, you head to the bathroom. You push the door open to find your boyfriend of six months on the floor, almost in tears.

“Niall!” you say rushing over.

You sit down beside him and put a hand to his forehead, he was burning up. Quickly jumping into action, you help him up from the floor and lead him back to the bedroom to get him into bed. About halfway there though, he was sick covering the bed and the floor in puke.

“I’m sorry love” he groans.

“It’s fine, let’s just get you into bed. We’ll use the guest bedroom” you say.

You lead him down the hall the guest bedroom and help him to bed.

“Now, get some sleep. I’ll be back with medicine soon” you say kissing his forehead.

He croaks an I love you and you smile before quietly closing the door and going to clean up the mess. You toss the sheets in the wash and mop the floor, before grabbing some medicine from the bathroom cabinet and making you way back to Niall.

“Ni, babe? I need you take this” you say sitting next to him.

“I don’t want to” he groans.

“I know you don’t, but I promise it’ll help you feel better,” you say.

He shakes his head no and you sigh, Niall was like a little kid sometimes when he’s sick.

“Niall, you have to take it. I know you don’t want to puke all over the place again” you say.

He was silent for a minute before reaching out and taking the cup of medicine and the water.

“Ugh, that’s disgusting,” he says making a face.

“I know, that means it’ll work,” you say setting the medicine bottle down the bedside table.

You start to get up but Niall grabs you.

“And where do you think you’re going?” he asks.

“Downstairs to do the laundry,” you say.

He shakes your head, “no you don’t. First off it’s four in the morning love, the laundry can wait. Second off, I took your nasty medicine the least you can do is get in bed and cuddle your sickly boyfriend.”

“But, Niall if I don’t put the sheets in the dryer they’ll get sour,” you say.

“Then let them, you can just rewash them later. Right now, what I need is my girl laying by my side taking care of me” he says.

You knew you weren’t going to win this battle, when Niall had his mind made up it was almost impossible to get him to change it.

“Fine,” you say climbing into bed next to him.

“That’s my girl,” he says kissing your forehead.

“Ni! You’re going to get me sick too” you say.

“Then we’ll be sick together,” he says laughing.

You shake your head and sigh before sliding closer to him and laying your head on his chest. The two of you soon drift off to sleep and wouldn’t you know it the next day Niall was better and you were the one puking your guts out all over the place.


Niall Horan | Hold It Against Me

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emily’s questions

  1. favorite piece of clothing that you own? ooh probably my bodycon dress with the slitted back from wet seal. 
  2. would you rather lose your ears or your nose? Nose
  3. converse or high heels? Converse cause i can’t walk very well in heels 
  4. would you rather be the misfit with only a couple of amazing friends or be a popular bitch with thousands of friends that mean shit to you? misfit. 
  5. earrings or necklaces? Earrings
  6. normal studs or tapers? Studs
  7. pink or blue? pinkkk :D
  8. virgin? nope
  9. ever been kissed? yup
  10. any addictions? this goddamn website and baking desserts
  11. least favorite subject? Calculus

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  1. If your parents were away for the weekend and you had the house all to yourself, what would you honestly do?
  2. Ever seen Les Miserables? If so, do you like it?
  3. Favorite color to paint your nails?
  4. Have you ever burned yourself while curling/straightening/rolling your hair?
  5. Where were you when you heard that michael jackson died?
  6. Ever seen a movie in the theaters by yourself?
  7. Favorite flavor/brand of chapstick?
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  11. What’s your bra size? (Hah idk man I ran outta ideas)