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yay u guys r awesome omg i love u all happy valentines day yayayay!!!!!!!!!1

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niallit-deactivated20131005  asked:

hello so i just saw your url on my dash and had an idea so im selling 2 jonas brothers tickets for their show in new jersey october 12 because i really need the money back but i cant find anyone to buy them but you probably have a ton of followers who would be interested in them so would you please please just reblog the post i made about it? id appreciate it so much!! its the first post on my blog!

dat tag game thanks emily
  • Always post the rules
  • Answer all the questions that have been written and write 11 new ones
  • Tag people and link them to the post
  • Let them know you tagged them

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emily’s questions

  1. favorite piece of clothing that you own? ooh probably my bodycon dress with the slitted back from wet seal. 
  2. would you rather lose your ears or your nose? Nose
  3. converse or high heels? Converse cause i can’t walk very well in heels 
  4. would you rather be the misfit with only a couple of amazing friends or be a popular bitch with thousands of friends that mean shit to you? misfit. 
  5. earrings or necklaces? Earrings
  6. normal studs or tapers? Studs
  7. pink or blue? pinkkk :D
  8. virgin? nope
  9. ever been kissed? yup
  10. any addictions? this goddamn website and baking desserts
  11. least favorite subject? Calculus

Eliza (EJ)’s questions

  1. If your parents were away for the weekend and you had the house all to yourself, what would you honestly do?
  2. Ever seen Les Miserables? If so, do you like it?
  3. Favorite color to paint your nails?
  4. Have you ever burned yourself while curling/straightening/rolling your hair?
  5. Where were you when you heard that michael jackson died?
  6. Ever seen a movie in the theaters by yourself?
  7. Favorite flavor/brand of chapstick?
  8. If you had the opportunity to hang out with your best friend or go on a date with a hottie, what would you do?
  9. What are your top visited websites?
  10. Do you have a favorite meme?
  11. What’s your bra size? (Hah idk man I ran outta ideas)