nialling911 thirst

I want Niall to come home from getting his braces off, and he’s running his tongue all over his smooth teeth as he pins me against the counter in the kitchen and then sets me up on the ledge, tugging my pants off and burying his face between my thighs. He’ll take my folds gently between his teeth and lightly run his tongue along them making me shiver. And he’ll start gently nibbling at my clit, pulling and teasing just because he can now. And finally as I’m whimpering for more he’ll push his tongue deep inside me, pressing his face completely against me, covering his lips and cheeks in my wetness as his nose rubs against my clit and his tongue swirls and flicks around inside me.

Imagine playfully slapping Niall’s ass when he’s on top thrusting into you and you do it hard and quick so it makes a sharp snap of a noise when your hand hits his skin. He would get so pissed off and he’d pin your hands above your head and roughly slam into you a few times growling “bad girl. only I get to do that.” And then he’d flip you over, forcing your arms behind your back and you moan as he thrusts into you from behind, but just as he sees you enjoying it he smacks your ass hard and you cry out from the stinging sensation. Your face presses deep into the pillow and you feel the skin on your ass burning as he continues to alternate between thrusting and slapping. He chuckles, hearing you whimper and moan beneath him, and in between his thrusts he grunts out “thats. payback. baby.”