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Wow, I totally didn’t expect this to happen today. Niall finally got a girlfriend after 6 years and honestly I’m so happy for him! Yes, when I first saw the pictures of his and Celine I cried. I cried because my heart is broken. I loved Niall and still do with all my heart for 4,5 years now. I always knew there would be zero chance that one day he would be mine, but still I had always a little piece of hope, we all had secretly I think. It’s just, he never had a girlfriend for all these years, so you never lost your little hope. I fantasied every day about being his girlfriend. I just love him so much. But now 1 hour later and I see the pics with Celine again. I feel happy, happy for him. If someone deserves this, it’s Niall. Everyone in the band got several girlfriends but Niall got none. He was always looking for that one girl. And now he finally found her. She is really pretty and she seems lovely. I get a lot of comments about “How do you know it’s his girlfriend? It hasn’t been confirmed yet”. Yes that’s true, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. But the way the act together. They’re laughing with eachother, she holding Niall’s arm, he’s kissing her cheek. I have never seen Niall with a girl like that ever so I think you can pretty much tell they’re a couple. I don’t understand the fans who already send her hate. If you’re a real fan you should be happy for Niall. That he finally found a girl. That’s he’s probably happier than ever before. Because his happiness is all that matters to me. Yes it’s hurts, I know. But sending them hate doesn’t solve anything! It makes them sad, is that what you want? You don’t have to ship them, but at least respect them. I just wish Celine treats Niall good. I hope she realises she’s the luckiest girl in the world. I hope she never breaks his heart, because she’s holding my world❤

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Do u think 1dhq is trying to Liam vs ot3 now? Like w/ zayn and ot4 because he didn't tweet their anniversary.

I wouldn’t be surprised. I said this earlier in response to another anon, but it is an option, yes. Since solo Liam was announced two days ago (albeit the most professional announcement of anything around the boys careers we’ve gotten) the timing was shady, and then the radio silence today also does seem intentional. Of course, there could be other other reasons but this one does seem glaring, especially since Harry, Nialler and Louis (multiple times) referenced their anniversary.

Why I don’t believe 1D is done

The boys:

The press

Other bands have done it:

X / X / X / X

I said this about Zayn and it still applies :

Zaynie does NOT need to leave his solo career. He can do his own work and also be a part of 1D. This works for ALL OF THEM. And was already approved by Simon Cowell:

This article was published March 12, 2015 - two weeks before Zaynie “quit”. The timing was VERY intentional, IMO.

And we’ve had articles and even Liam talking about how the boys will take a break (and it’s very needed, tbh). During the break, everyone will do their own things, and we’ve seen the boys setting themselves up with their varied interests while getting exposure to new fans (in my “zaynie tour break” and “exposure to new fans” tags).

So it’s not a big deal. He, as with all the boys, can do their own work as well as be in 1D. That’s the only way I see 1D surviving. They will transition to a supergroup where the members do their own as well as group work.

And finally, I already said this (note the dates, since people love to plagiarize my and others ideas and that’s a HELL NO):



Now, as then: