nialler and hazza

N:We were in Harry`s house and he pretended to be a whale. His mother came in and told him to stop making sexual noises.
—  Niall James Horan

For harry girls here is a throwback THANK YOU LIAM Btw look at their faces XD

Just a little, fluffy blurb for you

Even before I was fully awake, I felt the weight of his arm around my waist.
Hearing him breathing and just because there was the chance of looking at him, without him noticing it… I slowly opened my eyes.
A little bit of sunlight creeped into the room and made it possible for me to be able to just admire his beautiful face. He looked so peaceful and at the same time, he looked like a little fluffy puppy with his messy hair. I couldn’t resist and slightly stroke through it…
No plans, we promised each other… We were far away from everyone and finally got some peace and quality time the way we waited for. We’ve waited for this moment way too long.
My limbs started to make clear that last night wasn’t that peaceful, as amazing he made me feel again and again…But my legs felt still wobbly and my arms hurt from the need of holding on so tight to him… I, somehow, made it to get out of bed and grabbed his shirt, which was laying on the floor - I felt like I was wearing a dress. His clothes would always be way too big for me.
I went to this huge window on the other side of the room and felt so, so happy…just being here and having this moment. Seeing the sun rise…the night turning into morning, the water staring to sparkle like diamonds as the sun slowly came up. As she filled not just the water, but also the beach and slowly everything around with the most beautiful colours there were.
“Why did you had to leave the bed…You’re so comfty…”, he mumbled right behind me and I felt his arms slowly moving around my waist and his chin resting on my shoulder.
“It’s so beautiful…How could I ignore such an amazing sunrise?”, I smiled and leaned against him. “You’re beautiful.” I turned my head and kissed his cheek. “Morning…” “Come back to bed, love, it’s way too early…” “I know…”, I said, as I took one more look at the beach and the quiet surroundings… before he grabbed my hand and pulled me back to bed