Harry looked down at the book. Even though it was aesthetically very pleasing, he didn’t want to buy it because of that reason. He didn’t even want to buy it for himself but for Niall, his boyfriend. He thought it would be a good present for christmas seeing as Niall was obsessed with them.

So, Harry nodded and brought the white and green book to the register. The cashier took a look at the item and smiled at him. “Oh, I need one of them as well. I don’t know why but they always die after a week. Are you that bad as well?”

Harry laughed. “No, it’s for my boyfriend. I thought he would appreciate a book about how to choose, style and care for cacti because, and I really love him, but he’s just so bad with succulents.”

So I was in a public washroom right and I kind of hear someone talking really close to me and so I obviously get scared cause there was literally no one else but then I recognize the voice so I was like Niall???

Turns out it was just my Ipod that had been playing the Where We Are audiobook biography for the past hour