There’s this elite thing, where everybody’s petrified of the idea that you could want your music to reach lots of people, but that’s what excites me. The idea of starting in a room and then bleeding out across humanity, the idea of one of my songs being on in a car while people are having an argument that really matters to them, or a song being on when somebody has that moment when they feel really alive. I want that. I don’t want unaspirational bullshit. There is no time for it in art. I come on stage and go: ‘This is what I do and I’m proud of it.’


“…At my secret session, Taylor told us when she wrote Delicate, she had this image in her mind of Gatsby running through his mansion searching for Daisy. After listening to the song I understood why- it conveys that fragile hope, uncertainty, vulnerability, and desperation…”

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