interviewer: what’s the oddest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?

niall, through gritted teeth and a balled up fist: that i don’t season my chicken

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He knows how to roll his hips and I'm having all kind of dirty thoughts about it,don't know if you are taking requests but a blurb about Ni showing you his dancing skills ending in him showing you his "dancings skills" in a steamy way would be lovely

have you ever written something about dry humping niall? if not could you do one?(:

A/N: Combined these two because I have very little self control.  Enjoy!

“It’s starting!”  You snuggled into the deep cushions of the couch and pulled the cozy blanket around your lap.  Niall shuffled back into the room hauling a bowl of popcorn and some beers with him.  He collapsed onto the sofa in a huff and rolled his head to the side to peer at you.  

“How come every time I end up on the telly, you insist on making us watch it together?”  He shoved a handful of popcorn in his mouth and you snorted a laugh as some stray pieces tumbled down his chest.

“You’re a fuckin’ slob, Horan.”  

“Yeah, but I’m your slob, and yer stuck with me.”  You scoffed at him, rolling your eyes as Niall smirked mischievously and jammed a handful of popcorn in your face.  

As the episode got started you leaned into Niall’s shoulder and tangled your feet on top of his.  “Look how blonde your hair was!  You look cute though.”  

Niall pulled at his hair, ruffling the fluffy tips with his fingers.  The dark roots were starting to take over, and he glanced over at you with a bit of uncertainty in his eyes.  “Think I should go back?  S’gettin’ pretty dark lately.”  You tipped your head back and ran your fingertips along the short dark hairs around his ears.  He tipped his head into your hand and closed his eyes.  You tugged playfully at his earlobe and smiled.  “No, I like it this way.  You look handsome.”  Niall lifted his arm up and tucked you into his chest, pressing a kiss to your hair.

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What year is it?:  A guide for the One Direction Fandom
  • 2010: Bad clothing, bad hair, bad decisions
  • 2011: Twink!Louis, fluffy Harry, crooked teeth Niall
  • 2012: Zayn had that blond streak and Liam had no hair, lots of coordinated outfits and more bad decisions
  • 2013: They all had quiffs
  • 2014: Zayn had like 20 hair styles and Harry looked like Mick Jagger
  • 2015: YSL, Gucci, Topman, long hair don't care, the skinniest of skinny jeans and Zayn still has 20 different hair styles what the fuck
Niall-- She’s the Princess

Niall winced away as his wife let loose a sneeze that could rival an elephant. She glared at him over her tissue, nose red and eyes puffy as she huddled deeper into the warmth of her blanket. “I was kissing you two days ago, Horan. You’re probably already sick and just don’t know it yet.”

“Menace,” he breathed, stretching out his legs. Across the room her favorite Halloween movie played on the screen and a bowl of soup sat on the table by her side.  She really did look miserable, but today was an important day in the life of their four year old daughter. “Did you hear back from Stacy?”

She frowned and glanced guiltily towards the hallway, checking to make sure little ears couldn’t hear. “Yeah, and it’s not good news. Turns out all of her kids have the flu, so she’s not going out at all.”

Niall snorted, but his frown had deepened. “Her little germ factories are probably the ones who gave you the flu.”  His wife shot him a glare and he shrugged, “What?  They probably did.  Is there not anyone else that can take her?”

She shook her head, instantly regretting it when the room started to spin.  “Deb already took her kids to an event at the rec center a few days ago, she doesn’t let them out on a school night.  Tanya’s husband gives me the creeps, so that’s out.  Sarah doesn’t believe in celebrating Halloween…”

“Alright, alright, I get it,” Niall sighed.  Every year his wife took their daughter out trick or treating.  This was the first year she really knew what it was and had been getting excited since she started seeing the decorations in the stores.  They had spent the last two weeks getting her prepared for what the expectations and rules were going to be while they were out and about.  She had woken up every morning for a week asking if it was time to put her costume on yet.

Niall didn’t normally go with her.  It wasn’t unheard of for him to be recognized and stopped for pictures and it never seemed fair to put Doodle Bug through that on a day she was meant to be enjoying herself.  But at a time like this, it was either risk being noticed or ruining her day, and he was nothing if not a sucker for his little girl.  

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Every Part of You

Chapter 4 Part 2

Niall cupped his warm hands around the sides of Lola’s face and leaned down to push his mouth to hers. She giggled against his rolling tongue, the sound transforming into a low idled hum as she nipped at his lips, her fingers sliding along the line of his soft hips and tucking into the top of his jeans before she slowly inched them down his hairy thighs. Niall licked across her teeth and sucked at her tongue as Lola’s hands slipped back up his thighs, her heart nearly trampling through her ribcage as her palm mindlessly brushed over his pulsing thickness. Lola gasped when she felt him, how hard and ready he was for her and she wrapped her fingers around his still covered length as much as she could, wanting to feel every throbbing inch of him. Niall broke their kiss as she did this, letting his lips just skim at Lola’s and he curled a hand around the back of her neck.

Locking eyes with him, Lola gave him a sweet little smile as she moved her shaky fingers over the head of his cock before sliding the tips of them into the top hem of his boxers, attempting to tug them down. Niall laughed again at her eagerness and tilted his head, pushing his mouth to hers in another passionate kiss. Untangling his hand from her dark hair, he brought them both to his hips to help rid himself of his own pants and boxers.

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Ooooooo what about an imagine about you and Niall dealing with his acid reflux?

How ironic that you sent this in because fun fact I legit woke up around 5am today with heart burn and literally thought of Niall so here ya go x

You were going to dinner at your parents’ house.  The night had been planned for a while so Niall had enough time in advance to be able to arrange his schedule around it.  You were looking forward to seeing your family.  They lived a little ways out of the city and while you saw them often, it never seemed like enough.  You were looking forward to hugging the life out of your 11-year-old sister who is growing up too fast as well as looking forward to your mum’s incredible cooking.  You inherited all your culinary skills from her.

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Can you do a little something based on Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes?


Originally posted by niallandtommo

You had called Niall, sobbing. He knew the moment he heard the sobs before you spoke why you were crying. Your piece of shit boyfriend was acting up again. Pushing you away, bringing you back. Cheating on you. Acting like you didn’t exist. It pissed Niall off that you would stick around. He could treat you better.

“Yes petal, I’ll pick you up. Calm down. Deep breaths.” He murmured softly, through your hiccups and sniffles. “My treat. Hot cocoa with whipped cream.” Niall tried to soothe.

And an hour into the hot chocolate date, Niall couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m not going to lie to you, Y/N. He’s just not right for you.” Niall spoke slowly, eyes focusing on your face. But he could tell by the way your face twisted, you didn’t believe him.

“Ni… you’re my best friend. I know you’re just being protective. But trust me. He’s the one I want. I love spending my time with him.” You smiled, covering his hand with yours. “I love him.” You said simply.

Niall grit his teeth slightly, you apparently loved to waste your time. You would have been way better off with him. Niall knew he could treat you better. Because a girl like you deserved so much better. You were wasting your time. You came to him more often than not crying over this guy.

Niall swallowed thickly, this was his shot. It was now or never. “Y/N…” He took a deep breath. You had called him crying, asking to go to coffee. You spent the last hour crying to him about over the last thing that the fucker did to you. “I… I know that we had something once upon a time and it was the wrong time for us. We decided friends were better.” He turned his palm up. Your palms were flat against each others and he used his other hand to cover the top of yours. “This relationship isn’t good for you.” He says quietly. “And I want us to have that chance. I can treat you better, better than he can. Y/N, I would stop time for you if you asked me to. I want to give you that love you’re missing.” He dragged in a shakey breath, “I want to wake up with you. Tell me what you want to do. Because any girl like you deserves a gentleman. Why are you wasting time on him? Why are we wasting our time on the inevitable?”

You watched him carefully as he spoke, your heart swelling, breaking, stomach churning, hands sweating. Sweating so much so, she took her hands off of the table and put her palms flat on her thighs. Niall was right, you two had the chance before but it wasn’t right at that moment. So much was happening in both of your lives. But, you had moved on. He had moved on. Dated other people-both of you ignoring the hurt that was felt.

“Y/N… just take my hand. We’ll be fine. Know that you don’t have to do this alone. I promise that I won’t let you down because I know I can treat you better. I’m not going to pretend you don’t exist when my friends are around, I’m not going to ditch you mid date because you said something that pissed me off, I’m not going to keep side chicks. You are apart of each of my friendships, we will never go to bed angry, and you would be the only woman in my life for as long as we are us.” Niall put his hand on top of the table. “This isn’t the first time he broke up with you. It won’t be the last. We both know this. This is the second time this month. But let him go. Let all of this go. Let me treat you the way you deserve to be treated. I can treat you better. You know this.” His tone had gone soft, eyes slightly pleading, his palm was faced upwards, waiting for you to take his hand.

You felt tears prick your eyes again, this time for a new reason. You swallowed thickly, trying to blink the tears away. You reached your hand out and take his in yours.

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Post a bit of a work in progress you've got going? Miss your writing!!

oh godddd- well, you asked for it.

this is the start of my Narry!epilepsy fic. ask box is open ☺️

From the moment Niall opened his eyes this morning, he knew something was off. He’s feeling off kilter, a buoy loose in a stormy sea. He’s just not quite right, and he’s sick of this already. He sits up, trying to not disturb Harry, and goes to his medbox. Harry sets out his med boxes for weeks at a time, so Niall doesn’t have to think about what he’s taking as he pops open the ‘Tuesday AM’ box. It’s a pattern that’s familiar to him. Wake up, take meds, live life, sing a bit, take some more meds, go to bed. Rinse, cycle, repeat.

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Can you do 19, 33, 36, and 42? Any, all, whatever. 42 sounds especially funny/weird. I miss your blurbs!

Originally posted by chicadereggaeton

How did that get stuck in there?” and “It’s three in the morning, what could you possibly want?


Mona nudged Niall softly but he was snoozing away, showing no signs of waking up. So, she nudged a little harder. 

“Niall,” she whisper-shouted. He grumbled something incoherently under his breath, shifting slightly, but still not completely awake. She huffed exasperatedly, moving to more desperate measures. She straddled his thighs, shaking his shoulders roughly. “Niall,” she whined, and it was only then that he really started to stir.

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First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 19

Niall wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, he just knew his phone had exploded overnight with text messages and phone calls from people he hadn’t spoken to in months.  Every time he tried to read one, three more would pop up.  It was hard to keep up.  He finally shut his texts down and dialed Nolan’s number.  It rang three times before there was an answer,

“Hello?”  He heard Nolan answer.  And just by the sheer panic in his voice, Niall knew this was serious.  

“What’s goin’ on?”

“Heyyyy Buddy.  How’s your morning?”  Nolan asked, trying to play off the seriousness of what was happening.

Niall shook his head,

“Me phone is a goddamn black hole of text messages and phone calls.  What the hell is goin’ on?  I can’t read anythin’.”

Nolan cleared his throat,

“Well, Maisie and I are trying to mitigate the fallout right now.  But we’re confident we can get through this.”

Niall felt his heart drop to his feet.  Maisie was involved?  His mouth instantly went dry,

“What happened?”  He asked, his voice small.

Nolan looked up at Maisie and pointed outside to let her know he’d be back.  Maisie nodded, trying to pay attention to her own phone call.  Nolan closed the door behind him and slipped into Maisie’s conference room to be alone.

“Video Niall.  There was video released on TMZ last night of you going into one of the rooms with a prostitute.”

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Too Good To Be All Mine - Niall Horan Imagine

I’d just gotten horrible news. My mother wasn’t going to be able to make it to my wedding. She and my father had been at odds ever since the divorce. They were both being incredibly childish. I’d always been closer with my dad, and my mom was angry that I’d sided more with him during the divorce. I’d tried to be impartial, but often my mother would use manipulative tactics I didn’t like. This was why we hadn’t been as close my entire life. Now she’d found out that he was bringing his new girlfriend to the wedding. My mother had called to tell me she wasn’t coming if my dads new girlfriend was coming. I’d tried to reason with her, but all my mother had done was berate me and insult my father.

After I got off the phone, I felt my eyes tearing up. I locked myself in the bathroom of the hotel room. The wedding was only hours away, and here I was sobbing in my wedding dress.

“Y/N, let me in!” Julia, my maid of honor, demanded, jiggling the doorknob relentlessly.

“No! Just leave me alone,” I snapped.

“Sweetie, your hair isn’t done,” she said.

“I don’t give a shit,” I snapped.

There was silence on the other side. I was torn between emotions. One side of me was happy that I was being left alone, another side of me wanted to be consoled. I felt hot tears stream down my face. I sniffed, and grabbed a handful of tissue paper. At least I could try to salvage my makeup.

“Y/n,” a different voice called through the door.

“Niall,” I whimpered.

“It’s me baby, Julia told me what happened,” Niall tried to open the door. “Let me in.”

“We’re not supposed to see each other,” I sniffed.

“Love, it’s an emergency,” Niall sighed.

“Okay, I guess,” I mumbled, and I opened the door.

Niall’s mouth dropped. His blue eyes sparkled with tears as he looked me over. I felt a blush covering my cheeks. Niall was rendered speechless.

“Did I mess up my makeup with crying?” I asked.

Niall’s mouth moved but no words came out. He seemed to be glowing with pride and love. He closed his eyes, squeezing them tight, and then reopened them.

“You’re real,” he choked out.

“Yeah,” I chuckled, moving closer to him. He grasped my hands, squeezing them, and letting tears fall finally.

“You’re too good to be all mine,” Niall said, barely getting the words out. “I mean I’m afraid I’m going to wake up and you’ll be marrying a prince, or a president, or-“

“Niall, you’re all I need, you’re all I want,” I said, giving him a sweet kiss.

“Now, I’m being a terrible fiancée,” He said, sitting down with me on the edge of the tub.

“Tell me everything love,” he said, letting me lay my head on his shoulder.

I told him all about my mother’s temper tantrum. I cried again as I told him about what my mom had said.

“I’m gonna,” Niall pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. “Well I don’t know what I’m gonna do to her, but I gotta do something.”

“No, you don’t,” I wiped my eyes. “It’s just enough that you listened.”

“No, sorry, it’s not,” Niall said and grabbed his phone.

“Hello Ms. Y/L/N,” Niall said through gritted teeth. I was taken aback by his tone, and how he’d addressed her. Usually he called her by her first name, but he sounded unusually formal.

“Well, I’m calling you that because I am very angry, and I’m trying not to lose my cool,” Niall said stiffly into the phone.

“I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way,” Niall said after a moment. “However, to be completely honest with you, your daughter is more fucking important than your little spat.”

The other side went silent. My mother was probably shocked, and if I knew her, thinking up a nasty response.

“I’m going to tell y/n you said that. How could you say that to me!”

“Don’t try that shit with me, y/n is right here, and guess what? She’s been crying in the bathroom on her wedding day. I’m sick of you manipulating y/n, it’s hurting her more than you know. If you wanna play the manipulation game, fine. If you don’t come, and put on a happy face, you can’t visit our future children.”

I gasped, and Niall turned to me with a worried expression. I nodded at him and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled gently.

“You’re bluffing!” My mother screamed on the other end.

“Try me,” Niall retorted and hung up.

“Niall you’re amazing!” I squealed and hugged him tightly.

“Really, I wasn’t too harsh?” He asked.

“No, she needed someone to be harsh with her, and I couldn’t do it,” I said, laying my head on his chest.

“Okay, y/n you really need to come out now. The hair stylist is about to leave,” Julia demanded.

“I’ll leave,” Niall whispered and kissed my temple.

“Wait, before you go,” I said, looking into his eyes.

“I just want you to know I feel the same way. You’re too good to be all mine,” I said.

“I love you with all my heart, and I feel so lucky. My dad always said ‘you know you have a good thing when both of you feel like you’re getting the better end of the deal’ and that’s how we feel right?” I asked.

“Definitely, we’re both lucky,” Niall said wrapping me in a hug again.

“I love you Niall,” I mumbled.

“I love you y/n,” he grinned kissing me.

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Hii what niall blogs do you recommend I follow?

hiiii ohhh i wish i had a blogroll rn! here are some of my mutuals: 

@nolokilledmyass , @borinhoran@holdmetightniall , @holdmetightniall, @timelessniall, @myaimlessuniverse, @ubekendt, @whoranhottie, @niallersfreckles, @niallandbeyond@niallpeach, @nialltakeme, @niallsgatorade, @mysupernarry, @lovingeverythingirish, @sweatnottearshaha 
@squirrely83, @sparkalinggarbage,  @yoursecrettatto @niallerstyles , @zainlovesniall, @aghniall, @luxuryniall, @cuteirishsunshine @wheretogofrmhere @fknsunshine, @madforhoran, @potatoniall, @toppingnialls, @noregretsfoolsgold, @legitniall @anythingworthmentioning, @niallniallerniallest, @niallerillusions @niallerillusions @narryintheam, @niallisfuckingcute, @niallmix
@missy14us, @happilyniall @niallisart, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @niallersarmpithair @inkedbum @bubbleteanarry @actualniallhorantrash @fuckinialls @narrys-town @niallthegun @fuckingdaddyniall @dibsonthat1d @ohh-narry @niallspringsteen @undertheniall @styaller @drunkniall @nialls-teeth @spellniall @horanhateblog @irish-niall-girl @holdnarrytight @allofnjh @stealmyniall @tmhpotyacht, @craicprince, @bckstreetbys @niallporn

and then some update accounts: @chonce @nhupdates @niallhgifs @dailyniall

hope this helps :) 

First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 29

Kyle had been gone for 20 minutes on a quest to find Maisie.  He walked down every hallway he could find and even asked security.  No one had seen her.  And worse, now Niall seemed to have disappeared as well.  He found Janina, standing on a chair on her knees as she tried to get to higher ground.  When their eyes met she motioned for him to come to her.  

When Kyle got close enough she reached out for help getting down from the chair,

“This was not your brightest idea.”  Kyle commented as he lifted her off the chair.

“I was trying to find her.”

“Well good luck because she’s nowhere in sight and Niall has also gone missing.”

Janina’s eyes widened,

“Really?  I’m shocked Nolan didn’t call out the National Guard.”

“It’s almost midnight, Nolan left an hour ago.”

Janina put her hands on her hips,

“Think they’re together?”

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Jealous Frat Boys


Niall saw you across from across campus. He gives you a cocky grin and a wave. A slight blush spreads over your cheeks and you shake your head. He was such a tool—a fucking frat boy tool. But even though he was that way, you and Niall got on well.

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