Diary- Harry Styles Imagine

You were tired. You were tired of him ignoring you. You were tired of him not talking to you. You were tired of not being able to sleep. You just wanted everything to go back to the way it was before the fight even started. 

You sighed and rubbed your eyes before walking up the steps to your guys’ shared bedroom. You pouted when you saw the spot next to yours on the bed was empty. Well, not empty since your guys’ dog, minx, was there. But, to you, it was still empty.

After every fight, you knew Harry would go to his moms. He wouldn’t go to a bar. He wouldn’t go to Louis’ flat. Or any of the boys’ flat. His mom would always come over to talk to you after the fights, but today was different. She didn’t come at all. You were confused, but glad that you got time to yourself.

You stripped out of your clothes and threw on Harry’s Forrest green obsession sweater, leaving you with your underwear under it, stopping mid-thigh.

You turned off the lights and climbed into bed, cuddling with his pillow since he wasn’t here to cuddle with you.

But you couldn’t sleep. You can’t sleep without him by your side and it’s killing you. Little did you know, it was killing him to. He had a permanent frown on his face, snuggling closer to his mom, who was running her fingers through his hair.

Anne’s heart broke when she saw her baby boy sobbing on her couch when she got home from work. She dropped everything that was in her hands and wrapped her arms around Harry, rubbing his back while whispering to him that everything will be alright. Even she didn’t know what happened.

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ohnooo-niall  asked:

Could you do a Niall one shot/imagine/blurb? Where your Baking with him or something and he's all cute and then maybe a livestream like what he used to do? (Or maybe you being a vlogger like Zoe or something and baking with him) and then Louis and his girlfriend ;) (need I say anymore) come round and they're watching football or something.. 🙈 I have too many ideas haha! 😂😂

Victoria, your long awaited Niall writing has arrived! Woo. I need more Niall to write. I miss writing for the cute, little Irishman. I absolutely love this request! Thank you! ;) xxx

He was a typical man: he was always caught with a beer in his hand during the evening. He was always watching Derby play on TV whenever they had a broadcasting game. He would always slouch on the sofa with his feet propped up on the coffee table; especially now considering he couldn’t get at all comfortable with his boot. He yelled from the bedroom when he couldn’t find anything, even if that said object was right under his nose. He was lazy, only ever deciding to do something if he was ‘in the mood’ as he liked to call it. Sex was the main topic on his mind, most of the time. As rude as it sounded, but he farted and burped whenever he needed; ‘wherever you be, let your wind go free’ being something he lived by, and if he needed to go, he needed to go.

He was typical man. 

But you really didn’t mind it. It’s what made him Niall. You always enjoyed watching as he lounged around in his loose sweatpants where the waistband of his boxers began to show. You always loved to wait on him hand and foot, especially with his fractured foot; if he wanted something, you were there to get it for him. You had to admit, his constant yelling and farting and burping had been a massive downer to being with him, but with every perfect and wonderful thing on the other hand, you learned to live with it. He was Niall. You couldn’t change him to be someone he isn’t.

There was one thing you loved, and it was when he was being in an extra cuddly mood. This mood only coming out when the skies had opened, rain pouring down and thunderstorms soon to be arriving. With Niall being in this extra cuddly mood, it meant that he would hang off of you all day. Following you like a shadow. Touching you just so you knew he was still there, his skin warm yet rough against your own cool and smooth skin. Throughout the days, you enjoyed baking. Learning new recipes and trying different cooking techniques to widen your variety of skills and catering skills.

Your cooking was probably something Niall had thought was the prime thing of the relationship. Not only had he bagged himself a beauty, a princess if you will, but he had bagged himself a baker and he couldn’t be more ecstatic. He remembered the first day he’d caught you cooking, back in the early days of your relationship; roughly 3 years ago.

It was a rainy day, the rain was coming down in buckets and pitter patter sounds could be heard on the garden chairs and table outside of the balcony doors, the sound emitting around the room from the balcony door on the rear end of the kitchen; the room becoming too warm to function properly inside. He’d stepped into apartment, shrugging his jacket off and pulling his flat-cap hat from his head, kicking the door closed with his ankle. He could hear you humming to the new tune the band had released just a few days prior, a soft melody becoming louder as he made his way through the small living room and into the kitchen doorway. He grinned to himself as he watched you shimmy around the kitchen, with an apron tied around your waist, his old, old sweats cascading down your legs and rolled up at the hems and an old white t-shirt of yours sitting upon your upper body. 

The feeling of someone watching you had made you turn in your place, a spatula covered in chocolate cake mix with lumps he could only presume were chocolate chops, a blush forming on your cheeks. “Hi,” left your lips, quiet but soft and soothing making Niall tilt his head back and let out a soft laugh.

“You’re so adorable. You look so cute in t’at apron, baby. It smells divine in here, need I say. You making me a cake?” He asked, teasingly as he took strides to meet you at the counter, his presence staying beside you as you continued to mix at the mix in the glass bowl. “I’m goin’ t’ help ye, okay? I got the afternoon off, Louis weren’t feeling so good so we decided t’ take t’e afternoon off,” he confessed, bumping his hip to yours as he dipped his finger into the chocolate mix and brought it to his mouth. Wrapping his lips around the circumference of his finger and suckling off the chocolate. “Tastes delicious. I can tell t’is will be a delicious cake, baby.”

And with that, a tradition had been formed. 

The rain was pattering against the window panes of the house, thunder rumbled around the sky melding with the clatter of pots and pans in the kitchen. You’d taken to cooking for the day, not being able to go outside and enjoy a nice stroll or a meal in the cafe on the corner of the street; partly because of two reasons. One being the fact that you couldn’t drive any place what with Niall’s foot being fractured and sore when he walked around. And two, you had no intentions of heading out in the rain. 

But this baking was for a good cause. With Derby and Doncaster playing against each other in a football game being shown on Sky Sports in a few hours time, Louis and Niall had decided upon having a night in with beer and food and having a good old catch-up between the two of them. With the band being on a break, they didn’t get to spend as much time with one another as they liked, and whenever they had the chance to meet up, they never second guessed it. 

“Babe, what you doin’ in t’ere? You got butter-fingers or summin’?” Niall teased, reaching forward for his can of lemonade and shuffling up on the sofa. His fractured foot supported by his boot was propped up on the coffee table, with his healthy and socked foot set on the carpeted floor with his knee bent. It was easier for him to keep his can balanced upon his bent knee, rather than far from him on the table.

“I just dropped the bowl in the sink. It’s fine,” he heard you reply back, an exasperated sigh leaving your lips, and he could only see you stressing slightly to make the best pastries and cakes for the evening in. “The TV’s gone quiet. What are you doing in there, mister?”

You heard him gulp and let out a burp, before he crunched his can up and grunted as he began to stand from his place on the sofa. The velcro holding his boot together at places ripping apart slightly as he tightened it against his leg and began his way to the kitchen. 

“M’comin’ out to spend time with you. S’rainin’ and I want to cuddle or at least be near you”, he smiled, throwing his lemonade can into the recycle bin that was sat beside the normal garbage bin. The garbage bin that was now covered in flour and empty packets of chocolate chips or raisins. “What you makin’ t’en? I can smell cake. Is there one baking now?” 

“There is. A chocolate and coffee cake, with those chocolate chips we had loads of. M’now making cupcakes. I know Louis likes my vanilla and coconut ones, so I’m making them,” you grinned, smiling as he took over from your mixing and clenched his hand around the handle of the whisk. “Are you going to be okay here for a moment? I need the loo, I’ve been bursting for god knows how long,” you giggled, wiping your hands against the apron hanging down your body.

“O’course. Go have a wee. I presume it is a wee, ye?” He winked, rolling his head to the side and sending you a smirk. Chuckling as you rolled your eyes and pushed at his shoulder softly. “Go and wee. Jesus, woman. Before you wet ye’self and make a puddle on t’e floor, and ruin me favourite sweats.”

* *

“Are you bein’ serious right now? T’at ref is shit. How is he letting these players play on?” Niall yelled, his hand waving towards the TV as he preceded to put his point across. “Yer team is full of dirt, Tommo. How t’e hell do you even support t’ese?” He hissed, turning to look at the Yorkshire lad sitting beside him, a beer bottle held at his lips as he smirked and continued to stare at the TV. 

“Niall, language! It’s just a game,” you called from the kitchen, poking your head around the doorframe and sending him a smile. “Do you boys wants any cake? I’ve got a chocolate and coffee cake in here. Some homemade croissants that I tried to make, I don’t even know how they taste, are also in here. We’ll save some for half time, yeah?” You asked, looking to Louis who nodded softly.

“Save me a nice, big, chocolatey slice of cake, yeah? You know I love your cakes. You gotta save me a nice big bit,” he grinned, placing his beer bottle on the table and leaning his upper body weight on his elbows resting on his knees. His bum sitting near the edge of the sofa. “C’mon, Donny! C’mon, c’mon,” he whispered, as your gaze turned to where Doncaster were all huddled in the penalty box on the TV.

“Who’s winning?” 

“Don’t go t’ere, babe. Just don’t. Unless you wanna sleep in t’e bed on yer own tonight,” Niall mumbled, looking down at his lap and rolling his eyes as Louis nudged him lightly and let out a breathy chuckle. “M’probably going for cake now. This is a shit game. Already two nil down and it’s only been 43 minutes,” he grumbled, his voice low and his Irish accent much more prominent. 

“Don’t be such a grump arse, Horan. S’just a friendly. Nothing too important,” Louis chuckled, watching as the blonde boy beside him disgruntled and mumbled beneath his breath as he stood from his place on the sofa and gathered the empty beer bottles from the coffee table. “To be fair, I got no interest in it today, so… What about we call it a night and just chill out in the kitchen?”

“Sounds good t’me, mate. S’just nice gettin’ to chat wit’ ye and catch up on life. I missed ye, ye’know? S’not the same waking up on a daily basis and realize you don’t have work t’ go to, no studio runs or late night writing sessions. It’s all a bit weird,” Niall chuckled, limping his way into the kitchen after letting you keep a tight hold around his waist. “I don’t miss t’em though, just feels weird t’ not go t’ t’e studio everyday. I get t’ spend me days with me missus,” Niall smiled, pressing a long and soft kiss to your temple. Mirroring Louis as he did the same to his girlfriend.

You knew, even if the band were to come to an end, the boys would still be best friends. With Zayn leaving, it made them form a stronger bond and it was heartwarming to not only the fans but to you and Sophia and Louis’ girlfriend; the boys were strong, and no amount of hard work would ever tear them apart. Just looking at the four when they hung out was enough proof that they were going to stay best friends… 

And who could complain?



Zayn would drive all the little girls to ballet. He’d smile at them and be his silent self as the little five and six year olds chattered on about block stealing and cootie catching. “You’re not to date until I’m dead, Miss Malik,” he’d say knowingly to his daughter, Avery, as she gossiped. She’d roll her eyes pretending she was much older than she actually was. The girls loved Zayn’s car rides. Maybe its because he looked badass with his leather, sunglasses and tattoos. Maybe it’s because the music he played was cooler than all the other cars. “Uncle Zayn?” Princess Lacey Payne would ask. “Yes, darling?” He’d ask. “Will you be my boyfriend?” She’d ask. Zayn would smile. “Of course, sweetheart.” “Why do you want to marry my daddy?” Zayn’s little girl would pout at her friend. “He has cool music and he can drive and has tattoos,” she’d roll her eyes. “So does Uncle Liam,” Avery would protest. Zayn would smirk in the rear view and smile at each of the girls as he lifted them up kissing each of their cheeks before they skipped into the dance studio. He’d hold his princess in his arms a moment longer. “Don’t worry, angel, I love you,” he’d whisper. “You’re all mine,” he’d promise and kiss her cheek, forehead, and jaw before ushering her off to ballet. “I love you too, Daddy!” She’d call back to him with a giant smile on her face.


“Well, you can’t hit a girl,” he’d say carefully. He knew cooties better than anyone. He’d tried asking one girl out for years and repeatedly was rejected. “But Uncle Louis, she pinched me!” Niall’s little boy, Deaglan whined. “That just means she likes you,” he’d tell you. “Is she cute?” He’d ask. Niall’s son groaned. “No! Girls are icky!” He’d shout. “Except Darcy,” Deaglan sighed dreamily. Louis would watch as his son, Tommy, would smile shyly out the window. “Darcy’s perfect,” Tommy would say knowingly. “Oh really?” Louis would snicker. “And how would you know what perfect is, boys?” he’d ask as he drove the boys to soccer practice. “Because Uncle Harry calls Auntie perfect all the time. And Auntie is Darcy’s mum, so she has to be perfect,” Tommy would explain. Deaglan would nod knowingly. Louis would smirk and nod. “Alright lads, well, neither of you are allowed to touch Darcy.” “Daddy?” Tommy would ask. “Yes?” He’d ask looking in the rear view at his son. “Can I marry Darcy?” He’d ask. Louis would smile. “You’d have to ask her. And Uncle Harry, but you have my blessing.” Deaglan would be rolling his soccer ball around in his lap anxious to get to practice. “Uncle Louis, Darcy’s playing soccer too!” He’d say excitedly. “If she’s anything like her father, you should be careful around her, she’ll be just as clumsy as Uncle Harry,” he’d laugh. The boys would get out and Darcy would come running over to Louis and Tommy. “Hi Tommy,” she’d say shyly. “Hi Darcy,” he’d say sweetly. “Can you be my partner or are you going to play with Deaglan and his friends?” “I’ll play with you,” he’d promise. Louis would squat down and whisper in Tommy’s ear, “take her hand and don’t let go, buddy,” he’d wink and kiss the top of Tommy’s head. “Have fun, guys. Bye, kitty,” he’d smile at Harry’s little girl as she ran off with his son, who defended her honor when he was told he would get cooties by playing with her.


Lacey was thirteen and Liam was still un-thrilled at the thought of leaving her at the movies, alone, with boys, and just her friends. Liam had picked up Avery, Niahm, Claire, and Darcy and began lecturing. “Daddy, they’re like our brothers…” Lacey would roll her eyes. “Except Tommy,” Avery would giggle shyly. “Shut up!” Darcy would say turning bright red. “I just don’t want you girls to get hurt. You have to be careful, okay?” He’d ask and look at each of them. “Promise?” He’d ask. They’d all nod. “You know Aiden’s going to be here right Daddy?” Lacey would ask. “I know,” he’d mumble. And though he was grateful his son was going to take care of Lacey, he did treasure his “nieces.” How could he not? He’d protect Niahm to his death; that was Niall’s little girl. He wouldn’t live if she got hurt. Same for all the girls; no matter how badass like her dad Avery thought she was, or how strong Claire was like Louis, and caring Darcy was like Harry, those girls were little in his eyes and he didn’t want them to get hurt. And yeah, there was bit of leeway considering each daughter had one or two brothers that would take care of them and protect them from their own friends, Liam couldn’t help but worry about his princesses. He couldn’t let them grow up. Avery had a crush on Liam when she was little, how could she grow up to like Aiden? Sure he loved his son. “Daddy, you’re going to miss the theater!” Lacey would say suddenly bursting Liam out of his trance. He’d pull to the theater but notice Niall has yet to arrive with the boys and he desperately wanted to make sure the girls were safe so he’d wait. “Be careful, please?” He’d ask. “Don’t go to the bathroom alone, don’t take drinks from strangers, and stay together?” He’d ask softly. The girls would nod. “It’s the movies, Daddy, not a bar.” The four girls in the back would get out and Liam would lightly hold Lacey’s hand. “Be careful please, angel?” He’d whisper. She’d smile. “Of course, Daddy,” she’d say sweetly. “Don’t worry, Uncle Louis told me I’m just like you. I’m the mom of the group, so everyone will be fine,” she’d promise. Liam would grin and kiss Lacey’s forehead. “I love you, sweetheart.” “I love you too, Daddy,” she’d squeeze his hand and head into the theater.


He drove Niahm and Darcy home from school each afternoon. He loved to see each of them, happy to know they made it. One day in particular, Darcy was quite quiet. “What’s the matter, kitty?” Niall’d ask using her nickname that Harry had given her since the day she was born. They were seventeen now, but they were still babies in Niall’s eyes. “Tommy broke up with her,” Niahm would whisper softly. Niall would glance at Darcy in the rear view. Her green eyes that looked just like his best friend’s. And when Harry cried, it made Niall feel awful–just the same, he felt awful when Harry’s little girl cried. “I’m so sorry, Darce,” he’d whisper. “I can kill him, if you want,” Niall would offer seriously. Darcy would giggle through her tears and smile. “Thank you Uncle Niall, but I’m perfectly okay with him being alive as long as he’s happy. "You’re such a good person, Darce,” Niahm would murmur. “I would let Daddy kill him,” she’d say knowingly. “Uncle Niall isn’t capable of killing someone,” Darcy would roll her eyes. “Much less Tommy Tomlinson.” Niall would smile and snicker. “I’ll see what I can do,” he’d offer. “I’m sure, Louis would gladly kill his son for you, kitty,” he’d wink at Darcy. Darcy would giggle again. “You guys are so mean to the boys,” she’d say quietly. She felt so bad that she was cared for more than the boys. She wasn’t anything special, even though, everyone told her she was. “Well, for you my love, I would kill him,” Niall would offer again. She’d nod. “Thanks Uncle Niall,” she’d mumble as Niall pulled up to Harry’s home. Darcy got out at the same time Louis peeled in and yanked his son out the door. Aiden would snicker as Tommy was dragged up to the front door. Harry came over and Niahm would laugh. Harry’s eyes would jump from Tommy to Darcy and then to Niall. Harry would roll his eyes and pull Darcy to his body and usher her in the house. “You’re gonna pay for that one,” Niahm would call out to Tommy. “I tried warning you!” Aiden would call out as well. Niall would laugh and Tommy would sigh as he went into the house. “Princess?” Niall would ask his daughter. “Yes, Daddy?” She’d ask. “No getting married until I’m dead.” She’d roll her eyes and peck Niall’s cheek. “Of course, Daddy,” she’d smile.


Harry’s little boy was excited for his first day of kindergarten but also more nervous than he could ever explain to his father. “I know you’re nervous bud, but Rosy will be there,” he’d say knowingly. “And Claire is going to come volunteer in the middle of the day so you can talk to her,” he’d remind him of his older “cousin.” “But Daddy, what if the others don’t like me?” “Why wouldn’t they like you, buddy?” Harry would wonder. He’d shrug. Harry picked Zayn’s second son Lucas up and  headed for school. “How about you, buddy? You nervous?” Harry would ask. He’d nod shyly. “Alright lads, here’s what you do,” he’d smirk. “You walk up to a pretty girl and say, "do you have a blue crayon I could borrow?”“ He’d say. "Then smile at them and compliment their hair,” he’d wink. “Works every time.” “Daddy, you’re not seriously giving six year olds dating advice are you?” Darcy would ask from the front seat. Lucas would smile as his pretty “cousin” spoke. Darcy would turn in her seat and smile. “Lukey, you be yourself and play with Riley, okay?” She’d tell him and smile at her brother. “Riley, kindergarten is great, and Daddy’s right, Claire will be there and if you’re scared she’ll help you, okay?” She’d smile pleasantly. “Have a nice day, boys,” Darcy would smile at them as she left the car. “Alright, lads,” Harry would grin. “You ready?” He’d ask. “It’s not so bad and Uncle Niall’s going to take you guys to football practice when school gets out, alright?” he’d ask. Louis’s youngest daughter Jess, would greet the boys with Liam’s little girl Rosy. Riley would jump out to hold Rosy’s hand and suddenly he was no longer nervous. “Riley Styles, get your hand off Rosy,” Harry would order. “It’s okay Uncle Harry, we’re married,” Rosy would smile happily. Harry would roll his eyes. “Your daddy is not going to be happy, Miss Payne.” “He’ll live,” she’d say maturely. Harry would laugh and look at his little boy. “You’ll be fine, mate,” he’d wink at him. Riley would walk up to his daddy and tug on his pant leg. Harry would kneel down and Riley’s eyes would fill with tears. “Hey, none of that, it’ll be fine,” Harry would promise. Riley sniffed and nodded bravely as Harry held him tightly for a few seconds. “Mumma and I will see you after football okay?” He’d ask his son. “Rosy,” Harry would murmur. “Yes, Uncle Harry?” “You’re in charge,” he’d dub. “Be nice, alright?” He’d ask with a gentle smile. “Okay Uncle Harry,” she’d grin and take hold of Riley’s hand. He’d grin and wave as he left the toddlers to their adventures on he playground.

  • niall: hahahaha bro ahaha will u marry me hahaha?
  • harry: yeSssSSSsSs
  • harry: ive waited for this moment all my life
  • harry: finally the day has arrived niall i love u
  • harry: omg i need to call mum and tell her omg niall can we have a disney themed wedding
  • harry: i can be ur cinderella and ur my prince charming this is perfect niall our wedding is gonna be--
  • niall: harry uhm
  • niall: fuck
  • niall: i didnt mean to say th--
  • niall: eh
  • niall: alright