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Drabble #20 "you did all of this for me?"

A “Making the Grade” Drabble

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A wave of exhaustion flooded Poppy’s body as she slid her key into the lock on her door.  Arguments over layout, corrupted photo files, and a visiting professor refusing to do an interview had plagued the newspaper offices all week.  Classes hadn’t been any better.  There was a research paper to finish, note cards to make, and a stack of library books scattered across her bedroom floor that were frightfully overdue.  All she really wanted was to eat, take a hot shower and collapse into bed - and not even necessarily in that order.  But as Poppy turned the lock her shoulders sagged with the realization that she hadn’t cleaned her apartment in ages let alone washed her sheets or gone grocery shopping.  Her stomach turned at the thought of another meal of ramen noodles.

She turned the key and nudged the door with her shoulder.  It swung open and Poppy was greeted with the distinct smell of garlic, Thai curry, onions, and ….. bleach? “What the fuck?  Hello?!”

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‘burnt toast, Sundays…’

You come down stairs on a Sunday morning wearing one of his hoodies and a pair of pyjama shorts to hear the sound of him humming along softly to the song currently playing on the radio. As you peek through the kitchen door you can see that he has set out two cups beside the kettle that is boiling away for him to make tea for you and coffee for him. You peer around the door further to see that he is whisking eggs in a mixing jug and that he has put several slices of bread into the toaster.

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Concept: What do you mean your name isn’t Dad?

Lunch time was approaching and you had your hands full. You had a five year old yacking away in your ear about absolutely nothing, a screaming newborn making a fuss in the swing, a nine year old and seven year old going toe to toe on where to sit at the table, an eleven year old tuned out to the world with her eyes glued to her phone, not being any help, and a husband who had vanished from the chaos.

You took pride in Niall being your husband. He was a generous and affectionate partner, a kind and compassionate father to your four daughter and one son. He was how every father should be with their children; Patient and funny, loving and adventurous, relaxed and entertaining. He almost never missed a second of anything, including the tea parties and the dress up and playing with dolls, bandaging the scraped knees and kissing the bruises and soothing the fevers. Your friends complained about their husbands being useless, lazy, and turning a tad bit mean. It brought you just a bit of pleasure to rub it in their faces of how great Niall was in every area.

You snapped your fingers at the arguing children, telling them to get in their seats and stop the bickering. You instructed the toddler to do the same, raising your eyebrow as a warning when she stomped her foot because she wanted to be as attached to you as possible and have your undivided attention. You stuck a pacifier in the baby’s mouth, only for it to be spat back out. 

Just as Jesus told the waves to be still, Niall walked into the room and all the commotion seized. Juliet and Hannah stuck their lips back in, Katie’s incoming tears stopped, Vivian had her phone face down on the table, and Eddie’s reddened face turned to its natural rosy complexion. He cooed happily at the sight of his old man. The silence was louder than the actual chaos. Niall scanned the kitchen incredulously, wondering why all had fallen all of a sudden. You tried not to huff. Niall was everyone’s favorite, your kids were eager to please him, but they always cut up a notch when he wasn’t around.

Niall offered a hand and you graciously took it. You sat at the table with the kids, Eddie cradled in your arms as you fed him and directed your husband from all the way across the kitchen on how to cut the sandwiches, explaining that only one shouldn’t have crust on it. Hannah hated crust, she even hated the word crust. You didn’t get it, it was all just bread. Niall snickered, claiming he knew what to do. 

Plates of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sided with potato chips were passed around the table. They all dove in as soon as their plates were set in front of them.

“Slow down, can’t have you all choking at once.” You heard Niall joke. 

You didn’t look up to know the girls were stuffing their faces. Your eyes were settled on the infant in your arms. Eddie looked up at you with crystal blue eyes, as clear as his fathers. He looked the most like Niall out of the five.

From outside of the house, you could hear a vehicle. It was almost hard to miss, the sound of the breaks squealing all through the neighborhood, along with the sound of your neighbors mailboxes being slammed shut. It was that time of the day when the mailman, or woman, did their rounds. Katie jumped in her seat. She loved the mailman, or mail woman. She often told you that’s what she wanted to be when she grew up. Retrieving the mail from the mailbox was actually listed as a household chore. Katie lived and breathed for whenever it was her turn to go out and get the mail from the mailbox.

“Mail’s here!” She jumped up from her seat, abandoning her food, and sprinted to the front door. It was useless for you to tell her to stop and get back in her seat because she passed you in a millisecond. 

Unfortunately for Katie, Niall was a lot faster. He caught her from under her arms and carried her back, plopping back into her seat and scooting her close to the table as if she weighted nothing.

“Not today, Missy Ma’am.” Niall said as he did so. “Sit and eat.”

Katie put on a subtle frown and went back to eating her food. Juliet quickly swallowed her food to speak.

“Daddy, can I go get it this time?” She asked. 

She almost never got the mail, the job almost never went to anyone else except Katie. Juliet’s main chore was to put toys away, including her sisters and now her little brothers. Though Eddie was just born a few weeks ago, he didn’t have as many toys as she did. For Eddie, Juliet dragged his swing out of the way and made sure it was turned off to save the battery.

“Next time, my Jewel. Eat your lunch. You can do it tomorrow.” Niall promised her. 

“Da, there’s no mail on Sundays!” Hannah reminded him. Niall gently slapped his forehead.

“Right you are. On Monday, then.” Niall nodded and winked. 

He quickly put on his slippers and stepped out to get the mail from the box. In less than a minute, he returned with white envelopes in hand. Niall sorted through them as he locked up and kicked her slippers off. Most of them were bills addressed to Niall, and a magazine for you. Niall set it gently in front of you, his mail next to yours. 

The kitchen was peaceful as everyone ate, Eddie drifting off to sleep and you mindlessly looking at the pictures in the magazine. Vivian was on her phone, as per usual, barely speaking a word but her food was gone. Niall took her plate and washed it. You lightly frowned and complained how there was nothing interesting in your subscribed magazine anymore and reminded yourself to cancel your subscription. Hannah wanted to know if she could read it, and then Juliet asked if she could when Hannah was done. You gave the magazine up, Juliet sitting oddly in her seat to look at the same pages Hannah was looking through.

There wasn’t much conversation, everyone occupied in their own little world. You snuggled Eddie just a little bit longer, rubbing the top of his head and feeling his fine hair against your fingertips. Niall was looking out the kitchen window, examining the backyard. He’d have to cut the grass soon. 

Katie’s eyes absentmindedly looked down at the envelopes that were rested next to her. She knew her address by heart. You and Niall stressed how important it was for her to know where she lived, also her parents phone numbers. Her teacher taught a lesson about it in school, associated with how to properly write and address a letter. Katie recognized the numbers, the street name, and the postal code instantly. Then she was stumped. There was a name on the front that she did not know, a first and last name. The last name she also knew because it was hers. Was she missing something?

There was mommy and daddy, Vivian, Hannah, Juliet, and Eddie, and herself, running through everyone in the household. She sat to herself for a moment, swimming in a pool of confusion. Katie was dying of curiosity. 

“Who’s Ni-ale?” She asked out loud. 

If it wasn’t for the sleeping baby in your arms, you would have burst out into laughter. This was funny for two reasons. The first reason because Niall having his name mispronounced, whether on accident or on purpose, was his number one pet peeve. If it was an accident, Niall would give an awkward chuckle and and correct the mistake. If it was done on purpose, he would huff loudly and ignore it, sometimes shoot a sarcastic remark back or something just as annoying. You particularly loved to get under Niall’s skin that way. Neal, Noel, Nail, Napoleon, Nickle you’ve called him everything except Niall. It drove him absolutely nuts.

The second reason why you found this absolutely hilarious because of the shock factor when kids find out that their parents have their own names besides mom and dad. You and Niall have already been through this when Vivian was much younger. She cried all day, claiming she felt lied to. As of right now, she was sucked into the world of Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, whatever the hell she was so occupied with. 

Since Vivian, you’ve obviously have had three other children, and they were all about to get an earth shattering reality check.

“Who?” You asked, pretending not to understand what Katie was saying.

“Who is Nay-all?” Katie read, to the best of her ability, straight off the envelope. You pressed your lips together trying not to laugh.

Niall’s head had turned from daydreaming out of the window to look at you, giving you a discrete stink eye as you silently died of laughter. 

“I believe that says Niall.” He corrected. It was very hard to get mad at his daughter, one of the brightest stars in his life. Niall was generally slow to anger, and if he learned one thing from having five children and a four of them being daughters, it was how to be patient. 

“Who’s that?” Suddenly Hannah and Juliet were engaged in conversation. Their heads turned to Niall for an explanation.

“That’s me, that’s my name.”

Juliet looked to Hannah, as if she was silently asking “Did you know this?” Hannah looked back at her, widening her eyes and signaling “No, I didn’t.” Katie blinked, looking down at the envelope and back at her dad.

“No it’s not.” She said practically. You accidentally let a giggle slip, admiring the scene unfolding in front of you. 

“Yes it is, darlin’. That’s my real name.” Niall confirmed, hiding a smile. 

It was obvious that this was a serious moment to them, but Niall couldn’t help but smile at his girls when they were learning something new, or in general. Smiling in their faces and laughing at them would be considered rude to him.

“Who calls you that?” Juliet wanted to know. She sure didn’t call him that. Everyone always called him Da, Dad, or Daddy.

“Ev’rybody does.” Niall shrugged. “Even mom does.”

“Why?” Hannah questioned.

“Because that’s my real name.” Niall said.

“Has your name always been Neal?” Katie carefully asked, still coming to grips with this new information.

“For as long as I can remember, and it’s Niall. Not Neal.” 


“No, Niall.”



You sat back and watched the three gang up on their dad, pondering with questions about his identity. You called him Niall in front of the girls, all the time you thought, but probably not enough for them to pick up on. You mostly used dad or daddy. There was no way you could keep holding Eddie in your arms without waking him up from your stifling giggles. You sat him in the swing.

“Who gave you that name?” Hannah asked.

“My parents did, as we gave you your names.” Niall mentioned, a good example. They understood that.

“Why don’t we call you Niall?” Juliet pondered.

“Because children shouldn’t call their parents by their first name.” He explained.


“I don’t know, they just shouldn’t.” Niall shrugged.

“Can we call you Niall now?” Katie was sitting on her knees, hoping that she could.

“No, don’t do that.” 


“Because you shouldn’t.” 


“I’m not gonna play the Why Game with you lot.” Niall chuckled. Katie laughed, she had your laugh. It was a beautiful sound, his children laughing was music to Niall’s ears, but not quite as breathtaking as the laughs theirs originated from.

You sat in your seat, taking in the debate between a three kids and a man going on forty. It made your heart swell with love and affection for everyone in the room, seeing how fascinated the girls were with Niall and seeing how gentle and patient he was with them, even when he was outnumbered and faced with one of his ticks. 

“I already knew that.” Vivian finally chimed in. 

“Ah, she speaks!” You teased. 

“I know mommy’s name too.” She mentioned. The trio turned, the spotlight now on you.

Vivian was the one who wanted to prove herself, to prove what she already knew and learned and what she could do. She never missed a moment where she could give her two cents on something. 

“Let’s see if you guys can guess it.” You offered. Now it was Niall’s turn to watch a lifechanging scene unfold.

You motioned for the magazine that was still open and sitting in front of Hannah. She passed it to you. You flipped to the cover and slid it in front of Katie, pointed to where it was addressed to you. Katie looked over the words, pronouncing slowly as she did so. Finally, she got it, and she got it right.

“You’re absolutely right. Got it on the first try!” You praised her, patting her on the top of her head. 

“That’s a pretty name, I like it.” Juliet complimented. You humbly thanked her.

“See, I knew that. I also know your middle names, and mommy’s maiden name as well. You told me once, and I remembered.” Vivian slightly bragged.

“Let’s not get carried away with the names.” Niall jumped in. 

Niall rounded the table to adjust Katie in her seat, who had shifted to sitting on her knees and practically climbed onto the table, probably too excited to sit still. She ate neatly, her sitting habits were a mess. He tapped her shoulders, reminding her to sit on her bottom like an actual human being. Niall scooted her closer to the table again and adjusted her plate, with a sandwich that had one bite in it and all of her potato chips gone, in front of her. 

“Okie dokie, Niall.” She snickered. Niall tsked.

“Very funny. Eat your food.” 


For the anon whom I promised Niall fluff to the other day: this is my gift to you. ❤️

“But Niall, look at her!

You were cradling your newborn baby girl in your arms as you looked at your husband, distress coloring your features. Your baby was fast asleep in your arms—she had your lips and Niall’s nose, and a mixture of both your stubbornness.

She was a tough baby, in the sense that it had been incredibly difficult to get her used to any kind of sleep schedule. She cried at all hours of the night and had a very difficult temperament at that time, so you took the whole “when baby’s sleeping mom should be sleeping” thing very seriously.

You had to admit, caring for a baby was difficult. You and Niall had never felt exhaustion like it before—you had been sleeping in no more than three hour increments for the past two months, and it was all catching up to you. You had bags under your eyes like never before, and sometimes it took everything you had inside of you to keep up a simple conversation. Sometimes you would walk into the kitchen, baby in your arms, and catch your husband half-asleep as he brewed the coffee.

It took it’s toll on the both of you, but it was completely worth it.

“C’mon babe, give’er to me,” Niall reached for the baby in your arms, causing you to huff stubbornly.

“Don’t wanna,” you complained, cradling her closer to your chest and nuzzling your nose against the top of her sleeping baby head.

You had been cooped up in the house ever since your daughter had been born. It had been two months since you stepped foot out of your home—you gave your one hundred percent into motherhood, and you were getting the hang of taking care of your baby for sure. But there were times when Niall would have to kindly remind you to shower, or make you eat something before going to sleep because you hadn’t eaten anything all day.

You were drained, and it had been so long since you’d done something for yourself. Which is why Niall had scheduled this brunch with one of your best friends.

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Preference #12 - You’re Younger Than Him (Niall)

Request: One where you are younger than him and get picked on for that. Your 18ish and people say your too young, but he doesn’t feel that way. ?

@Random-Twitter-Name: Why is @NiallOffical even with @Y/T/N ? She’s so much younger than him #GoldDigger

@Random-Twitter-Name: I know right?! @NiallOffical could really do so much better than that pre teen lookalike 

You shut off your phone, throwing it back onto the bedside table before collapsing back against your pillows and taking a deep breath. These were the more recent tweets since Niall had made your relationship public knowledge, but they were all mostly the same. Picking on you for being a few years younger than him, it wasn’t even by much but people would and could find almost anything to gossip about. You really tried not to let it get to you, especially whenever Niall was around, you didn’t want him to feel bad because of his fans, after all, they were just as important to him as you were. 

You sighed again when your phone buzzed on the table, half determined to just leave it there and ignore it, but when it buzzed a second and third time curiosity got the better of you. 

Opening twitter back up you saw Niall had mentioned you in a tweet, a small smile creeping over your lips as you clicked onto it. 

@NiallOffical: Come on guys, age is just a number and I really don’t understand why you are picking on @Y/T/N about it. I love her and that’s all that should matter. #StopHating

Your smile got even wider when you noticed the other three boys had all retweeted it, showing you and their fans that they supported your relationship with Niall. You couldn’t have asked for anymore than that. 

Written By Bree xx

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Hi! So as a request I was wondering about Niall & his wife having their first Christmas as a married couple. Maybe she's American & his family is in Ireland so they have a conversation on where they should go. (Your family had thanksgiving that's kinda like Christmas so we should do Christmas in Ireland.. etc) maybe they decide to invite both families to England & make new traditions? IDK. Niall said not going to Ireland for Christmas is like a sin. but... compromise. 😘😘 love your writing!

Christmas Compromise

“Niall, being married means compromising sometimes.”  

You and your new husband were having yet another argument about what to do for the holidays.  It would be your first as husband and wife.  Niall groaned, frustrated that he wasn’t getting through to you.  

“Darlin’ it’s a fuckin’ tradition!  Pub crawl on Christmas Eve, then mass, then Christmas morning at Bobby’s!”  

“No, Niall.  That’s your tradition!  Mine is driving around with my parents to look at Christmas lights with a thermos of hot chocolate and a box of cookies, but you don’t see me having a full on strop about it!”  You threw your hands up, completely exasperated.

Niall’s anger lifted momentarily and he smirked.  “S’cute as fuck when you use British slang babe.”

You growled at him and yanked at your hair with your fists.  “Horan, you are impossible!”

He grabbed you by the waist and pulled you close to his warm body.  “Well, Horan, you’re not much better!”  You blushed at his words, butterflies still erupting every time you were reminded of your new last name.  You rested your forehead against his chest and sighed.  “We’ve got to figure something out, Ni.  Otherwise we’re going to have this fight every year.”

He held you close, drumming his fingers against your back.  “How about this?  We’ll trade off.  One year, we’ll go out to Ireland and the next year we’ll go back to your folks’ place.”  You thought about it for a minute and then nodded.  “Yeah that could work…..”  

He snapped his fingers in excitement.  “And this year, we’ll flip a coin to decide where we go.  Gotta start somewhere.”  

“But what about when we have kids?  We can’t drag them back and forth like that.  We should make our own traditions for them.”  Niall laughed softly and kissed your forehead.  “Well, we’ve got a little time to figure that out.  Maybe we just make everyone come to us.”

You smiled and kissed the dimple in his chin.  “You’re a smart cookie Niall Horan.  Knew I married you for a reason.”

Requested Niall drabble - Where do babies come from?

*for anyone unsure, motorway = freeway/highway. 

“Are we there yet? Mum, are we there??” your four year old son asks for the thousandth time. “Robbie does this look like Grandpa’s house in the countryside or does it look like the same bit of motorway we were on last time you asked?" 

"But are we there??” He asks again in an even whinier tone and you can’t help but notice the smile that spreads across Nialls face. You check your rear-view mirror and see Robbie bouncing up and down in his car seat. “You alright Ava?” Your daughter was just coming up to her third birthday, but despite being younger than her brother, she was by far the calmer child. That said, the journey over to Ireland on the ferry was a long one, and sitting in 2 hours of traffic was starting to get to her. She ignores your question, simply letting out a heavy sigh. 

“Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad??” Robbie chants. After enquiring what he wants, he simply asks Niall the same question he’s been asking you.

“Are we there?" 

"Yes,” Niall pauses, waiting for his reaction. “This is it buddy, we thought we’d take yer to the motorway! D'yer like it?” Silence fills the car as Robbie is perplexed beyond words at Nialls sarcasm.

“DAD!!!” He bellows at the top of his voice. “There!!” Ava screams at you both, picking up on her brothers line of questioning, before bursting into frustrated tears. 

“Robert James Horan, if you ask that question ONE MORE TIME I am turning this car around and we will go straight back home without seeing Grandpa.” Your threat shuts both of them up, although you can still hear Ava sniffling. “Don’t cry baby” Niall hushes, turning around in his seat to stretch out an arm to comfort her. It takes you back to when the two of you were much younger and he used to say that to you over the phone when you’d ring crying because you missed him. 

“Let me sing t’ yer little one. Daddy used to sing this for lots of people and they’d scream and-”
“No, no, no. Shhh” your daughter tells him. You look across to him and deliver the smuggest grin you had. Finally the car fell to silence and you readjusted in your seat, mindfully enjoying the peace and quiet while it lasted.

“Daaaaaad?” your son asks, “Where do babies come from?”
“Ohhh now look what you’ve done” Niall mutters under his breath loudly enough for you to hear. “A stork in the sky delivers them.” He loudly explains to your son. “No they don’t, where do they come from?”
“They grow in cabbage patches, inside the cabbages.”

“Dad. I’m not three, you can tell me where they come from” he implores him exasperatedly. 
“You make them like baking a cake, don’t you love?” He asks you, but you just roll your eyes at him. 
“You cook babies?” Robbie mulls the idea over for a few moments before deciding not to settle for it. “Don’t be stupid. How do you get one Dad?”

“I don’t know!” He’s flustered, neither of you particularly thinking you’d have to have this conversation any time soon.
“You are a very stupid Dad if you had 2 babies and you don’t know how you got us.” Robbie berates him.
“You are very stupid!” You mockingly tell him, encouraging your son.

“No, mummy had you, you should be asking her!”
“Robbie I need to concentrate on driving, you’ll have to ask Daddy.” you shirk off his question, much preferring to see Niall squirm like this as you look across to glare at him. 

“Fine! Fine. Babies come out of ladies tummies” Niall tells them, much to the amusement of Ava who bursts out laughing and giggling at the suggestion. 
“But how do they get there?" 
"Yeah how do they get there??” You ask, keen to hear what he comes up with.

“Jesus Christ,” he curses under his breath, “A man puts them there with a special cuddle.”
Robbie pulls a face like he’s just seen a dead carcass at the mere mention of cuddles. “Yuck Dad!”

“So all babies hatched out of ladies?” He double checks, still confused at this very new idea.
“Well… Sorta, yeh” Niall concedes.

“To start with, but sometimes your baby gets put in the wrong tummy so another person brings the baby to you once it’s born.” You intervene, wanting to make sure they understood there were a few options and that all should be treated equally.
“A bit like Callie?” He asks, referring to your pet cat. It had taken you a while to explain to him that although Callie came from a mummy cat, the mummy cat wouldn’t be coming to live with them as well because they were meant to be Callies mummy.

“Yeah, like how we got Callie” you smile at your smart boy. “And not everyone has a mummy AND a daddy.” You inform him, wanting to be honest and open from the start with this. “Some people have a mummy OR a daddy, some people have two mummies, some people have two daddies and some people have a mummy and also a daddy like you two do.”

“Hmm, okay” he seems pretty content with his question having been answered. You hold off from saying anything else in order to allow him thinking time to process it all.

“Mama,” Ava gets your attention.
“Yeah Aves?”
“I want baby” she cocks her head to one side like a confused puppy and Niall pivots in his seat, staring straight at her.
“Oh no, no, no! You aren’t goin’ near boys ‘til you’re at least 70!!” Niall warns and he laces his fingers through yours giving your hand a tight squeeze.


Anonymous said: Could you write some fluff with n at your wedding?  

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The actual wedding ceremony was too emotional for words. Off in the distance, as you and Niall stood face to face to each other and saying your vows, you heard someone softly sobbing. Someone from your family no doubt, you and your entire family tree were criers. The I Do’s were said, the romantic kiss had been done, hand in hand you and Niall practically sprinted out of the church, ready to start a new chapter in your life together. After standing in front of the church for a moment, letting people take their pictures of you in your beautiful white dress and Niall in his sharp tuxedo and blowing bubbles as you did so, you two jumped in a limo and headed to the reception hall.

That was where the real party started. At the head table, Niall’s brother gave a speech just as Niall did at his wedding, bringing up an old childhood story that brought back a flood of memories to them both. He did a toast. Niall did another speech, thanking everyone for coming and to enjoy themselves of course. Dinner was served, after that the cake was cut. The knife was the biggest you’ve ever seen. Your hands were still shaking from the excitement and surreal shock of the day. Niall helped guide your hand to cut it, so you wouldn’t somehow accidentally hurt yourself. 

Hundreds if not thousands of pictures were taken of people dancing and singing and having a grand time. Niall danced with his mother, you danced with as many small children as you could. They all came around you to party like moths to a flame. The reception hall suddenly had a prom-like feel to it as the DJ slowed down the music, calling the bride and groom to the center for their first dance. Your armpits started to sweat with the spotlight literally on you and Niall. All the sudden nerves had went as quickly as they came when Niall touched you, leading you to the dance floor.

In the shoes you were wearing, you were about the same height as him. You kicked your shoes off, wanting to be your natural height so you could lay your head properly on Niall’s chest. Under all his clothes you could hear his heart racing. A slow and romantic song popped on the speakers, a song Niall happened to know by heart. He sang in your ear, taking the lead and swaying you round the dance floor. You closed your eyes, soaking in the moment with your new husband. He was so warm, a little sweaty, but the temperature of his body heat seemed comfortable compared to the blasting air conditioning. You should have got a shawl with your dress. You naturally shivered when you and Niall went right under an air vent.

“You cold?” Niall asked you quietly, as if telling a secret.

“It’s a little chilly in here.” You commented. 

Niall took a step back. Without even having to think twice, he undid the buttons on his tux. You protested, saying he didn’t have to do that and you’d be fine, but his jacket was already off and being swung around your bare shoulders. His jacket smelled like his cologne, it was warm from his heat. You laced your arms through the sleeves, it was a little long and probably looked silly with the dress but you didn’t care.

Niall was left in his dress shirt, and he looked mighty fine in it. His shirt was tucked into his pants and the waist coming higher than usual. Niall’s shoulders and arms looked much broader, the months in the gym trying to prepare for the big day paid off. As if he needed to changed anything about himself. He smiled at you, admiring you in his tux.

“Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.” Niall said in awe. “Did I tell you that you look stunning in your dress?”

Niall pulled you back in to continue your dance. You wrapped your arms around his neck, the sleeves of the jacket flopping over your hands. Niall’s hands rested on your lower back, rocking you back and forth. A few people joined the dance floor. A couple of your bridesmaids and a couple of Niall’s groomsman partnered together.

“Only a couple of hundred times.” You muttered. 

You looked up to Niall and Niall looked down to you. You were outstandingly beautiful. Niall admired your face as much as he could all at once, how your makeup was perfectly done and how your hair was perfectly styled. Sometimes he wished he could just scoop you up and put you in his pocket. Niall didn’t hold back with the compliments. Every detail he liked on you, he let you know. Under your makeup, he could still see how flustered you got. Niall kissed the tip of your nose and nuzzled himself in the space between your shoulder and neck, helplessly whispering how much he loved you.

One Of Those Days

When you made your way through the front door, you slammed it behind you.

It had been one of those days. One of those days where nothing really turned out right, no matter how hard you tried—when everything you did wasn’t working out for some reason, and it took everything you had inside to not throw in the towel.

You could feel the anxiety in your body. The muscles in your shoulders were tense and your lungs occasionally gasped for a little more air—on the car ride back home you clenched onto the steering wheel until your knuckles turned white, and not even listening to your favorite song could help you feel better.

You threw your bag onto the floor by the door and slipped your jacket off of your shoulders, letting it fall to the ground carelessly. You knew that Niall wouldn’t be home for another few hours, and the thought made the tears start pricking behind your eyes. You knew that if you called him and told him you needed him he would come running—but you also knew how excited he was for this interview that he had, and you didn’t want to take that away from him.

You had a checklist that you went through in your head when your anxiety started acting up. Food, water, shower. Sometimes when you took care of your body physically, it helped you feel better mentally.

You walked to the kitchen and grabbed an apple in one hand, filling up a cup with water using the other. Once you’d had both items in your hands you walked up the stairs to your bedroom and closed the door behind you using your foot. You set your food and water on your bedside table, taking a sip of the drink before shrugging off your clothes and making your way to the shower.

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#25-He Falls Asleep on You (Harry)

“Hey, love, want to watch a movie?” Harry called, putting the dishes from dinner in the washer.

“Sure. Which one?” You asked, changing into your pajamas.

“How about Unbroken?” Harry replied.

“You sure? That’s pretty grim in places,” You murmured, coming into the kitchen and wrapping your arms around his waist.

“I’m sure,” Harry said, turning towards you.

“Okay,” You said, heading to the living room and putting the movie in. You and Harry settled on the couch together, his head in your lap. You gently brushed your fingers through his hair, your gaze focused on the actor playing Louis Zamperini, and the events of his life. You watched him practicing his running, his older brother trailing after, encouraging him, although, in an unusual way. A little ways through the movie-when Louis was at the Olympics-you noticed that Harry had drifted off to sleep, his breathing soft and even. You smiled to yourself, continuing to gently brush your fingers through his hair. When the movie was over, you gently nudged Harry, wanting to come to bed.

“What is it, love?” Harry sleepily murmured.

“Come to bed, Harry?” You quietly said.

“Is the movie over?” Harry inquired.

“Yeah, it is,” You replied. “You fell asleep, love.”

“Alright, let’s go,” Harry murmured, sleepily standing. He swayed slightly, before walking down the hall. You followed, smiling slightly as Harry collapsed face first on the bed.

“Move over for a second, Harry,” You said, pulling back the covers on your side. He did, and you pulled the covers back on his side, before walking over to yours. “Alright, scoot back over.”

Harry did, and you climbed into bed, snuggling close to Harry. He leaned his head on your shoulder, wrapping his arms around your waist, and fell back asleep. You smiled to yourself before falling asleep yourself, loving how snuggly Harry got when he was tired.

A/N: If you haven’t seen Unbroken, I very highly recommend it. It is a wonderful, and beautiful movie. Warning though: it has some difficult scenes-there are times with Louis being a POW.

Written by Angel

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I'm having fluffy Niall feels today. Can we discuss fluffy Niall concepts? Your first official date with him. Would it be a set up by a friend? Would you already be friends and he'd ask you at himself? Would he let his stylist pick an outfit or do it himself? Would he open the car door? Bring flowers? (I feel like no for a first date, but he might send them later?) would he ask before he kissed you good night or just lean in for it?

A/N: This is unedited and literally just drabble.  I kept trying to talk about what he’d be like and it kept coming out like a story!!!!  Thanks for the message non non!!!!  Hope this quenches your thirst for some fluffy Niall!

Originally posted by dailyniall

Your flatmate had just landed an entry-level position with Modest!Golf.  To celebrate making it through the first week, you promised to take her to lunch.  Walking into the office, you could see her standing at the front desk chatting with the receptionist.  Noticing you, she waved and had the receptionist buzz you in.  There were quick introductions and idle chit-chat as you tried to decide where to go for lunch.  In the middle of deciding between sushi or burgers you suddenly noticed the color drain from the receptionist’s face.  Her eyes went wide and you leaned forward and touched her hand gently.  “Hey, are you ok?”  As the words left your lips you heard a booming laugh echo through the entryway as the large glass door swung open.  You and your flatmate spun on your heels to see Niall Horan striding easily into the office with two other men in suits.  Trying your best not to have your mouth hanging open, you stood up a little straighter as he got closer.  A wide grin burst across his face as he surveyed the three of you standing in front of him.  “Afternoon ladies!” he chirped.  The receptionist seemed to snap out of her reverie, rushing out, “Mr. Horan there’s a box of mail for you in your office - it’s sorted by date.”

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Niall One-Shot. Teasing and Pleasing.

This gif really has nothing to do with this one-shot I just couldn’t fine one to use and I felt like I needed one. Proceed…

As soon as we walked in the door he had me pinned against it. I knew it was coming as bad as I had been teasing him all evening. I had worn a short and tight enough dress to show just enough skin that would keep him guessing and wanting what was underneath. His hands slid just under the bottom of my dress resting on my hips as he kissed my neck. I leaned my head against the door and wrapped my arms around his neck. Holding myself tight against him before I started kissing him. He pulled back and I started kissing the freckles down his neck as I moved my hand to palm him over his pants.

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A/N: Another version of this.  

It was a good thing that you and Niall were both very laid back people. You went with the flow, handled change well as long as one wasn’t without the other for too long of a time, two very chill people in general. Sometimes, it was a pain in the ass. When debating on somewhere to eat or what to do for the day, the “I don’t cares” and “whatever you want to do’s” were a little frustrating. Being easy going came in handy a lot of times, especially in the bedroom.

You were up for anything Niall wanted to do, and Niall would do anything at least once. You’ve done almost everything you could think of without getting too wild and dangerous or pushing each others buttons. Dirty talk was a must, spanking was optional, role-play was a sometimes, slapping was a no, eating ass was a fuck no, anal was… a one time thing. You and Niall agreed to never talk about it again… ever…

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Father’s Day

A Father’s Day picnic.

That’s what your baby girl wanted to do for Niall. Last month at her preschool her teacher had organized a family picnic one weekend, and it’s all that she could talk about for a full week—it was a nice break from all the Doc McStuffins and Sofia The First talk, but you were going to have to organize a picnic real soon before she started a revolt.

That morning you and Niall were woken up bright and early by your little one. She was a complete daddy’s girl, and Father’s Day was quite possibly the closest thing to Christmas without it actually being Christmas—the first few years she didn’t quite understand it, but now that she was four (therefore all grown up) she knew what it meant and was determined to do it perfectly.

Your eyes fluttered open that morning to the squeals and kisses being exchanged between Niall and your daughter, and your heart could have burst with love right there and then. Half an hour later the three of you were in the kitchen making breakfast together—you tried to insist on Niall staying in bed as long as he wanted, but he refused.

“Wanna spend some time with my girls,” he had said, pressing a kiss to your daughter’s head. “Why would I wanna be stuck in bed all morning and miss out on all the loving?”

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Niall The Church Boy

A Niall Horan One Shot 

Inspired by this post

It had been about a month since Soccer Aid. Just long enough for Niall to forget how fast Louis could get under his skin. You had tried to remind him as he started planning a last minute bbq, but to no avail. “Ni, just promise me you won’t get your panties in a twist about this ok?”

“Huh? Whatta ya on about darlin’?” He questioned while still texting people furiously. He was riding the high of his brilliant idea and trying to finalize plans as soon as possible.

“You know exactly what I’m taking about Horan”, you replied pointing a finger at his chest. Sliding into his lap and pulling his phone out of his long fingers, you wrap an arm around his neck and nestle into the crook of his shoulder. “You’re still complaining about the insta post Lou made of you pulling that face” you remind him pointedly.

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woah... a masterlist

these suck but what can ya do.
requests are open, make as many as you want here 

One Shots/AU’s:

  1. Horan’s Home for Teens
  2. A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son 


  1. niall & y/n are arguing and their child gets scared
  2. niall taking his daughter (to the first day of) school 
  3. “niall explaining to his little girl that his bedroom isnt haunted despite the moaning she hears at night lmfaooo”
  4. “where Niall and you spend a lot of the time there with his nephew and he loves & later tells you that he wants to try for a baby & finds out you don’t need to try anymore”
  5. “a day on holiday with niall?” 
  6. finding and reading nialls leather book 
  7. one where one is drunk and thinks the other is the fairy godmother and rambles on about the princess?
  8. going to a space museum with niall 
  9. “i know it’s 3 in the morning but i cant find the cat” 
  10. “where you use a safety word” 
  11.  scratching nialls car by accident 
  12. “is that my shirt?” 
  13. “ignore me i didnt see anything” 
  14. “go on i dare you” 
  15. wedding fluff 

Blurbs & Drabbles: 

  1. finding niall sitting outside on his guitar
  2. giving niall tummy kisses 
  3. cuddling niall when he comes home from hiatus 
  4. the little popsicle bandit 
  5. sweet & slow & sleepy (nsfw!!)
  6. bandaging niall’s blister 
  7. what do you mean your name isnt “dad” ?? 
  8. another one where you use a safe word (nsfw)
  9. best of wives and best of women

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Niall! 6, 7, 14, 21, or 26 ;)

#26 from Sweet Affectionate Moments Meme: Tending an injury

Ouch! Christ, woman, go easy!” You roll your eyes skyward and deliberately ignore the way Niall is cursing at you, reminding yourself that it’s not necessarily you that he’s mad at, it’s his own clumsiness. It just so happens that you’re the most convenient thing around him to unleash his anger on.

“Just hold on another minute, okay?” you try to soothe him. “I’m being as gentle as I can, but you really skinned yourself here.” Niall’s sigh is so petulant that if you didn’t know any better you’d say you were tending to a very large child.

“Yeah. I know I did.” He crosses his arms tightly around his chest and glowers down his body at the knee that failed him, the one he skidded on after falling from the bike he was using to try to impress his small nephew. Thankfully it wasn’t the knee already sporting the long surgery scar, but that didn’t stop him from being mad as hell about it. “Why don’t ya just call me a clumsy fuck and be done wit’ it?” Your eyes shoot up to him, narrowed because of his tone, and immediately his face softens with remorse.

“You’re the only one calling you anything like that, Niall.” You finish washing and disinfecting the sizable scrape, glancing back up at him with some satisfaction to see that he looks effectively shamed. His posture has relaxed a little, arms coming down to rest his large palms on the porcelain of the tub you’d forced him to sit on so you could get him cleaned up, and he mumbles a quiet apology. “It’s okay,” you tell him, blowing softly on his knee to dry the disinfectant. “I know you just hate having to be taken care of.” He sighs again, adjusting until he has his head propped up on his hand, elbow resting on his good knee as he watches you with slightly milder eyes.

“I do.” You hold up two large bandages with a question in your eyes, one a plain beige color and the other decorated with little green dinosaurs, purchased for emergency situations when people visit with their children. Niall’s eyes flick between the two for a few moments, until he holds out his finger and points to the dinosaurs. “But, I guess if I have to be taken care of by somebody, I’m glad it’s you. Me own little nurse.”

Your whole body warms at his words and the unexpected affection in his face, and when you lean up to kiss his cheek he’s already on his way down to press one to your lips. The end result is somewhere in the middle, with your mouth on the corner of his and his bottom lip closer to your chin than anything else, and you both giggle against each other’s skin.

“All better,” you whisper, eyes slipping shut when he cups your face to give you a proper, centered kiss right on your mouth before he tucks his chin into your neck and hugs you close.

“T’anks, babe.”

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Ooh alright! How about 3 or 21? (prompts)

21. Hey, have you seen the…..oh

A/N: For my dear dear friend Christina who attacked me with this image while I was trying to do a five hour drive home in a rain storm.  @dibsonthat1d

The past two weeks had been out of control.  Ever since Niall had released “Slow Hands” your life had been turned upside down.  From the moment you first heard it you knew it would be a hit for him - a departure from “This Town”, but still distinctly “Niall”.  After the initial furor had died down Niall jumped immediately into promo.  Suitcases were packed.  Guitars were in their cases.  Itineraries were printed out.  You’d known this was going to happen, Niall’s team had his schedule planned months ago.  But knowing something is coming doesn’t necessarily take the sting out the actual event when it finally happens.

The day had finally arrived.  Niall had finished his California shows and was headed out for another round of radio shows across the country.  Even though the weeks would go by quickly, you’d gotten used to having him home.  Even if he was doing ten or twelve hour days in the studio he was still waking up next to you and that made all the difference. Instead of dwelling on the empty feeling in the pit of your stomach as the front door clicked behind him, you decided to treat yourself to a hot bath and maybe a mani-pedi.  Anything to take your mind off how quiet the huge house had suddenly become.

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A/N: Based off of this. 

The sound of pencil scribbling on paper was loud enough to bring you out of your sleepy comatose. You opened your sore tired eyes. The first thing you notice was the light on behind you, and then Nialls empty spot in bed. You turned over on your shoulder to look behind you. Niall was bent over the dresser, pencil in hand and the tip of his tongue sticking out as he wrote in his journal. 

 "What are you doing?“ You groggily asked, rubbing your eye to rid some of the dry sleep. Touching it made it worse. 

 "I’ve got an early meeting at the studio.” Niall muttered softly, not too loud because you were still half asleep. 

He didn’t look up at you, but there was a little smile on his face at the sound of your tired voice. The bed was positioned against the window. You rolled over onto Nialls side to peek through the blinds. The sky was a dark navy blue, a few stars twinkling in the early morning sky. It was bright enough to tell that it was very early in the morning, but dark enough where the streetlights were still on. 

“But it’s still dark outside?” You commented with a yawn.

Niall was never up this early. Meetings in the studio were normally at a respectable hour in the morning, around eight or nine. Niall has been working almost in overdrive. He was going to be busy all summer and he wanted to get his album ready for the fall. He hadn’t even come up with a title or an exact release date, nor did he have the cover. All of the songs were complete and a tracklist was set but the album was nowhere near done, and Niall was going to work until it was a hundred percent completed. 

From the shade of the sky, it had to be going in on four in the morning. You propped yourself up on your elbow and kept rubbing your eye. 

“I needed to write something down really quick before I go.” Niall explained as if he needed to. 

You crawled out of bed and lazily walked to him, a little dazed from sleep. You stood over his shoulder, resting your chin there as you watch him write haphazardly. Niall drew lines, scratched out parts he didn’t want, making notes all over the pages.

“Jesus, you’re writing like you’re running out of time.” You chuckled, only teasing. 

When Niall had an idea, he needed to jot it down before it went away and he forgot. Niall snorted. One idea would lead to another, and then another, snowballing into what would either be a masterpiece for the world to hear or to be trashed later.

“Go back to bed.” He lulled. “I’ll be back before you even remember I was gone.” Niall openly promised.

“Come back to bed with me.” You tugged at his hand, egging him to come with you.

He’s been getting around all over the world. He needed proper rest. Niall gently pulled his hand from yours. He was still writing away. He hadn’t even looked up from his beloved journal.

“I can’t, I’ve got to be there by at least five.” Niall said.

He then closed his journal, dropping his pencil on the dresser and walking off into the closet to get dressed, or continue getting dressed. You understood that Nialls mind was everywhere at the moment, too many things happening at once. You huffed, deciding it was no use for begging until he gave in. You went back to bed, telling yourself not to make it personal that he was occupied with other things. You were relaxed, half asleep. Niall did his best to not make too much noise to be considerate for you and your sleep, but you could still hear him shuffling around and bumping a few things. You really wished he would stay. If not for you, then for himself. You knew he had to be tired.

 Niall turned out the bedroom light to leave, the dark shadows behind your eyelids dropping a hue. You could hear Niall walking across the room, his socks shuffling against the carpet. You thought he had walked out of the bedroom and left until you felt his sudden presence hovering over you. His soft lips pressed to your forehead for a gentle kiss, a hand rubbing over the top of your head.

“I love you.” He whispered, hoping you weren’t too deep in your sleep to not hear him. You heard him crystal clear. Niall had left, leaving you smiling drowsily to yourself.