Louis: *That’s right, I am the Swag Masta! Is Harry looking at me????*

Niall: *Copy Liam’s jacket thing, stick foot out and make funny face. Nialed it.*

Liam: *I’m cool, I know. I’m aiming for Lad status.*

Harry: *Literally seconds from grinding down on the floor*

Zayn: *Guys…why are we even friends? Do I have to do this?*

niallforpres2k16  asked:

I think we're the only ones who have the same Niall/Laura dream. Those snapchats of hers are the quality content I'm here for!

the noise I made when I saw those isn’t one I think I could replicate even if I tried. PLEASE LAURA AND NIALL PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. 

Also. ALSO. I didn’t need the visual of beautiful, charming somewhat dorky somewhat sexy dancing niall in my brain for the rest of my life. I’ll never recover. It’s… too much.  


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I miss Niall and Liam dancing to Story of my life 😞😞 and Harry losing his shit with No Control and Louis being Louis with water guns 😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭

I liked their poses during WMYB too.

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slow dancing with niall to 'move together' by james bay

Awwww great song.

It’s like 2 am on a Saturday morning. You have his shirt on after he’d ravaged you. He’s shirtless with some sweats on. Your head on his shoulder, nose buried in his neck. Your fingers are curled around the back of his neck. his fingertips are drumming the guitar chords on your hip as he hums softly in your ear. He smiles to himself as he tips you over and dips you, both of you laughing as he lifts you back up, his mouth covering yours in a kiss on the way back up.

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Like at this point in my life I could care less about going to a club and dirty dancing with Niall. All I want right now is to go to a pub/bar and dance awkwardly with Niall. Those snaps are giving me all of the boyfriend Niall feels!

he’s soooooo fucking cute it hurts