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Harry Edward Styles + Gutter Mouth


Looks like we made it

Look how far we’ve come my baby

We mighta took the long way

We knew we’d get there someday

They said, “I bet they’ll never make it”

But just look at us holding on

We’re still together, still going strong

You’re still the one I run to

The one that I belong to

You’re still the one I want for life

You’re still the one that I love

The only one I dream of

You’re still the one I kiss good night

Ain’t nothing better

We beat the odds together

I’m glad we didn’t listen

Look at what we would be missing 

They said, “I bet they’ll never make it”

But just look at us holding on

We’re still together, still going strong

You’re still the one I run to

The one that I belong to

You’re still the one I want for life

You’re still the one that I love

The only one I dream of

You’re still the one I kiss good night

I’m so glad we made it

Look how far we’ve come my baby

When the 1D reunion happens,

I want a video announcement that is super dramatized. Like all the boys getting phone calls on Union Jack rotary phones carried out to them on a silver platter by butlers while they are doing outlandish activities like scuba diving or something. Like the phones not plugged into anything either. And the boys are really vague, like ‘oh really, it’s time! I’ll be right there’ and they immediately stop what they’re doing and then it cuts to them all showing up in like a conference room in the outfits from the previous scene. Like /that/ level of dramatization. Just dropped randomly with as little notice as possible.

complaints and communicate

in which Y/N overhears Harry complaining about her.

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requested by: anon

warnings: angst ???

word count: 1,480

a/n: hope everyone enjoys this ! feedback is always welcome !

Harry always wanted the best for Y/N.

So when Y/N said she wanted to go out with her friends for dinner, Harry couldn’t say no. Harry knew that ever since they got into a relationship, they spent almost every day and every hour together, so he had to say yes.

Harry himself also wanted a night out with the boys.

While Y/N was out for dinner, Harry and his friends simply stayed at the couples shared flat.

When everyone was done eating and ending a few conversations, everyone decided it was time to go. One of Y/N’s friends offered her a ride knowing that Harry was the one who dropped her off anyway. She kindly agreed and was soon on her way back to Harry.

When Y/N got home, she heard hushed voices in the living room. Y/n went towards it taking small strides as she was already planning out everything in her head as what she’s going to say to Harry about her eventful night, ready to hear his.

But before she came into view for any of Harry’s friends or himself to see, a question made her come to a halt.

“How’s yours and Y/N’s relationship going out, mate?” Niall asked, as she heard his voice before since he’s been to their shared flat a handful of times.

“Mean it’s gon’ great, jus’ can’t do anything on my own ‘nmorealways by m’side,” Harry responds, in result of her frowning. Y/N had no idea that this is how Harry felt. She had thought that every time she requested to do something,that he was actually up for the idea and was happy during the time they spent together. Although Harry never said that, she couldn’t help but think that this is what he was hinting at. During the first few months of their relationship, Harry made it clear that if something was wrong or something was bothering her, to come to him about the problem immediately as he believed that communication was key in a relationship.

Know she couldn’t help but feel as he betrayed her – as he was the one who said it.

“So she’s clingy? That what you’re trying to say?”

“Yeah, that’s what – she’s clingy. Maybe a little bit too much.”


After Y/N’s discovery, she simply went up the stairs, took her makeup off and got ready for bed. She scrolled through her phone to distract herself from the laughter downstairs. It was around 11pm when finally she heard no more noise downstairs despite their television running though it was soon turned off.

She heard Harry’s footsteps get louder as he got closer to their bedroom. the doorknob turned and to say that Harry was surprised to see his loved one on their bed scrolling through her phone was an understanding.

“When didya’ get home, love?” Harry asked as he undressed himself leaving him in his sweats.

“Not long ago,” She replied curtly. Harry frowned as he was expecting her to say more about her day. But his frown was more evident when he lied down and she turned her back towards him. Never in their relationship has anyone one of them turned their back towards the other in this matter – not including when they spooned. Harry sighed and ran a hand threw his hair.

“Did something go wrong while yeh were out?” Harry asked, not letting go the fact that she was in such a mood.

Y/N sighed, annoyed, just wanting to sleep already. “No,” She replied.

“Now please I just want to go to bed already, Harry.”

Harry wanted to hold Y/N in his arms that night. Oh so badly did he want to. After spending a long night with his friends, Harry just wanted to hold is lover in his arms. Harry never dealt this situation with Y/N before. Y/N was always bubbly and happy. Harry couldn’t help but think that this was his fault as to why she was acting like this.

Harry simply sighed as he took one last glance at her clothed back and Harry slowly faded away to sleep.


It’s been a week.

One long week without having a proper conversation with Harry.  

Y/N started to pick up more shifts at the cafe she worked at – specifically shifts around the time Harry came home as she thought that this will help her avoid him more easily. Y/n knew as what she was doing was childish. However she dreaded the conversation that they were going to have when Harry will start to notice her actions.

So when she came home, she was expecting to see Harry in their bedroom as that’s where he’s been whenever she came home, he instead was on the couch with his head in his hands that was propped against his knees. Harrys head snapped towards her as he sensed her presence in the room. Before he was able to open his mouth, she beat him to it.

“Going to be in the bedroom.” She spoke softly, not looking Harry in the eyes as she was already headed up the stairs. She felt is eyes watching her every move as she did so. Harry winced at the tone of her voice, still not used to it.

At 9pm, Y/N was already sat on the bed reading a book but she felt as she was just reading, but not thinking. She didn’t care that protagonist was going to get a glass of water. But she did what she did to get her mind off of Harry.

She felt a sense of déjà vu as she heard the footsteps of Harry near as he walked towards their bedroom. Y/N didn’t budge as she felt him lie down beside her and spoon her. Oh those hands, as she has no felt them on her in such a long time. Although it’s only been a week, it felt like an eternity since the last time she felt his welcoming touch on her.

“Haven’t talked with you quite in quite a bit, love,” Harry murmured against her bare shoulder as he peppered kisses all over. Y/N tensed as his soft cold lips came in contact with her warm skin. Harry felt her tense against him and stopped his actions. “What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asked as she faced towards him. Although she could have worded in better, all the pent up feelings that shes’ been dealing with came to the best of her. Y/N ignored his question as she got up and headed towards the connected bathroom and grabbed her toothbrush – rather brushing her teeth quite aggressively. Harry was taken a back as when she had done so. He has never seen her take such heavy steps when he was used to seeing her once graceful steps. Harry brushed it off knowing that if he said something back, this problem would become bigger than it already was.

“Love, please tell me what I have done to make you act this way,” Harry practically begged.

“Look whose clingy now,” She said under her breath. Although she thought that she said it too quiet for Harry to hear, he heard every word that came out of her mouth. Harry then realised what she had meant.

She heard. Harry thought to himself. Y/N has heard every word that came out of his mouth a week ago. Harry couldn’t help but feel guilty that it was his fault that his lover, his other half, his future, was distancing herself away from him. All because of a simple conversation that wasn’t supposed to happen.

“Love – I –,” Harry didn’t know how to apologise. He simply didn’t know how.

“I’m sorry Harry if you felt that you had no choice in the plans that I made in the past but Harry, you could’ve just told me you just wanted some you time,” Y/N said softly choosing her words wisely as she knows that if she said something in particular that Harry didn’t like, their relationship could simply end. “But Harry please, the next time you have a problem you want to solve with me, please tell me.”

Harry looked deeply into her eyes knowing that the girl he loves was slowly making its way back to him. “I’m sorry Y/N that I didn’t come to you when I felt that way at first but I promise that now on, that I will come to you first.” Harry said not breaking I contact with her.

Y/N simply took large strides towards Harry and hugged him.

The couple soon felt their heartbeat slow down in sync as they both calmed down. Y/N breathed out, not knowing she was holding in her breath the whole time they were having that conversation.

“Oh, how I missed you Harry,” She mumbled against the material of his shirt. That only made Harrys hold on her tighten.

“I missed you too darling. So much.”

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Harry Edward Styles + Dunkirk

Sunday Morning Series

That’s mine!

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A/N: it’s back! It’s been a while but the Sunday Mornings with Niall are back! Really hope you enjoy this one! 😘

Warnings: Smut!


Stretching your legs out in front of you and crossing them at the ankle, you sink further into the plush couch cushions. It’s 10am and neither you nor Niall have any plans for today, so a day lazing around and cuddling up on the sofa sounds ideal. You’re just mindlessly scrolling on your phone when you hear Niall clattering about down the hall of your shared London apartment, muttering to himself about not being able to find anything.

“Babe, have you seen my blue Eagles top? I was sure it was in the closet and I can’t find it!” His voice echoes out through your bedroom and fills the room, the annoyance evident.
You look down at the top adorning your body, the top you’d just grabbed out the closet knowing you’d be comfy in it; the exact top that your boyfriend is grumping about not being able to find. You give a quiet giggle, wiggling even further down the sofa so you’re lying down,

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Imagine: Niall’s reaction when he hears that you have a boyfriend now. “Oh, ohh that’s cool.” He says but is secretly jealous.

Pre-Show Rituals

You had your head resting against his shoulder, hand rubbing his thigh gently. “Nervous?” You ask softly and look up at him.

He glances down at you, “Me? Nervous?” He scoffs and kisses your forehead. “Absolutely not. Besides you’re gonna be there. How could I be?” He hums and covers your hand with his, squeezing your fingers.

You flush a bit and smile. “I’m glad I get to be  there to support you.” You murmur and lean in to kiss his chin gently.

He smiles and rests his head back. “Got me best girl, nothing can go wrong.” He murmurs and laces his fingers with yours.

Pulling up to the venue is wild as always-girls waiting, screaming. Niall watches the commotion while you focus on your catnap, cuddling into him. You heard the people through the windows. You sit up when the car slows and Niall smiles at you, leaning in to give you a kiss on your forehead.

He helps you out of the car and his hand is tight in yours as he leads you to the green room.

Pre-show cuddles.

His favourite and yours.

He lays with his head in your lap. You are slightly leaned over, eyes on his deep blues-both of you trying to keep the smiles back. You two were muttering sweet nothings back and forth.

I love you.

I love you more.

You’re the light of my life.

You make me so happy.

I’m lucky to have you as mine.

I’m yours always.

You’re hot.

You’re hotter.

Can I have kiss?

You can have all the kisses.

You lean in to give him a light kiss on the lips, your hand resting on his soft tummy. One of your favourite parts of him (it was the best place to kiss).

He sighs against your lips and smiles. He doesn’t let you pull away, he pulls you in for another kiss. He lets out another sigh and kisses you a bit more deeply, slowly sitting up.

Your lips don’t break as he shifts to fully sit up. He pulls you closer, hand resting on your back.

You break the kiss so you can straddle him to the couch. Your lips find his and your fingers were tight in his hair, soft sounds of approval coming from both of you.

He squeezes your waist a bit more, pulling his kisses away from your mouth and trails them gently down your neck.

“Horan! You’re on!” There is a knock at the door and you both jump.

“Well got 10,000 people waiting for me.” He whispers and kisses you gently. “I gotta fix me hair.” He moves you from his lap and goes to the mirror and brushes his teeth quickly. He runs wax through his hair quickly before putting aftershave on.

He dashes out the door and your raise your brow slightly before shaking your head. You fix your hair and adjust your top before walking out of the room, heading down to the corral to watch.

Niall nods to the boys in the band before pausing. “Hold on.” He turns on his heel and runs back. “Y/N! Y/N!” He calls for you and smiles when he sees you waiting.

“Forgetting something?” You ask, winking at him.

He hums and shrugs, coming over. “I’m off to the stage now! Where’s my kiss?” He turns his head to bare his cheek to you.

You let out a soft hum at the smell of his aftershave and lean in to kiss his cheek, liking the feel of his light scruff against your lips and chin. “I love you. Now go.” You smile and pat his bum as he goes. He blows you a kiss and heads to the front and you walk down to side of the stage to watch him perform.

Pre show rituals were your favourite.

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Harry Edward Styles + Lil Smirk

when you’re just going about your day but then you get a larry flashback

(credits to owner: lhpride)


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You still make me nervous when you walk in the room

Niall sat upon the bed, fidgeting with the white cuffs of his dress shirt, attempting to loosen them before he completely disrobed. His eyes flickered up towards the Nike duffel bag that housed his sweats and he nearly salivated at the thought of having that forgiving material draped over his skin and allowing his stomach to expand to accommodate all the food he’d jammed into his mouth when he had the chance. He had been jonesing for this moment almost as the one that occurred a scarce two hours ago. Once the cuffs were loosened, he began undoing the buttons, working his way from the plastic rounds at his collarbone to his navel. He was staring at nothing in particular really, just the negative space in the hotel room when his left hand brushed against his right and a cold feeling came upon one of his fingers. He gasped down at the band that had made its new home on his finger earlier today and let out a chuckled breath at his own silliness. He remembers a moment he shared with his father just after he had proclaimed his vows to the woman he loved.

Niall and his new missus were rounding the tables of the ballroom in the old castle they’d managed to secure for the reception. His wife had floated towards the opposite end of the room to thank some of her personal guests and make sure they were enjoying themselves. Niall watched as she raked some of her perfectly done fingernails over the top shell of her ear, smoothing down some of her curls that had come loose from the Hollywood style updo she sported during the ceremony. He bit down on his lip as he watched his bride care for the guests, making sure they were satisfied and laughing along with them. He recognized one of the dark-haired women she was speaking to as a chum from grad school who had gotten a bit rambunctious after a few too many cocktails at their engagement party. She whispered something meant only for his wife’s ears and he saw her cheeks turn a fine rosey pink color, even darker than the blush dusted over them. Surely she was inquiring which promiscuous activities the newlyweds would partake in on their sacred wedding night and Niall had a burning desire to know if he was right. He was so enamored with watching his new wife, he hadn’t noticed his father creep up behind him.

“She’s a beauty, son. Don’t know how you pulled it off.” Bobby clapped him on the back and smiled towards his daughter-in-law who was now wading her way through another crowd of people, fistfuls of white lace to prevent her from tripping. Niall chuckled a bit when he saw her feet peeking out from the bottom of the gown, knowing she abandoned her high heels as soon as they walked back up the aisle.

“I don’t know either, to be honest with ya. She’s so… perfect. I can’t believe she’s mine. Doesn’t feel real.” He looked towards his father who was beaming back at him with the pride only a father could hold for his youngest son.

“Tell ya what?” Bobby leaned close to his son’s ear. “‘S going t’ feel like that for a long time. The butterflies?” He paused to take a hold of Niall’s left ring finger, swiping his thumb over the silver band. “The cold feeling on your fingers? It’ll be with ya for awhile.”

“How long is awhile?” He asked curiously, looking to his father like he did when he was younger, as if he had the answers to all of life’s questions.

“If you’re lucky?” Bobby glanced passed his son’s shoulder to see his wife, entertaining her grandson with a dance, a smile etched onto her features as she allowed little Theo to spin her around. “Forever.”

Niall’s father’s words echoed in his ear as he stared at the band, bound to his skin forever through love when he heard the door to the en suite open. The woman he loved more than anything in the entire world stepped out, updo long forgotten as her caramel tresses fell down in messy, unruly curls around her shoulders. Ripped denim jeans now covered her legs with the exception of the holes, large enough to expose the tan she’d gotten for the wedding. And nothing on her top half except a grey Calvin Klein sports bra that Niall recognized from many lazy Sundays lounging around in their underwear.

She hadn’t even looked up, her fingers still smoothing out a ruffle in her dress bag, but Niall still couldn’t believe such a beauty existed in this world. He blinked his eyes timidly, almost afraid if he blinked too much that she’d vanish, like a most perfect dream that you just don’t want to wake up from.

He took a breath in- or at least he meant to but something in his throat hitched and a little gasping noise emitted from him, spooking his missus.

She jumped, tossing the bag with her Italian lace gown onto the bed and hurrying to her husband’s side.

“Niall, are you okay?” Concern laced her voice as she gently pressed her palm to Niall’s cheek, scanning his blue eyes for signs of trouble. Niall felt his heart racing from just her touch. Even up closer, where he could see the subtle shimmer from the makeup dusted onto her cheekbones, the thin layer of sweat on her forehead from the excessive heat on this summer day, the small little freckle just below her bottom lip that she hated (and conversely, that he adored) she didn’t seem real.

“‘M fine, my darling. Just…” he trailed off, his hand covering hers on his cheek and encircling her small wrist while he tried to find the words. How exactly do you praise a deity? A smile began to play on his lips as he slid an arm around her waist, pulling her to his lap. She giggled at the sudden motion but looped an arm around his neck like it was home. “You still make me nervous when you walk in the room.”

“Niall,” she blushed, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear like she’d done at the reception and Niall couldn’t help but take a hold of the soft lock between his fingertips and give it a gentle tug to come back. He loved her hair, it was his favorite physical attribute of hers (amongst a myriad of others) and he always loved to play with it. Even if it was tied up in a haphazard topknot, he loved to poke and prod it until little wispy hairs came loose, much to her chagrin. “You’re such a cutie.” She cooed, pressing a soft kiss just below his ear.

The two sat in silence for a few moments, just breathing and drinking one another in, reclaiming their energy from the whirlwind day they’d had.

“Can you believe it, babe?” She asked softly after a few minutes.

“What’s that?” He wondered, rubbing small circles into the small of her bare back.

“We’re married.” She spoke, turning her head towards him, almost as if she was as awestruck as he was that their commitment had finally been solidified after a solid eight months of planning.

He chuckled and held her ringed hand in his, pressing a kiss to just below where the diamond sat, the one he spent five weeks fretting over choosing.

“We’re married, pet. Still can’t believe you’re my missus.” He nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck and smiled against her collarbone while she squirmed, knowing full well that is her most ticklish spot.

“We’re married and I still give you butterflies.” She giggled, citing his earlier confession. “How long is this nervousness going to last, babe?”

Niall lifted his head and gazed into his beloved’s eyes, reflecting on every single wonderful moment they’ve shared together and fantasizing about every magical day they’ll soon share for the rest of their lives. “If I’m lucky…and I am,” he nudged his nose against her chin, shifting it downward slightly so he had a better angle to kiss at her supple lips. “Forever.”

For this anon: Drabble idea for flicker of hope. Maybe one where niall picks y/n up after shes been on a night out and shes drunk so hes looking after her etc :)

 Thanks for the request. Hope you like it babe! 

 The Couch 

 Niall glances down as his phone rings on the table. He reaches over to grab it, setting his glass of water down when he sees your name and picture flashing across the screen. 

 “Hello?” There’s laughter and crackling on the line, and he can hear you giggling. “Y/N love are ya there?” 

 “NIALL!” He pulls the phone from his ear at your shout. “Ni, where are you?” 

Niall laughs, taking note of your obviously intoxicated state. “‘M at home like i told ya I’d be. What’re ya doin’?” There’s silence on the line for a moment and Niall can hear the music in the background of the bar you must be at. 

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The Balcony

Description: Y/N is harassed at Harry’s concert, causing him to explode in anger while on stage. 

Word Count: 1,375

Warnings/Disclaimer: This imagine touches on the topic of sexual harassment. Please be aware that I am not writing about this to romanticize harassment, but I am striving to use my writing as a way to touch on difficult topics that are faced by many but is often not portrayed in writing, especially fanfiction. If you are triggered by this topic, please do not read on. You can also access resources on my blog. If you have an issue, feel free to let me know. If you need someone to talk with, I am always here. 

Please take care of yourself, my loves. xoxox 



It was not often that she would miss one of his concerts. Of course, when he was on tour, she could not attend every single show, but she strived to make as many as she possibly could. Each time that she would be in attendance, Harry’s security team would escort her to a private balcony that overlooked the stage. Standing alongside other celebrities and Harry’s loved ones; she had the perfect view of her charming boyfriend as he performed to thousands of adoring fans. He enjoyed having her there as well, for he could keep tabs on his long-term girlfriend and ensure her safety throughout the entirety of the concert.

But on this particular night, Harry had been performing in London and she had been running extremely late. She was stuck in an immense amount of traffic and would likely be about 45 minutes late to the concert. While waiting anxiously among the pile-up of vehicles, she received a text message from her handsome boyfriend.

Harry: Where are you?

Your name: I’m on my way. I’ll just watch from the pit tonight.

Harry Styles: I do not like that, Y/N.

Your name: I’ll be fine. Have a good show xoxo

But even while waiting in the heavy traffic, she had refused to turn around. There was nothing that could make her happier than watching her man perform for a crowded arena. It made her feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world, which of course, she was. When the concert would end, she and Harry would travel back to his luxurious home and indulge in a night of slow kisses, warm cuddles, and steamy sex. She truly was the luckiest girl in the entire world.

Sure enough, she had arrived almost an hour late to the concert. When she walked into the venue, she realized Harry was approximately halfway through his set list. His security had offered to escort her to another private area of the arena, but she had declined the offer. After all, there was not much left to the concert and to be honest, she did not particularly care where she watched from just as long as she got to see him.

So when she squeezes her way into the middle of the pit, she was overcome with exhilaration. Standing only a few rows away from the stage, she felt like one of his dedicated fan girls. She could actually understand the hype around it, for she too felt like she was attending a concert for her favourite artist. With the dim lighting and Harry’s angelic voice radiating through the arena, the fans had hardly noticed her squeeze her way through.

Harry had eventually found her. As his eyes had scanned the crowd, they eventually fell upon his sweet girlfriend. The sight of her automatically caused his mouth to tug upward into a small smile. This smile eventually broke and a deep chuckle fell from his lips, for the sight of his girlfriend standing amongst some of his biggest fans truly was a new sight for him. He played it off, however, for Harry was strongly against PDA, even if that meant something as simple as acknowledging her. She understood and agreed with this, for the couple strived to keep their relationship as private as possible.

But as the night carried on and the concert continued, she had felt a body gradually press up against her backside. She initially ignored it, for she was standing in a crowded area so of course bodies are going to forcefully be pushed upon one another. Suddenly, however, she felt the feeling of someone’s large hand gripping her hip. She did nothing at first, for she was shocked that someone would be so forward as to touch her body like this. She waited a few moments, trying to give the individual benefit of the doubt and hope that it had been an accident. Her body jolted at the feeling of his other hand wrapping around her other hip. In response, she abruptly spun on her heels to face the individual. Before her was a young man, standing very tall and built very strongly. He was attractive, but she was repulsed by his actions.

She shook her head towards him. “No, thank you,” she said, trying to be polite.

After all, he could have just been trying to see if she was interested. But now that she had made it clear she was not interest, he had no reason to touch her again. But of course, that did not stop him, for only moments later, his hands returned to her hips and had slowly begun to descend across her skirt and towards her pelvis. She once again twisted her body and ripped herself from his hands.

She stuck her finger in his face. “Do not touch me,” she ordered.

He smirked in response. He nodded his head and held hs hands into the air, acting as if he “surrendered” to her. Nevertheless, as she had expected, he did not stop there. The next thing she felt was his hands touching the back of her thighs. He caressed her skin and slowly increased his hand position up her thigh, gradually approaching the bottom of her skirt. Just as she had done before, she ripped herself from him and pushed against his chest. She glanced towards the stage, fully aware of the panic that was evident on her face.

Without even having to grab his attention, Harry’s concerned eyes had already been glued to her. He had stopped singing along to the chorus of Woman, which had caused his back-up singers to take his place. His eyebrows were furrowed in anger and his face was red with fury. He pursed his lips together, concealing the profanity that was on the tip of his tongue. His body continued to sway to the music, as he attempted to obscure his state of anger that was very close to exploding. As she had pushed past the man and squirmed her way through the crowd, relief washed over Harry’s body as she repositioned herself away from him. His eyes remained fixated upon her until he deemed that she was safe, which was only when he allowed his eyes to leave her body.

But only several moments later, Harry observed from the stage as the man also squeezed his way through the crowd to approach her. Before he could touch her again, Harry turned towards his band and gestured for them to stop the music. When the arena filled with silence, Harry marched towards the edge of the stage and leaned forward, pointing his finger towards the man.

“If you touch her again then I will fuck you up,” he warned into the microphone. His voice was harsh and filled with rage.

“Can we get security over here, please?” Harry had requested into the microphone again, turning his head to locate his security team.

Two security members rushed towards the young man, forcing him through the crowd and yanking him over the barrier at the front of the arena. As they escorted the man past the stage and towards the side exit, Harry held his hand up to pause them. Crouching at the edge of the stage, Harry leaned towards the man.

“You do not get to fucking touch any girl like that,” he had ordered, “but you especially do not get to fucking touch my girl like that.”

The man was then removed from the arena and escorted to the exit. Harry repositioned himself onto his feet and turned towards his girlfriend. His eyes focused upon hers, which had become glossy with tears.

“You okay?” he had mouthed silently, holding his hand into a “thumbs up” gesture.

She nodded in response, but Harry knew her far too well to believe her. He leaned towards another security guard and politely asked for him to escort her backstage. Harry’s eyes did not leave hers until she was safely and securely backstage.

When the concert had eventually concluded, Harry had rushed backstage towards her. He pulled her into his warm embrace and peppered her face with his kisses. He rested his forehead against hers and gazed intensely into her eyes.

“Let’s stick with the balcony next time, yeah?”

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Once again, if you were triggered by this or offended in any way, please reach out privately to me❤️❤️