Niall Horan Of One Direction Goes Christmas Shopping On Rodeo Drive In Beverly Hills 12.5.16

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can we have a cute/but smutting blurb of you and niall on christmas eve please??? :D

It had started snowing about an hour ago, coating Niall’s front yard with a blanket of the whitest snow you’d ever seen.  You had decided to stay in for the night, it was Christmas Eve after all.  He was reading something on his iPad while you finished up a book, your feet tangled together on the couch.  You weren’t sure where the Christmas music came from, but suspected Niall had something to do with it.  A crackling fire burned in the fireplace while the lights from the tree twinkled against the wall.  The cinnamon stick candle you’d lit a few hours ago now casting the faintest hint of the scent around the house.  How on earth could life get any more perfect?

Niall cleared his throat gently, unaware that you were staring at him over your book.  It was nights like these, where the rest of the world fell away and it was just you and him, that you could remind yourself just how in love with him  you were.

You put your book down, leaning forward to grab at his toes,

“Hey…did you set out cookies for Santa?”

Niall kept his eyes on his iPad, though he tried to get his toes away from your pinchy fingers,

“Ow…stop.  Santa’s not real.”  

You pouted slightly,

“That’s not true.”

He cast you a look over his iPad,

“Ya bein’ serious right now?  Because if you still believe in Santa I’m gonna need t’talk t’your parents.”

“They didn’t want to upset my delicate sensibilities.”

Niall shook his head, his fingers pinching at his lips while he kept reading,

“Your delicate sensibilities that flipped me off earlier when I asked if ya knew ya needed to turn the burner on t’actually cook the spaghetti?”

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What kills me is the idea of Niall getting his son or daughter one of those golf toys,like a tiny plastic club and a ball,and him teaching all proud to his son/daughter how to play,and maybe one day they will be their caddy for a event I don't know


“What do ya mean no?”  

You pinched the bridge of your nose and sighed.  “Niall, he’s two years old.  Isn’t this a bit….much?”

You stared at the miniature golf cart sitting in your garage.  Niall had been banging around in the garage for hours working on this little “surprise.”  The last thing you’d discussed was a small playhouse for the garden.  Apparently he had gotten a little distracted at the toy store.

“He’s gonna love it, babe!  You don’t think he’ll like it?”

Niall deflated a bit at your hesitation.  You watched as he rubbed his hand across the back of his neck.  You leaned into him, and wrapped your arms around his waist.  He was warm and soft and smelled like the outdoors and soap.  He slung his arm lightly across your shoulders and pressed a kiss into your hair.  

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