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Dedicated to troyesingforme because it’s her birthday (even if it is a lil late haha) and because she wants a second part of ‘Just a Little Bit of Your Heart’(if you haven’t read it find it under narryafblog tag!). Here you go Hun! :)

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Five years.

That’s how long it’s been since Niall and Harry got together in Australia after the whole NiallandMelissa fiasco. Five long years of being a happy couple. They’ve had their ups and downs but they’ve gotten through everything. Wether it’s together or with the help of the other boys. They’ve stuck through everything.

Harry honestly couldn’t be any happier. He has everything he’s wanted. He smiles as Niall struggles to reach the top of the cupboard. He snorts when Niall nearly reaches and makes a few boxes fall to the floor.

“Instead of laughing, you should really help me.” The blond grumbles under his breath as he picks up the nearly empty boxes from the floor.

“Alright, don’t get your knickers in a twist, love.” Harry pecks his cheek and uses the small steps to reach properly to organize the boxes better. “All set.” Harry says as he closes the steps and stores them away. He turns around but Niall isn’t there.

He pouts to himself and looks for him. He finds him in the kitchen humming quietly as he starts preparing lunch. Harry recognizes the song as ‘Summer Love.’ Harry smiles and quietly sits on the island of the kitchen, enjoying Niall’s humming.

“I know you’re there Harry.” Niall turns around with a smile.

“How’d you know I was here?” He pouts like a child.

“You breathe a little loudly when you try to sneak up on me.” Niall chuckles softly and places a kiss on Harry’s cheek.

“Wait, is that why you’re never really scared when I sneak up on you?”

Niall looks a little guilty, faking to be scared when Harry tries to scare him. His boyfriend is just too clumsy and trips over his own two feet to properly scare Niall. “I’m sorry, Haz. But I can hear you a mile away.” He wraps his arms around Harry’s torso and kisses Harry on the lips.

Harry huffs wrapping his arms around Niall’s shoulders. “I love you.”

“Love you, too.” Niall mumbles and pecks Harry’s jaw before giving his full attention to the food in front of him.

After dinner, the couples decides to sit down and watch t.v. to relax for the night. They’re cuddled up on the couch watching a rom-com. Harry isn’t paying much attention to the movie, opting to watch Niall instead. It’s something he’s always done during their relationship. Heck, way before that. He was just subtle.

“Stop staring, you weirdo.” Niall mumbles a blush forming on his cheeks as he hides his face in Harry’s neck.

Harry smiles and kisses the top of his boyfriends head. “You’re too beautiful to not look at.”

Niall groans. “You’re such a sap.” He squeezes Harry’s hip lovingly and continues to watch the movie. During the middle of the movie there is a desperate knock on the door.

Harry loosens his hold on Niall and gets up to answer the door. An exasperated Louis is standing there with four year old Lily half asleep in his arms with an exasperated look in his face.

“Can you please take care of her for the night? I need to take El to the hospital, she’s been sick all night. Please, Harry.”

“Alright, Lou. Calm down. We’ll take care of her.” He gently takes Lily from Louis’ arms and Niall comes behind him to grab the overnight bag. “Go. She’s in good hands you know it.”

“Thanks, lads. I owe you one.” He quickly kisses Lily’s head and rushes to the car.

“Do you think she’ll last a minute awake?” Niall asks closing the door. “She’s half asleep and looks like she could be out cold any second.”

“Don’t think so.” He tells his boyfriend and goes to sit on the couch. He starts to hum a little song and within seconds Lily is fast asleep.

“I got her.” Niall tells him as he carefully picks Lily up in his arms. He takes her upstairs to their master bedroom and places her in the middle of the bed. He gently strokes her dark hair and quietly walk downstairs. “She’s settled in.” He sits next to Harry. “How early do you think she’ll wake up?”

Harry hums. “Who knows? Late I hope.” He wraps his arm around Niall’s shoulders and kisses the blondes head.

The couple wakes up to Lily calling both of them. She constantly pokes Harry’s arm whilst calling for Uncle Niall. Harry is the first to wake up from the two which doesn’t surprise him one bit knowing Niall could sleep until three in the afternoon.

“Alright, Lils. I’m up.” He yawns rubbing his eyes. He scoops the two year old in his arms and carries her downstairs to prepare breakfast. He sets her down on the floor with a couple of toys to keep her entertained while he cooks porridge for her and a proper English breakfast for him and Niall.

When the porridge is done he sets it aside to cool off and continues cooking while keeping an eye on Lily. Harry hears heavy footsteps coming downstairs. He turns slightly and smiles at Niall’s matted hair and sleepy eyes.

Niall grumbles something under his breath before kissing Harry’s cheek and squeezing his hip. Niall sits on the floor across from Lily and starts to play with her. Harry smiles fondly and finishes cooking.

After breakfast the couple agrees to take Lily to the nearby park. They get ready and head out the door, the little girl in between them wanting to hold both of her uncles hands. Once they reach the park Lily runs off to the playground. Niall and Harry sit near by watching Lily play and interact with the other children.

“Is that your daughter?” A kind woman who is sitting in the bench next to theirs asks them.

“Oh, no. She’s our niece.” Harry smiles kindly, Niall does the same.

“Oh!” The woman’s cheeks flush. “I’m sorry. I just thought she was yours. You make a lovely couple.”

“Thank you.” Harry smiles once again but it fades when he sees Lily running towards them with tears down her cheek.

Niall quickly meets her half way and bends unfront of her. “What’s wrong, flower?” He asks as he tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I got a boo.” She sniffs, her clear blue eyes shinning with unshed tears. She shows Niall her hands where there are tiny scrapes and tiny pebbles sticking on her skin.

Niall picks her up and sits down next to Harry, sitting Lily in his lap. He gently cleans the area, with Harry’s help, of course, with water. Harry luckily finds plasters and places them on her hands. “There. Good as new.”

Lily smiles brightly and jumps down from Niall’s lap to join the other kids again. “We make a pretty good team, if I do say so myself.” Niall chuckles resting his head on Harry’s shoulder.

“Guess we do, Ni.” Harry smiles.

Harry is chewing on his bottom lip as he scans the display of silver bands. He’s planning on, finally, proposing to Niall. He knows they are both ready to take this next step.

Harry knows because Niall accidentaly left the browser on his laptop open on wedding band pictures. And that’s all it took for him to get up and search for the perfect ring. He has been searching for days now but nothing is good enough for Niall. He feels like he will never find the right ring.

“Hello there, love. You look a little troubled.” The lady behind the counter says and Harry looks up to see that she is very very pregnant. “Do you need some help?”

Harry rubs his temples while sighing. “I’m planning on proposing to my boyfriend and I need to find the perfect ring but so far I’ve got nothing.” He sighs again as he looks at her helplessly.

“I think I’ve got the thing just for you. Wait right here.” Harry watches as the woman leaves and minutes later comes back with a flat, black velvet box. “We’ve had this stashed away for a while now because nobody seemes to buy it, but I’ve a feeling he, and you, will love it.” She opens the box and Harry nearly gasps.

It’s a silver band with carvings of the celtic knot all around it. It’s simple but Harry loves it. And he feels like Niall will love it too. He asks her to carve out two important dates on the inside: they day they met and they day they started dating.

After about ten to fifteen minutes of waiting the woman comes back with the ring. Harry pays for it and heads out the door with a smile on his face. He feels his phone vibrate and pulls it out of his pocket.

From: Nialler

When are you comin home? I’m lonely and want to cuddle :(

From: Me

Almost home! I’ll be over in a few! :*

Almost immediately his phone starts to ring with Niall’s name flashing across the screen. “Hello.” Harry answers opening the door of his car.

“Harold Edward Styles! Are you texting and driving?!” Niall nearly screams into his phone.

“Whoa, babe. Slow down. I’m not driving.” Harry smiles as he starts the car. He connects the bluetooth to his car and starts to drive. “Now I’m driving.” He chuckles.

“Christ, Harold.” The blue eyed man scolds making Harry chuckle. “Just come home, you twit.” Niall hangs up without another word.

In that moment Harry takes the opportunity to call Louis.

“This better be important, Harry. I’m about to go into a meeting.” Louis answers.

Harry scoffs rolling his eyes. “Remember how you owe me one?” Louis hums, remembering the time he and Niall took care of Lily. “I need you to do me a favour.”

“Ni, I’m home.” Harry calls shutting the door behind him.

“Uncle Harry!” Hazel, Gemma’s daughter shrieks.

Harry’s face lights up as he picks up the little girl. She wraps her arms around Harry’s neck for a hug. “Hey, bub. Where’s mummy?” He asks after tickling Hazel.

“Kitchen with Uncle Ni.” She announces and urges Harry to talk to the kitchen. He obliges after kicking his boots off and hanging his jacket on the rack. “Mummy! Uncle Harry’s here.”

Harry chuckles at the overexcited child in his arms and pecks Niall on the lips before hugging his sister. “What brings you here, Gem?” He takes a seat next to Niall who takes Hazel from him and starts making silly faces at the girl.

“She wanted to see her favourite uncles, of course. But I have to leave soon. I work the night shift tonight.” Gemma explains.

They talk and laugh and it feels great to see Gemma and Hazel after not seeing them in a while. After they leave Harry shuts the door and sits next to Niall on the couch.

“Where were you when I called?” Niall asks curiously, cuddling into Harry’s side.

“Got held back at work.” Harry lies smoothly. Even after One Direction Harry kept writing songs for new artists or any artist really. “Why don’t we go out to dinner? I’m starving.” He casually says.

“Can we stay in?” Niall asks looking up at Harry. “Please.”

“C’mon, Ni. It’s been ages since we’ve been out together. Alone.” He pouts. “Please.” He begs like a child who wants candy from the store.

“Ugh, fine.” Niall grumbles and kisses Harry. “Only because I love you.”

After getting ready Harry makes sure ye has the ring in his pocket. He drives Niall to his favorite restaurant where he had asked Louis to makes reservations under his name. When they reach the restaurant he opens the door for Niall like a proper gentleman.

Dinner goes by smoothly. Thanks to Louis for making the reservation. Like a good boyfriend, Harry asks Niall if he wants dessert to which Niall says yes. ‘There’s always room for dessert.’ That’s his motto. Harry pays for dinner, with Niall telling him to let him pay for half, but Harry shuts him up by saying it’s his treat.

They walk out of the restaurant hand in hand. Harry’s hands are clammy and he just hopes Niall doesn’t feel it as he laces their hands together. They walk through the streets quietly until Harry decides to go to the nearby park. Harry stops in front of Niall making the blond frown. He takes Niall’s hand in his stroking his knuckles softly.

“Uh, Harry?” He says nervously.

Harry hushes him and takes a deep breath. “Okay, I probably should’ve rehearsed this but I didn’t. Bear with me, okay?” Niall smiles at the obvious nervousness in his boyfriends voice. “Niall, we’ve known each other for about ten years and I thank God we did. I liked you for about three of those years and one day my jealousy became obvious and you told me you sort of liked me back. Sort of was an understatement. You always loved me.” Niall snorts softly. “Five years ago I never thought that we would be together and look at us now, y’know? Niall, I love you and you make me so happy and I hope I make you happy as well. So, will you make me even happier”, he gets down on one knee opening the box, “by marrying me?”

Niall gasps covering his mouth as he nods frantically. “Oh, my God, Harry. Yes. Yes!” He screams and jumps into Harry’s arms.

Harry feels like the weight if the world has been lifted off his shoulders as he wraps his arms around Niall. He smiles widely as he slips on the ring on Niall’s finger and pulls him in for a kiss. He’s basically only smiling as he feels the cool of the ring on his right cheek where Niall is resting his hand.

“I love you, Harry.” The blond whispers stroking Harry’s cheekbones with his thumbs. “So much. You make me so so happy.” He wraps his arms around Harry’s shoulders, burying his head in his neck.

Harry kisses the top of his head and squeezes his hips lovingly. “Hey, Ni?” Niall hums in response. “Not to be corny or anything but, I have loved you since we were eighteen.”

A/N: so I decided to leave it there because I might write a third part. It all depends on the amount of notes who knows *shrugs* anyways I hope you guys liked it :)

Preference #132: Your relationship is a secret but one of the boys finds out through the phone

Requested (by a very sweet girl): Could you do a preference where they’re dating but he doesn’t tell the other boys but they maybe look through his texts or overhear a cute phone call with (y/n) and they find out about their relationship.


“I miss you too sweetie” Harry told you through the phone. You couldn’t help but laugh. “What?” He wondered. “It just that we just saw each other two days ago and we already miss each other.” you explained. “Oh” Harry laughed.  "We must be in that clingy stage" you giggled. “Maybe, but I kind of love it” he admitted. It had been six months since your neighbor Niall had introduced you to his band mate Harry. As you two got to know each other a bit better, you started to fall for each other rather quickly. It wasn’t until one day when the three of you were having a movie night that Niall had left the room, when Harry asked if he could kiss you, and you of course, though flustered, said yes. The kiss was all the confirmation you needed; and from that day on, you and Harry decided it’d be best kept a secret from Niall. That way he’d never feel like a third wheel or as if he was in the middle. “(Y/N)?” Harry started. “Hmm?” “I think I love you” you heard Harry admit. “Harry I love you t-” you were interrupted by a joy-filled Niall, walking in through your unlocked apartment door, as he did almost everyday. It was normal for Niall just to walk in, you were close friends who acted more as room mates rather than neighbors, but in this instance you’d wished he’d knocked. He looked as if he was going to say something but stopped himself as he must have overheard your words.“Um… Harry I need to call you back, Niall just walked in but…um about what you said… I feel the same way.” You say, hoping Niall wouldn’t put all the pieces together. “Wait wait wait Harry! Like my Harry? Harry Styles?!” he exclaimed. “Oh god. You sighed. ”(Y/N) give me the phone!!“ He almost screamed. Luckily for him, Harry hadn’t hung up yet. "HARRY! ARE YOU AND (Y/N) IN LOVE?” he wondered excitedly. “No Harry, I’m not giving her back the phone. Answer my question?!” Eventually Harry must have finally cracked because Niall got the brightest smile on his face. “I’m so happy for you!!! I hoped this would happen!!” he cheered, causing you to blush. “Alright Niall, calm down, weirdo” you laughed. “Harry come over right now! We have to celebrate!” Niall told him. You couldn’t help at your friend, but honestly, you loved knowing how supportive he was.


When Niall said he wanted to keep the relationship a secret, you thought he meant from the press and the fans, not from everyone; including Liam, Louis, and Harry. Considering that his three bandmates were practically with him twenty four-seven, it was pretty hard to keep quiet. You were pretty sure Niall had your number saved in his phone under the name “Jim” or something silly like that so that no one would be alarmed when seeing Niall get a text from you. Though this plan seemed like a good plan at first, it ultimately led to the outing of your relationship…

It was an average day, Niall had been at the studio for five hours, which felt like 30. You quickly sent him a harmless text ‘Come home soon, and bring dinner if you can babe’ it read. You weren’t expecting him to call you ten minutes later. “Hello?” you answered. “It is a girl!” you heard a voice say, it was familiar, but it maintained an English accent rather than the sweet Irish one you’d grown used to. “Um, yes. May I ask who this is?” you questioned. “Hang Up– D-on’t - Don’t Talk to him!” You heard Niall say, he sounded as if he was struggling to even speak. “Oh my God what’s going on, Niall are you okay babe?” you asked, more concerned than ever. It was a harmless question in your eyes, but to Louis, it was just the confirmation that he needed; that this “Jim” Niall was always talking too was not an old friend of his, but a girl, and not just any girl, his “babe.” Let’s just say this was a big deal for Louis. It all made sense to you now. Louis must have seen the text on Niall’s phone and gotten suspicious of why “Jim” would be telling Niall to bring home dinner. That must have been why he called, Niall then noticing this, tried his best to grab the phone back from Louis, but he wasn’t fast enough to catch up to Louis, which explained why he sounded as if he was struggling. Once you finally understood what happened, the guilt was quick to set in. You should have just done exactly what Niall had told you do, but now Louis knew, and you were sure Harry and Liam would soon find out as well. “So what’s your real name ‘Jim’?” Louis wanted to know. “Can I please just talk to Niall, I don’t wanna say anything else, I’ve screwed up enough” you sighed. It was almost as if you could hear Louis frown through the phone. “It’s okay sweetheart, you didn’t screw anything up, he had to find out sometime” you heard Niall say. He sounded closer to the phone now, Louis must had stopped running from him. You breathed out a huge sigh of relief. “My name is (Y/N)” you said, a tiny bit of caution still in your voice. “Well, I’m Louis. This will be one hell of a first meeting story huh, (Y/N)?” Louis laughed. “Yeah no kidding.” you teased.


“Yeah I know, and then she-” the story you were telling Liam was cut off by a loud knock at the door. You hurried to open the door. “Oh hey Harry!” you said with a smile; Harry, however didn’t look so happy. “How could you two lie to me! You told me you were not dating! I overheard Liam talking to you yesterday!” Harry went on dramatically. “Okay well technically we didn’t lie… the whole time.” you said. “Yeah! We didn’t really lie, we just didn’t tell you” Liam added. Harry rolled his eyes at you, “Just to let you know, neither of you are succeeding in trying to save your asses right now.” “Harry you’re overreacting!” You claimed. “No (Y/N) I don’t think I am, I asked you guys so many times if you guys were dating and you guys always said ‘no,’ ‘no of course not Harry,’ ‘no we’re just friends’ blah blah blah and now I find out that you are dating!? You better explain.” Harry said, crossing his arms and tapping his foot on the hardwood of Liam’s living room. “Well that was true at one point! We have been really good friends for over three years and one day about two months ago, I don’t know…something just changed and soon enough everything fell into place…” Liam explained, smiling at you. “Fine but were you ever going to tell me? I had to find out by overhearing your phone conversation yesterday!” he argued. “Of course we were gonna tell you we just hadn’t worked out how, or when… and it’s not my fault you were eavesdropping Mister!” You countered. “hmph” Harry huffed, rolling his eyes again. “Oh come on Haz, we’re sorry! You know you love us!!” you said as you and Liam jumped to engulf him in a huge bear hug. “Yeah yeah yeah I guess, but I better be making the first toast at the wedding” he pouted. “Of course, Harry” you laughed.


Neither you or Louis were a big fan of secrets. So you weren’t too thrilled when management recommended a secret relationship. Though you understood it was for your own safety, it seemed unnecessary to keep it from everyone, including the rest of the boys whom you’d met multiple times before. Very reluctantly, the two of you agreed to keep it a secret, under one condition; once the secret’s out, it’s out. There would be no lying or denial of the relationship, simply because it was unnecessary. This being said, you and Louis didn’t try very hard to keep it a secret. You had even created a plan that made it seem as if the boys somehow found out on their own. “Okay they’ll be over in about ten minutes, when I text you, that’s your cue to send the text we planned okay?” he said. “Okay, got it” you confirmed before the hanging up the phone and waiting for your cue. You couldn’t wait to get this over with and be done with all the secrets and sneaking around. In almost exactly ten minutes Louis sends you the text you’d been waiting for “now.” You were quick to copy and paste the text that you already had typed out. “How much longer do we have to keep our relationship a secret? I hate that management made even suggested us to do this. It’s not fair to anyone :(“ you sent quickly. It didn’t take long for you to get a call. “Hello?” you answered. “You and Louis are together?!” Liam said, a gentle happiness in his tone. “We are! and um how did you find out? Did he tell you?” you asked, faking curiosity. No, he was showing me this video on his phone when the text notification popped up and I saw it.” he admitted. “Oh oopsie! Oh well, we’ve been dying to tell you guys anyway.” you explained. “Yeah, Louis was just explaining that. It’s really sweet, I’m really happy for you two…we all are! you’ll be good for each other” he said. “Aw, Liamm! That’s so sweet, thank you” you said, a bright smile on your face. You couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you and Louis were finally free.

A/N: Happy New Year!! Haven’t posted a pref in ages! I really missed writing for you dolls! xo Hope you enjoyed, more on the way!!

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Preference #89: 6th Member Secret Love...

Louis: You were in the kitchen with Louis, trying to teach him how to make one of your favorite pies. You were working on the crust, stretching it out with a rolling pin, as he watched. “I think I get the overall idea, but it’s worthless if I don’t understand the feel,” he walked over lightly placing his hands near your elbows, “If you don’t mind.” You shook your head, “Do what you must,” you giggled as he moved closer gripping your wrists. He snuggled his head closer to your cheek resting his chin on your shoulder. His touch sent tingles through your veins, since his affection didn’t happen a lot during the day. The two of you didn’t want anyone to know about your relationship, not even the boys.  “This seems like a lot of work to me,” he spoke up after a few seconds of peace. “But is it worth it,” you questioned hoping for the right answer. “Oh it’s definitely worth it,” he kissed your cheek. You turned your head, hinting that you wanted another on the lips as you stared at him passionately. He gazed into your eyes before moving closer slowly. “What the hell is going on?” Harry’s voice interrupted you from the door. You both panicked bumping your foreheads together before you backed away from each other. You looked in the doorway to see the rest of the guys next to Harry, looking just as horrified. “She’s teaching me how to cook. Grow up guys.” “Is she also teaching you how to kiss,” Liam asked with a laugh, which made Niall crack up then he stopped himself. “No guys he’s telling the truth, we’re just cooking. You just came in at an odd time.” “Why was it an odd time? What exactly were you doing when we came in,” Zayn asked, on to your bullshit. “We were…” you started thinking the lie would come to you, but had to look over to Louis to save you. “Pretending to be on a TV show,” he finished it confidently looking over to them. “Yeah,” you smiled at him impressed. “Yeah, it was an acting role that I auditioned for, and didn’t get by the way, before you guys picked me up,” you added. “We were making fun of it, but apparently we made you idiots believe us, so maybe we’re not half bad,” he raised his hand to give you a high five and you slapped it. “Well have fun with that you weirdoes,” Niall laughed before they all headed out. After you were sure they were gone you covered your mouth to stop yourself from laughing and he gave you his squinty smile back. “That was a close one,” he cringed. 

Harry: You stopped at a restaurant with the band to celebrate the award you just won. The waitress brought you to a booth and you scooted into the middle between Harry and Liam. The guys didn’t know that you and Harry were dating, so you both had to work situations into your favor without drawing attention to yourselves. Yet somehow you always found a way to sit next to each other. “What are you getting,” Harry asked looking over to your menu. “I’m stuck between these two,” you pointed at two different sandwiches. “I’ve tried this one before, it’s really good,” he moved over into your menu space, reassuring you about one of your choices. “Well then I guess I’ll go with the other one,” you answered sassily. “Aww, come on you don’t trust me,” he pouted. “Why would she,” Liam question. “I wouldn’t,” Niall added, “This guy doesn’t know a thing about food.” “Alright, then who has the best taste at this table right now,” you questioned all of them. “That’s probably me,” Zayn raised his hand quickly. Niall pointed at himself silently shaking his head. “Only if you like his cultural food,” Louis corrected. “Everybody is different in this group, it’s pointless to try,” he answered loudly. “But it’s me,” he joked telling you clearly behind his hand. “Well thanks guys that was absolutely useless, and I’m going with my original choice,” you declared getting a laugh from all of them. “Traitor,” Harry joked under his breath and you shook your head. The waitress took your orders and left you guys to wait. Harry instantly put his hand under the table to squeeze your leg, as he took a sip of his drink. You waited a few second for them to start up a conversation before you followed, placing your hand under the table to intertwine your fingers with his. Distracting yourself from looking at him you started to stir your drink with you straw as you joined the conversation. After a little while he started jerking his hand, clearly trying to start something. You released him, and waiting for direction. He pushed the one he was holding away, so you knew he wanted the other luckily it was already under the table, so you tucked it against you, trying not to confuse Liam. Harry shaped your hand into a thumbs-up then wrapped your fingers in his. He was starting a thumb war. You smirked shaking your head. “You liked that joke, didn’t you (y/n),” Niall question catching your face. You looked down, not sure if you should agree. The rest of the guys started cracking up. “Someone’s got a dirty mind,” Liam pretended to be appalled before laughing again. You cringed at Harry, but that just made him start a laughing fit too, but under the table he was rubbing your hand apologetically.   

Zayn: You were filming a music video the entire day, but you really needed to talk to Zayn about something. They weren’t giving you any breaks, so you attempted to get his attention a few times. But every time you tired he would keep brushing you off. It was clearly pointless as long as everyone else could see you. He was set on keeping your relationship a secret even though you didn’t understand why it would cause so much trouble if only the people working with you knew. Plus, it wouldn’t be so upsetting every time he acted like you were barely visible in his world. Even though your mind was in another place, you tried to enjoy making the video as much as you could. Afterwards you headed over to Zayn’s house to sneak in the secret entrance in the back. He answered the door with the complete opposite expression he was giving you earlier. “(Y/N) good you came. Sorry we couldn’t talk earlier, but you know how it is,” he let you in. “Oh, I know how it is,” you smiled sarcastically. “Is something wrong,” he asked, sensing something in your voice. You turned around, still a little angry. “It just…I wasn’t trying to kiss you, I just wanted to talk. But apparently we can’t talk in public anymore, because we wouldn’t want anyone to think that we actually have conversations with each other. They might even think we’re friends.” He shook his head at your attack. “That’s not true, don’t pretend we could get away with the conversation you were about to have.” You scrunched your eyebrows, “What conversation was I about to have,” you accused. “I don’t know,” he seemed frustrated, “Something serious or upsetting.” He was right, but you weren’t letting him win. You put your hands on your hips, staring him down. “How could you possibly know that?” “I could see it in your eyes,” he pointed defending himself. “Really,” you questioned surprised, but still angry. “Yeah really, it’s like you can’t help it. You do a little something different with your face, no matter what kind of news you’re giving me. There is always some kind of tell, and I’ve got them memorized now. No, way was I going to let you tell me something you couldn’t feel in front of everyone else,” he moved closer to softly hold the side of your face. “Do you understand?” You smirked, and nodded. “Yeah,” you let a tear fall as you finally acknowledged the problem you were suppressing. “Tell me all about it,” Zayn said putting his arm around you leading you farther inside.    

Liam: You were voting on perfume bottles with the rest of the guys and the vote was evenly split between two options. “Be honest Liam. Do you actually like the design or are you just choosing whatever (y/n) picks,” Louis asked bluntly. “Yeah don’t act like you two don’t have the hots for each other,” Niall backed him up. “What? Since when?” Harry asked, confused. “Since never,” Liam quickly responded. “Yeah are you kidding me,” you added trying to help out his lie. “Your actions tell a different story,” Zayn mumbled looking to the side, acting like he didn’t say anything. “I heard that,” Liam scolded. Zayn just raised his eyebrows with a smug smile. “Come on guys me and Liam, that’s crazy,” you were getting a little worried with all of them expecting answers. “Why’s it so crazy,” Niall questioned humoring you with a furrowed brow. “Well it’s Liam you know how he is. It would never work between us,” you said trying not to get too detailed about the lie. “How is he,” Louis questioned putting you into a hard spot. You looked over to Liam who was waiting for the answer just as eagerly as the others. “Well, he can be really uptight at times. No offense, but I just tend to date people who are more easy-going,” you looked over at him confidently explaining because it was just a cover. “Okay, nice to know how you really feel about me,” he responded with a joke, “Just kidding, I understand” he patted your back. With that performance the guys left it alone. After you were completely done making group decisions the guys headed their separate ways, but you and Liam stayed to “check out” the book of previous designs the company brought along. Liam was slowly paging through it until, he knew you were completely alone. “Why’d you have to say that back there? Do you think I’m uptight,” he asked, not looking at you. “Of course not, I’m dating you right,” you answered simply, thinking it wasn’t too big a deal. “You came up with it pretty quick.” He wasn’t going to let it go. “Okay you’re right, it is something I thought about,” you admitted making him look up angrily. “Before I got to know you. Maybe this wasn’t clear, but I’ve fallen pretty hard for all of you. Not some of you. So when I says stuff, or think things, or you doubt me, it doesn’t change a thing of how I feel about us.” “Good to know,” he smiled, seeming a little ashamed of his worries. Then after a few seconds of silence he kissed your cheek transferring his smile to your own lips. 

Niall: You snuck into Niall’s bunk earlier to cuddle, because all of the other boys were asleep. “Do you want to go somewhere,” you asked getting a little sick of always having to be copped up somewhere with him. “That’s not exactly an easy task for us.” You growled quietly into his chest, “But don’t you ever just need to stretch, and breathe in the night air,” you massaged his shoulders hoping you could sway him. He enjoyed it for a little staring at you affectionately. “Why do you tempt me,” he pouted. “I have bad intentions, and I can’t help myself,” you smiled raising an eyebrow deviously. “So do you want me to wake up a bodyguard,” he asked as he started playing with your hair. His actions were slowing down your thought process as you took your own sweet time to soak it in. “Mmm, no,” you grumbled, “Don’t you think it’s late enough, and we’re kind of parked in the middle of nowhere. How many people here can care about us.” His eyes got big, “You’d be surprised.” That response let you know you weren’t getting anywhere. “Well, I like to learn from my own mistakes, so I’m going out.” You got up quietly opening the side then quickly headed to the door. Knowing he couldn’t call after you, allowed you to get pretty far before you could actually start understanding his words. “(Y/n) come on just wait,” you heard him whisper, but didn’t listen. “Wait,” he wrapped you in a hug from behind right before you got to the steps, constraining you in place. “What,” you whispered back. He rested his head on your shoulder, “I want to go with, but I have to know if you care.” You turned your head sideways to get a look at him, “Care about what?” He continued looking forward, “If I go out with you and someone sees us there’s a possibility that everything could change.” You had already thought about that, and you were happy to explain your conclusion to him. So you turned around to look him in the eyes as you intertwined your fingers between his raising them up to his shoulder height. “I figure if you promise to stay you, and I promise to be me we’re going to be okay, no matter what they say,” you tilted your head gesturing to more than the guys. He pushed your hands together in front of your chest, playing with them, “Promise,” he whispered. You nodded, “I promise.”