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Everything that’s wrong with the birthday video:

  • Who presents a birthday cake to a one year old on the floor?
  • If for some reason they decided to present the cake on the floor, wouldn’t it make more since for Louis to be sitting rather than crouching down like that? 
  • Why is the “Happy 1st Birthday Freddie” facing the camera instead of the baby?
  • Br*ana playing with her hair as the baby reaches towards the flame and doesn’t flinch at all or show any sort of concern (however, Louis does grab the baby’s hands to ensure he doesn’t burn himself).
  • There is no audio (which is a staple of the J*ungwirth-Clark’s videos) and the video is literally 3 seconds long.
  • Who decorates a baby’s first cake with a picture of the baby on it? Usually children’s birthday cakes have characters or other interests on it - not a picture of themselves.
  • The baby isn’t the focus of the video. They clearly are trying to showcase the fact that Louis and Br*ana are both there for the birthday. You can’t even see the kid’s face which, if I was a parent, I would rather have videos of my child not me but?

Feel free to add more I’m sure there are a lot more things tbh.

Louis’ Album track list:

1. Boats

2. More and More Boats 

3. Even More Boats ft.Harry Styles

4. we are not subtle

5. Rose and Dagger

6. ‘Appy days!

7. I have loved him since he was 16

8. Home 2.0

9. Stronger

10. Something is Great


11. I am SBB

12. Chonce ft.Niall Horan

13. Chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash

Nothing would make the red carpet interviews greater than if someone were to ask Niall a question that he wouldn’t be able to answer without lying, and Liam pops up behind him out of nowhere and responds for him.


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

niall would go back to ot4 in a heartbeat, louis is bored, liam’s tweeting all nostalgically about uan and harry’s being mysteriously quiet can they get their shit together and reunite already

me when someone asks me if i want to go to the gym 

1D Hiatus: Day 350

* Niall posts two pictures and two videos on Snapchat

* Pap pictures of Liam shopping for groceries at Sainsbury’s in London yesterday are released (poor Liam via Twitter: “Can’t even do your shopping these days without some creepy guy stalking ya with a huge camera”)

* Videos of Louis leaving Warwick nightclub on the 16th are released

* Niall changes his Twitter icon

* Joe Lycett talks about Harry in a recent interview

It’s Nov 27th, 2016.