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interviewer: what’s the oddest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?

niall, through gritted teeth and a balled up fist: that i don’t season my chicken

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He knows how to roll his hips and I'm having all kind of dirty thoughts about it,don't know if you are taking requests but a blurb about Ni showing you his dancing skills ending in him showing you his "dancings skills" in a steamy way would be lovely

have you ever written something about dry humping niall? if not could you do one?(:

A/N: Combined these two because I have very little self control.  Enjoy!

“It’s starting!”  You snuggled into the deep cushions of the couch and pulled the cozy blanket around your lap.  Niall shuffled back into the room hauling a bowl of popcorn and some beers with him.  He collapsed onto the sofa in a huff and rolled his head to the side to peer at you.  

“How come every time I end up on the telly, you insist on making us watch it together?”  He shoved a handful of popcorn in his mouth and you snorted a laugh as some stray pieces tumbled down his chest.

“You’re a fuckin’ slob, Horan.”  

“Yeah, but I’m your slob, and yer stuck with me.”  You scoffed at him, rolling your eyes as Niall smirked mischievously and jammed a handful of popcorn in your face.  

As the episode got started you leaned into Niall’s shoulder and tangled your feet on top of his.  “Look how blonde your hair was!  You look cute though.”  

Niall pulled at his hair, ruffling the fluffy tips with his fingers.  The dark roots were starting to take over, and he glanced over at you with a bit of uncertainty in his eyes.  “Think I should go back?  S’gettin’ pretty dark lately.”  You tipped your head back and ran your fingertips along the short dark hairs around his ears.  He tipped his head into your hand and closed his eyes.  You tugged playfully at his earlobe and smiled.  “No, I like it this way.  You look handsome.”  Niall lifted his arm up and tucked you into his chest, pressing a kiss to your hair.

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Post a bit of a work in progress you've got going? Miss your writing!!

oh godddd- well, you asked for it.

this is the start of my Narry!epilepsy fic. ask box is open ☺️

From the moment Niall opened his eyes this morning, he knew something was off. He’s feeling off kilter, a buoy loose in a stormy sea. He’s just not quite right, and he’s sick of this already. He sits up, trying to not disturb Harry, and goes to his medbox. Harry sets out his med boxes for weeks at a time, so Niall doesn’t have to think about what he’s taking as he pops open the ‘Tuesday AM’ box. It’s a pattern that’s familiar to him. Wake up, take meds, live life, sing a bit, take some more meds, go to bed. Rinse, cycle, repeat.

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Hii what niall blogs do you recommend I follow?

hiiii ohhh i wish i had a blogroll rn! here are some of my mutuals: 

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and then some update accounts: @chonce @nhupdates @niallhgifs @dailyniall

hope this helps :) 

What year is it?:  A guide for the One Direction Fandom
  • 2010: Bad clothing, bad hair, bad decisions
  • 2011: Twink!Louis, fluffy Harry, crooked teeth Niall
  • 2012: Zayn had that blond streak and Liam had no hair, lots of coordinated outfits and more bad decisions
  • 2013: They all had quiffs
  • 2014: Zayn had like 20 hair styles and Harry looked like Mick Jagger
  • 2015: YSL, Gucci, Topman, long hair don't care, the skinniest of skinny jeans and Zayn still has 20 different hair styles what the fuck
Night in

Anonymous asked:  Are you taking imagine requests? If so, could write a Niall one where your like his long time girlfriend and you your with him while he’s performing at Jingle Ball as solo artist. You both love animals and catch up on planet earth together. It’s just cute and funny. If not that’s okay. ❤️ I just love that Niall watches planet earth and I find it to be the cutest thing ever. It just makes me happy. I really love Niall. ❤️

Word Count: 1143

A/M: This kind of turned into, what I imagine would be a typical night in with Niall lol. I hope it was good anyway:) 


You watched from the sidelines, backstage as he performed his song again to a crowd of excited fans at his return to the stage.
They seemed to calm as they let him sing his heart out and let his sweet voice fill the area as he savoured every single second of it.

“I’m sorry that I only have one song guys. I promise that I’ll have more songs in the new year. I’ll see you then!” He said with a smile as the crowd cheered and applauded as he walked off stage.

With a smile on his face he put his guitar away as the crew and friends greeted him backstage.

“Good show again Niall.” You heard one say.

He chuckled, “Yeah, thanks man.”

As people quickly moved on from congratulating him and on to the next act on stage, you stood directly in his line of sight waiting for him to see you.

It was after he picked up his guitar case and threw it around his shoulder he did, and a bigger smile appeared on his face.

You giggled and ran over to him and gave him a big hug, and he held you close.

“How did I do?” He asked.

Not completely letting him go you looked at him and responded, “Amazing as always.” You giggled.

“That’s good. Wouldn’t want my biggest judge to think I sucked.”

“/I’m/ your biggest judge?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“I just wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

You felt your heart go soft, “You could never disappoint me Niall.”

You saw him look away shyly, and you put both your hands around his face, “Hey. If anything I’m your number one fan. You know that right?”

A smile grew on his face, “Yeah. I know that.”

You smiled and gave him a quick kiss to his lips. “Let’s go Niall.” And you both walked away hand in hand.

— Three hours later —

You were back in a hotel room, sitting in bed with your legs under the covers and looking through your media feeds while Niall finished brushing his teeth.

As you were scrolling through, you heard something that made your ears perk up.
With the familiar documentary on screen, you saw a clip of a lizard and a group of snakes and as the chase began you felt your heart start to race.

“Holy shit!”

“What? What happened?” What did I miss?“ Niall asked as he came out of the bathroom. As his eyes scanned the screen he quickly put the two pieces together.

"Oh my god.” He said with astonishment as he sat at the end of the bed, the both of you staring at the screen watching the chase go on and cringe at the sight of so many snakes.

Once the scene ended Niall looked to you, “That was crazy.”

You looked back, a look of shock still on your face, “You’re telling me.”

The narration went on as it switched to the next scene, and as he always did, he did his own impersonation of the narration. 

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our troubles will be miles away

[So, this was supposed to be finished in time for Christmas, but I am often trash and don’t ever get anything done on time.  This piece could have gone in the drabbles, but instead I’ve written it as a little companion to Nothing I’m Running From, the Niall installment of my plus size pieces.  It’s not so much Christmas themed as it just takes place on Christmas… Anyhow, hope you’ll all enjoy!  Drop me a message if you do! - Tabby]

Christmas Eve, eve. 12PM, local time.

“Oh, just got word from your Uncle Ben, darling, he and your cousin will be here tomorrow night through Christmas morning.”

You nearly choke on your gum, where you’re sitting at the kitchen table, using the broad surface to roll out cookie dough and press Christmas shaped cookie cutters into it. Head jerking up as you cough the chewy substance back into the front of your mouth, you splutter.

“What? Alexis?” You groan, so unhappy you actually have to spit your gum out into a napkin and toss it, washing your hands in the kitchen sink before you settle back at the table.

Your mother gives you a strange look over her shoulder, where she’s preparing the filling for one of her family-famous, mouthwatering pies. “What’s wrong with Alexis?” she asks, but you think she should already know.

“Nothing,” you mumble instead. And therein lies the problem.

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Harry Styles is easily the most popular boy in school.

He’s got it all– the athleticism, the smarts, the money, and, of course, the looks. Beyond that, Harry Styles is also extremely, almost unorthodoxly kind. Due to this, it’s obvious that he gets a lot of attention, from girls especially.

Unfortunately for them, the boy never seemed to receive their affections, let alone return any of them. But, that didn’t stop them from trying.

“So, Harry, what do you think?” Emily, a cute blonde girl from his biology II class asks, subtly dragging a finger down one of his biceps.

Harry’s eyes jerk away from where he was previously staring (quite blatantly ignoring the poor girl next to him), stumbling over his words a minute before he shakes his head, confused. “Um, sorry, what?” He mumbles his usual deep drawl, causing the the girl to pause, seemingly dazzled as Harry looked her in the eyes.

“Uh– Um… I was just- just asking if you would want to see a movie on Saturday? Or we could get dinner? Or anything… at all…” She offered nervously, now that Harry’s attention was on her. Well, or so she thought.

Harry glanced her over and smiled blindingly, a smile complete with sparkles and all that other cliche shit that had Emily one hundred percent positive that he was going to said yes. Until–

“Sorry, Emily, but I’m busy on Saturday. Maybe some other time we can all go to the movies, as a group, yeah guys?” Harry says, loud enough for the entire lunch table of cheerleaders and jocks alike to hear. There are mumbles of agreement, and Harry nods, forgetting about the disappointed girl next to him and training his eyes once more on the boy across the room. 

He looked beautiful, as always, blonde hair tufted around a flower crown as he was curled around a sketchbook. His hand delicately gripped around a charcoal pencil, tongue poking out of his mouth ever so slightly as he drew an unknown something that Harry would kill to see. 

His name is Niall and he is perfect. 

“Creeping on blondie again, I see?” Liam comments jokingly just as the bell rings, signaling the end of lunch. Harry grins, shrugging rather than denying it. Liam and Louis knew all too well about the slight obsession he had over the artist. 

Suddenly, Louis pops in next to them muttering, “Uh oh, don’t look to your left, Harry.” 

Of course, Harry looks, rolling his eyes and gritting his teeth uncharacteristically. Niall was just ahead of them, which, under normal circumstances, would be amazing, but thanks to the boy next to the blonde’s side, the sight only made Harry angry. 

A nice looking, tan guy was walking with Niall, an arm over the shorter boy’s shoulder, making the blonde giggle uncontrollably as they walk into the art room together. 

Harry’s eyes are narrowed and his mood is completely destroyed after that episode. His friends seem to notice his terrible mood change as they go to their next class, because now Louis wears a guilty look on his face while Liam simply looks sympathetic. Harry goes through his next class with a grumpy attitude and jealous thoughts running through his head. Louis, once again, springs up next to Harry with light eyes. 

“Harry, no need to fear anymore, because I have an idea.” 

* * * *

Contrary to the usual, Louis’ idea proves to be genius. 

Harry decides to make his move at the end of the day. Niall is sitting in his usual spot, sitting on a quilted blanket against a big tree near the edge of the parking lot. He’s sitting with his little dark haired friend, but that doesn’t deter Harry. He walks straight up to the tree, confidence filling him all until he actually stops and Niall looks at him. 


Blue eyes that he had always admired from afar, never looking anywhere near him until now. 

Now, he could see the dark blue ring that circled around the endless stream of light, light blue and he could see the flecks of dark brown in his hair and he could see the freckles splaying across his neck and collarbone and Harry was in love. 

Niall coughs a bit awkwardly, still smiling up at Harry, but looking uncomfortable– probably because Harry’s been staring at him for a solid minute an a half without saying anything. “Hi, I’m Harry.” Harry blurts unceremoniously, and Niall’s smile grows. 

“I know your name.” He says and Harry’s surprised he hasn’t fainted yet. 

“I know yours too.” He sighs, completely lovesick already, “I mean– sorry, that was creepy– uh. Hey Niall.” He stutters and he has never felt this utterly useless and embarrassed in his entire life. 

Niall looks like he’s about to die of laughter whilst his tanned friend looks so unimpressed and it conveys exactly how Harry feels on the inside. 

“Do you need something Harry?” Niall asks kindly, tucking a stray hair back into its place under his crown of lilacs and Harry nods absently. 

He’s nodding for too long though, because there are about six more beats as he stares back at the pools of blue in front of him before the brunette jumps to respond.  “Um, yes, yes. I was wondering if you could maybe- uh, give me drawing lessons sometime?” Harry asks timidly, feeling like one of those girls that is constantly asking him for things similar to this. 

Niall looks surprised, and Harry’s heart sinks as he shakes his head. “I’m flattered Harry, but really, Zayn is a way better artist than me. You’d be better off getting lessons from him.” He deflects, giving Harry a small smile despite the green eyed boy’s devastated look. Harry simply looks over to the dark skinned boy, presumably Zayn, who has an aloof yet somewhat pitying look on his face. 

“Shut up Niall.” The boy slurs, his accent nearly unrecognizable to Harry. “I don’t have the time anyway.” He says, giving Harry a look that screams, ‘you’re welcome.

Niall tilts his head at Zayn, obviously confused but he shrugs. “I don’t really know how to teach, but I could try and help you, of course, Harry.” He responds in his adorable irish lit, smiling at Harry with all of his perfectly straightened teeth. (Harry remembers when those teeth were crooked as all hell– back when Harry’s hair was nothing but an uncontrollable, curly-mop version of Justin Beiber’s iconic swoop) 

“Great.” Harry squeaks, unable to contain his excitement. “So when can we start, do you think? I’m free, like, always.” He rambles and Niall bites the inside of his cheek thoughtfully. 

“Well, I think you probably have practice with the rest of the football team on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays… so we could do it on Fridays?” Niall reminds, making Harry mentally face-palm as he nods. 

“Sounds perfect. Does that mean we can start this Friday?” Harry practically begs with his eyes, crossing his fingers behind his back subtly and physically restraining himself from freaking out when Niall agrees. 

Harry hesitates before sprinting down to his car and completely flipping out, “So, I should probably get your number, yeah?” He suggests, trying not to squeal as his fingers brush against the blonde’s as they exchange phones. 

He walks away from the pair under the tree feeling more content than he had ever felt in his entire life. Zayn had shaken his head, looking surprised and confused at how Harry had even made it. To be perfectly honest, Harry was unsure of how he did it as well. 

Long story short, once Harry tells Liam and Louis of his success, there’s a lot of celebration that occurs. 

* * * *

When Friday finally rolls around, Harry’s practically buzzing with excitement. Since Zayn usually drives Niall, they planned that Harry would just take him home from school and there was nothing that could ruin his day at this point. 

“Maybe you should sit with him.” Liam suggests as he catches Harry staring at the blonde once more throughout their lunch period. 

“Would that be weird, though?” Harry wonders nervously. “I don’t want to freak him out.” He mumbles, recalling the whole ‘creepy-i-know-your-name’ thing he had already said to the blonde. 

Liam rolls his eyes. “No, Harry, just go talk to him about later today, maybe look at what he’s drawing.” 

“I can’t do that!” Harry whisper-shouts, tugging on his hair nervously. 

“Why the hell not?” Liam asks incredulously. 

And Harry just bangs his head against the table miserably. “What if he thinks I’m a weirdo who’s obsessed with him??” 

“You are a werido who’s obsessed with him, yeah? So go.” Liam chastises, pushing Harry off of the bench and forcing the green eyed boy over in Niall’s direction. 

Harry’s about to scramble up and tell Liam off, but, “Oh, god, Harry, are you okay?” A sweet, angelic voice asks nervously. 

Harry looks up from his shameful place on the floor to see Niall peering down at him from behind his usual, huge sketchbook. “Oh- um.” He balks, standing to his full height so quickly he feels a bit dizzy. “Yep. I’m great.” He saves smoothly, chuckling awkwardly. “I was just… looking for something.” 

Niall giggles cutely from behind a hand. “Alright, sure, Harry. I’ll meet you at your car at the end of the day, yeah?” 

Harry nods, once again stunned, absolutely struck by the surge of feelings that overcome whenever he hears that light chuckle come from the blonde. 

Niall brushes past him and Harry feels like one of those cartoon characters that has little hearts floating around his head as he floats back to his table, where Louis and Liam are eyeing him knowingly, smug looks on their faces. 

“So, I assume it went well?” Louis chides, and Harry can’t even bother to laugh when Liam smacks him across the head. 

* * * *

“What’s that, a turtle?” Niall asks curiously as he peers over Harry’s paper. 

The pair are sitting in Harry’s bedroom, sprawled across Harry’s carpeted floors along with their colored pencils and discarded papers. 

Harry’s ears burn red, looking down at his blurred and busted looking drawing that was supposed to depict the beautiful boy sitting next to him. 

“No.” Harry pouts, putting the pencil down and looking at Niall with faux-hurt eyes. 

Niall seems to take him seriously apparently though, because he immediately looks guilty, pulling Harry’s shoulder and head against his chest and apologizing profusely. “I’m sorry, Harry, I was just kidding. It doesn’t look like a turtle at all. Who is it going to turn out to be, though?” Niall asks and well, at least it somewhat looks like a human.

Harry sighs contently from his spot against Niall’s chest, subconsciously nuzzling into his hold before the blonde lets him go, forcing the brunette into reluctantly opening his eyes. “That’s a secret.” He teases.

Now it’s Niall’s turn to pout dramatically, whining unhappily. The two sit in a bit more silence, Niall humming and occasionally helping Harry on how to hold his pencils (did Harry ever mention how soft Niall’s hands were?). 

“It’s so quiet at your house.” Niall comments vaguely after an hour or so, and Harry grins. 

“Yeah, I guess so. My sister’s off at college and my parents both work, so…” The green eyed boy shrugs, wondering what Niall’s getting at. “Do you have younger siblings or something?” He asks with a confused grin, because he thought for sure he knew everything about the blonde– okay that was creepy again, forget that. 

Niall shakes his head, dragging a hand through his perfectly styled hair with a shake of the head and going back to his work. 

It leaves Harry confused and maybe a bit worried as well, but he ignores it anyway, not wanting to make his and Niall’s first date– sorry, hangout– awkward. 

* * * *

Three weeks into his and Niall’s hangouts Harry finds out why Niall thinks that his house if quiet. 

They had decided to go to Niall’s house this friday instead of Harry’s since the brunette had never been. Anyway, the two had become quite good friends and after Harry’s mom had met and completely fallen in love with Niall, the blonde said that he wanted Harry to meet his mom.

And come on, you think Harry would say no?

Excited to meet his future mother-in-law, Harry enters the house ready to charm the living hell out of Niall’s parents, but the two walk around the house to find it completely empty. “Huh.” Niall says, obviously confused. “They said they’d be home to meet you, maybe they’re just late or something.” He shrugs, brushing it off but looking a small bit hurt. 

Harry hates that look.

Instead of saying anything about his parents, Harry focuses on making Niall smile again, allowing the blonde to show him around the nice house as he makes stupid knock knock jokes that make zero sense. They’re laughing together, walking into Niall’s room when they hear the door slam shut. 

Harry flinches and latches onto Niall as the smaller boy jumps in surprise as two, verbose voices come in, yelling bloody murder. 

Harry can’t make out the exact words but it certainly doesn’t sound like a friendly banter going on down on the lower floor. “Uh,” Harry begins, but is cut off by Niall’s blank look. 

“I’m really sorry, Harry, they said they wouldn’t fight today.” Niall says, looking apologetic but none too worried about the malevolent sounding voices coming from downstairs. Harry tries his best not to look completely affronted. 

“I-is that your parents?” He asks, confused. 

Niall nods simply, pulling out his own drawing things and Harry begins to do the same, trying his absolute hardest not to flinch every time another yell rang out through the hollow house. 

After about thirty minutes of complete silence between the boys and complete– the opposite of silence– between the other two in the house, it all suddenly stops. Harry’s ears perk up after a solid minute of silence and he looks to Niall, who looks a bit confused as well. After a few minutes of the same silence, the door to Niall’s door creaks open. 

Harry instantly sits up right, ready for anything. Niall lazily sits up next to Harry, scrunching up his nose as his parents walk in.

His parents look normal. They’re kind-looking and Harry couldn’t imagine them being the terrible voices that he was just hearing. The parents look just about as surprised about Harry’s presence as he does theirs. Realization dawns on the woman and immediately an embarrassed and somewhat shameful look crosses her face. “Oh, Niall, I’m so sorry, we forgot you had a friend over today, I’m so sorry you heard all that, dear.” The woman directs towards Harry, who stands, brushing himself off a bit and lending her his hand to shake. 

“Not a problem at all, ma’am, barely even heard anything.” He lies blatantly, and it hangs there as the woman gives him a watery smile, pulling the tall boy into a hug. 

“You can call me, Maura, love.” She replies and Harry shakes the hand of the man next to him, who looks equally as kind and embarrassed as Maura does. 

“Bobby.” He introduces. 

Harry smiles. “I’m Harry, Niall and I are good friends.” He says quickly, not trying to dwindle too long on the whole ‘friend’ subject. 

There’s an awkward silence in the air for a minute as Harry steps back near Niall, who shifts on his toes. “So… did you need something?” He asks nervously, and the two in the door look at each other in hesitation, instantly backing away. 

“No, no, Niall. You and Harry have fun, we can talk later.” 

This situation feels familiar. It feels familiar to Harry in a way that makes his throat close up in anxiety for his.. for his Niall, and he shakes his head. Unaware of the situation, but feeling his heart sink he squeezes Niall’s hand. “I was actually just about to go. Call me, Niall, okay?” Harry asks, looking into the eyes he loved and mentally breaking down as he sees the confused, scared look in the blonde’s eyes as he nods. 

Harry slips past Bobby and Maura with a sorrowful look on his face and he leaves the house, hoping to the heavens that this won’t turn out like he thinks it might.

* * * *

It turns out like Harry thought it might 

And his heart breaks as he hears Niall blubbering over the phone later that same night, asking Harry to come pick him up from some part of town that Harry’s barely every heard of. 

He’s there within five minutes anyway, traffic lights be damned, his Niall was alone and crying and– “They’re getting a d-divorce Harry.. I-I don’t get it.” 

Harry doesn’t know how to respond. He doesn’t, in fact. He gets out of the car and carries Niall up to his bedroom. It’s past midnight at this point, and Harry can only hope that Niall’s parents know he’s safe. 

Harry digs through his drawer, throwing his warmest sweater and beanie at Niall’s shivering form, and closes his eyes, and walks out of the room as the boy changes, because he doesn’t trust himself at this point. 

Once he’s closed the door, he jumps, nearly screaming out loud as he sees his mother staring at him. “Harry Edward Styles.” She begins, but Harry shakes his head frantically, holding a finger up to his lips. 

“Mom please.” He begs, “You can be mad at me later but right now, I- Niall’s here.” He admits, gesturing towards his room. His mother has a confused, still angry look on her face so Harry continues. “Mom– promise not to be– just… His parents are getting a divorce and they just told him today.” He says and watches as his mother’s face breaks into one of concern and empathy instantly. Still not completely sated, Harry continues, “–and he called me to pick him up from some sketchy park and he’s bawling his eyes out and freezing and, mom–” 

His mother cuts him off, sighing. “Oh, Harry. It’s alright. Take care of him, yeah? Just make sure his parents know he’s safe, okay?” She clarifies, and Harry nods. She gives him a sad look, kissing his cheek and walking off, “I’m proud of you darling, you’re a good friend.”

Harry’s smile disapears at that one word. He pouts quite dramatically and rolls his eyes at his stupid, frustrations before returning to the real injured person at hand.

Niall’s shaking form is rested in his bed now and Harry sighs, pulling off his jeans and his shirt and getting into the bed. Niall’s still sniffling and little tears are continuously leaking out from the corners of his eyes as Harry cuddles up to him under his duvet cover, but they seem to be subsiding, at least. 

“I know it’s hard to believe people when they say I know how you feel. But I do, I know how you feel.” Harry whispers hesitantly and Niall’s eyes stay sad and confused. 

“But… I’ve met your mom and dad?” 

Harry shakes his head. “My step dad. And yeah, they pretty much never fight, them two. But you put my mom and my actual father in the same room for more than ten minutes, and you’ll have started World War III.” The green eyed boy stops to admire the blonde chuckling lightly with his eyes crinkled up. 

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” Niall accuses and I nod. 

“Well, of course I am. All I want is for you to feel better.” Harry kisses Niall’s temple chastely. “But I’m also saying it because it’s true.”

Niall smiles up at Harry in content. “I’m really glad you asked me for drawing lessons. I’m really, really glad.” Niall murmurs, tracing his finger along one of the swallows gliding up my chest. 

The bigger boy gulps lightly, closing his eyes, the happiest he’s ever been. “Me too.” Harry whispers before the pair both drift off into oblivion. 

* * * *

Niall and Harry wake up late the next afternoon. Harry’s mum has made them pancakes with lots of whipped cream and chocolate chips and she hugs Niall so tightly it makes him cry again and then Niall has to go home. Harry and his mum both remind the blonde, several times, that he can always come back to stay here if it ever becomes too much at home, and Niall hugs them both in appreciation. Harry won’t pretend to not notice the way Niall clung to him tighter than usual, kissed his cheek a bit more passionately than usual.

Harry waits, leans against the car and watches as Niall makes it up the stairs and into his house without any trouble. Harry sighs heavily.

God, he was in love. 

* * * *

From: Ni <3
My dad is moving back to Ireland.

To: Ni <3
Ni, I’m so sorry

To: Ni <3
Do you want me to come over?

To: Ni <3
I’m always here if you want to talk, love

* * * *

After that, Harry doesn’t see Niall for five days.

* * * *

“Harry? What’re you doing here?” Niall asks, looking adorable in the sweater and beanie of Harry’s that he was wearing when he left Harry’s six days ago.

“I was just– I was worried. I am worried. I haven’t seen you.” Harry sputters. 

Niall grins, “Silly, I’ve just been trying to feel better. You don’t need to worry.” Niall tries to defend himself, looking a bit guilty nonetheless. 

Harry nods, “I know, I know, I just…” His heart pounds against his chest as anxiety and nerves overcome him and ‘holy shit am i about to tell him?

“What is it, Harry?” Niall asks, looking scared. “Has anything happened?”

Harry pushes his hair back nervously as he begins, “Niall, I don’t care about drawing.” He says out of the blue, watching Niall’s nervousness turn into confusion. “I don’t care about drawing but I care about you. I care about you so much, it’s ridiculous. I cared about you in the ninth grade, when you had braces and I had acne. I cared about you when your brother went off to college and you would cry every time someone at school mentioned him because you missed him so much. And I care about you now. Now that both of our parents are divorced and we’re both feeling broken and lonely. Except now– now, you’re not just this beautiful enigma that my mind has completely over-anaylized and obsessed over for years. Now, I know you. I know your favorite colors and flowers and I know what you love and what you hate. All I want to do is make you laugh and kill everything that makes you cry. I know that you’re sad and messed up right now, but you know that I’ve been through this exact same thing before, so let me be here. Let me care– fuck it, Niall– let me love you, okay? I love you, okay?” Harry rants, breathing out heavily and watching the white smoke trail behind his words as they heat the freezing air. Niall doesn’t look too surprised, but then again, who would? Anyone who didn’t see Harry’s blatant love for Niall was either blind or stupid.

That doesn’t stop the tears from gathering in the blonde’s eyes as Harry’s words wash over him. He chuckles wetly as he wipes his eyes with the long sleeves of the sweater. “I guess I love you too.” He says lowly and Harry had a hunch, had a feeling that maybe Niall felt the same but hearing the words feels so much more real, so much more exhilarating. 

The brunette breathes out heavily, taking a slow, hesitant step forward. Heart burning inside, safe from the freezing cold snow that was still billowing around the pair; feelings tingling on his palm as he steps forward on finicky feet, Harry feels like he’s dreaming. 

Then he makes it to his boy, their shoes are toe-to-toe. Large arms encasing Niall’s lower back and slimmer arms lopping over Harry’s neck. Their noses are rubbing in a never-ending eskimo kiss whilst they both breathe in each other’s warm chuckles of “finally.”

“I’ve been waiting a long time to do this.” Harry whispers, voice low and raspy as he leans closer. 

Their lips touch for a split second, testing the waters before  Harry pulls Niall’s waist in towards his own body, allowing himself to be molded against the blonde’s stature. The irish one up on his tip-toes in delight, looking as if he was ready to jump off the floor and into Harry’s arms. The brunette doesn’t waste any time, maneuvering the couple through the door and into the warmth of the entry room. Their somewhat chaste, vanilla-style kiss, comes to an end as they pull away for breath. Niall’s giggling, per the usual, and Harry’s never felt so alive in his life. 

“I love you.” Harry mumbles as they sit on the couch together, legs across each other’s laps. “I love you, I love you.” He says, pulling Niall close by the collar of his own sweater, passion eating at his words as they easily stream from his mouth. Effortless, seamless, but true nevertheless. 

Niall’s eyes are shining, but unlike the last time Harry saw him, they’re with happiness rather than pain. “I love you.” He responds simplistically, tugging on Harry’s shorter hair. “You’re kind and you’re thoughtful and you’re hot and I love you.” He responds honestly, shrugging as Harry laughs.  

“Oh! I brought you something.” Harry says excitedly. “Just in case my speech didn’t convince you fully.”

Niall sits up straighter, “Oh yeah?”

Harry pulls out the piece of paper from deep inside his coat pocket, grinning in pride as he unveils the present. “Ta-da!” He sings excitedly. 

Niall is silent for a moment before bursting out into harsh, loud, cackles. Harry grins along with him, but is mostly completely enamored in watching his boy laugh like there was no tomorrow. “Is that…?” Niall wheezes. 

“The first picture I ever drew with you, yes!” Harry confirms, kissing both of Niall’s cheeks as they are both as red as tomatoes. 

“Please don’t tell me…”

“It’s you! You’re welcome!” Harry grins widely, looking down proudly at the shaded disaster of misshapen eyes, uneven jaw lines and disproportionate-everything else. 

Niall laughs again, letting his head fall gracefully onto Harry’s awaiting shoulder. “Thank you so much, Hazza. I love it.” He vocalizes. “I love you.”

Harry’s eyes crinkle in delight. “I love you more,” He challenges. 

Niall laughs loudly again, clapping his hands together with enthusiasm, “Oh god, we’re going to be that couple, aren’t we?”

Harry nods in absolute acceptance. “Of course, darling.”

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I saw we only had a little more time for requests 😱 So I think Niall loves having people over for dinner and such... howabout if he and his girlfriend/wife threw a New Year's Eve party. Either Fluffy with the Midnight kiss or smutty like they are so overwhelmed watching the other they sneak off to bring the year in with a bang

Auld Lang Syne

When Niall first suggested renting an apartment in New York you were skeptical.  He was scheduled to perform and you didn’t see the point in an entire apartment. Why not just get a hotel?  It seemed like a lot of work for one night.  “Nah love! It’ll be fun!  Just a few friends over for drinks and some food after I sing.  We’ll watch the ball drop and that’ll be it.  What d’ya say?”  He wound his arms around your waist and pressed a kiss into the soft skin of your neck.  The soft suckling of his lips on your neck wore away any reservations you had and you caved.  “Mmmm, ok fine.  You win.”  Niall squeezed you close and reached down to slap your ass.  “I’ll take care of everything.  Promise.”

The apartment Niall’s record company set up for him was amazing, even by pop star standards. There were floor to ceiling windows across the living room and into the bedroom, giving you a bird’s eye view of the city skyline. “Niall this is amazing!” Niall stopped rummaging in his suitcase and walked over to where you were gazing out into Times Square. People were bustling around, setting up scaffolding and tv cameras. Niall slung his arm around your shoulder and tucked you into the crook of his arm. “View’s sick huh? Perfect spot to watch the ball drop.”

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can't tell ya, its a secret ;)

Harry pulled you closer one more time and you smiled. He pressed his lips gently into yours and your hands went automatically around his neck. Just as Harry began to deepen the kiss, Niall’s voice and the sound of feet got increasingly closer. The door began to open and you pushed Harry off of you and into the chair. Niall burst in and looked at you. “Oh hey (y/n)!” he smiled cheerfully.

“Hey Ni” you grinned pulling him into a hug, looking at the frown forming on Harry’s face over his shoulder. You gave him the warning look and pulled away from Niall.  

“I didn’t know you were coming today.” Niall replied wrapping his arm around your shoulder.

“I know,” you laughed. “I wanted to surprise Ha- you guys.” you corrected yourself feeling your face begin to burn red and Harry’s smirk get bigger. 

“(Y/N)!” Louis shouted running to you and wrapping you in a hug. 

“Hey Lou” you grinned. You had missed them all, especially Harry who, little did the others know you had been dating for over a month. “Where’s Liam?” you asked.

“Changing, he’ll be here soon don’t worry.” Louis said letting go. “Where’s Ashton?” he asked looking around.

You looked at Harry quickly then at the ground. You and Ashton had broken up almost 6 months ago but the boys thought he was still yours. “He’s uh…”

“They broke up.” Harry said getting up and walking over to you. He pulled you into a tight hug and you buried your face in his chest for a minute breathing in his sweet smell. Reluctantly the two of you pulled away, and looked around. 

“How’s the tour?” you asked changing the subject. Not that the guys wouldn’t be supportive, you just didnt want them knowing yet. Especially Liam. 

“Great!” Niall answered. “You’re staying for the show aren’t you?” 

“Yeah, of course” you grinned. “But..I think you guys ALL better start getting ready.” you said looking Harry in the eyes. You had distracted him enough already. They nodded and all walked out. You sighed and jumped on the couch..a nap would be good. 

An hour later you heard the door open but was still asleep enough that you didnt move..that is until you felt a body loom over yours. Your eyes shot open and you found yourself starring into Harry’s emerald green eyes. You grinned, “HAZ!” you shouted at him. “You scared-” you began but his lips were to yours before the sentence was finished. You sat up and cupped his face in your hands kissing him back. He sat on the couch next to you and pulled you onto his lap. Your hands tangled into his freshly hairsprayed hair. His tongue moved down your neck and bit the skin behind your ear. You moaned softly and waited for his lips to return to yours. 

“That’s gonna leave a mark.” Harry smirked before kissing you again. “Did I mention.” he kissed you again. “That I missed you soo much love?” His lips pressed harder against yours and you let out a gentle groan. You kissed him back pulling yourself closer to his chest. 

“I missed you too Haz.” you whispered into the kiss. 

“HARRY!” Liam yelled. “Harry time to go, come on!” he said pushing the door open. Harry tossed you off of his lap and stood up. 

“coming Liam.” he mumbled. Liam looked at him then at you. 


“Hey Li” you grinned walking over to him. 

He hugged you and looked at you. “what’s this on your neck?” he asked pulling your hair to the side. 

“Uh nothing,” you said hiding the hickey from Harry. 

“It’s a hickey!” Liam answered. He had always been like a big brother to you and you knew that if he found out it was Harry who gave you that mark he would kill him. 

“Its nothing..” you answered.

“No, it’s a hickey.” Harry said brushing past your shoulder and walking out the door. “Now, are you two going to argue about it or get the show started?”

You followed Harry, and grinned. “Come on Li.” He wrapped his arm around you and walked over to the guys. “Alright. I’ll be here watching.” you told them. 

“Better be.” Harry smirked. You grinned and the others watched carefully until Niall cleared the air and huddled them together. They all ran onto stage and you smiled watching them. “I forgot something be back!” Harry yelled as the music started playing. He ran to you and kissed your lips hard. “For good luck” he said smiling before returning to stage.

After the show you waited for the boys backstage. You felt wet arms wrap around your waist and lips press into your neck. “HARRY!” you screamed trying to get away from his sweaty body.

“(y/n) did you like the show?” Niall asked running over, also dripping sweat. 

“I did until this thing decided to get me all sweaty.” you said laughing as Harry clung to your waist. 

Niall grinned and then looked confused. You and Harry realized what was happening and Harry let go and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “Just so happy you’re here love.” he said with a grin. Niall looked at you then Harry and opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Liam who hugged you. 

“Ew! Liam!” you yelled. “between you and Harry I swear.” you mumbled escaping his sweaty grasp. 

“Harry?” he asked looking confused. 

“Yeah me.” Harry said defensively. Everyone noticed the tension, even Louis who had just walked up. 

“I’m gonna go shower..” you said escaping the situation.

“Me too.” Harry said following you out of the room. Once around the corner, Harry grabbed your wrist and pushed your back into the wall. He pressed his chest into yours and grinned. “Wanna join?” he asked kissing you sweetly.

“mm” you mumbled into the kiss. “I do but…”

“Yea, you have a great butt babe.” Harry said giving your bum a squeeze. You smirked and kissed him. 

“You’re all sweaty.” you laughed. 

“Yeah but you love it” Harry said gently biting your lip and tugging. 

“I love you.” you answered kissing him again. Harry smiled and slipped his hand down your shorts, squeezing your butt harder and lifting you into his arms. 

“I love you…” he mumbled as your legs wrapped around his body. He carried you into his dressing room and kicked the door shut. Without taking his lips off of yours, he turned the water on in the shower and placed you on the counter. He pulled your shirt off running his tongue up your stomach while unclipping your bra. He gently sucked each nipple and you groaned. He was about to pull off your shorts with his teeth when Niall burst into the bathroom.

“Harry mate can I borrow some soap-” he said realizing what was going on. “Oh shit.” he said backing out. Harry looked at me and at the door. 

“fuck.” he mumbled. I forgot the doors don’t lock. Niall!” Harry yelled chasing after Niall. You quickly threw on Harry’s shirt and ran out the door looking for them. Instead, you found Louis. 

“Isn’t that Harry’s shirt?” he asked looking at you.

“Umm…No?” you answered.

“I think you need to talk missy.” Louis said pulling you into the room. “whats going on?” he asked.

At that moment Harry, had naked still burst into the room with Niall. “Niall won’t tell anyone.” he said. 

“Wont tell anyone what..” Louis looked.

“That (y/n) and Harry are dating and have been.” Niall answered. “Oh shit..” he said realizing what happened. 

“I knew it!” Louis shouted. “You lied to me mate!” Louis said to Harry. “I asked you last week and you lied. Thought we were closer..” and with that Louis was gone. Niall followed Louis and you sunk back into the chair, tears forming in your eyes. You had screwed everything up. Harry sat next to you and kissed your cheek. 

“It’ll be okay love.” he said. You started crying and fell into his chest. “Shh..” Harry comforted. “We’ll figure it out…”

On its Way to Sunrise

Summary: Niall Horan is a single father who works at a shitty gas station and Harry’s the cute professor who comes in for coffee. 

Chapter 1/?


Distressed and depressed, the only thing Niall could hold on to was the constant routine of waking up at five in the morning to take the empty fifty line bus to the middle-of-nowhere-gas station he called a job. Waking up at the crack of dawn to the sound of a blaring alarm clock was a constant reminder to him that reality was setting in.

Everyday for five days a week Niall would work from five-thirty to eight in a run down petrol station with cheap gas that stunk the area around it.

This Thursday morning was no different. Waking up that morning Niall’s head was banging to sound of the alarm, fuck I shouldn’t have stayed up late yesterday, he thought to himself as he got up from bed. Rushing to turn off the alarm before it woke someone, Niall flinched as his bare feet hit the cold wooden floors.

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Jealous Frat Boys


Niall saw you across from across campus. He gives you a cocky grin and a wave. A slight blush spreads over your cheeks and you shake your head. He was such a tool—a fucking frat boy tool. But even though he was that way, you and Niall got on well.

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