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He Saves You

“Alright y/n,” Louis tipped the beer and pointed at her.

Y/N shifted in the pool as she laid on the raft. She was careful not to tip over, she couldn’t swim. The raft sunk a little and then popped up.

“What, you know if you get caught in the pool with that they’ll yell at you,” she warned.

“Shush child, that life guard is mostly interested at girls then what I drink,” Louis stated, “oi! Niall!”

Niall jumped in swimming over and holding on to the edge where Louis was setting his beer down, “hey man, hey y/n,” Niall winked at her.

Y/N opened her magazine once again, “what brings you to the eleven feet side,” Niall teased swimming over and grabbing her magazine.

“The suns over here,” Y/N grabbed it once more from his hands, “and I was hopping to stay warm.”

She flipped it over and Niall pouted, “give me some attention well you?”

“No,” Y/N laughed, she flipped a page and kept reading, “I tend to find Bruce Jenner more interesting.”

“Mate will you come get a beer with me?” Louis called lifting himself up and out of the water.

Niall patted her raft and turned following Louis. Y/N panicked turning, “you can’t leave me here!” She said sitting and the ends of the raft popped up.

“Just stay still. Lay down again,” Niall called, “relax. It’s just five minutes.”

Y/N struggled hitting the sides of the pink raft and she shrieked as she felt herself flip over. She slide down and she started flapping her arms widely. She kicked and kicked until she felt a pair of strong arms around her waist pulling her up. Y/N wrapped her arms around the hero and started coughing widely.

“Hey. Hey shhh it’s okay I’ve got you,” The deep voice assured as he took her to the two feet and then sat her down.

Y/N clutched her chest as she coughed, “it’s alright,” he patted her back.

Y/N looked up meeting his green eyes, “you okay? I’m Harry,” he said, “the lifeguard.”

His hair was wet and matted against his face, he ran his hands through it pushing it back, “thank you,” y/n coughed out, “I’m y/n.”

“Holy shit y/n,” Louis set down his drink, “we told you to sit still. Uh shit. Don’t tell mum and dad. They’ll kill me.”

Y/N rolled her eyes and Harry helped her up, “I think-I’m just going to-I’m going up to my room.”

“Come on, I’ll help you, my shifts over,” Harry smiled.

Y/N blushed as he handed her a towel, “thanks.”

“No problem, it’s my honor,” he gave her a small smile and slipped on his life guard jacket waving to the girl who was now in his seat.

“My head hurts. Is that normal?” She asked him.

Harry nodded at her and they set out walking, “I know this is pushing it. But maybe we could go for dinner.”

“Well you did just save my life,” y/n laughed nudging him, “I would like that Harry.”

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CIP- everyone is hanging around the pool but only Niall and David are swimming. Georgiana has been watching Niall's every move behind her sunnies. The water droplets rolling down his back mesmerize her. She is drawn out of her trance when a random girl & her mate approach Niall & David & challenge them to a game of chicken. After watching the game go down Georgiana is hot & bothered but not from the sun. She soon is in the water too but later blames it on competitiveness & not jealousy.

Georgina isn’t a big water person. She will swim and soak in the pool but she’s not about the pool games. She never has been.

When Jamie suggests a lazy day by the pool so everyone can recover from the night before, Georgina is all about it. She puts on her suit, grabs the tanning oil and plops down on a lounger beside Brittany and the others girls.

Around two, Jamie decides to head to the shop down the street to get some food to BBQ. David tries to start up a cannonball contest but the only contestants are him and Niall. The contest lasts a total of five minutes because Dave decides he’s going to try to get Britt wet. Jenna and Mags chew him out for getting them wet in the process. Britt gives the boys a look and they know they need to find something else to do.

They start goofing around in the pool and it catches Georgina’s eye. Dave’s got Niall on a headlock and playful jests are flying the the Irishman’s mouth. She slowly scans his body from beneath her sunnies and she’s impressed with what she sees. Niall wasn’t the little scrawny baby she met four years prior. He’s filled out. From the hair on his chest and the muscle mass he has put on, she can’t even believe this is the same boy she met. His hair was slicked back and he look really good. Like really good.

Georgina wants to blame it on her hangover. He wasn’t that fit. She was just delusion from all the alcohol from the night before. But as he lifts himself out of the pool and the water droplets dance down his muscular back she starts to think otherwise.

He sits on the edge of the pool and messes with his hair. The mid-afternoon sun is playing tricks on her mind because he’s never looked as hot as he did just then.

Georgina watches as Niall carries on a conversation with Dave about something she could care less about. He glanced her way briefly and she feels like she’s going to pass out. Her stomach gets all funny and her core starts to burn.

If Niall asked her to go back to his room at that very moment, she would say yes in a heartbeat. She hasn’t had any action in a long time. Seeing him sitting on the the side of the pool was reminiscent of her time watching the swimmers for Team GB at the London Olympics. Wet fit men were a definite turn on.

“Fergie?” Dave asks pulling her out of her sex-fueled haze.

“What?” She croaks acting as if she wasn’t just checking his best friend out.

“Wanna play chicken wit us?” Dave asks trying to make their game sound appealing.

“Play what?” She asks not getting what game he was referring to.

“Chicken. You know the one where you get on each other’s shoulders and wrestle to the water.” He explains. “You n Britt versus me and Nialler.”

She shakes her head. “No thanks.”

“Why?” Dave swims towards her.

“I don’t do pool games.” She shrugs.

“C'mon it’ll be fun.” Dave turns to Brittany. “Babe you’ll play won’t ya?”

Brittany shakes her head.

“Please. You can be on my team. Ni can have Fergie.” Dave suggests.

Georgina’s eyes go wide. She can’t even imagine what that would be like. She knows if her legs were wrapped around any part of his body, Niall would explode.

“I would squash Horan.” Georgina says.

“Oi Fergs I’m not that weak.” Niall takes offense to her statement.

“Debatable.” She smirks making him blush.

Just then a group of people walk into the backyard. Jamie and Keith have bags of food in their hands while three random girls and one random guy follow right behind them.

“Who the fuck are they?” Mags whispers making the other girls snicker.

“Keith’s latest prey probably.” Georgina mumbles under her breath.

As soon as they get closer, one of the girls notices Niall. Her eyes light up and the four women lounging on the chairs across from him take notice.

Over the years, Georgina, Brittany, Mags, and Jenna have all grown protective of Niall. He’s too nice and too endearing and that sometimes led to the wrong type of people trying to befriend him. When anyone new, especially when it was a woman, came along everyone was on edge.

The newcomers immediately get into the pool while Keith and Jamie start cooking. Two of the girls agree to a game of Chicken with the boys. The fun lasts a few rounds before boredom sets in.

Then it happens. Two of the girls move closer to Dave and Niall. One girl rests her hand on Dave’s shoulder and the other flirtatiously nudges Niall. Britt turns to Georgina and gives her a what the fuck is this look. Mags and Jenna slowly start to get out of their chairs. They walk over and hang their feet over the side of the pool as a scare tactic.

It doesn’t work.

The girls keep at it. They are flirting and touching the boys in a way that is making them uncomfortable.

Georgina has no claim on Niall but she knows he doesn’t deserve what he’s going through. She nudges her best friend and nods towards the pool.

Brittany and Georgina get in and wade over to where the boys were standing. Niall notices their presence and subconsciously moves closer to them. Dave tries to do the same but is trapped by the woman attempting to get in his pants.

He looks over the girl at Brittany, “Babes I think I need more sun cream. Can you help me?”

With that being said, the girl looks over at Brittany and realizes her game is over.

The woman after Niall is relentless. Georgina’s presence means nothing. Thinking on her feet, she has an idea.

“Ni?” Georgina asks.

Niall’s head whips around to look at her.

“Can you come see if there’s something in me eye?” She says closing an eye dramatically.

Without a word, Niall wades over to her. He moves in close placing one of his hands on her cheek. She opens her eye allowing him to look at it.

“You okay?” She whispers softly.

“Um now I am.” He whispers back staring into her eyes.

“She’s going to keep flirting with you.” Georgina says.

“I know.” He sighs. “That’s why I tried to move towards you and Britt. Thought she’d get the hint.”

“Dave could have stuck his tongue down Britt’s throat and they’d still try to flirt with him.” Georgina says quietly. “You two are hot dishes and they are starving.”

Niall strokes her cheek gently as his lips curl up into a tiny smirk. “You jealous Fergs?”

“No.” Georgina blushes.

He know she’s lying but he doesn’t press the matter. He’s content with how close they are and he’s afraid if he says something she’ll move away.

“None of us girls want a repeat of Lacey from Sushi Town.” She says softly.

His faces grows warm as he remembers the incident vividly. He had politely answered the question of a girl named Lacey and she took it as an invitation to spend the rest of the night with him. He tried to shake her at the club afterward but she was determined.

“Got an idea.” He mumbles. “Don’t ask questions just follow me.”

Georgina nods as he pull his hand away from her face. A tingling sensation forms at the spot where their skin touched. Niall slyly slips his hand into hers and heads to the steps at the shallow end of the pool.

Georgina entire body catches fire. She doesn’t know what he’s doing but she knows what it’s going to look like. The pair of blondes exit the pool and walk toward the house.

“Mags, you got those eye drops still?” Niall calls over his shoulder. “This one’s got something in her eye.”

“Yeah in me bag.” Mags answers knowing exactly what he meant. She had played the pretend girlfriend for him plenty of times.

“Condoms are in mine just in case.” Jamie shouts from the grill making everyone laugh.

By the time they get inside, the two of them are laughing. Georgina looks at him to make sure he’s okay.

He is.

His eyes are shining and a very happy smile is plastered on his face. He looks out the window to check on the situation at the pool. The girl who had been on the prowl was now taking her chances with Keith, which is probably what she came to do. Niall’s celebrity status was just a distraction.

“You know if you would have just been my partner for Chicken, she would have gotten the hint to back off.” He teases.

“You really think you could have handled my legs wrapped around your neck?” She shoots back making him blush.

Niall just leans in and places a kiss on her cheek.

“You win this round Ferguson.”

Banana Hammock

It’s an uncommonly hot day in England, and Niall is pretty sure he’s going to die of heat stroke. He’s tried taking a cold shower and standing in front of his open freezer, but nothing is really helping him stay cooled off. 

His phone dings with a new text and he opens it to see a message from Louis asking him if he wants to go to the local pool. Niall almost weeps with relief. The pool! Why hadn’t he thought of that? He texts back an affirmative, puts his swimming shorts on and a tank top, and makes the short drive to the building. 

Louis is waiting for him by the entrance and says, “I’d hug you but it’s too fucking hot for that." 

"Yeah, don’t touch me,” Niall agrees.

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Seaweed Rings

Seven year-old Prince Niall Horan was extremely over his position as prince of Northern Ireland. Even at his young age, Niall couldn’t stand the pompous and pretentious ways that he was forced to live by, no matter how much his servants told him how “blessed” he was. He knows how hard it must be to be a peasant, but there was no way, in Niall’s mind, that it was worse than living in the castle that was now above him as he trekked along the beach. 

He hated his clothes and his lack of friends. He hated how he never saw his parents and he hated his etiquette lessons and he hated being a prince. 

Just the thought of going back to that terrible, lonely castle made him fall to the soft, sandy ground of the beach and curl up on himself, letting out small hiccups as his tears began to flow. 

He stayed like that for a moment in his own self-pity, wallowing for a moment until- “Are you alright?”

The voice is young, unlike any other he had heard in several months. It was deeper than his own but high-pitched nonetheless; quite obviously emitting from another young boy, specifically the one sitting near him on a rock. 

He was naked from what Niall could see, but that didn’t really phase the young prince as he wasn’t at all sure what peasants wore these days. 

“I’m okay.” He mumbles softly, still measuring up the boy across him. He had been taught before to never trust strangers… but this was a boy his age.. a potential friend. 

The boy gives him a dubious look but shrugs, and ends up smiling in a way that completely disarms the blonde, making him relax a bit. “What’s your name, then?” The boy asks and Niall withholds his surprise barely. He was under the impression that everyone knew who he was. 

Niall hesitates. His servants were always sure to refer to him as “master” or “sir” or the occasional “Prince Niall,” but the blonde wasn’t too fond of the fancy titles. “I’m Niall.” He states simply and the boy on the rock smiles. 

“Ni-all?” The boy sounds out, tilting his head as if the letters themselves are completely new to him. “That’s a funny name.” 

The blonde’s eyebrows furrow in worry. His name isn’t weird… is it? His ma had always said that his name meant “Champion” and that it was the name of his great great great great grandfather, who had begun their dynasty in the first place. 

“I mean that in a good way, of course.” The brunet child adds, seeing his new friend’s concerned look. “I think it’s a beautiful name.”

At that Niall’s cheeks go pink and he tries to hide his toothy smile. His ma also said that he shouldn’t show his teeth- not until he was old enough to have them fixed. “What’s your name?” He asks curiously. 

The opposing boy grins, “I’m Harry.” He says just as simply as Niall had. 

They sit, staring at each other with stupid smiles on their faces for a bit longer before voices begin to sound off in the distance. “Oh no…” Niall whispers, recognizing the voices of some of his closest servants. 

“What is it? Who are they?” Harry asks hurriedly and Niall makes a whining noise. 

“They’re my… parent’s friends. They’re gonna take me away.” He sniffles a bit, tears already gathering as he remembers what he’ll have to return to. 

Harry lets out a low whining noise as well, obviously feeling Niall’s distress. “It’s okay…” He tries to sooth from his place on the rock. “Come back here when you can and I’ll be here. We can be friends, right?” Harry asks and Niall brightens a bit at the thought. 

“Yeah. We can be friends–” Niall’s cut off as he’s abruptly turned around as larger, rough hands begin to scan his body for injury. 

“Prince Niall, are you hurt? Where have you been, young man?” Liam, Niall’s caretaker asks worriedly, concern evident in his eyes. 

Niall shrugs, gesturing back to where Harry was, “I was just talking to…” He trails off as he makes eye contact with the now vacant rock. His eyebrows furrow. “Myself.” He finishes awkwardly and Liam gives him a confused look. 

“Niall why in the world would you run off like that?” Louis, one of Niall’s other servants asks, huffing a bit from the run he had just taken down the beach. 

The blonde sniffs lightly, “I just wanted to play on the beach…” He offers lamely.

Fortunately for Niall, Liam’s always had a soft spot for his puppy-dog eyes. “Oh, mister Niall, you’re so lucky that I love you or you’d be in so much trouble.” He mutters, picking the young prince up into his arms and whisking him away, back to the dark, horrible castle as Niall stared off into the sea, wondering where his friend had gone.

* * * * 

Harry and Niall continue to meet. 

It starts as two best friends, meeting every now and again to talk about stupid things like the stars in the sky and how the ocean feels. 

“The ocean is scary.” Eleven year-old Niall states one day and Harry frowns so deeply, Niall’s afraid he’s actually offended him.

“Nuh-uh.” Harry protests unhappily. “Why do you say that?”  

Nial flushes a bit, not liking having a differing opinion to Harry. They almost alway agree on things. “I just.. my pa always says that the ocean is too dangerous for me. I can’t swim and… there’s sharks and other scary things that are always swimming around.” 

“That’s not true!” Harry says loudly and Niall flinches. He and Harry had never fought before and he didn’t want to start now. “Sorry, sorry.” The brunet says softly. “It’s just… Niall, I have to show you something.” 

Niall looks confused and a bit scared as he sees Harry climb down from the rock. There’s a shocking splash and Niall rushes forward, uncaring as he hits the cold water. He wades for a little but soon reaches where he can’t stand and begins flailing desperately. Oh right, he can’t swim.

He lets out a high-pitched squeal, no sign of Harry anywhere, when he feels something grab him. He screams even louder until he realizes that the arms around him are acutely human. “H-Harry?!” He shouts out, hair fallen into his eyes, obstructing his view. In a hurry, Niall’s set into the shallow water near the shore, where he falls back onto the safety of the sand. Niall hurriedly brushes the hair away from his face and finds himself much closer to Harry than he had ever been before. Seeing as the blonde couldn’t swim, and Harry’s rock was always aways from the shore, he had never been closer than 7 or so feet, but now he could see every line and dimple that dotted his cheeks. 

Niall lets out a confused noise the moment his eyes connect with Harry’s lower body. As a young prince, Niall had met all sorts of people, but he had never before come into contact with a real-life mermaid before. 

“Mermaid…” Niall whispers, remembering the fantasy stories Liam used to read him when he was younger. 

“Merman” Harry corrects lowly, a bit of a scoff stuck in his voice, but he seems pleased that Niall hasn’t run away yet. 

Niall is quiet for a bit, allowing the new information to sink in as he stares at his friend, until he stands shakily, walking closer to the now nervous looking Harry. 

“You came to save me.” Niall murmurs, gesturing out where he had nearly drowned before and Harry nods calmly. 

The young merman looks as if it was obvious all along as he smiles gently, “Of course, I’ll always come to save you Niall.” 

The blonde prince doesn’t say anymore, simply jumping forward to embrace Harry fiercely. 

* * * * 

“One day…” A thirteen year-old Harry muses, “I’m going to save you.” 

Niall props his head up, looking at his best friend more closely, confused look clear on his smiling face. “What do you mean, silly? You save me all the time.” He states truthfully. Harry was his best friend. 

Harry rolls his eyes and splashes the blonde prince. “No, I’m gonna save you and take you away from that stupid castle that you hate so much. And while I’m at it, you can save me from the stupid castle I hate so much. Win-win, right?” 

The two young teens had this conversation years ago, when the both simultaneously spilled the truth about their heritage, both guilty and scared of the others reactions until they realized their stupidity and laughed for hours. 

Niall sighs, somewhat dreamily (something he did often when talking to Harry, or just being around Harry, or just thinking of Harry), as he responds. “Yeah. You save me, I’ll save you.” He says assuredly, reaching his pinky out across the water and giggling as Harry links a damp finger with his own. 


* * * * 

“Remember the day you first showed me these?” Sixteen year-old Niall Horan asks Harry.

The brunet, who’s sunbathing leisurely on his rock next to the shirtless blonde who had gotten there earlier (with quite a bit of help). “Of course. I was so nervous. How old were we? Ten?” 

“Eleven, I think.” Niall corrects. “To think, even back then I thought you were cute.” The blonde teases, flicking Harry’s now sharp and angular jaw playfully. 

Harry nips at the fingers, winking at the blue-eyed prince flirtatiously. “I’ve always thought you were cute. From the day that I met you, even now.” He says, joking tone dissipated from his voice. 

Niall grins at the burnet lovingly. They had yet to truly “consummate” their relationship but there was an unspoken bond between the two, a silent understanding, that they were meant to be. There was constant jibber jabber among the boys, of seaweed rings and a dual-life between Harry’s underwater castle and Niall’s. They had yet to find a solid solution to the whole merman/human thing… but they were working on it. 

“Harry, you know I don’t know how to swim.” Niall complains, as Harry begins tugging him into the water, all the way up until Niall’s on his tippy-toes, unattractively yelling at Harry to help him back to shore. Harry simply chuckles at the blonde and tugs him even closer until Niall grabs onto his shoulders and pulls his legs around the brunet, relying fully on the other. “Y-you dick.” Niall stutters, a bit winded by their sudden close proximity. 

Harry laughs, not even making much of an effort to keep himself completely afloat. There’s a couple beats of silence, and there’s something going on- something about the way the green of the ocean and the blue of the sky is reflecting in their eyes- that makes the air change. The water is too hot all of a sudden and Harry brings his hand to grasp around the blonde’s neck, his other hand winding around to fix Niall’s shaking legs to wrap comfortably around his waist. 

“Is this…?” He whispers huskily and Niall simply nods, not trusting his voice. 

“Good.” Harry returns cockily, moving in swiftly to kiss the blonde prince. It’s salty and messy and completely uncoordinated as both the boys are new to this whole kissing thing, but the world around them is still fading as the invisible crowns that should be on their heads slowly sink away and they become much less than two princes sneaking off to see each other. They’re less, yet so much more. They’re just two people, two people who fell in love way too young and can’t find a better way to express their feelings than to battle it out in a wet, passionate kiss.

And they don’t stop, they only progress as their time runs short. Harry begins to rely less heavily on his fins by pushing Niall against a rock– the same one he sat on the day they met– and beginning to incorporate his tongue as the sun begins to burn the blonde’s fair skin. 

The familiar voices force them to break away from each other with low groans. 

Niall looks away with blown-out, lustful eyes as he blinks rapidly. “Liam,” He groans, rolling his eyes as the voice becomes closer and closer. “I have to go.” He says sadly, but Harry just shakes his head uncaringly, moving in for another peck before helping Niall back to shore. 

“I love you.” The merprince states simply and that’s that.

* * * *

Then, Harry disappears. 

It starts with just a couple of missed meetings. Niall brushes it off because Harry’s missed their meet-ups before. Sometimes he gets caught up in his princely life underwater, and other times he gets grounded for spending too much time away, so Niall tries to let it not get to him. 

But two days turns into two weeks which turns into two months and Niall finally has to face facts. Harry may not be returning. Maybe he got bored of the blonde or realized that it wasn’t worth the effort to swim up to the surface all day just to see a measly, lonely prince above water. Maybe Harry died in some freak accident. 

It’s not like anyone “down under” would think to tell the human that Harry’s been secretly seeing every other day. 

But Niall doesn’t allow himself to give up on his best friend. Some call it loyal, others call it denial. Either way, Niall still goes every day, down to the beach, to wait for his merprince to return.

* * * * 

He doesn’t. 

* * * *

Two years pass and suddenly Niall’s 18. 

His brother, Greg is due to take over the crown in exactly one more year when his 30th birthday takes place. The celebrations of his brother’s birthday just made Niall angrier. 

Celebrations made time real; made the fact that time was moving on without Harry and by extension- Niall- real. It was painful and harsh and it was the reason why no one saw the young prince any longer. 

He knew of the rumors that flew around his name, words like “loner,” “recluse, “freak,” and “retard” were common. The more creative ones involved love stories of lost girlfriends that loved the ocean- why else would the prince spend all of his time at the sandy shores? 

But he didn’t care. The beach kept him calm- kept him alive. The nostalgic feeling that was accompanied by the salty air and the windy in his short hair kept him breathing as the residue of happiness and actual companionship lingered behind. He was lonely, but now completely at the beach. Sometimes, he could even pretend that Harry was just away for a bit, due to be back home any day. 

But the day seems like it’ll never come and its on the very day of Greg’s 29th birthday celebration that Niall begins to lose hope. 

He hears Liam’s yells and the same nostalgia of deriding those low-octaves returns and he rolls his eyes. 

But then he hears another voice. Just as low as Liam’s, if not lower– certainly not Louis. 

It’s so surprising to the prince that he forces himself to look up, which is when he stands up abruptly, confused at exactly what he was looking at. 

The intensity of Liam’s shouts (telling him to “Run!”) scare him a bit as he sees a dark figure making their way quickly towards him. To any other, it looks threatening. An unknown, scarily large and shadowy figure rushing towards the young, innocent blonde prince may look a bit horrifying. 

But Niall knows that stature, he knows those arms and he certainly, without fail knows those green eyes. 

“Harry” Niall breathes, no ounce of doubt in his mind as the green eyes get closer and closer. The two collide at a surprising speed, and Niall finds himself being literally whisked off his feet as Harry spins him around, using his actually coordinated feet very well. 

“What are you- How- Feet?!” Niall exclaims and Harry throws his head back in laughter. 

“I’ve got so much to tell you.” He says and Niall nods in agreement. 

That’s when Liam catches up to them, huffing and breathing out loudly as he growls, “What in the hell is going on here?!” 

* * * *

An hour and a half later, Niall and Harry are sitting on Niall’s ginormous bed, much too close to one another to be deemed appropriate, but Niall couldn’t help but cuddle close to his oldest and dearest companion. His head is tucked safely in the crook of Harry’s neck as his legs are draped over Harry’s lap. The brunet is massaging little circles into the blonde’s calf, whispering bits and pieces of his story for the past two years. 

There’s a lot Niall doesn’t really understand, and he knows he’s going to have to get Harry to re-explain later, but he tries to catch what he can. 

There’s a lot of mentions of “father” and “angry” and “octopus-witch” as well as “clumsy” and “lost” but Niall finds it extremely hard to keep up.

“I missed you so much.” Niall voices quietly when there’s a lull in Harry’s story. “I was so, so lonely without you.” He says, unable to keep the quake out of his voice. He doesn’t want to make Harry feel guilty, not now that he knows at least some of how difficult it was for the ex-merman himself, but he felt the need to at least say what he felt. 

Harry holds him tighter, digging his nose deep into Niall’s skin and inhaling. “I love you more than I did then. Missing you intensified everything I already felt for you. I hope you know that I would’ve never hurt you like that on purpose. You have to know that all I ever wanted to do was protect you. Always, I’ve always wanted to save you.” Harry says earnestly and Niall knows. He knows from the countless times Harry promised to save him, both from Niall’s fears and the life that the young prince hated. 

“I know.” Niall says, moving so that he can look directly into Harry’s own watery eyes. “I know that.” 

And they kiss like nothings changed. Love like theirs- it’s not one that;s bound by time or distance. It wasn’t ever going to fade, not this kind of love.

And no, Niall’s parents were not, “pleased” per say, to see that Niall’s “imaginary” boyfriend was in all actuality real.They were even less so pleased when Harry had gotten down on his knees, explaining his own position as technical prince of Atlantis (despite his sudden… enhancement) and his absolute adoration for their son. 

However, when they really looked at their own son, who had spent the past two years depressed, silent, and lonely, who was actually smiling and happy– it wasn’t at all difficult to make their decision. 

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Preference #44: One Of The Boys Comment On Your Love Marks

Harry: When you woke up, all the boys were already in your room, eating, and hanging out while Lou did there hair for the day. You sat up in bed still a tiny bit sore from Harry last night. “Lou, can you do my hair today too?” You asked smiling at her. She didn’t even look up. “Of course, I love your hair. You know that.” By now all the boys had turned to look at you. “Jeez, mate. Now I see what all the screaming’s about.” Liam laughed from the sofa at the and of the bed. Harry have him a cheeky smile and kept eating a bowl of cereal. Across the room you could see yourself in the mirror. Harry’s tank top you had been wearing had fallen down exposing the upper half of your chest. Peppered in red circles, bruises and bite marks. “Oh stop’it” Louise said smacking Liam on the bottom of his foot with a comb.

Liam: The boys had a few hours before then needed to get ready for their show. In the span on a few minutes they all decided they wanted to go swimming. You quickly ran back to Liam and your hotel room and pulled on you bikini and grabbed your shirt and shorts, not even taking time to look at your self in the mirror. You met them at the elevator. “So what did you and Liam do last night?” Louis giggled. You could feel your face flush as the memories of the rougher than usual sex from last night. “Nothing,” you lied pulling your shirt over your head. “Doesn’t look like nothing.” He busted out laughing. In the reflection on the shiny elevator door you could see the love bite Liam left on your thighs hips and stomach. “Oh my god Liam.” You gasped covering your face with your hands. Liam laughed pulling you into his side. “I guess were not swimming.”

Niall: You all had just woken up on the tour buses, after driving all night you arrived at the next stadium. You could already hear the fans outside. Still sleepy and groggy from the night before, everyone got dressed throwing on the first things they could find. Niall pulled on some sweats and his quiet jumper. He covered his messy bed head with a black beanie and put on sunglasses. You fully intended on wearing a one of Niall’s tees until Zayn pointed something out. “Hey yeh might wanna wear a hoodie, unless yer ok with all the fans knowin what you and Niall were up to last night.” You reached up and your skin made contact with sensitive circles all up your neck and chest. You followed Zayn out of the bus pulling the sweatshirt over your head. But not before a few hundred fans saw the love bites.

Louis: You sauntered into the dressing room behind Louis. Harry was the only one in there, every one else must still be sleeping. You plopped down next to him and yawned. “Awe nice necklace you got there.” Harry howled pulled you into a hug. “You gotta be gentle bro, she’s fragile.” Harry teased to Louis, who was now raiding the fridge for food. You pulled out your phone and turned on the front facing camera. Hickeys scattered over your neck and collarbones. Harry was still laughing when Louis turned around. “Your just jealous mate, get yet hands off my girl.” He mumbled with a mouth full of food, before nudging himself between Harry and you.

Zayn: You stood off to the side with Harry and Niall, while the other three boys are interviewed. After hours of interviews your body was becoming stiff. You stretched reaching your arms above your head and arching your back. “Looks like Zayn gotta good hold on yah.” Niall snickered. Harry looked at you and smiled looking away. What the hell are they talking about. You looked down at your self trying to figure out what they are talking about. Sure enough when you stretched your entire mid drift was showing. Your hips are speckled with bruises where Zayn’s fingertips dug into you last night. You immediately flushed and pulled down your shirt. The boys just laughed, teasing you about it for the rest of the day.

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Imagine Niall swimming with your daughter.

Niall: Swim to daddy! You can do it! 

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Preference 2: He accidentally breaks your phone but he makes up for it

Louis: Well today was like any other lazy day and you and Louis were both cuddled up in each others arms and enjoying each others company. ” Babe I am so in the mood for playing some football right now” Louis says out of the blue. “But it’s our lazy day” you whine. “Well we’re still going to be together that’s what matters right?” he questions. “I guess so” you mumble. “Well come on and get off your lazy bum cause we are leaving to the park in like 10 minutes” he says kissing your cheek. “Ughhhh” you groan while getting up and going to your room to get dressed. Like Louis predicted in the next 10 minutes both you and him were off to the park and during the car ride you were just on your phone going through your social media. “Why’d you bring your phone love?” Louis asks. “Because I need it” you reply. “For what exactly?” he asks. “For emergencies” you say. “Right” he says exaggerating. “Whatever, just be happy I agreed to come” you say while pecking his cheek. “You’re right” he replies. You guys soon arrive to the park, while walking over to the soccer field you quickly check your phone for any new notifications. “Babe can you please make a sacrifice to just let go of the phone for just a little while” Louis whines. “Hold on just a sec” you say eyes not leaving the screen. You hear Louis groan then turned quiet for a while and then before you know it your phone got snatched out of your hands by Louis. “Babe give it back” you say. “Nope” Louis says emphasizing the ”P”. “Come on give it back please” you whine trying to reach for your phone but you were too short so you were basically jumping and on your tippy toes to try and reach your phone. “Well then I guess you have to catch me then” he says while running off. You run after him sort of giggling in the process because you were sort of having fun. You almost caught up to him when you suddenly hear something fall out of his hands. “Oh shit!!” he yells. Thinking it was Louis phone you went to him to comfort him telling him he can just get a new one but when you reach Louis you noticed it wasn’t his phone but yours. “Louis!” you gasped. “Babe I’m so sorry it just slipped from my hand and I couldn’t catch it in time” he rambles. “Just let me see it please” you say. He hands you your now broken phone seeing no chance in repairing, the damage was too much for them to replace the screen itself you immediately start crying. Louis soon notices and tries to comfort you “Babe don’t worry we will get you a new one” he suggests. “Louis it’s not the phone that I’m mad about it’s the memories. I’ve had every single picture and video from when we first started dating” you sobbed. “Babe I’m-” he was soon cut off by you. “Can we just please go home” you say. “Sure” he replies. The car ride back was silent and very very awkward. When you guys reach the house you head to yours and Louis shared bedroom and slammed the door shut to signal that you didn’t want to be bothered. You cry yourself to sleep and you were awoken by Louis shaking you to get up. “Y/N Y/N get up please” he says shaking you awake. “Mmmmmm” you stir from your slumber. “Look” he says showing you the box of a new phone. You slowly sit up and take the box from his hands. “Thanks Louis but it’s not the same. All of the memories on the old one meant a lot to me and I just find it depressing to have to start from scratch” you say. “Y/N just open it and you’ll see my surprise I have for you” he says wrapping an arm around you. “What?” you ask confused. “Just open it” he whines. “Ok ok” you say. You open the box to find a brand new phone you grab it and turned it on. “Ok what is the big surprise?” you ask. “Look” he says pressing the photos app. You gasped and see all your old photos and videos not believing of what was happening. “But how?” you asked shocked. “Well I managed to back up all the photos and videos onto my computer and when I got the new phone I just downloaded it onto the new one” he explains. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!!” you repeat while throwing yourself on top of him kissing every part of his face. “I love you too babe. Now how about we have a lazy day just you, me, and the TV.” he suggests. “I’d love too” you agreed. And the rest of the day you and Louis do absolutely nothing but cuddle into each other’s arms like earlier.

Niall: It was the hottest time of the year and you and Niall were desperately trying to find something to do to cool yourselves off. “Another popsicle?” you ask. “Definitely” he replies. Both of you were cooling yourselves off by eating popsicles the whole time. “What should we do to cool ourselves off besides eating popsicles the whole time” Niall asks. “I have no idea” you say. “How ‘bout we go to the pool” Niall suggests. “That sounds like a plan” you reply. “Well let’s get going then” he says. You guys change and soon leave desperate to cool off and when you arrive both of you dash to the pool, Niall jumps in first. “Come on Y/N the water is perfect” Niall says while swimming around in the water. “Hold on I’m just putting our stuff down then I’m going to put sunscreen real quick then I’ll be able to join you” you explain. “Ughhh” he groans. You soon put your sunscreen on and you grabbed your phone to put a timer on so you know when you can jump in but before that you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and throw you in the pool. “Wait Niall I still have my pho-” you were soon cut off when you reached the water. You popped your head out of the water and was searching for your phone. “Where it is? Where is it?” you repeatedly question yourself. Niall see’s you and questions what’s wrong “Babe what are you looking for?” he asks. “I’m looking for my phone. I told you before you threw me in that I had my phone on me!” you yell. “Sorry princess I didn’t hear you” he says. “Wait I think I found it” you say. You dive into the water and reach for your phone then reach the surface examining it.  "Maybe we can put it in rice, I’ve heard that works" Niall suggests. “No it won’t it’s been in the water for a while and I’ve tried it before and it doesn’t work no matter how many days I put it in” you say crying. “Princess please don’t cry you know I hate it when I see you cry” Niall says. “I know but I’ve just taken so good care of this phone for so long and to me it’s an accomplishment because of the other ones I have broken in the past” you explain while sitting on the edge. “Don’t worry princess I’ll get you a new one” Niall says. “And?” you ask. “And what?” Niall asks confused. “And what else would you give me?” you ask joking around. “And I’ll treat you to a shopping spree” he says laughing. “And?” you giggle. “And I’ll do the chores for the rest of the month” he smiles. “And?” you say not controlling your laughter. “And you’ll get unlimited of these” he says puckering his lips and moving closer to you but before he can kiss you you push him into the water. “Hey!” he exclaims before pulling you in with him. “So do we have a deal?” he asks. “Eh why not” you say before kissing him. “That’s my girl” he mutters before deepening the kiss.

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