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Lovely 1D Headcanons Master List (10 August 2014)

Hello, Lovelies! I’ve written five preferences since my last Master List post, so here it is! The next five upcoming preferences are in bold, and once all five are up, I’ll post another Master List. I have also created a master list page on my blog, and you can find the link to it underneath the Harry and Niall GIF on my sidebar! I’ll also link it below, under “Master Lists.” Thank you, Lovelies, and I hope this helps you navigate through my blog better!

- Chrissy


Preference {1} How You Met | Part 2 (COMING SOON)

Preference {2} You’re His Date, but You’re Just Friends | Part 2

Preference {3} You’re a Family of…

Preference {4} Your First Fight | Part 2

Preference {5} You Have Dimples

Preference {7} Differences Are What Makes You Beautiful (His POV)

Preference {8} He Gets Sick While Visiting Your Parents

Preference {9} You’re on Tour with Him, and He’s Feeling Protective

Preference {10} You’re at the Hospital, and You Have an Emotional Breakdown (Trigger Warning, Lovelies!)

Preference {13} He Makes You Feel Insecure | Part 2 (His POV)

Preference {16} You’re American, and He Accidentally Insults You (COMING SOON)

Preference {17} You’re Best Friends, and It’s His Birthday (COMING SOON)

AU Preferences

He’s Your Brother

Preference {6} AU: He’s Your Overprotective Brother. Meeting Your Boyfriend for the First Time | Part 2 (His POV)

Preference {11} AU: He’s Your Brother, and While He’s Away on Tour, You Commit Suicide (His POV) (Trigger Warning, Lovelies!)

Preference {12} AU: He’s Your Brother, and You Surprise Him While He’s on Tour

Preference {14} AU: He’s Your Brother, and You Tell Him You Have a Crush on One of His Band Mates (COMING SOON)

Preference {15} AU: You’re His Adoptive Sister, and He Doesn’t Like You (COMING SOON)

AU Preference Series

Aboard the Titanic

A Few Things About Requests…

  • I am ALWAYS taking requests, so do not hesitate to ask me in my ask box here, Lovelies!
  • I do not do personal imagines (Imagines with your name instead of Y/N). Sorry, Lovelies!
  • I do not take requests for 5 Seconds of Summer…yet. I’m new to their fandom, even though I have loved their music for a bit now, and I don’t know much about them. 
  • Requests AREN’T limited. If you have already requested for something, don’t hesitate to request again! You can even request for multiple preferences in one ask, Lovelies. I’m always looking.
  • I take requests for PREFERENCES, IMAGINES, and BLURBS. This isn’t just a preference blog.
  • I am OPEN to trying dirty imagines…but within reason.
  • Just wanted to put this out there, but I do take requests for SONGFICs or requests that ask that I use a song for inspiration.
  • I, unfortunately, do not do GIF imagines/preferences/etc. I don’t know how to edit GIFs, but if someone were to offer to teach me, I’d be glad to eventually do those too.
  • My ask is also OPEN to questions and comments. I’m always here to talk…except when I’m not online, but otherwise, talk to me, Lovelies! I want to hear what you have to say. 

A Few Things About My Master List Page and Posts

  • My Master List Page is ALWAYS up. You can find it under my sidebar, where the links to my ask, archive, and about me are located. 
  • My Master List Page is updated after EVERY PREFERENCE/IMAGINE. Where as, my Master List Posts are posted after EVERY FIVE PREFERENCES/IMAGINES.
  • My Master List Page DOES NOT include UPCOMING PREFERENCES/IMAGINES. My Master List Posts DO.
  • A LINK can be found on each preference/imagine that takes you to my Master List Page.
  • You can find my Master List Page here.
  • You can find my previous Master List Post here.