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Harry Styles Cooks... Volume 1: The Baking Years

In which Louis Tomlinson can’t cook, there’s a very special shower curtain, and Harry Styles used to be a baker. 

Or: Louis owns all of Harry Styles’ cookbooks, and he never intends to cook a single thing out of any of them. 

Or: I don’t know what the fuck this is, sorry. 

Louis Tomlinson can’t cook. He can, for the most part, feed himself and generally keep himself alive, in a frozen pizza, tins of soup, cereal-for-dinner kind of a way. He can do pasta and sauce, and cheese on toast, and sandwiches, and microwave meals and things which require zero attention, zero skill, and even less enthusiasm. Louis Tomlinson likes Tesco meal deals for lunch and cans of coke on the way to the bus stop after work. He likes bags of crisps, and the biscuit tin by the printer in his office.

He has a long list of things he doesn’t like – including but not limited to courgettes, baked beans, couscous, fish, posh sausages that taste of stuff that isn’t pork, vegetables on principle, drinks that are green, kale, stuff they sell in Waitrose, mushrooms, weird fruit, lentils, and pineapple on pizza.

All of this is perfectly normal and doesn’t bother Louis one little bit.

It doesn’t, however, go any way to explaining why Louis has an entire shelf in his bedroom devoted to Harry Styles cookbooks, or why his best mates Liam and Niall bought him a custom-made Harry Styles Cooks… pillowcase and duvet set for his birthday last year, with Harry Styles’ ridiculous face plastered all across it like on the titles of his stupid cooking TV show, or why Louis had to buy a DVR purely to save all the stupid episodes of each of Harry Styles’ stupid cooking series so he could watch them whenever he wanted. It definitely didn’t explain the three different Harry Styles-themed mugs in the kitchen cupboards, and it 100% did not explain the special shower curtain.

There obviously is an explanation for all of that, but it isn’t something that Louis can file under any sort of ‘wants to learn to cook’ headline.

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Room for Two? {N.H}

Requested: Yes

Word count: 2,774
Rating: R
Summary: usually camp is just a wholesome kind of fun, but as your second year as a counselor instead of a camper, your campmate Niall switches it up a little.

You readjust your cap as you head back down the dirt path, smiling at the thought of how you used to be just like the fourteen year-old girls who begged for cabin transfers. Not that it mattered, you thought. They’d just sneak over to each other’s cabins, anyway. On the path opposite yours, you hear obnoxious bellowing and laughing, knowing that it could only be the only other campmate you had still present at camp.


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Preference #23: Blow Jobs

Preference # 23 blowjobs

A/N: Dirty!! Smut warning!!  I hope you all enjoy!

Liam: I got down on my knees as he slowly palmed himself groaning my name. His low husky voice making me shiver “ you ready for my mouth Li?” i ask and smirk up at him licking my lips. i wanted him so bad
He pulls himself out of his tight calvin Klein boxers and strokes my cheek “Open up baby girl hmmm?” He hums out and i open my mouth instantly, licking the tip and slowly taking him into my mouth.
“good girl.. oh god baby” he murmurs as i take him deeper into my mouth, panting.
I reach down and touch myself taking some of my wetness and putting it on his hard length.
“You taste amazing baby boy” i look up into his dark brown eyes and keep sucking him, slowly getting him off, him cumming on my tongue and pulling me up onto the bed. his mouth going to work on my center, getting me off.

Niall: The boys had warned me about how kinky he could be, but i never expected to be in the bathroom of his childhood home, sucking his dick. His parents thought we were asleep, and Niall was in the shower, but Niall and I were getting a different kind of steam. I giggled as I pulled away from his cock, pumping him “We’re gonna get caught Nialler” I whisper and spit on his tip before sucking back down his length.
“Shh Princess you’re gonna get us caught if you keep talking” he murmurs and groans as i gag around him, my eyes watering . “hey hey breathe baby take it easy” this is what i loved about Niall, he was always sweet with me, no matter how kinky he was being.
I pull away and look up at him, “I love you Niall”
“ i love you too sweetie” he smiles and strokes your cheek, lovingly.

Louis: I was a virgin, and louis knew I wasn’t ready for sex. here we are making out on our sofa, I could feel him hardening under me “ Louis god…” i pull away and smirk at him “Really?”
he bites his lip “Im sorry love… ill go take care of it and be back quick ok?”
I stop him and push him back down on my sofa. “No.. ill take care of it” i whisper, nervous ill do something wrong.
“Are you sure Y/N? you don’t have too love” i nod and peck his lips, unbuttoning his pants.
After him showing me the ropes, I get to it, sucking him off, looking in his eyes, i moan on him, slowly becoming addicted to the taste of him in the back of my throat.
“Thats my girl.. fuck” he moves his hand to my hair as he comes inside me, moaning my name.
He pulls me up to kiss him, holding me close “Was it good?” i whisper, my voice low.
“Perfect baby.. just like you my love” i smile and cuddle into his chest. I loved this boy.

Harry:  He was romantic, and i knew it. here we had just made love and i was cuddling up to his chest. I noticed he was still hard and frowned “Did you not cum?” i ask and look into his eyes.
“No.. its ok though baby cant happen everytime i guess” he shrugs jerking himself off.
“ no no Haz cmere” i murmur and duck down into the sweaty sheets, taking him in my mouth quickly. I massaged his balls and groaned as he let out a throaty moan.
“shit Y/N…” he pants out and looks under the sheets. watching me get him off
“ Feels so good shit” he grunts and thrusts into my mouth, making me gag
“you close harry?” i smirk and look up at him “cum for me hazza” i take his tip in my mouth swirling my tongue around him as the cum fills my mouth.
“Thanks baby… fuck” he pulls me back up holding me close.

‘Cause I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You [Narry]

Summary: In which Niall and Harry keep not-so-accidentally running into each other and Niall tries to hate Harry but he really, really can’t.

The first time they meet, it’s in a 30′′ by 30′′ shower stall, barely enough space to breathe, let alone for two people to squeeze under the spray. Niall hears the door hinges squeal after he’s been inside for barely three minutes, and not for the first time this semester, he wishes that these communal showers at least had locks.

“Um,” Niall says, unsure whether he should try to reach for his towel to cover his ass and risk it getting soaked. He has shampoo in his eyes.

“Just budge up for like a second,” the guy says, voice sounding thick and raspy like he rolled out of bed not ten seconds ago. He prods Niall gently in his sides until he shifts enough out of the way that the guy can squeeze by and monopolize the spray. “I’ve just got up and I have class in like five minutes. All the other stalls are taken, please.”

And Niall can’t exactly do much now that he’s all pressed against the grubby walls, getting glanced by elbows at the chest and shoulder as, he assumes, the guy frantically washes himself. Using Niall’s soap.

By the time Niall manages to force his head under the spray enough to wash off the shampoo, the guy is gone and Niall didn’t even get a good look at him.

Niall finishes his shower slowly, glancing over his shoulder routinely like he expects to be disturbed again. When he reaches for his towel, he finds it all balled up and damp. He curls his fist around it cruelly and tamps down on the anger he feels. Niall acknowledges then and there that today will not be a good day.

It’s a terrible day.

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Five, Four, Three, Two....

The sniffles were driving you crazy. He’d been making a loud, insistent sound in his throat all morning and you thought that if he did it one more time, you were going to shove something up his nose so he’d had something to sniffle about.

Niall had woken up feeling under the weather this morning and it hadn’t taken long for the congestion to take over his sinus passages. He’d been coughing, sniffling, and complaining about being tired and sore all day. He used to tell you all the time that he was a very capable boy when he was sick (and this was surprisingly backed up by Bobby), but you still aren’t sure you believe him. This isn’t the first time he’s been sick since you’d started dating. Hell, it wasn’t even the 5th or 6th time that he’d gotten sick with you, and he wasn’t capable at all. He was a whiny little baby.

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One direction A/B/O preference #4 You decide to get mated

A/N: I have no excuse as to why this is so late. Also, I need requests guys, normal ones, for normal preferences. I’m not creative enough to come up with them myself.

Also WARNING! Louis’ is quite sexual, so you can just skip that one if it makes you uncomfortable!

Request: You decide to get mated

LIAM: “Li? Isn’t your rut next week?” you called through the flat, leafing through the calendar hanging on your fridge. “Yeah, why?” came the reply just as he rounded the corner to the kitchen. He plastered his front to your back, wrapping his arms around your waist and burrowing his face in your neck. He took a deep breath, humming pleasantly at your smell. “I was thinking, maybe you could mate me? Before that? Maybe now?” Liam froze behind you and you squeezed your eyes shut, nerves making you tremble. Then Liam started moving again, nosing up the side of your neck before placing a gentle kiss to the frail skin. “Is this a spur of the moment thing or have you been thinking about this?” he asked, dragging you impossibly closer. “I’ve been thinking about it, a lot,” you admitted, tipping your head back against his shoulder and letting it fall limply to the side to give him more access, offering yourself up to him right then and there. “Here?” he asked; you hummed. “Now?” Another hum. His teeth grazed your skin lightly before he found the right spot, biting down hard enough to draw blood, growling possessively. The breath got knocked out of your lungs and your world narrowed down until you couldn’t feel, hear or smell anything other than Liam. You knew the full effect wouldn’t even kick in until he could knot you, and the feeling was already so intense, you weren’t sure you’d be able to handle it once he did knot you. “Fuck babe, can’t wait till I’m in my rut, you’re going to be all mine,” Liam said with a squeeze to your waist as he soothed the mark with his tongue. Your knees buckled. “Can’t wait, can’t wait,” you babbled, earning a chuckle. “Me neither babe.”

HARRY: Harry was a sensible one, had always been a sensible one, so he had made sure to sit you down and had a long conversation with you about it, making sure you wanted to and so on. If you weren’t so stupidly in love with him, you’d find it incredibly annoying. “Do you want me to give you the bite before I knot you or while I’m doing it?” Harry asked lastly. He was sat on the couch and you were comfortably resting sideways on his lap, head on his chest as his fingers played with your hair. “Uh, before, I think. I want it to be like, something I can remember,” you explained lamely, but Harry nodded along anyways. “Now or later, then?” You breathed out against his neck, fingers dancing their way across his chest. You couldn’t quite keep your hands off of him. “Now, please,” you whispered into his skin. “Yeah?” he murmured, growing fidgety as you splayed your hand over his heart. “Yeah.” You straddled him properly, legs on either side of his thighs. You brought your hands to his cheeks, framing his face. You leaned in for a long kiss before pulling back and leading Harry’s face to your neck. He quickly caught on and dipped his head, lips simply resting over your pulse before suddenly biting down, softly at first, and then harder, until he broke the skin. You arched your back with a high noise as Harry mated you, nerves pulled taut and body shaking as everything seemed to fall into place, head screaming HarryHarryHarry. “Fuck you look good with my mark,” Harry moaned before licking over the wound. “Yeah?” “Yeah.”

LOUIS: It had kinda happened by mistake. You and Louis had talked about it, had even agreed that yeah, you wanted to be mates someday. You never set a date, as none of you thought it would really be necessary. You’d rather it happened when it felt right. While you weren’t sure Louis’ knot swelling up and locking you together in the most intimate way really counted as ‘the right moment’ you wouldn’t change it for the world. Louis had looked crazed as he came, eyes filled with lust and love for you, and that was the last thing you saw before Louis bit into your neck, tying you together in the best way possible. The feeling was so intense, you couldn’t help but scream out, clinging onto Louis for dear life. You were still shaking as Louis’ tongue tried to soothe over the mark where it bled. “You smell like me,” he mumbled, voice breaking on the last word, sounding almost overwhelmed as he sniffed you, groaning in pleasure. “I always do, Lou,” you reminded him breathlessly, but you knew what he meant. Normally, Louis was without a doubt the best alpha you’d ever smelt, but like this? He smelt like home, like an incredible mix of you and him, intertwined as your scents were. “Fuck I love you,” Louis growled, hissing as he slipped out of you, rolling you over so he could cuddle up to your back. “I love you too, Lou.”

NIALL: “I personally think this would be the best spot,” you teased, dragging a finger down the side of your neck. Niall’s darkening eyes followed the movement, and his fingers twitched by his sides. You were leaning against the bathroom counter, fully dressed but with wet hair from your shower. Niall looked a few seconds away from ravaging you, only from talking about where he was to put the mating mark. “Don’t tease,” he threatened as he stepped closer, caging you in with his hands on either side of your hips. “It’s not teasing if I mean it,” you shot back, running your hands up his torso and into his hair, knotting your fingers into the strands at the nape of his neck. “Babe,” he said lowly, still with that threatening edge to his voice, “if you don’t stop soon, I’ll just do it.” You tilted your head to the side and leaned forward, offering yourself up to your alpha. “Do it,” you whispered. “What?” Niall tried to pull back in surprise, but you held him there with your hands. He could easily break free from your grasp, but he seemed frozen to the spot. “Mate me.” He stepped closer, sniffing at the spot you had pointed out moments before. “Are you sure?” At your nod, Niall dipped down and covered your skin with his lips. He started by sucking on it lightly, riling you up before sinking his teeth in, groaning in pleasure when you arched into him. You sagged into his chest with a content sigh when he pulled back. All you could focus on was Niall and his smell and his touch, and if Niall’s roaming hands were any indication, he too could feel the effects. “Bed,” he growled simply. “Yes please.”

It’s Too Late to Apologize | Harry Styles

Apologize by OneRepublic


It’s Too Late to Apologize (1 of 2) | Harry Styles One-Shot Imagine

Request & idea by shhhh-me: You’re an athlete; you and Harry are dating and his friends make fun of your weight and he goes along with them.

November 2015: Brooklyn, New York

Right. Left. Right. Duck. Left Hook. Oh shit!

“Oh and Missy lands one right on Y/N’s head!” The announcer yells.

Fuck. Come on Y/N. You can do this.

Left. Right. Duck. Duck. Left. Right. Oh shit, that was close.

One more… She has a weakness. 

Duck. Hard Right Uppercut.

“And Missy is on the ground!”

Now that was a damn good punch.

“3…2…1… AND THE WINNER IS Y/F/N Y/L/N! STILL CLAIMING HER UNDEFEATED TITLE OF WOMEN’S BOXING!” The announcer grabbed Y/N’s left hand and held it up, slowly turning her victoriously.

She spat out the black mouth guard into her other hand and was soon jumped on by her coach.

“I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!” Her couch shouted as he shook and hugged her sweaty, sore body.

Her mouth was still full of blood, so she looked at Cassie, her water girl who also idolized her and Cassie held up the bucket in her hand for Y/N to spit the blood that had pooled in her mouth.

After a quick interview and a dozen congratulations, Y/N stepped out of the ring and headed towards the locker room as hundreds of hands were waved in her face for handshakes but thank God for security guards.

“Y/N! Y/N!” A familiar Irish voice caught her attention above the thousands of people that were screaming and cheering.

Y/N turned around to see one of her best friends with the biggest smile on his face as he rushed towards her, she nodded at her body guards to let him through.

“Niall! I didn’t think you were going to make it!” She wrapped her arms around her friend and he embraced her, not caring about the sweat that was getting on his clothes.

“Of course I wasn’t going to miss it! What kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t make it to my best friend’s championship fight?!” He grinned as he walked with her into the locker room, his arm draped over her shoulder.

“Well I knew you guys had work, so I didn’t mind!” She nodded as she wiped the sweat from the forehead with the back of her hand.

Before they had a chance to walk into the locker room, Y/N’s coach had pulled her to the side, going over the logistics of the money she had just made from winning the fight and how ESPN wants to interview her after she showered and changed, among other networks.

Niall followed her and sat down on the bench as she picked up her white duffel bag with the familiar gold check mark and grabbed a set of brand new clothes that were given to her by Nike. 

Niall and Y/N had been best friends for about 7 years now. She knew him before he was even on The X Factor but then a coach had found her and trained her and after she won a few amateur matches in Europe, Nike wanted her in America to sponsor and train her in their state of the art facility in New York. After Niall made it through The X Factor UK auditions and was placed in One Direction, she had flown back to support him during the finals. When they lost, she was there, comforting him through it all, promising that this was just the beginning for him, knowing that Niall was way too talented for his dream to end just because of some show that didn’t know how to appreciate his talent.

She was absolutely right, soon after they had lost, Simon Cowell had signed them and then they became the biggest boy-band on the planet a year later.

She met Louis and Liam first during a get-together that Niall had hosted in London about 4 years ago, then Zayn almost a year after that; they all loved her and treated her like a sister. Louis and her had the same taste in music and were seen at concerts together from time to time; Liam thought she was amazing for the fact that she was a boxer, she and Liam even went at each other few times in the ring together and she taught him a few things that even his personal trainers couldn’t. Zayn loved her for the fact that she wasn’t like all the other girls that constantly surrounded them, she was independent, strong and she didn’t care about what anyone said about her nor took any shit from anyone.

She hadn’t formally met Harry until just about two years ago and they hit it off right away. The attraction between them was undeniable and nothing could stop them from being together, not even their Irish best friend. They brought out a different side of each other, one that neither of the boys have seen and they thought that she was really great for Harry, perfect for him. They all supported it, hell, Louis and Zayn might have even had something to do with making their first date happen.

Almost a year after they started seeing each other, Harry finally admitted in an interview with Chatty Man that he was officially with Y/N, the youngest woman boxer and three time national champion. Since then, they have had to work around their busy schedules and make time for each other whenever they could, but to Y/N it wasn’t a big deal because Harry was worth it to her. It had only been a few months since they went public, but they both tried their best to not let the rest of the world affect their relationship.

“Harry wanted to be here and he apologizes that he had meetings all day today that kept him from coming,” Niall hummed as he drummed his fingers against the wooden bench.

“That’s alright! I’m going to fly to L.A. with you tomorrow to see him.” She stuck her tongue out and stepped around him and into the shower.

Niall had to raise his voice when Y/N turned on the water, “Oh really?! I didn’t know that!” He lied, knowing damn well Harry had planned a surprise party for her.

“Yeah, totally last minute!” She craned her neck away from the water and shouted, “We both decided this last night… he felt guilty for not being able to come to my match today!”

Niall pulled out his phone and replied to the messages from his friends as he shouted back at Y/N, “Oh okay! Well wheels up at 4 in the afternoon tomorrow! We’ll be in L.A. by 7pm!”

Y/N didn’t answer Niall, she just finished showering so that she could get going to her interviews and then out with her best friend.

- - - - -

“Y/N! How does it feel to win and defend your National Champion title for the fourth year in a row?” The interviewer asked her.

“It’s unbelievable! I honestly thought she had me for a second tonight but I kept telling myself that I worked hard for this and I wasn’t going to go down without giving it my all, which I did.” She smiled as she spoke into his microphone.

“Congratulations again, do you think you’ll continue fighting next year?” He asked.

“Yeah of course! Boxing is my passion.” She nodded.

“This year you were undefeated, what did you do differently to have that happen?”

“I guess I trained harder this past year and I was completely devoted, 120 percent.” She explained with a smile.

“So being in a relationship hasn’t hindered your career at all?” He challenged her. She knew that they were going to work her relationship with Harry into this; ever since they became official publicly, eyes have been on her more than ever. She was now known as Harry Styles’ Boxer Girlfriend, which irritated her because she knew she was so much more than that.

“No, of course not. Why would it? Harry’s very supportive of my career.” She cleared her throat and looked over and Niall who was waiting for her to finish her interview.

“Do you think if Harry was here tonight, it would’ve distracted you?” He continued.

She was very annoyed at this point but she had to maintain her composure, “No. He has been to a few of my matches this year and it didn’t affect me. When I’m in the ring, nothing matters but me and my opponent. I don’t let anything else bother me, I stay focused.”

After a few more questions and another interview, and she tugged her peacoat close to her body and followed Niall and his security team out to his suburban, as they were bombarded by paparazzi, then headed off to Manhattan to celebrate her victory.

- - - - - 

Los Angeles, California

“How is it not even cold here when it’s November?!” Y/N asked Niall as they both stepped off the jet, dressed and ready for dinner which Niall said they would be meeting Harry at the SoHo House.

“It’s crazy right? Probably why Harry is here all the time when we are on break, he doesn’t care for the cold!” Niall chuckled as they waited for his security to load their luggage into the Range Rover Niall had rented for the weekend.

After they thanked everyone, Niall and Y/N hopped in the car and drove away from the airport with Niall’s security team following behind them in a van.

“You look great by the way! Harry’s going to shoot his load!” Niall snickered.

“You are fucking disgusting Niall.” Y/N punched Niall lightly which made him flinch.

“Oy! I need my arm! I play the guitar you know?! I can’t handle a punch like you can!” He shouted as he continued driving and playfully rubbed his bicep.

“Oh shut up Niall! You use to be my punching bag before you became ‘Niall Horan from One Direction!’” She folded her arms across her chest.

“Yeah well now you have other people to be your punching bag!” He turned on the radio and let the music fill the car as they headed towards downtown L.A.

“Why are we going to Harry’s house? You said we were meeting him at the restaurant… That’s why we had to get ready on the damn plane.” Y/N furrowed her eyebrows together as she fidgeted with the lace from her black dress.

“I have to pick up Louis and Zayn. They need a ride because Harry apparently left them at his house since Zayn took too long to get ready,” Niall shrugged as they turned into the familiar neighborhood.

“Oh…kay? That doesn’t seem like Harry to not wait for his friends…” She licked her lips, “Niall James Horan, do you think I don’t know when you’re lying to me?!”

Niall shot her an innocent and confused look, “What are you talking about?”

When they turned into Harry’s house, Niall pushed the four number code into the padlock to open the gate.

“Why are we here Niall?” Y/N asked again.

“I told-”

“You’re lying.” She cut him off in a dry tone.

Niall didn’t say another word until he parked his Range Rover in the front of Harry’s house that was eerily dark.

“Come on Y/N.”

“Why do I have to go in? I’ll just wait in the car.” She tested him.

“Can you stop being so damn stubborn and just come with me? You know I hate going into places alone.” Niall whined as he opened his door and stepped down from the car.

This was true. Niall was never the type to ever go somewhere by himself for as long as she had known him. But this was even odd for Niall, he was just going into Harry’s house to get Louis and Zayn.

“Fine!” She unbuckled her seat belt and stepped down from the car and followed Niall up the steps. Without even knocking, Niall opened the front door and let himself in and she followed close behind.

“Niall why is the-”


The entire living room lit up and there were at least 50 people shouting, cheering, shooting confetti and blowing noisemakers; the song ‘All I Do is Win’ was playing the background which all together scared the hell out of Y/N, causing her to nearly fall backwards in her heels if Niall wasn’t standing next to her to catch her.

“What is all this?!” Y/N had one hand covering her mouth as she scanned the room to find Harry standing in the middle of everyone with two glasses in his hand and a huge smile plastered on his face.

“This is my surprise party for you! My way of saying ‘sorry’ for missing your fight and congratulating you on defending your title!” Harry walked over towards Y/N and handed her a glass and placed a kiss on her lips, causing everyone to whoop and holler.

“Thank you… for all of this! You’re the best Harry!” She grinned.

“You knew didn’t you?” Y/N looked at Niall who just shrugged and walked off to grab a drink.

Harry introduced Y/N to a few of his friends that she hadn’t met before, such as Nadine Leopold, Sara Sampaio, Chelsea Handler and Sebastian Stan, who was in town shooting a movie, and a few other movie stars that she was a little surprised was even there.

After a few minutes of small talk Y/N went to find her favorite people: Liam, Louis, Zayn and Sophia, who were drinking with Niall in the kitchen.

“Y/N!” Louis wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight hug, “I wish I could’ve seen your fight in person! I was watching it on the telly and damn! The way you knocked her to the ground! Shit! I really wish I could’ve been there!”

“Congratulations babe, you are bloody amazing!” Zayn was next.

Sophia wrapped her arms around Y/N, “Please teach me how to box!”

“Soph! I’ve been trying to get you to do it with me for years!” Liam pouted.

“Yeah but Y/N’s a pro…” Sophia teased him.

“I can teach you any time you want Sophia.” Y/N grinned.

Liam was the last to give her a hug before they all began to grab a plate and start helping themselves to the enormous amount of food that Harry had ordered for the party.

“Excuse me guys, I have to go say ‘hi’ to some people I recognize! Be right back,” Y/N whispered with a big grin on her face as she tiptoed off with her plate of food to mingle with James, Jeff and Glenne.

- - - - -

As Y/N was about to turn around the corner after using the one of the many restrooms Harry had, she heard a few voices that she really didn’t recognize and one that was all too familiar.

“She’s a bit big for your taste Harry,” One of the voices said.

Y/N slowly peaked her head from behind the wall to see that it was Nadine and Sara that was sitting with Harry on the couch of his second living room, talking.

“What?” Harry’s turned his head away from the telly that was replaying Y/N’s fight from last night.

“Your girlfriend. She’s got quiet a bit of meat on her bones… compared too…” Sara trailed off as she looked at Nadine and smirked.

Harry and Nadine had a very brief fling once upon a time, Y/N knew, but she didn’t care when he told her about it. He said there were absolutely nothing between them anymore and gave her his word on it, so she trusted him.

Y/N felt her stomach drop. 

Are these the kinds of people Harry hangs out with in L.A.? 

Nadine and Sara let out a quiet chuckle and looked at Harry who was debating on what to say.

“Oh come on Harry, you have got to admit… she’s bigger all your other exes. Taylor was basically a twig!” Nadine laughed.

Y/N had never, ever been the type who cares about her size or weight, it never bothered her because she was confident in herself. But in that moment, listening to his friends comment on her size, she felt insecure.

She wrapped her arms around her body and leaned against the wall; she knew she shouldn’t continue listening but she couldn’t help it. 

“Yeah… you guys are right, she is a bit thicker…” Harry’s voice surprised her, she didn’t think he was going to actually agree with them. She stood there motionless and numb, his voice seemed louder than even the music that was blaring in the other room as it rung in her ears.

“She’s so… muscular… her legs are even thicker than mine.” Harry chuckled.

“And her arms!” Sara pointed out.

“How does she not hurt you when you two are fucking?” Nadine crassly asked which made Sara burst into laughter. 

‘What absolute bitches’, Sophia thought.

Little did anyone know, Sophia was listening behind the other wall, on the other side of the room and felt very disappointed in Harry. She bit her bottom lip in anger, afraid that she was going to step out and say something so she hurried off to find the two people she knew that could do something about it, hoping that Y/N wouldn’t hear about their conversation but it was already too late.

Y/N couldn’t listen anymore, she pushed herself off the wall and went straight back into the bathroom and cried. She felt her heart shatter as Harry’s words kept replaying in her ears.

How could he? How could he say those things about her? 

Why didn’t he defend her? Why would he let his “friends” talk about her that way?

Why the fuck was he hanging out with people like that? That’s not the Harry she knew.

Millions of thoughts were racing through Y/N’s mind, all their memories of them laying in bed together and Harry telling her how perfect, beautiful, lovely or gorgeous she was; or when Harry would take her hand randomly and kiss the top of it, telling her how wonderful she was and how he was so lucky to have her.

Where was that Harry?

She wondered where was the Harry that was so excited to bring her home to meet his parents and older sister whom he loved, or the Harry that didn’t care if she didn’t wear make-up and threw on sweats when they went out together.

Tears continued to stream down her face as she sat on the floor of the bathroom, her back against the door feeling more insecure than she ever has before.

“HE SAID WHAT?!” Niall growled.

“What the fuck? Curly? Curly fuckin’ said that about Y/N?!” Louis slammed his drink down on the counter.

“Shhh! I don’t want Y/N to know…” Sophia held her finger up to her mouth.

“Where the fuck is he? I’m going to fuckin’ kill him!” Niall roared.

“Niall, Louis, calm down… don’t cause a scene…” Liam stopped the two of them from leaving the kitchen.

“Liam, you even know that’s beyond fucked up for him to say and it’s about his own girlfriend. We can all agree that she’s fit as hell.” Zayn scratched his beard.

“Of course it’s fucked up but not in front of everyone.” Liam glanced around the dining room to make sure no one was listening.

“To hell with him! I’m going to kick his arse-” Niall quickly finished the beer in his hand and slammed his cup on the table and wiped the remnants off his mouth with the back of his hand, “My best friend! I’ll show him!”

Niall pushed Liam out of his way with Louis following close behind.

“Oh shit…” Liam shook his head as Sophia laced her hand in his.

“You know you don’t want to miss this…” Zayn chuckled as he motioned for them to follow.

“You fucking wanker!” Niall picked up Harry by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the wall when they finally found him, still in the second living room.

Nadine and Sara both shrieked as they watched in disbelief as Niall and Louis pinned Harry against the wall.

“You girls should leave.” Zayn narrowed his eyes at them as he folded his arms across his chest and leaned against the opposite wall. 

The both of them scrambled to their feet and raced out of the room, their heels loudly clicking against the wooden floor.

“What the hell are you two doing?!” Harry’s eyes were wide with confusion.

“I ought to kill you Styles! How dare you call my best friend fat!” Niall shouted.

“Shhhhh! Niall!” Liam’s voice echoed through the room with Sophia standing next to him.

“I did- I didn’t call her fat!” Harry voice wavered.

“Then did you call her thick? Big?” Louis was the one growling this time, “What the fuck Harold?”

“Can you guys get off me and let me explain? Fuck!” Harry looked down at Niall’s and Louis’ arms which were shoved against his chest, hurting him.

Both of them slowly backed themselves off of him and Harry straightened out his shirt.

“I only said it because the girls were making such a big deal about it, I didn’t actually mean it.” Harry explained.

“Who the fuck cares if you actually meant it or not? It’s the fact that you said it! What the hell would you have done if Y/N heard you?” Niall scolded him.

“But she didn’t-”

“But what if she did!?” Louis interjected.

“God what kind of people- why would you even let them say that about your girlfriend? MY best friend!” Niall shook his head.

“I’m sorry Niall, I didn’t think anyone heard.” Harry said quietly, feeling guilty.

“Well you better fucking pray Y/N doesn’t because she can actually beat you into a pulp!” Louis spat before he turned around and walked away.

“That was not cool mate.” Zayn sighed before he followed Louis outside for a smoke.

- - - - -

No one could find Y/N for the rest of the evening. Eventually after about an hour, she came out of the bathroom and snuck upstairs into Harry’s room.

She looked at her phone to see five missed calls from Niall, one from Louis and dozens of messages from Harry. She tucked her phone back into her purse and grabbed one of the few duffel bags she had there and began packing all of the clothes, purses, jewelry and shoes that she had left at his house throughout the year they’ve been together.

“Y/N?” Harry’s voice made her freeze as she made her way through her- no- his drawers.

“Y/N? I’ve been looking everywhere for you- what are you doing?” Harry walked up behind her and grabbed her hand but she quickly pulled it away.

“Don’t touch me.” She slowly said.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” Harry asked, not really sure what was happening.

Y/N didn’t say a word, she knew that if she did say anything at this point she was going to break down, so she kept packing all of her clothes into one of the duffel bags that was open on his bed.

“Y/N! Please talk to me!” 

She didn’t want to talk to him, she wanted to get the hell away from him.

Harry grabbed both of her shoulders and forced her to look at him but as soon as their eyes connect she burst into tears.

“Y/N…. what…” Harry was shocked.

“You!” She pounded her fist against his chest, “How could you? After everything? Why even throw me this party Harry? Why even celebrate my victory?” She shouted as tears streamed down her face uncontrollably, she was still completely shocked by the conversation she overhead but this was the first time she was vocal about it.

“Y/N what are you talking about?” Harry wrapped his hands around her wrist to stop her from hitting him.

“If I’m so fucking THICK why the hell are you even WITH ME?!” She finally shouted and Harry froze.

All the color drained from his face as he heard her yell, his heart even felt like it had stop beating as he now understood why she was in pain. She heard them, she heard him.

Harry couldn’t move, he tried to say something but as his lips parted to apologize, nothing came out. He felt pathetic. He never expected for her to hear him and his friends.

“I don’t even know who you are anymore Harry!” She cried as she turned around and went into his closet to pull the rest of her clothes off the hangers and threw them into the duffel bag that was almost full.

“Y/N… I-”

“DO NOT SAY SORRY! DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” She bellowed as she gave him a dirty look.

Harry felt his heart breaking knowing that she was packing HER things, his eyes looked down at all of her belongings that was sprawled across his bed.

“Y/N please, look at me… let me explain-”

“NO! There’s nothing for you to explain! I can’t believe you! Who are you to let your so called ‘friends’ talk shit about me and instead of defending me, you agree with them?! What kind of boyfriend are you? If my weight was such an issue then why the fuck even date me in the first place?!”

Y/N began zipping up one of her duffel bags that was now fully stuffed with clothes and texted Niall to come pick her up.

“No- Y/N… it’s not an issue, I love you-”

“Don’t! You do not love me Harry Styles because if you did, you wouldn’t have said those things, you asshole!” She grabbed the other duffel bag and began stuffing her shoes, purses, a gold pair of boxing gloves that she bought to match Harry’s when they sparred at his house, and a few other things.

“Y/N I didn’t mean any of it! I don’t even know why I said it!” Harry pleaded as he tried to stop her from packing and made her look at him.

“Fuck you! I don’t care if you didn’t mean it! It’s the fact that you said it! You know-” She took a deep breath and wiped the tears from her face, “I never understood why Louis and Zayn didn’t like you going to L.A. all the time but NOW I get it!”

She shook her head, “These PEOPLE you hang out with- what the fuck Harry? Why the hell are you even friends with people like that?!”

“I don’t know…” Harry honestly didn’t. He had met half of them through parties he was invited to and eventually they started inviting him out everywhere.

Y/N removed herself from Harry’s grip and zipped up the second duffel bag. She bent over, pulled both the straps from the bags over each shoulder and it wasn’t until she grabbed her purse that she felt something bounce on her neck.

She grabbed the necklace that rested around her neck and yanked it off, breaking the chain. It was a gift that Harry had bought her on the day they went public, saying that she was his and only his.

Tears continued streaming down her face when she roughly grabbed his hand and dropped the white-gold chain and diamond heart pendant in his hand. Harry felt his heart shatter when he realized what it was as the cold metal touched his skin and looked into her red eyes.

Harry swallowed the lump in his throat, feeling his voice shaking as tears fell down his face and his hand closed, “Please don’t do this Y/N.” 

“I don’t deserve to be treated that way. Bye Harry.” She sniffled before she walked around him and out of the room.

It took Harry a minute to finally gather himself together. He stuffed the chain in his pocket as his feet moved to chase after her and by the time he had fled downstairs and out the front door, Y/N was closing the door to the backseat of Niall’s car and opened the door to the passenger side.

“Y/N! Wait! Please!” Harry said out of breath as he raced up to her and wrapped his arms around her.

She was sobbing at this point and Harry felt his stomach drop seeing her cry like that, he actually had never ever seen her cry like this before and knowing that it was because of him made him feel even worst.

“I’m done Harry.” She simply said after she calmed down and tore away from his embrace.

“Please Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Harry pleaded as he attempted to lace his hands in hers.

“No,” She gently retracted her arms hands from his, “You know what Harry? I take beatings for a living but nothing has ever hurt me more than hearing you talk about me that way.”

“Y/N…” Harry felt like the biggest piece of shit on the planet. He hated himself so much for what he said, for hurting the only girl he has ever loved, all because he wanted to seem cool to his stupid friends.

“Goodbye Harry.” Y/N climbed into the passenger seat and closed the door.

Niall didn’t even look at Harry, he just reversed out of the driveway, hit the gas and peeled off down the street, disappointed in his best mate.

Harry dragged himself back into his now empty house, closed the door and stood there motionless for a moment.

After a while he slid down with his back against the door as he struggled with his breathing. It hurt to breathe, his lung felt like they were going to collapse because she was gone. His felt his heart crumble as tears began streaming down his face, he couldn’t even see clearly in front of him anymore. Everything was hurting.

He realized that he was alone, really alone.

He lost the only thing that made him feel whole.

He lost her.

- - - - - - - - -

Part 2 :: I Need You Like a Heart Needs a Beat

<3 M

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Can you make a smut where Niall injures his arm and Y/N "nurses" him back to health while wearing a sexy nurses outfit. The smuttier the better 😉

“I’ll tell you one thing, if I’d been around for his knee surgery he’d be dead.”  Your friend Janey sputtered into her coffee, choking out a laugh.  “C’mon, it can’t be that bad?” she reasoned.  Rolling your eyes, you elaborated.  “I mean, I love Niall.  I do.  In any other circumstance, I’d probably take a bullet for him.  But you’d think he was on death’s door instead of having a broken wrist.”  

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Hi Susie! I don't know if you're taking requests right now but I was looking at posts & pictures about niall's vacation earlier this year . He went to Thailand, phillipines, Bali & Vietnam where we saw he went to museums,bars , beaches, shopping took their local transportation. Was hoping maybe you'd write about him planning another trip just you two. Where would he want to go now? He'd be so so so very excited!

Could you do a smutty blurb about Niall based off that hiking pic? Like he can’t stay away from his girl in a flattering exercise outfit? 💕

Joined these.  Enjoy.

The last time I came home to Niall being so excited he could barely speak was when he’d planned his backpacking trip with him and his boys through Thailand, Bali, The Philippines and Vietnam.  Sure I could have been upset that I wasn’t going but to be honest, I wanted him to go and have fun with his boys.  He needed it.  

Besides, I was in my last semester of school so I couldn’t have gone anyway.  At least this way he could entertain himself with his friends and I could focus on passing my classes.  Then when he got home we could focus on each other.  

He’d returned two weeks ago and since then we’d spent most of that time in bed.  Or on the couch.  Sometimes in the kitchen.  You get my drift.

But as I walked in the door that evening?  He definitely had something up his sleeve.  He came out of the kitchen, his face lit up like a Christmas tree,

“You’re home!”  He exclaimed.  

He pecked a quick kiss to my mouth and then pulled my hands into his,

“Come with me.”  He said, pulling me towards the kitchen, “Got somethin’ to show ya.”

I was intrigued.  The last time he had “something to show me” in the kitchen we ended up eating food off of each other for the night.  

Great night.

He walked over to his laptop, a few pages printed out next to it with a pen laying on top of them.  I looked down at the computer and then back up at him.  One eyebrow lifted just slightly

“Ok?”  I asked cautiously.

He laughed,

“Nothin’ sexual…well…not tonight anyway.”  He finished, quirking his brows.  He pulled the first paper up from the pile and handed it over to me, “First things first.”

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Walk Away part. two// Harry Styles

Originally posted by toasttostyles

Summary: Continuation to this.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 921

Word Density: “Harry” and “Love” (How cute)

This sucks, I’m sorry.

Living without Harry was much harder than you expected. The only perk was not having to argue with him every time you came home. Most times you were sad and never left your room. Six months and the only time you left your room was to get food, take a shower and pee, and to go to the doctor.  You groaned and ran your hand over your stomach as you felt a soft kick.

Staying in you old apartment wasn’t ideal, but it was better than crawling back to Harry. Somedays it never hit you until you look at you left hand that you were divorced. Being with someone from six years, and going six months without them was hard. You always cried. Sophia would come over and find you in one of his sweaters, bawling your eyes out while looking at pictures of the two of you (she deleted them, but you always wet to the cloud and recovered them). 

Harry wasn’t much better. Niall couldn’t even get him to leave the house, he barely got him to shower. Niall had to call Anne a few times to try and get Harry out of bed. He wouldn’t have signed the divorce papers if it weren’t for his lawyer saying he had to unless he wanted to go to court. Harry love you and the idea of being without you drove him insane.

“Harry, I made you pancakes.” Niall smiled when he opened the door and saw Harry awake and out of bed.

“Thanks, Niall. Thanks for taking care of me, mate.” Niall put the tray down as he watched Harry pick up your old ring and slide it into his pocket.

“Harry, what the hell are you doing with that?”

“I’m going to see Y/N.” Niall blocked him from the door

“Do you think that’s a good idea? Do you want me to go with you?” Niall didn’t mean to sound as protective as he did, he just knew you wouldn’t want to see Harry..

“Niall, please let me do this. I’m just going to talk to her. I want to fix things, want to make things better. I love her and a love that we have can’t be flushed down the toilet. She can’t just shut me out as if the past six years meant nothing. If this is the last time I get to talk to her, that’s fine, I just want her to know that  I still love her.”

You groaned as you bent down to grab the dropped can of whipped cream. You were trying to add whipped cream on your pancakes (just like Harry used to). If it weren’t for Sophia going to the grocery store, you would have stayed in bed. But the baby was craving pancakes. From the sloppy bun and grandma slippers, you looked like a mess. Sophia said you looked fine, but you knew you looked bad. Just as you were about to cut your pancakes, the doorbell rang.

“Coming!” You quickly shuffled, holding onto your bump. You quickly adjusted your hair before you opened the door. “Hello-.”

“Hi, Y/N.” It was Harry, holding a bouquet of roses. “I know you’ve ignored my calls and texts, and even the guys’, but I just wanted to-.” His eyes landed on your stomach.

“Now’s not a good time.”You quickly started closing the door, Harry put his foot in it’s path and pushed it open.

“I know it’s been a while, but have you gained weight?” You groaned. “I was oking, but you’re pregnant. It’s mine, right?” There was so much hope in his eyes.

“Yes.” He pushed his way inside and put the flowers on the counter. “What the hell are you doing? Get out.”

“No. Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?”

“Because it’s none of your concern, now get out-.”

“None of my concern! That’s my child in there! Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.” He whispered the last part to himself.

“Because we were always fighting! I didn’t want to bring a baby into that! You were always screaming at me or never home, I never got the chance to tell you!” By this point you were sobbing. “I can do this on my own, I don’t need you.”

“Stop, look at me. I love you, I love you so much, and I already love that baby. It’s not just your baby, that’s our baby. I’m going to help you and love you both.” 

He pulled you in for a hug, a quiet clink of metal hit the hardwood floor. Harry cursed under his breath as you looked down. The light perfectly hitting the diamonds in the ring, making it sparkle. You pulled away from him and looked down.

“No.” You lightly pushed him away.


“Harry, You can be i the babies life, but we’re not doing this to each other. I love you, but if we’re going to be together, things are going to change. I’m going to stay here and you’ll stay where you’re staying. I love you though, don’t forget that.”

“I love you too and I understand, but please tell me I haven’t lost you.” He picked the ring up from the ground. “Please put this back on.” You looked at your hand that was in his. Your left hand. You wanted to fix things and go back to the way it used to be.

“Okay, you haven’t lost me.”

Preference #95 Singing In The Shower

As soon as you opened the door to yours and Niall’s shared flat, his loud laughter filled the small quarters. The door revealed a tidy and empty kitchen and living room.
“Must be in the master’s,” you thought. You made your way to the bedroom, curious as to what was making him laugh.
“Ni! I’m home, I brought sugar cookies,” you called out. The laughter continued and you curiously made your way to the room.
“Le princess is here, guys! Say hi to her when she gets here,” Niall said to the laptop in front of him. You quickly realized he was talking to fans through a twitcam that’s been going on for who-knows-how-long.
“Hey,” you greeted and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He began blushing and you laughed at him. “Hi,” you waved shyly to the camera.
Fans quickly flooded with comments, saying how cute you two were.
“Join us, baby,” Niall suggested.
“I need to take a shower first,” you replied, entering the bathroom, leaving the door slightly open.
You had just gotten into the shower and you were enjoying the relaxing warmth of the water droplets. You belted out the lyrics to Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy. You actually had a great voice and being lost in the moment, you completely forgot about Niall being in the other room. Being a shy girl, the shower was the only place you felt comfortable singing. After drying off and getting dressed, you exited the bathroom to find a surprised Niall.
“I didn’t know you could sing!” he exclaimed. Your eyes went wide, realizing he had just heard the entirety of your shower concert. “You sounded great babe! Even the fans heard it,”
You blushed immediately, embarrassed thinking about how many people had heard you.
“Now, how about you sing a song with me?” he said, guitar in hand while wiggling his eyebrows.
“No,” you protested knowing that with the help of his millions of fans, he’ll get what he wants. Not long after, your cover of You Make Me Feel So Young by Michael Buble was already viral.

Liam was on tour when you decided to surprise him by flying to his current location, Los Angeles. With the help of the other boys, the security and the rest of the team, you managed to arrive in LA and to the hotel safe and unseen.
“Liam will be here in a few hours, he’s in the studio. Here’s the key to the room,” Preston said, handing you the key to Liam’s suite. You took it and thanked him. You opened the door, revealing an elegant and clean room. “Damn, I don’t want Li to see me like this,” you muttered to yourself as you saw your own exhausted reflection in the floor length mirror. You set your iPhone on the dock and shuffled the songs before jumping into the shower. The playlist soon started with your favorite Four song, Change Your Ticket. “You should probably stay, probably stay a couple more days, come on let me change your ticket home,” you sang along to your boyfriend’s voice on the speaker. Suddenly you heard someone call you, “y/n?”
Before it hit you that it was Liam, the bathroom door swung open revealing two shocked faces.
“Surprise?” you said to Liam.
“I thought it was a fan, turns out it was you,” he removed his clothes and walked towards you to give you a hug. “Now, why don’t I join this little party, yeah?”

With the whole buzz about the No Control project going on, your boyfriend and his bandmates’ voices boomed through almost every radio station. You loved the song so much and were glad It was beginning to get the attention it deserved, it was being played on the radio like crazy!  You had just finished up dinner and decided to take a relaxing shower, turning on the radio on your phone before getting in. The DJs were all talking about the No Control project and you couldn’t help but feel proud.
“And for the 8th time today, here’s No Control by One Direction!” , he announced.
You danced to the beat of the song as the water fell quickly from the shower head, it wasn’t long before you were singing along at the top of your lungs. When you were done showering you opened the door, shocked at the sight of Louis in the doorway with a slight smirk on his face.
“Did you hear all that?” you asked, slightly embarrassed and mortified.
“Yep,” Louis said walking away from you. “Might want to check twitter, babe,”
You panicked and fumbled to grab your phone, you saw the tweet from Louis with the thousands of comments, “Thank you to everyone who’s participating on the #NoControlProject, especially to @Y/T/N xx” His tweet had a link attached to it; it was a voice record of you singing along to No Control, the sounds of the shower getting drowned out by the loudness of your voice.

Harry and you lived together but barely saw each other due to your rather hectic schedules. He was busy recording and writing for the new album while you were hard at work at a sales company. Today was quite an exhausting day for you and to calm yourself down from a long days work, you made yourself a nice hot shower. “Don’t fuck with my love, I told her she knows, take aim and reload, I don’t wanna know that babe,” you sang loudly with your eyes closed, feeling the song. The foamy water soaked your bare body as you continued to wash yourself. You opened your eyes to grab the shampoo only to find your boyfriend, Harry standing by the doorway with a cheeky smirk plastered on his divine face.
“Damn it Harry!” You shouted in surprise covering your naked body with you hands. “Harry! What the hell are you doing here?”
“Oh c’mon. Like this isn’t the first time I’ve seen all that,” He said pointing to your body, earning a glare from you. “But what I haven’t heard is that voice of yours.”
You ignored Harry, who walked away laughing. A few minutes later, you dried yourself, still hearing Harry’s laughter from the master bedroom. Wrapped in nothing but a big, white towel, you decided to eavesdrop a bit. Turns out, he was already sharing the story to Ed. Of course, they had to be friends.
“She was singing Don’t and dancin’ a bit, it was hilarious,” Harry said. “You should hire her as a back-up singer, mate, I swear to God,” Harry continuously joked, giggling in between his sentence like a little schoolgirl.
“Oh great,” you thought as you shot Harry a deep glare.

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Mornings with Niall

Niall wasn’t exactly the peppiest when he woke up in the morning. Shocking, because the boy was literal sunshine so one would think he would be sunshine first thing in the morning.

However he was cranky, and he certainly hadn’t gotten the full night’s sleep that he wanted in the first place. But now you were singing in the shower and it was soothing and gentle so it wasn’t that bad but Niall was still tired and he wanted a snuggle. But you were in the shower.

So he was annoyed.

He was more annoyed that the flat was cold enough that it stung his feet to stand on the cold hardwood as he walked to the bathroom. He grimaced as his cold toes now ached from the warmth of the tiles in the bathroom. Almost blindly he pulled his boxers off. You continued singing quietly as you washed yourself, your shadow evident through the fogged glass of the walk in shower.

Niall wondered if you hadn’t heard him and by the time he figured it out—you hadn’t—you were nearly jumping out of your skin as Niall slipped into the shower behind you.

“Oh well, good morning, my prince,” you whispered.

He grunted in response letting himself get damp as he clung to your wet body. He loved to touch you first thing in the morning and if he wasn’t so exhausted from the late hour he had at the studio last night, he would reprimand you for leaving the bed before he got the proper chance to cuddle you into consciousness. You let him hold you for a few moments, his hands roaming your body causing your tummy to somersault. Niall was touchy in general, even more so in the morning. He craved affection in the morning to wake him up.

Plus he was also a bit hard as he woke up so he really wanted affection. He showed that by kneading your bum and smirking into your neck when you giggled at the sensation. He teasingly squeezed your boobs because that was another one of his favorite things to do that always elicited a playful giggle from you as well.

“Niall,” you hummed warningly as his hands slipped further down your body coming around to cup your sex.

“What princess?” He murmured. The first thing he had said all morning. “Doncha want me?” He asked.

You rolled your eyes because the answer was always, but being in the shower was difficult and you almost always slipped. Niall would never allow you to slip and hurt yourself so he quickly quelled those fears by turning you around, picking you up and pressing your back to the shower wall away from the slippery part of the shower. Niall reached back, turning the temperature up so you wouldn’t be cold and he lifted your legs around his hips. “No slipping love,” he promised his voice husky with sleep still.

Then all at once he was kissing you. His tongue roamed over your mouth and he slid his hand back down between your bodies to gently touch between you. “Mm,” he hummed as he slid one finger inside you and he swallowed the moan on your lips as he did. “Don’t leave bed like that,” he begged. “Missed my cuddle,” he said knowingly.

“Mm,” you whined. “Niall…” you whimpered.

“Don’t leave bed again,” he warned and then slowly thrusted his finger in and out of you. As best you could you pushed your hips toward him wanting more and wanting more, fast. But he wasn’t having it, just continued his agonizing pace as he watched you writhe with pleasure at his hands. All at once he was gone. His fingers disappeared and he was amazed with the response of you moaning at the loss of him. “Shh,” he hummed. “Princess, I’m gonna take care of you,” he promised swallowing your whimpers again.

He let your legs fall from around his hips to the floor before he turned you around and pressed you up against the glass. You moaned at the coolness of your nipples touching the glass and Niall kneaded his hands on your bum again before he slipped himself inside you.

The two of you moaned and you pressed your hands against the glass as you pushed back against him. He pressed his mouth to the inside of your neck. His hips moved quickly inside you and you moaned so loudly you wondered if the neighbors could hear you. “Niall,” you gasped.

He groaned at the sound of his name on your lips in the throes of pleasure. Everything about this was wonderful. Niall’s face scrunched up as he thrusted inside you his body finally waking up and he enjoyed every part of you being wrapped around him so intimately.

It felt so good and you could feel the ball of pleasure tightening in your lower belly your body aching to release because Niall was so good at everything he did and he knew your body better than you knew it. Niall knew you were about to release and he wanted you to so badly. He reached around in front of you as he licked at your skin wet from the shower, and slowly began to rub the bundle of nerves that he knew would set you over the edge.

And it did.

You shook with pleasure against the glass, your body weakening at the overwhelming pleasure and if it wasn’t for Niall holding you up, you would have laid on the floor. Just the sight of you so blissed out was enough for Niall to thrust a few more times into you before releasing his high as well.

“Good morning, princess,” he whispered into your ear cheekily after a moment of coming down.

“You cheeky bastard,” you said breathlessly.

“How bout some pancakes?” He asked. “And then some soccer or a movie,” he suggest. “And of course some snuggles,” he offered.

“Okay,” you sighed heavily.

Giving your bum a gentle squeeze he released you once he was sure you could stand on your own two feet. “Now, would you get out of my shower? It’s really rude to interrupt,” he said knowingly.

You pinched his nipple as you playfully glared at him and enjoyed the mock-pain he demonstrated as a result. “Stupid head,” you grumbled.

He rolled his eyes at your childish name. “I love you, princess,” he said knowingly as you ducked out of the shower.

You turned around and left him with one final kiss. “I love you too.”

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A concept. People shower Niall with affection and cakes and hugs and Sunday roasts and Niall takes care of those people in a bigger over arching way. Like he's there, really there for all the people in his life who sometimes need a bit of a firm shoulder. sending to institute of niall studies!!


I love thinking of Niall as a person who allows people to care for him. Like…he recognizes that sometimes people won’t care for themselves unless they’re convinced they’re actually caring for someone else. I love thinking of Niall being content to be cast as the soft one, the innocent one, the one who needs looking after, but simultaneously being the one who subtly checks in with everyone, who grounds them, who makes sure they’re OK. 

I love thinking of the way Niall brings out the tenderness in people. The way Louis loses his sharp edges when Niall is next to him and the way Niall accesses the joyful warm parts of Harry and the way Liam relaxes when they do an interview together, the way he acts a little younger and a little less guarded. The way Niall makes them all more themselves. It’s like Niall is a safe space for them. He’s strong and he’s capable and he makes them feel cared for and supported and somehow allows them to access their vulnerability? I don’t know. Just wow. Wow Niall.