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Harry Styles Cooks... Volume 1: The Baking Years

In which Louis Tomlinson can’t cook, there’s a very special shower curtain, and Harry Styles used to be a baker. 

Or: Louis owns all of Harry Styles’ cookbooks, and he never intends to cook a single thing out of any of them. 

Or: I don’t know what the fuck this is, sorry. 

Louis Tomlinson can’t cook. He can, for the most part, feed himself and generally keep himself alive, in a frozen pizza, tins of soup, cereal-for-dinner kind of a way. He can do pasta and sauce, and cheese on toast, and sandwiches, and microwave meals and things which require zero attention, zero skill, and even less enthusiasm. Louis Tomlinson likes Tesco meal deals for lunch and cans of coke on the way to the bus stop after work. He likes bags of crisps, and the biscuit tin by the printer in his office.

He has a long list of things he doesn’t like – including but not limited to courgettes, baked beans, couscous, fish, posh sausages that taste of stuff that isn’t pork, vegetables on principle, drinks that are green, kale, stuff they sell in Waitrose, mushrooms, weird fruit, lentils, and pineapple on pizza.

All of this is perfectly normal and doesn’t bother Louis one little bit.

It doesn’t, however, go any way to explaining why Louis has an entire shelf in his bedroom devoted to Harry Styles cookbooks, or why his best mates Liam and Niall bought him a custom-made Harry Styles Cooks… pillowcase and duvet set for his birthday last year, with Harry Styles’ ridiculous face plastered all across it like on the titles of his stupid cooking TV show, or why Louis had to buy a DVR purely to save all the stupid episodes of each of Harry Styles’ stupid cooking series so he could watch them whenever he wanted. It definitely didn’t explain the three different Harry Styles-themed mugs in the kitchen cupboards, and it 100% did not explain the special shower curtain.

There obviously is an explanation for all of that, but it isn’t something that Louis can file under any sort of ‘wants to learn to cook’ headline.

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Writing prompt number 4 with Niall! :D

4. “Is that my shirt?”

Niall was in the shower, you were in the kitchen pouring popcorn into a bowl for a snack while you two watch a movie. The movie remained paused, Niall insisted that it be until he was done being squeaky clean. You tried to get as cozy as you could on the couch, but it wasn’t working how you wanted to since Niall was absent. You took a few pieces of popcorn in your mouth, bored and waiting. If Niall didn’t hurry up, the popcorn would be gone and the movie would have already started.

Just as you were about to call for him, tell him to hurry and come back because you missed him, he appeared, like a little ghost. He waltzed into the living room, sweat shorts coming to his knees and white socks on his ankles. You didn’t understand how some people could walk around their home in white clean socks, it made your skin crawl. He was wearing a shirt that was a little too big for him, but it was cute. It showed more of his collarbones and shoulders than his regular lazy shirts did. The design on the shirt made you squint, trying to recognize where you’ve seen it before.

“Ready?” Niall huffed as he settled on the couch. 

You kept looking at his shirt as he tried to settle in under his favorite fuzzy blanket. Now he was having trouble because you weren’t on top of him as you usually were. Niall lifted the blanket, inviting you to cuddle with him. He had a pout on his lips when he saw you looking at him funny.

“What’s wrong?” Niall asked.

“Is that my shirt?” You quizzed.

It indeed was. It was one of your favorite nightshirts to sleep in. It was unnecessarily big on you, hanging off your shoulders, coming mid thigh, swallowing your entire frame, insanely comfortable. Niall looked down at what he was wearing, pulling at the material on him to get a real look. He hummed.

“Sure, I just grabbed whatever.” Niall shrugged. You couldn’t lie, it looked good on him. Everything looked good on him, almost to the point where it was annoying.

“Why does it look better on you than it does on me?” You joked. Niall rolled his eyes.

“Oh please. It’s just an old shirt.” He laughed. He leaned up, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into him to cuddle. Niall kissed your cheek. 

“My shirts look good on you, we look good in each others clothes.” Niall stated. 

He took the popcorn bowl out of your hands and sat it on the floor in both of your arms reach. He reached in and took a couple of pieces and shoved them in his mouth.

“What’re you waitin’ for, start the movie.” Niall motioned to the TV. You shook your head and chuckled, nuzzling closer to Niall and deeper in the blanket, pressing play on the remote and starting the movie. 

april showers bring may flowers


“Yeah, Niall?”

“‘April showers bring May flowers,’” yeah?” said the blonde.

“That’s the expression,” agreed Zayn, turning the page of his book and taking a sip of his coffee.

“We’ve had a quite dry spring so far, haven’t we?” asked Niall a few moments later. “Second driest April on record, I was reading.”

Zayn hummed his agreement and took another sip of coffee. “Bit unusual, yeah.”

“So if there’s not been much rain,” mused Niall, “how is it that our grass is so green and the garden’s all full up with flowers?”

“I think they’ve been getting a bit of help,” Zayn told him.

“Getting a bit of help?” repeated Niall, looking at Zayn with confusion on his face.

Zayn looked up from his book. “Yeah. Reckon that’s what Harry’s been doing when he leaves bed so early every morning.” He shrugged. “Watering the gardens.”

“I thought he was going jogging.” Niall gazed out the kitchen window to the backyard, the gardens bursting with beautiful flowers and the grass nearly as green as it was back in Ireland. “Why would he do that?” he asked finally, curious.

“Spring’s your favourite season,” said Zayn simply. That response clearly hadn’t answered Niall’s question, it seemed, so Zayn added softly, “Think he just wants to make you happy.”

day 1 of spring 2017 zarriall week! the prompt was spring

It's About Teamwork

A soft cry from the monitor wakes you up. You groan and Niall shifts and rolls over to look at you. 

“You know he’s your son?” You glare at him. 

“Oi, he’s yours too.”

“Only by default.” You tease before pecking his lips. 

“Just like you’re my wife, by default.” He raised his brow and you hit his chest playfully. 

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Preference #23: Blow Jobs

Preference # 23 blowjobs

A/N: Dirty!! Smut warning!!  I hope you all enjoy!

Liam: I got down on my knees as he slowly palmed himself groaning my name. His low husky voice making me shiver “ you ready for my mouth Li?” i ask and smirk up at him licking my lips. i wanted him so bad
He pulls himself out of his tight calvin Klein boxers and strokes my cheek “Open up baby girl hmmm?” He hums out and i open my mouth instantly, licking the tip and slowly taking him into my mouth.
“good girl.. oh god baby” he murmurs as i take him deeper into my mouth, panting.
I reach down and touch myself taking some of my wetness and putting it on his hard length.
“You taste amazing baby boy” i look up into his dark brown eyes and keep sucking him, slowly getting him off, him cumming on my tongue and pulling me up onto the bed. his mouth going to work on my center, getting me off.

Niall: The boys had warned me about how kinky he could be, but i never expected to be in the bathroom of his childhood home, sucking his dick. His parents thought we were asleep, and Niall was in the shower, but Niall and I were getting a different kind of steam. I giggled as I pulled away from his cock, pumping him “We’re gonna get caught Nialler” I whisper and spit on his tip before sucking back down his length.
“Shh Princess you’re gonna get us caught if you keep talking” he murmurs and groans as i gag around him, my eyes watering . “hey hey breathe baby take it easy” this is what i loved about Niall, he was always sweet with me, no matter how kinky he was being.
I pull away and look up at him, “I love you Niall”
“ i love you too sweetie” he smiles and strokes your cheek, lovingly.

Louis: I was a virgin, and louis knew I wasn’t ready for sex. here we are making out on our sofa, I could feel him hardening under me “ Louis god…” i pull away and smirk at him “Really?”
he bites his lip “Im sorry love… ill go take care of it and be back quick ok?”
I stop him and push him back down on my sofa. “No.. ill take care of it” i whisper, nervous ill do something wrong.
“Are you sure Y/N? you don’t have too love” i nod and peck his lips, unbuttoning his pants.
After him showing me the ropes, I get to it, sucking him off, looking in his eyes, i moan on him, slowly becoming addicted to the taste of him in the back of my throat.
“Thats my girl.. fuck” he moves his hand to my hair as he comes inside me, moaning my name.
He pulls me up to kiss him, holding me close “Was it good?” i whisper, my voice low.
“Perfect baby.. just like you my love” i smile and cuddle into his chest. I loved this boy.

Harry:  He was romantic, and i knew it. here we had just made love and i was cuddling up to his chest. I noticed he was still hard and frowned “Did you not cum?” i ask and look into his eyes.
“No.. its ok though baby cant happen everytime i guess” he shrugs jerking himself off.
“ no no Haz cmere” i murmur and duck down into the sweaty sheets, taking him in my mouth quickly. I massaged his balls and groaned as he let out a throaty moan.
“shit Y/N…” he pants out and looks under the sheets. watching me get him off
“ Feels so good shit” he grunts and thrusts into my mouth, making me gag
“you close harry?” i smirk and look up at him “cum for me hazza” i take his tip in my mouth swirling my tongue around him as the cum fills my mouth.
“Thanks baby… fuck” he pulls me back up holding me close.

Room for Two? {N.H}

Requested: Yes

Word count: 2,774
Rating: R
Summary: usually camp is just a wholesome kind of fun, but as your second year as a counselor instead of a camper, your campmate Niall switches it up a little.

You readjust your cap as you head back down the dirt path, smiling at the thought of how you used to be just like the fourteen year-old girls who begged for cabin transfers. Not that it mattered, you thought. They’d just sneak over to each other’s cabins, anyway. On the path opposite yours, you hear obnoxious bellowing and laughing, knowing that it could only be the only other campmate you had still present at camp.


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One direction A/B/O preference #4 You decide to get mated

A/N: I have no excuse as to why this is so late. Also, I need requests guys, normal ones, for normal preferences. I’m not creative enough to come up with them myself.

Also WARNING! Louis’ is quite sexual, so you can just skip that one if it makes you uncomfortable!

Request: You decide to get mated

LIAM: “Li? Isn’t your rut next week?” you called through the flat, leafing through the calendar hanging on your fridge. “Yeah, why?” came the reply just as he rounded the corner to the kitchen. He plastered his front to your back, wrapping his arms around your waist and burrowing his face in your neck. He took a deep breath, humming pleasantly at your smell. “I was thinking, maybe you could mate me? Before that? Maybe now?” Liam froze behind you and you squeezed your eyes shut, nerves making you tremble. Then Liam started moving again, nosing up the side of your neck before placing a gentle kiss to the frail skin. “Is this a spur of the moment thing or have you been thinking about this?” he asked, dragging you impossibly closer. “I’ve been thinking about it, a lot,” you admitted, tipping your head back against his shoulder and letting it fall limply to the side to give him more access, offering yourself up to him right then and there. “Here?” he asked; you hummed. “Now?” Another hum. His teeth grazed your skin lightly before he found the right spot, biting down hard enough to draw blood, growling possessively. The breath got knocked out of your lungs and your world narrowed down until you couldn’t feel, hear or smell anything other than Liam. You knew the full effect wouldn’t even kick in until he could knot you, and the feeling was already so intense, you weren’t sure you’d be able to handle it once he did knot you. “Fuck babe, can’t wait till I’m in my rut, you’re going to be all mine,” Liam said with a squeeze to your waist as he soothed the mark with his tongue. Your knees buckled. “Can’t wait, can’t wait,” you babbled, earning a chuckle. “Me neither babe.”

HARRY: Harry was a sensible one, had always been a sensible one, so he had made sure to sit you down and had a long conversation with you about it, making sure you wanted to and so on. If you weren’t so stupidly in love with him, you’d find it incredibly annoying. “Do you want me to give you the bite before I knot you or while I’m doing it?” Harry asked lastly. He was sat on the couch and you were comfortably resting sideways on his lap, head on his chest as his fingers played with your hair. “Uh, before, I think. I want it to be like, something I can remember,” you explained lamely, but Harry nodded along anyways. “Now or later, then?” You breathed out against his neck, fingers dancing their way across his chest. You couldn’t quite keep your hands off of him. “Now, please,” you whispered into his skin. “Yeah?” he murmured, growing fidgety as you splayed your hand over his heart. “Yeah.” You straddled him properly, legs on either side of his thighs. You brought your hands to his cheeks, framing his face. You leaned in for a long kiss before pulling back and leading Harry’s face to your neck. He quickly caught on and dipped his head, lips simply resting over your pulse before suddenly biting down, softly at first, and then harder, until he broke the skin. You arched your back with a high noise as Harry mated you, nerves pulled taut and body shaking as everything seemed to fall into place, head screaming HarryHarryHarry. “Fuck you look good with my mark,” Harry moaned before licking over the wound. “Yeah?” “Yeah.”

LOUIS: It had kinda happened by mistake. You and Louis had talked about it, had even agreed that yeah, you wanted to be mates someday. You never set a date, as none of you thought it would really be necessary. You’d rather it happened when it felt right. While you weren’t sure Louis’ knot swelling up and locking you together in the most intimate way really counted as ‘the right moment’ you wouldn’t change it for the world. Louis had looked crazed as he came, eyes filled with lust and love for you, and that was the last thing you saw before Louis bit into your neck, tying you together in the best way possible. The feeling was so intense, you couldn’t help but scream out, clinging onto Louis for dear life. You were still shaking as Louis’ tongue tried to soothe over the mark where it bled. “You smell like me,” he mumbled, voice breaking on the last word, sounding almost overwhelmed as he sniffed you, groaning in pleasure. “I always do, Lou,” you reminded him breathlessly, but you knew what he meant. Normally, Louis was without a doubt the best alpha you’d ever smelt, but like this? He smelt like home, like an incredible mix of you and him, intertwined as your scents were. “Fuck I love you,” Louis growled, hissing as he slipped out of you, rolling you over so he could cuddle up to your back. “I love you too, Lou.”

NIALL: “I personally think this would be the best spot,” you teased, dragging a finger down the side of your neck. Niall’s darkening eyes followed the movement, and his fingers twitched by his sides. You were leaning against the bathroom counter, fully dressed but with wet hair from your shower. Niall looked a few seconds away from ravaging you, only from talking about where he was to put the mating mark. “Don’t tease,” he threatened as he stepped closer, caging you in with his hands on either side of your hips. “It’s not teasing if I mean it,” you shot back, running your hands up his torso and into his hair, knotting your fingers into the strands at the nape of his neck. “Babe,” he said lowly, still with that threatening edge to his voice, “if you don’t stop soon, I’ll just do it.” You tilted your head to the side and leaned forward, offering yourself up to your alpha. “Do it,” you whispered. “What?” Niall tried to pull back in surprise, but you held him there with your hands. He could easily break free from your grasp, but he seemed frozen to the spot. “Mate me.” He stepped closer, sniffing at the spot you had pointed out moments before. “Are you sure?” At your nod, Niall dipped down and covered your skin with his lips. He started by sucking on it lightly, riling you up before sinking his teeth in, groaning in pleasure when you arched into him. You sagged into his chest with a content sigh when he pulled back. All you could focus on was Niall and his smell and his touch, and if Niall’s roaming hands were any indication, he too could feel the effects. “Bed,” he growled simply. “Yes please.”

A fan from YouTube ♥

I really don’t understand why people would choose to believe Larry over narry.

•Held hands backstage???
•Went to Bahamas together???
•Stares at each other???
•Pairing of tattoos???

•Casually touches each other onstage
•Held hands
•Grabs each other’s crotches
•Harry ran halfway the field just to hug niall
•Stares at each other
•Sings to each other
•Grinding on stage
•Harry knows what Niall does in the shower
•"I’d do Niall"
•"Hold me Niall"
•Hugs each other casually

Now what’s real??

Eleanor Williams