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A Harry Styles imagine

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Hey could you plzz do an imagine of you not feeling well throughout the day and Harry comes hone and is kinda pissed at you for some reason and you suddenly faint while you arguing. After in the hospital he feels so bad and is worried and it ends with fluff

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Ever since you woke up this morning, you’ve been feeling a bit…off. Not the “I’m getting sick” or “something bad is about to happen” kind of off, but there was something that tied a knot in the pit of stomach that has remained there ever since. When you first woke up, you noticed Harry, your boyfriend of almost one and a half year, being gone, even though he was supposed to have few more days off to spend with you before going to do his shows in Australia. You at first hestitated to text him, but you did anyways, asking him where had he gone, but received no reply. Deciding against doing something more or less productive while waiting for Harry to return, hoping he had only ran out to catch some take out, since you had been craving it during the night, even going as far as waking your him up in hopes that he might go and fetch you some, but without a luck. As you tiptoed down the downstairs, the cold floor hitting your bare feet, a sudden feeling of dizziness took over you, making you grip the shelves on the wall next to the stairway, accidentally knocking over a few of Harry’s old childhood pictures, most of them gifted by Robin on his last birthday. Seeing the pictures lying on the floor with shreds of glass around them made you even more dizzy, as Harry had been having a hard time coping with the sad news ever since he passed away. Once you had gained your ability to walk and see straight, you wasted no time in trying to clean the mess up, hoping to fix the broken frames before Harry notices something being out of place, seeing that these were somehow similar to the frames you had recently bought and still had in spare. But the recent mishaps seemed to be following you around as you went, and, as you were picking up the last small pieces of the remaining shreds, a sudden bolt of the door shutting startled you, making you accidentally cut yourself in the palm of your hand. Harry’s heavy boots echoed though the otherwise empty and quiet house, making you inwardly curse to yourself for being so clumsy, knowing a storm is about to hit you.

“(Y/N)! Where are you? I bought some food I thought you might like, to make up fo- what is this?!” He asked in disbelief, at first not noticing you crouched over the broken frames.

“Harry, I-I can explain, I’m so-“

“Sorry? You are sorry?! You broke them!!! With the pictures Robin himself gave me as a present!! How could you be so heartless?? You know how much they mean to me!!” He raged, kicking the bucket full of scraps, sending them flying across the floor. He bent down, trying to pick up the pictures himself, with you trying to help.

“Leave it, you have done enough already” he spat, gripping your wounded hand in order to stop you from even touching them, making pain shoot right through you.

“Harry, I said I’m sorry, it was an accident…” you breathed out, silent tears sliding down your cheeks.

“No. No, (Y/N). Don’t start this. At first you cancel our last night’s plans, because you “just felt like staying in”, even though we were not the only ones going and I had to find a silly excuse as to why, then you wake me up god knows how early just to tell me that you want food, and now this! What is wrong with you?!?” He fumed, but his rant became more distant with time and once again the feeling of dizziness took over you, this time sending you in the depths of darkness, making the shards of glass pierce your skin as your body hit the floor.

Harry’s POV

I was livid. The last few days have been a mess - so much to do, yet so little time. Not to mention the lack of sleep. The making of new music, arranging the new additional tour dates and interviews, making sure I get everything done before I take off to Australia was taking its toll on me. And her. (Y/N). God forgive me for leaving her like this the whole time. I’ve missed her so much, and the thought of me leaving her has been driving me mad. Especially this time, even though I cannot fully understand why. Every minute spent together with her has been leading me to the edge of breaking, either in tears or rage, and this time rage took over. It’s not like she has done anything wrong, no. It’s just that the more time we spend together alone, the more I don’t want to leave, making me consider postponing the tour, to which my management would never agree to. And the fans…

Last night we were supposed to go out for a nice dinner with my team, making it important to actually show up, since I was the one who initially came up with the idea. Having to lie made me angry, not because I could not understand that (Y/N) was not feeling her best, but the fact that she realised that only an hour before the actual meeting, making me look bad infront of important people. Even though I was more than glad to finally get a good night’s sleep, (Y/N) decided otherwise, which is the reason for my cranky mood today, since I had refused to get up, guilt eating me, as I felt her shuffle further away from me, mumbling a “sorry” as she did so. Waking up this morning, however, was when I decided I cannot keep up my behaviour and took a drive to the nearest take out place, knowing very well she would forgive me for being a massive dick. I don’t even want to talk about what happened when I arrived home. Something inside of me just snapped…

Seeing her fall, however, was the worst feeling I’ve felt in a long time. Watching the love of my life fall on top of a layer of scraps that I had initially scattered there in the fit of rage I was having, made me sick in my stomach, and seeing her unconscious and bleeding just about broke my heart. I rushed towards her and craddled her in my arms, shaking her for the dear life, hoping to see her beautiful eyes look up to me, telling me that this was all just a bad dream, and that everything is alright…

Once I took her to the hospital for the doctors to take care of her and find out what caused the fainting, praying to myself that I was not the reason behind it, I couldn’t help but to fear the worst. I kept repeating everything I said to her in my mind, wincing at how rude and unnecessary that was. I couldn’t help but to sob next to her bed, praying for her to wake up and forgive me, to hold me the way I’m holding her now and to tell me that everything is okay. That it will be okay… It will, right?

When the doctor came in, I couldn’t help but to jump up from my chair, asking him to give me the answers I oh so desperately wanted to know.

“Mr.Styles, you have got to calm down. The stitching was done professionally, so the scaring will be little to none with the right precautions taken. The fainting, however, is something I am more concerned about..” the doctor trailed off, making my heart sink.

“Wh-what is it?” I sniffled, not caring about anyone noticing my current state.

“Well, she has been lacking on the intake of vitamins, which, in her case, has lead this far, thus harming her immune system, not to mention the stress, but with the right diet and excercise, they should be fine.”

“I-I’m sorry, did I hear correct? They?”

Oh, yes, they. She is pregnant!

Liam is mainly under appreciated in One Direction. He deserves more love & respect! He did the interview for the 4 boys because he knew they were devastated!

You guys, I am so, so convinced Declan Lynch is not Aurora’s biological son.

“Are You Pregnant?”

Shawn Mendes x Pregnant!reader

Warnings: none, too much fluff???


You and Shawn had talked about have kids, but decided to wait a few years because you got married when you were pretty young.

You had been married for about a few months when you began feeling dizzy and sick. Figuring it was just a stomach bug, you decided not to go to the doctors. After a weeks you weren’t feeling any better. And then it hit you.

You quickly put on one of Shawn’s sweatshirts that was way too big for you and put your hair into a messy bun and getting an Uber to avoid being recognized by Andy paparazzi or fans.

After getting back from the store you knew Shawn would be at the studio so you had time. After sitting on the bed for a while, gathering your courage, you went into the bathroom and took all of the tests. Well you definitely had your answer now. All fifteen of the tests displayed pregnant on their screens.

Knowing that Shawn would be ecstatic, you decided to just tell him when he got home, rather than opting for something more elaborate.

You decided to change into some leggings and take a nap before Shawn got home later.

You were awoken by the sound of the front door opening and closing, alerting you that Shawn was home.

“Princess,” he called out, “I’m home.”

You quickly got out of bed and all but ran to the kitchen, where you knew he would be.

“Hi, honey,” you said happily walking up to him and giving him a quick peck on the cheek as he wrapped his hands around your waist, “I’ve got good news.”

“Thats really great honey,” he said, “but I’ve got a really great idea for a song and I need to write it down before I forget it,” he sated before walking out of the room towards his in home studio.

After sitting on the couch for about an hour just scrolling through Instagram and Tumblr, you realized that Shawn never came back and you were a little disappointed.

While walking towards his studio, you heard Shawn on the phone.

“Yeah, I’ll definitely be there,” he said, “I’ll leave soon.”

You walked into the room and sat on his lap, a slight pout on your lips, “you never came back,” you whined, putting your hands on his shoulders.

“I know and I’m sorry. I just got caught up in the writing,” he said while running a hand through his hair before placing both of his hands on your hips, “but could you tell me when I get back? Jeff told me I need to be somewhere.”

Maybe it was was the hormones but at hearing that you would have to once again wait, you just burst into tears, scaring Shawn and causing him to pull you into his arms.

“Hey, hey, hey,” he cood, you Head falling onto his shoulder.

“I just wanted to tell you my news and now your leaving me, your pregnant wife at home and I still haven’t told you my news,” you cried, barely able to speak clearly so half of your words came out jumbled.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I should have listened to yo- wait,” he sitting you up straight, looking into your eyes, “a-are you pregnant?” He asked carefully, not wanting to get his hopes up or to upset you once again.

All you managed to do was nod, still a bit embarrassed from your outburst.

He didn’t speak before pulling you into another hug.

“I love and I love this baby’s and I’m sorry for not listening to you before,” he said before pulling you in for a quick peck on the lips and placing a large hand on your stomach, “hi little princess, you’re a girl, I can just feel it. I love you and your mommy so so so much and I can’t wait to see you and take care of you.” He spoke to your belly, grinning the entire time, almost causing you to cry from happiness.

He looked up grinning, “now that we have little bub, which I’m pretty sure is a girl, I’ll have to start calling you my queen,” he said, now smirking, before pulling in for another kiss.

Part 2???

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Preferences #263- Você é fotografada grávida + Notícia


Grávida do ano! A modelo (seu nome) (seu sobrenome) foi vista na tarde de ontem andando pelas ruas movimentadas de Los Angeles, a gata está junto com o seu então marido, o cantor Harry Styles que está na cidade para cumprir da banda, a modelo andou pelas ruas sozinha e atendeu inúmeros fãs durante o passeio e segundo fãs que conseguiram tirar uma foto com a modelo, (seu nome) foi super atenciosa e conversou bastante com elas, para quem não sabe, a modelo está grávida de sete meses, fruto de seu casamento de um ano com o cantor, a modelo se afastou das passarelas logo no começo da gravidez, por conta de algumas complicações na gravidez, mas a jovem vem desfilando sua enorme barriguinha grávida, mais notícias traremos aqui.


Toda estilosa! A nossa atriz favorita (seu nome) (seu sobrenome) foi vista na manhã de hoje caminhando por Paris, a atriz está na cidade para assistir ao show de seu noivo, Liam Payne, o cantor deu uma entrevista recente falando da chegada de seu filho e como estão os preparativos, (seu nome) está grávida de seis meses e fãs desconfiam que sejam de um menino, já que a cantora foi vista em uma loja de bebês, comprando roupinhas azuis, mais notícias traremos aqui.


Grávida e estilosa! A cantora (seu nome) (seu sobrenome) foi vista saindo do hotel em que está hospedada na cidade de Nova York, a cantora está na cidade para se apresentar num programa televisivo, a cantora exibiu seu enorme barrigão de oito meses, durante a entrevista que aconteceu ao vivo na tarde de hoje, a cantora falou toda orgulhosa sobre a chegada de sua primeira filha, fruto da sua relação com o cantor Louis Tomlinson que são casados a cerca de nove meses, a cantora disse “Ela se mexe bastante, ainda mais quando o ouve (Louis) cantar, as vezes eu sento na frente de uma televisão e coloco um dos filmes da banda, e ela se mexe bastante ouvindo eles (One Direction), ela reconhece os tios e o papai de longe”. (seu nome) apenas não revelou o nome da primeira herdeira Tomlinson, conta para a gente ai (seu nome)!


Linda, grávida e caridosa! A apresentadora de TV (seu nome) (seu sobrenome) foi vista desfilando seu lindo barrigão de cinco meses num evento de caridade, em prol de crianças refugiadas, a apresentadora foi ao lado do noivo, o cantor Niall Horan, enquanto passavam pelo tapete do evento, Niall e (seu nome) deram algumas entrevistas para os jornalistas locais e o papai de primeira viagem  falou sobre a gravidez de sua amada “(seu nome) será uma ótima mãe, ela e o bebê já tem uma relação linda, nós conversamos com ele sempre, é gostoso e ele se mexe como resposta *risos* ele vai chegar em breve, tenho que me preparar para isso, é uma loucura que eu estou amando, é muito gostoso essa sensação” a apresentadora é noiva de Niall a cerca de dois meses, esse casal é sensacional, mais notícias traremos aqui.


Toda poderosa! A fotografa e socialite (seu nome) (seu sobrenome) anda desfilando o enorme barrigão de cinco meses pelas ruas californianas, (seu nome) está em Los Angeles de férias com então namorado Zayn Malik, o casal está curtindo os dias em LA antes da moça dar a luz a pequena Lya, fruto do namoro de um ano e quatro meses do casal, (seu nome) foi vista saindo de um dos restaurantes da qual é dona em LA, a gata passou uma tarde com amigas e foi vista toda sorridente, pessoas que estavam no restaurante disse que a socialite estava sempre alisando a barriga “Ela parecia bem cuidadosa com a enorme barriga, ela estava bem sorridente e foi carismática com as fãs dele (Zayn) que pediu para tirar fotos com ela” o cantor não foi visto acompanhando a namorada, mas já confessou em meio a entrevista que está muito feliz coma  chegada da primeira filha deles.

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You Tell Him You're Pregnant

You stared down at the pregnancy test with shaking hands. How would you tell Harry this?

You and Harry had been dating for almost two years now, and you loved each other dearly. You knew he was the one you wanted to marry, but you still weren’t sure if you were ready to have a baby. Nonetheless, if Harry was! He would be going on tour soon and you couldn’t go through the pregnancy on your own, and you were afraid that he wouldn’t be here for the birth or for most of the child’s life.

Woah, woah, woah. Thinking ahead too much. You told yourself in your head. You weren’t even sure if Harry would stay with you after you told him the news. You weren’t sure if he would, because he was still growing up and living his life, traveling the world. Though, so were you.

The front door opening snapped you out of your thoughts and your hands started to shake even more. It was time. You had to tell him sooner or later, and you decided to just get it over with.

“(Y/N)?!” Harry called for you through your shared house, his voice echoing against the walls.

“Hey.” You mumbled after trotting down the flight of stairs with the pregnancy test behind your back, the picture of the two pink lines imprinted in your mind.

“Hey, you okay?” His eyebrows furrowed at your quiet and sullen tone and he took a few steps closer to you.

“Um, I have to tell you something.”

Just get it over with, your mind told you.

“Yeah?” His eyes glanced down at the hands held behind your back and he looked back up at you with suspicion.

“I, uh, here.” You brought your hands forward from behind your back and placed the test in his hand. As he lifted his hand to look at the small piece of plastic, you anxiously chewed on your lip. In seconds, his eyes grew wide and he gasped. He looked up at you with tears already filling his eyes and he took a step back, making your fear him leaving you grow even more.

“Is this real?” His voice cracked and you sheepishly nodded, staring down at the ground. You looked up when you heard the pregnancy test drop to the floor, and he immediately rushed to you. “Oh my god, (Y/N)!”

He wrapped his arms around your body and you reacted in an instant by wrapping your arms around his neck when he lifted you up from the ground. “You’re not mad?” You asked quietly and he set you down, your body still engulfed by his.

“Mad?! No! Oh, baby girl, we’re going to be parents!” He stared brightly at you, a wide smile on his face.

“Yeah, we are.” You started to smile, and the idea of having a child with Harry started to grow on you.

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Niall Horan Imagine - One Shot (Fluff) - Mrs. Horan

A/N: As requested by Kayleigh @nutellaxwifix, her sweetest soul has waited so long for me to post this imagine. I love you so so much and hope you enjoy it. Thank you for bearing with me all this time. Much love to all. Requests are open btw .xx

It’s moments with those closest to you and those that actually care for you who touch your heart. It was a gloomy Sunday in Dublin, Niall and I spent time equally with both our families as everyone is head over heels with our one month old bundle of joy. That’s our baby girl, Allison Rose Horan but her nickname being Ally.

It was all a rush in the moment. 10 months ago I didn’t plan on having a child not at our young age anyway. Niall was doing so well going solo, I couldn’t have been more proud of where he is today. I had always supported his decision and stuck by his side through the hard times. Of course I was hoping to get married and grow a family with Niall but in the midst of his solo career ?

I remember crying that night in my bathroom, earlier on that day I was nauseous and wasn’t my usual self. I thought I might as well take a pregnancy as it may be a possibility I’m pregnant since Niall and I did celebrate the other night…Nevermind that.

Mixed emotions had gone through me, I was both happy and heartbroken. Happy that I’m going to be a mom and heartbroken as to what would Niall and our families think ? I had confessed later that night to my parents first as I thought it would be at least 60% of weight off my shoulders. They were gladly understanding and was willing to help me out through my 9 month journey.

When I had finished talking to my parents, I went back to my room and sent Niall a text that I needed to talk to him urgently. I was in London at the time while he was LA, not the way I wanted to reveal the news to him through Skype but I was left with no other choice. He replied minutes later and Skyped me first.

“Hey babe whatsup ?” He asked as he rested his chin on his right hand. “This isn’t as I really planned- actually this wasn’t planned at all…Anyways I have something really important to tell you” I said and bit my lip. “Clearly it’s serious, you’re biting your lip so hard” he said raising his eyebrows. “Okay are you ready ?” I asked for confirmation. Oh gosh the feels. He simply shrugged his shoulders but still clearly eager to hear the big reveal. “I’m pregnant” I said.

It was quite for 5 seconds on both ends, that was until Niall started screaming and shouting “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD” I giggled at his reaction as it was what I’d hoped for. “Look Niall I know it’s not the perfect time for us to be having a family and-” he cut me off. “Princess, nothing could make me happier right now than knowing I’m going to be a father and you’re going to be the mother of my child. I love you very much and wished I was there with you to celebrate” he said and blew air kisses. “Love you too, please be back soon, we’re missing you” I said as I rubbed my belly.

“I’ll be back tomorrow on the first flight that I can catch…Anyways love I have to go on stage in a bit, I love you so so so much. Can’t wait for this baby, hoping these 9 months go by fast” he said. “I hope so too and love you more baby. Byeeee” I waved him off. I knew he was going to be a great dad whenever I see him with Theo.

10 months later here we are having the time of our life with our little Ally. Niall’s family had offered to take care of the baby tonight while the both of us had gone out for dinner. I got dressed in a black and silver sequin dressed that had stopped at mid thigh, paired with black mid heels. We walked hand in hand to the car, he closed my door and walked to the drivers seat. He sadly had not mentioned where we were having dinner and I was getting curious by the second. I have a love hate thing for surprises.

He drove high up for a perfect view of the city. There in front of the car was a beautifully set out table for 2 with candles and roses everywhere - the roses had trailed to the table - Niall made sure I was seated first then only had he sat in front of me.

“This is really beautiful Niall, you didn’t have to go all out” I said and glanced around me at the beautiful decor of twinkle lights. Just then a man with a violin had popped out of no where and had started playing. “Anything for my princess” he smiled and took my hand into his, he placed a small peck on the back of my hand.

We had a great night of listening to the violin and eating some delicious food. Once we were done, Niall was clearly in no rush of leaving and just glanced at our surrounding until finally laying his eyes on me. “I couldn’t be anymore happier today and it’s all thanks to you” he said and pointed at me. “Why are you thanking me ?” I asked confused.

“You supported me through everything. You have pushed me to do what I wanted to do. You helped me to achieve things in life. You carried our gorgeous baby for 9 months. You’ve been through a lot with me for the past 3 and a half years now. We’ve had our ups and downs but I couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend” he said standing up and kneeling before me. OMG. ITS HAPPENING. THEIR COMES THE WATERWORKS.

I covered my hands over my mouth, I can’t believe this is actually happening. “I’m glad the fans agree with me on picking the right girl. So many yet I thought I’d never find the one girl who I can share special memories with. It took me a damn long time to find you, I wished I had known where you were earlier in my life but that doesn’t matter because this moment right here matters most. Y/N Y/LN will you marry me ?” He asked as he revealed the ring from the mini square sized boxed that was in his pocket.

“Of course yes !” I said in excitement. He slipped the ring on my ring finger. He lifted me up carrying me bridal style as his lips met mine. There went the oh so familiar sparks every time our lips meet. He loosened his grip on me and had me pinned against the passenger seat door. He gave me one last peck and helped me get into the car then quickly making his way to the drivers seat. He intertwined our fingers “I’m glad to finally call you Mrs. Horan”

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