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Preference 121: Your Son's Friends Think You're Hot And...

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Niall: All of your son’s friends were over, like always, and Niall was in there trying to be the cool dad. They were all joking and laughing together before your son’s voiced boomed through the whole house. “She’s my mum, you pervs,” he yelled, only earning a huge chuckle from Niall. Of course, you could hear your husband’s loud laugh. You were wondering what was going on, but you opted out of going into the living room where they all were. But Niall had ended up coming into the kitchen, red as a tomato as he laughed. “What’s going on?” you asked, holding a smirk and a risen eyebrow in curiosity. “T-they think you’re hot and Y/S/N got pissed off. But I gotta agree with them, you’re hot,” he said, walking over to you. “They think that? That’s kind of creepy,” you said, leaning into his touch. “It should be an honor,” he joked, kissing your cheek. “That’s weird,” you whined.

Zayn: You and Zayn had rushed into the front doors of the school, making your way into the principal’s office. The call saying your son had been a fight got the two of you rushing to the school. Zayn had looked over at your son, who was seated in the chair in the office, and almost gave him a high five until you stopped him. “Why’d you do it?” you asked, ready to give him a scolding. “None of your concern,” he said, talking back. “Don’t talk to your mum like that,” Zayn said, giving him a look that made him sigh. “He called mum hot and I was defending her because he was being crude. I wasn’t going to let someone talk about my mum like that!” You were taken back by his reasoning, so was Zayn, and you didn’t know what to say. “That’s an acceptable reason,” Zayn said. “No, Zayn, it’s not. You shouldn’t be getting into fights. But since you feel strongly about this, you’re only going to get grounded for a week. On top of your suspension, of course. Let’s go home.” You turned your back and you could hear two hands slapping, knowing Zayn was praising your son.

Louis: Boy talk something you always found yourself interrupting. Though this time, Louis had been with you as you entered your house with shopping bags. You knew your son was home with his friends, so you tried to be quiet to see what they were doing. The two of you had made your way into the theater room where they were playing games. “No, but dude your mum is hot,” one of his friends said, looking over at your son. You took in a gagged breath of air, looking at Louis who was smirking and trying not to laugh. “Ew, don’t say that. That’s gross,” your son said. “She’s got a nice body on her, man. She’s a MILF.” You gagged slightly. “Your dad’s a lucky dude. I wish I had that luck.” “Alright. Stop, I don’t want to hear these things. I’ll kick your ass next time you say that,” he scolded, turning his attention back on the game. “Just stating facts, man.” “That’s nice of you all to say about my wife,” Louis piped in, causing all of their eyes to turn to your two. You shied back and watched as their eyes widen in embarrassment, making Louis laugh out loud.

Harry: Your son had wanted to invite his friends over for the annual barbeque that you and Harry liked to throw, so you both agreed and let them come. Everyone was in their bathing suits, including you. They had been eyeing you since they had walked in and you could feel their eyes on you. It had made you a little uncomfortable. Harry had noticed as well, so he had walked over to have a little chat with them. You had seen him hanging back for a minute before approaching them. They had immediately shut their mouths and eyed him before looking at your right quick and then going back to him. Your son had a smirk on his face, only laughing out loud as his dad walked away. “What happened?” you asked as soon as Harry was near you. He smiled and pulled you into his arms. “They think you’re hot. I heard them talking about you and Y/S/N was getting mad, so I walked over and told them to cut it out,” he smiled, looking down at you. “They called you a MILF, I think that’s what set Y/S/N off.” You made a disgusted face and looked over at them before turning your attention abck to Harry. “That’s creepy. They’re only 12, they shouldn’t be thinking like that,” you said. He laughed out loud, “It’s normal. Trust me.”

Liam: “Thank you, Mrs. Payne,” one of your sons friends said as you placed down plates of food down for them. Your son rolled his eyes, knowing that his friends were being kiss asses. You smiled at them and walked away, but you stopped short of walking out of the room, remembering that you had to tell your son something. But you stopped outside of the door when you heard them talking. “Your mum is a dime,” one of his friends said, earning ‘yeah’s’ from the other boys at the table. “How’d your dad land that?” You heard your son grown, but you had a smirk on your face. You felt a little prideful, knowing that you still had some looks to you. “We go through this all the time. Don’t talk about my mum like that. I might throw up,” your son fake gagged. You chuckled, feeling arms wrap around your torso. “Eavesdropping isn’t nice, love,” your husband said, kissing your cheek. “Just saying, your mum is fuckin’ hot.” Liam laughed, pulling away from you and walking into the dining room. “Talking about my wife I see,” he said, sitting down. “N-no sir,” one of the boys stuttered, earning laughter from your son and from you as well. “Lucky guy aren’t I?” Liam asked, smirking at all of them, making you roll your eyes and walk away from your secretive spot.

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You guyz, why don’t we ever talk about this interview moment? can we just take a second to appreciate this please?

Interviewer: How’ve you got two books out? By the time I was sixteen, I would mostly watch porn, watch more porn and went to bed.

Harry: That’s what Niall does!

*Niall laughs agreeingly*

*Harry giggles at his stupid joke*

*Louis comes in out of nowhere with this question…

Louis: What is porn?

Interviewer: uhhhhh…

i just… idk man, i miss the days when they looked like little lesbians *siigggh*

Preference 155-End of Tour Party

Suggested by my fave Lexi @ughitspayne (who’s the best cause she texts me whenever she gets an idea)

Niall: You laughed along with everyone as they joked about Niall’s little mishap. He had been cleared to take off the boot he had been wearing for weeks, but he had only packed one side of his shoes thinking he wouldn’t need the other for the remainder of the tour. “Shut up,” he threw back, taking a sip of his beer as he threw his arm around the back of your chair. “We have a couple more day then it’s back home. You’ll be fine in your boot,” you joked, leaning back and looking back over at him. The others that were around the two of you had ventured their way around the rest of the party. Everyone who helped with the tour in anyway, band members and crew people, were all scattered around the club that was rented for the party. “I know, babe. I can’t believe tour is over,” he muttered, looking over at you with a tired look. “It was a crazy one, yeah?” you asked, taking your drink from the table and taking a sip. “Definitely, can’t wait for the new album to drop in a couple of weeks,” he commented before someone stepped towards the two of you. “Come join the party, love birds!” they yelled, making you both laugh before getting up and joining everyone else on the last hoorah. It was a night well spent with everyone that you had come to love.

Zayn: he’s vetoed out of this one.

Louis: He was sat around the table with the band, you in his lap and a drink in his hand. It was only a couple of days before the tour was over, then it was time for promo and eventually their long break was going to begin. For the band, it would be the last time they were on tour with the four boys. All of them going off to venture into new musical business. The boys were all sat together, reminiscing on the good old days, the days when everything had just started. “I can’t believe it’s been five years,” Louis said, squeezing your hip and making you look at him. The other boys nodded in agreement. “We’ve had one hell of a time,” he said, raising his beer and tapping it against the other boys’ drinks. “Can you believe that, babe? We’ve been non-stop for five years and we’re finally going to have a long break.” You smiled, leaning down to kiss cheek. “A break to get rested for what’s to come after it,” you winked, drinking out of your own cup. He smiled, nodding his head in agreement before pulling you up to go and mingle with him for a while.

Harry: The music was going, drinks were being passed to everyone who was in attendance. The boys had already made a little speech thanking everyone who had made the tour successful. It had been one hell of a tour, there had been drama popping from the woodworks every so often, so they were happy it was time for a break. Though, they still had album promo to do before it was all over for a while. Harry had made it a point to talk to everyone who he saw, thanking them individually as he would. He held his hand in yours, both of you walking around the room and making conversation. After a while, he had settled down, taking you to an empty table to sit. “So, I was thinking about the tour coming to an end and what I wanted to do with my break,” he started, looking at your for the okay to go on. With a nod of the head, you told him to continue. “We should go on a nice, long holiday. Just me and you,” he smile, reaching over to take your hand. “That would be great,” you smiled, squeezing his hand. The both of you got lost in conversation, letting the party continue to roam around you for hours to come.

Liam: You don’t know how he had gotten drunk so fast, but soon enough he was belting out his lungs to the various songs that were coming on the loud speakers. His hands were gripping your hips, making you sway with him as you laughed at his antics. It was the last big night with everyone around to enjoy themselves before the final shows. The boys were basically trashed, but not completely because they had a show the next morning. You had cut Liam off, telling him that he would regret it in the morning. Everyone was having a good time, enjoying one another’s company before the long break began. “I can’t believe tours already over,” he slurred, kissing your cheek before you pulled him over to a table that house various members of the crew. “A lot has changed,” he said, getting slightly emotional as you cupped his cheek in your hand. “It has,” you said, soothing him as you saw his eyes getting watery. You knew it was all pent up emotions and the alcohol taking its effect. “On to more adventures,” he smiled, wiping the solemn look from his face and replacing it with a smile.

"I love it when you..."

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Niall ; “….laugh like that.” You smirked , staring at him from across the room. Your joke wasn’t even funny, and you were only laughing at how adorable Niall was when he cackled like that. He looked up again and smiled , his cheeks turning a light pink before his eyes fell to the floor. Whenever you’d compliment him he’d always get a little shy , gaze meeting the floor as he got all humble. “And I love when you do that.” You smiled , cupping his face in your hands before rewarding him with a feathery kiss on his nose.

Louis ; “….use that tone with me.” He growled , his yelling turning into a sexy whisper. The two of you had been fighting all day over who knows what, but it was starting to turn him on. Nothing got him going more than your sassy attitude and a little eye rolling. Which is exactly what you met his little comment with, an eye roll. He strode over to you , hands slithering onto your hips before pulling you into him. Every part of you wanted to fight him off but you couldn’t , he could feel you about to melt beneath his touch. “It gets me all riled up , y'know.”

Harry ; “….wear your hair like that.” You gushed as Harry entered the room. His hair has gotten so long so quick , and you couldn’t help but enjoy his effortlessly sexy man buns. He knew you did too and he would take advantage of that whenever he was able to. His eyes fell on you from his spot in the living room before adjusting his bun , relishing in the compliment. You nibbled at your lip as he gave you that shit eating grin , sliding into the spot next to you on the sofa. “I love it when you stare at me like that.” He snickered , pulling you into his lap.

Liam ; “….cook for me.” He beamed , hands falling on your hips as his head rested atop of yours. Before placing a kiss to your neck , he couldn’t help but peak at the food sizzling in the pan in front of him. Being home , with you , made him appreciate even something as little as sitting down to a homemade meal. You couldn’t help but giggle at how silly he was being , but to him it wasn’t silly at all. He was genuinely overjoyed to finally have time to sit and eat with you , be spoiled by you. “Hopefully it doesn’t taste like shit.” You chuckled.

A/N : Harry’s man bun make me wet.. haven’t written in awhile sorry :( I’m snowed in so I’m up to write anything! Literally , anything ;)

Him taking your keys may seem cute at first. He may laugh and make it into a joke - a game. He may not give them back until he wants to. It may seem like it’s all good natured. But then you’re late for school, and that turns into being late for curfew. You’ll find your grades begin slipping from you missing the study sessions because he doesn’t see the point in you going, after all ‘you’re smart enough to miss a couple, aren’t you?’ And then before you know it, you only get the chance to study between the meals that you aren’t eating with him. Before you realize what’s going on, you’ll be isolated from your friends and family. It will not be like you thought it would be. And you will eventually realize it isn’t a joke - it never was.
—  Don’t let him take your keys