niall nandos

Being friends with Niall would include:

-       Getting Nandos at midnight

-       Food fights

-       Cooking large quantities of food

-       Him keeping the leftovers in the freezer so he can have home cooked meals all week

-       Him coming over and taking you for a walk when you can’t sleep

-       Dancing to tradition Irish songs in your underwear

-       Road trips

-       Teaching you guitar

-       Hikes

-       Him not letting you leave his apartment after midnight so you have to sleep over

-       Spooning

-       Finding weird shows to binge watch

-       Getting drunk in Irish pubs

-       Him trying on your high heels when getting drunk

-       Getting a dollar every time you catch him fart

-       Kicking him when he snores

-       Playing guitar hero

-       Duets of Disney songs

-       Him getting shy when you go shopping in Victoria’s Secret

-       Going with him for cloths fittings because he likes your opinion

-       Cuddling by the fire drinking cheap wine

-       Taking cute selfies

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