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what kind of girl do you think is nialls perfect girl ??

I think he would like a girl who is up for anything, any adventure his crazy life bring’s his way, you know? Whether it be the luxury hotels of touring or the damp sheet’s, spiders on the wall of Thailand. Going out to an amazing concert and a London hot spot, or staying in for beer, curry and Planet Earth marathons in bed. Someone who is grounded, loves life and is just a genuine and honest person who loves Niall Horan, not NIALL HORAN. If you know what I mean. Lol. 

I’m trying to prove a point to my mom

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Host: What’s the deal? You all living together? Harry and Louis, is it just you guys?
Louis: Yeah.
Host: What’s happening? Is it a big One Direction party pad on the go that you all live in? How does it work?
Louis: Me and Harry live together and the rest of the boys live on their own.
Host: And is that a wise decision, rest of the boys?
Niall: YES 100 PERCENT
—  In:Demand Scotland Radio Interview - 14 January 2012
Learning to be okay without him is weird.
I swear I’ll be fine for weeks,
but one morning I’ll wake up
and my heart feels heavy for no reason at all
And I feel like I lost him all over again.
It’s just hard, you know?
Thinking you’re making all this progress only for it to be ruined when you see someone else brush their hair out of their eyes the same way he used to.
One little thing, and bam-
You start thinking that you’ll never be able to live without hearing his laugh ever again.
—  I’m okay, but I’m not really okay

I still have the flowers you bought me last Valentine’s Day. They died a while ago along with the love you used to have for me.

I sometimes sleep in your sweatshirt because it reminds me that what we had was real. It doesn’t smell like you anymore but it comforts me to know that even though you don’t love me anymore, you did. You used to.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sound of your voice. It’s been months since I’ve seen you last, but I can still hear you moaning my name if I try hard enough.

I visited your town last week. Every single spot had a memory. It was a weird feeling to go back to a place that doesn’t feel as welcoming as it once did. I noticed someone covered up our initials we engraved in that bench by the boardwalk and a piece of me fell apart. I wonder if it was you.

I don’t cry in my sleep anymore. My mom says I’m doing really well but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and it hurts all over my body, just like the way it did the night you told me you didn’t want to love me anymore.

I don’t think I’m as sad as I was six months ago but I still miss the feeling of your hands in my hair. I recognize you as a comfortable sadness. Like realizing a part of you is missing, but understanding that it’s never coming back.

—  Messages I almost sent you, but never did

This is it. This is the best headline yet.