niall just doesn't make it easy

one direction // preference // how he kisses
  • harry: when it comes to kissing, harry kisses slowly and with a true meaning behind his actions. his hands don't just hang limp by his sides, instead he uses them to caress your skin and to hold you protectively. usually, one will slip around your lower back to pull you in closer too his chest, while the other cups your cheek. his thumb will stroke over your cheekbone as the kiss deepens. he's good at holding his breath - undoubtedly due to his ability to hold long notes - so when you pull away to breathe, he'll work on your jaw and neck. after each kiss touches your skin he'll brush his fingers over it, and after he's finished kissing your lips, he'll swipe his thumb over the plump flesh, taking his own lip between his teeth.
  • zayn: his kisses are deep and passionate, and they're pretty heated. his hands are quick to thread through your hair - to which he'll tug at gently and use to keep a good hold of you. he wants you as close to him as possible, holding you so tight that it's almost hard to catch your breath. he's always hungry for more, nipping at your bottom lip as you catch your breath before easily slipping his tongue between your lips again. and even though it's fast and deep, and hungry and passionate, the kiss easily shows you how much zayn loves you. it's like the fear of him ever losing you makes him so desperate to taste your lips, and it seem that the only way he can truly show you how deep his love is, is if you try to find it with your own tongue.
  • louis: louis is more delicate, and he likes to speak between kisses - reassuring you of how much he loves you and how much you mean to him. he seems to brush your hair behind your ear often, or trace his fingers over your collarbones as he admires your features. each time you kiss it's like he's exploring your body, getting to know every inch of you with his eyes and fingertips; familiarizing himself with you. his lips move slowly and with care, one hand on your hip as he rubs small circles over the bone. it's easy to feel loved, protected and like his whole world when you're in his arms.
  • niall: he's cheeky, and loves to make you laugh when he nips at you neck and peppers kisses over your jaw. he's a little rough but he doesn't realise it - but it's not like you ever mind. he'll usually take your jaw and turn you to face him, to which you will whine about, but he'll quickly shut you up with a kiss. then he'll attack your face with little, sloppy kisses just to get the sound of your laughter to fill the room. after a little bit more laughing, you'll grab his shirt and pull him in closer, raising a brow at him before he settles a little and presses his lips to yours. it's a few small ones, to which he'll pull back in between to catch your eyes, before he leans in with his eyes shut and he dips his tongue between your lips, swiping it over yours.
  • liam: he's pretty dominant when it comes to any form of intimacy, whether it's holding hands, a hug, kissing or in bed. but just because he's dominant, it never means he's rough. the kisses are always for him to control. he'll start by nudging your cheek with his nose, then he'll pull you to straddle his lap as he lets his hands snake up the back of your shirt and rest on your skin. his fingers settle into the curves of your back as he lets out soft sighs as the kiss deepens and becomes more exciting. he'll reach up and cup the back of your head in his hand, bringing you in a little closer as he slips his tongue between your lips and traces his fingers up and down your back.
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