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Whenever you and Niall had take out, it was either Indian, Chinese, or Pizza. It was time to switch it up. Niall decided that the next date night, he would take you somewhere new. Somewhere of your choice. It wasn’t a far stretch from the usual Asian food, but there was a little hole-in-the-wall joint that you’ve been dying to try. You thought it would be fun since Niall liked going to dodgy restaurant. Food poisoning was a common friend.

It was dimly lit, not the cleanest place you’ve eaten at but it wasn’t too dirty where you’d back out. You were seated, ordered drinks, and were now scanning the menu. Niall stated that he wanted the regular sushi, his ultimate favorite.

“How are you going to try something new when you order something you eat all the time?” You asked him, not looking up from your menu. Almost everything looked good to you, you almost didn’t know which to go for.

“It’s new because we’ve never eaten here before. It could be really good, or really bad.” Niall explained, politely lowering his voice at the end of his sentence. You hummed, technically he was right. 

After scanning the menu two or three times and looking to Niall for help on what to order, you settled on sushi as well, along with a bowl of rice and a few egg rolls. While standing by for the waiter, you looked over the menu again. Something different caught your eye. You blinked, never seeing anything like this on a menu. Ever.

“Niall, does this say what I think it says?” You wanted to double check. You spun your menu around to face him, pointing at what you were looking at. Niall laughed.

“Octopus?” He questioned. He took your menu as if he didn’t have his own. “You can get a whole bowl of it!” 

You weren’t ignorant. You knew that in some countries, octopus was a delicacy. In your world, it wasn’t. You absentmindedly frowned, a shiver going up your spine. You gave props to people who are things that seemed absurd to you, from octopus to bugs. However, you and Niall did come here for something different…

“I kind of want to try it.” You muttered, cringing at yourself. 

Niall looked up from your menu, a smile on his face. You were a picky eater. If something even looked different from how it was usually cooked, you’d peck at it until you convinced yourself it was fine, and by then the food would be cold. Niall smirked,

Go on, I dare you.” Niall challenged. 

Right when the waiter came around, you and Niall ordered your food, along with a small plate of octopus to sample. The waiter looked surprised and said that not many people order it. You felt a little special, it added to your sudden burst of confidence. The waiter took your menus and scurried off to place your order. When they disappeared from sight, Niall tried his best to quietly laugh. 

“Can’t believe you did that. Now you’ve got to eat it.” He boasted.

“You have to try it to!” You said. Niall shrugged, agreeing that he would. Niall was an open book, he was open to try anything. He loved food.

A bit of small talk later, your plates of food had arrived. The sushi looked delicious. Niall didn’t hesitate to dive right in. The waiter proudly placed the little plate of octopus on the table, bidding you to enjoy. Your stomach churned at the sight of it. Niall’s bright laugh fading out into the background.

“Oh my god!” Niall slapped his knee.

“Oh, my God.” You gasped, looking at the tentacles squirm on the plate. The menu failed to mention the octopus was alive.

“You have to eat that!” Niall giggled. He was laughing so hard, at practically nothing, his eyes got a little teary. You looked up at him.

“You have to, too!” 

“I’m enjoying this more because you would never eat this on a regular day.” Niall mentioned.

You groaned, reaching for your chop sticks. You might as well try it first. Niall grabbed his chop sticks as well, he sniffled. He held it between the sticks, holding it up and you both watched as it squirmed and wiggled as if it were still attached to it’s host. Niall cringed as well, suddenly it wasn’t funny anymore.

“It’s fucking alive.” You gawked, hesitatingly picking up one between your sticks as well. Your heart was being miles an hour, you’ve never eaten something that was alive, not to your knowledge. Niall shrugged.

“Cheers, then.” He held his sticks towards you. Your piece of octopus touched his in cheers. 

Niall counted down from three. On one, you both opened your mouths and went for it. Niall chomped down on it instantly. You placed it on your tongue, suddenly every muscle in your body wouldn’t move. It was squishy, alive, wet, alive, tasted like almost nothing, and alive. The feeling of it in your mouth left you paralyzed. You knew you had to chew it, but it was impossible. You watched Niall as you were horrified, eyes almost the size of the sushi on your plate. Niall made an odd huff noise. 

“It don’t taste like much. Like unseasoned chicken.” He commented. You frowned at his description. This tasted nothing like chicken. It tasted like nothing

Niall swallowed, a shiver on his spine. He then looked at you, noticing how traumatized you were. It was still in your mouth, unchewed. Niall giggled.

“Chew it.” He told you. You shook your head. 

“C’mon, I tried it. It’s not bad.” He negotiated. You shook your head again. You simply couldn’t. Your brain wouldn’t allow it. Niall laughed, reaching for a napkin.

“You wanna spit it out?” He asked. You nodded, taking the napkin and discretely spitting into it. You felt like you were gonna throw up. You groaned once your mouth was free from the horror.

“That’s- No.” You were a little embarrassed, but you had to laugh at yourself. You reached for your glass of water and sucked it down.

“But you tried it!” Niall praised.

“Never again, I don’t know how people do it.” You practically gagged just thinking about other people eating it on a daily basis. 

“My picky little eater, I’m so proud!” Niall gushed, giving you a little more grief. You returned Niall’s praise with half a whine and half a giggle. 

There are days where, if Harry gets hurt, It’s the end of my world, and I want to cuddle him, tell him he’s okay, and protect him from this world, and there are days I wanna slap him right across his beautiful face. You feel me?

Why this me

*buying harry’s rolling stone issue*

cashier: i heard he like put out solo stuff.

me: haha yeah! it’s pretty good.

cashier: maybe i’ll have to take him seriously.

me: *internally* bitch, you best respect my mother fucking man. do you even know who you’re talking to? that man is the sunshine of my existence. you don’t deserve his silky smooth voice in your life. how dare you? who do you even think you are. you got my eye twitching. my palms are sweating. you’re lucky we’re in a public place or i’d whoop your little ass.

me: haha yeah.


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