The bad reputation.- Niall Horan Imagine

Requested.- Niall is a cocky college kid who gets any girl he wants. Y/N is a good student who can’t stand Niall. But one day, they’re both at the gym and she sees Niall working out, and she starts to get turned on. After a while of her staring, Niall notices and makes his move. He dirty talks and seduces her. Then he takes her to the locker room to get a BJ. And he keeps talking dirty and makes her gag and stuff while she sucks him off. Sorry, I’m just in the mood for some dominant Niall smut.

  • When Niall has a reputation, a bad one.

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Please help me win Niall tickets

Hi friends. So this radio station told me that if I get 20,000 retweets, I’d win tickets for Niall’s concert. I’ve never seen him before and it would honestly mean the world if you’d help me out! Just click on the link and help me out with a retweet. I have nothing to offer so just do it for the good karma! 💗

(In case the link doesn’t work, it’s my pinned tweet. @/onlyangeluchima on twitter)

At the Harry concert there were Gemma and Anne (thank’s instagram), apparently there was also Louis. O.M.G. I heard that Phoebe said that Louis was in London just at the time when there would have been the concert of Harry ( I don’t know if it’s true but ok).