niall is the cutest person ever

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I told my sister I have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set me up with people but now she’s coming to visit and I’m in too deep I need a fake boyf ASAP, can you do a narry one please? :)

“You’re what?”

Harry’s not sure he heard right. Or, at least he’s hoping he didn’t. Because he’s pretty sure Gemma just said she’s coming to London.

“Surprise, baby bro!” Gemma laughs. “Now I’ll finally get to meet this boyfriend of yours.”

That’s what Harry was afraid of.

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Niall is literally the cutest!! He basically makes it hard for every other guy, cause It's hard not to compare them to him 😂 He's so sweet to everyone he meets! And I love every single song of him!! That never happens to me with any other artist out there! And his blue eyes and brown hair sigh..... He's like a Disney prince!

omggg niall is literally the best person ever. like he makes it hard for legit every person because nobody is as good, as sweet, as beautiful, as happy, as loving as niall is. everyone loves him, and it seems like he also loves everyone. i’m so sure he’s also the best person ever irl, like i can’t even imagine how nice and lovely he must be. also he does look absolutely beautiful and even more so when he’s happy and smiley. best person ever legit i mean i can legit write 1000000 more words on why niall is the bestest 

Ziam and Larry

The reason for this was because Zayn and Liam look so happy with their girlfriends. Especially Liam and Sophia. I mean sure, I didn’t really like Sophia at first but after seeing all of their loving photos I was just like, Sophiam is the cutest damn thing ever. 

I mean look, she’s also obviously friends with Niall. 

She looks at him with so much love and the also the other way around. 

He looks so happy whispering to her. 

She’s also a very private person. From what I’ve noticed, she has both twitter and instagram accounts, but their both private. If she were to be a “beard” would she be this private? no. Since it simply would not work with the public eye. The boys also would not have tried to help Liam cover it up when he first announced that he had a girlfriend on live television at the 1D THIS IS US premiere. 

Zerrie too are a very adorable couple. 

I mean look at the two, their kiss is obviously not fake and the recent one really shows their chemistry. 

At first yeah, when I saw other people say it was fake I leaned towards it. Little Mix and One Direction are under the same management and Little Mix may have needed more publicity. 

Except after watching countless interviews and seeing so many pictures I just couldn’t believe that it was a PR stunt. Also, although they might show off their relationship a bit more, they at least look happy. (AND they’re closing their eyes when they kiss lol) 

Maybe it was a PR stunt in the beginning i don’t know, but right now I’m sure it isn’t. We also do not get that many HQ photos of them nowadays. 

 Look at that smile…awee :) 

She also looks so pumped when she’s at a 1D concert. Unlike someone *COUGH* 

Now…onto Elounor. 
The reason I started believing in Larry was because of the horrible chemistry between Eleanor and Louis. Every freaking time they’re together, Louis literally looks like he wants to cry or get away from there. She’s also always on her phone and the Tomlinson family can sometimes be a little too enthusiastic about her sometimes. Like seriously, you do not name your hamsters after your sons girlfriend. That is borderline creepy. Also making her your maid of honor when you have like four daughters that are capable of walking down the aisle? That is so rude. If I was one of the sisters I would kill. 

This is her and him in a personal photo. Shouldn’t he look happier? I mean Elounor fans always say that they look sad because of the paps.. 

Or this. He looks happy, but they can’t even hold hands right? 

Or this…when HARRY was right there. They both look awkward as fuck. 

And the hug…in an airport where paps aren’t allowed in…? 

Look at her instagram too. 

It’s literally all Louis and her. Personally, I do not think that people usually post THIS many photos on their instagram like…with their boyfriend. I mean I understand one or two, but almost having your whole instagram containing your boyfriend? She should seriously add more friend photos. 

Even Louis’s instragram is dedicated to him and his girlfriend. It’s quite funny actually. 

Also why is it that Eleanor is ever ONLY friends with Liam’s girlfriends? Why has she barely been photographer with Perrie? Maybe because Zayn doesn’t support this whole Elounor thing while Liam just wants to listen to management? 

I’m not really sure, but to me Elounor looks like total bs. Larry look much much much happier together. (Well atleast in their fetus years) 

Eleanor also still does not look that friendly with the rest of the boys…they’ve been together basically since 1d started? 

Thats all xx 

OTRA Indy: Fan Report

Okay. Here we go.

First off. Wow. 

Before the concert even started, everyone was so hype. There were dads on both sides of the stadium getting down to the music and start dance parties.

When they finally came out, i just lost it, you know, as you do. 

They all sounded SO amazing tonight. Like i couldn’t even pick one that stood out they were just all so good. So here’s run down on each boy before i get to the big surprise of the night.

Louis’ mic must have been turned up because I could hear him SO WELL and sometimes over all three of the other boys. He sounded so amazing and confident and when Liam asked him how he was he said “I feel incredible” he said it so genuinely i just wanted to give him a big hug. He was so lively and energetic tonight. He ran and galloped all over the place and when liam sprayed him with silly string he took it like a champ and immediately got him right back with a water gun. I ALMOST FORGOT. HE FIRST CAME OUT WITH A SHIRT ON THAT SAID “NOT BROKENHEARTED” RIGHT OVER HIS HEART. LIKE..WHAT??? LOUIS NOOOOOO OMG

Liam was amazing. He also changed clothes a lot? He started off in that amazing red shirt that i love. Then came out in a blue shirt for maybe only like one or two songs? Then appeared in the white shirt he was in for most of the show. His vocal range is so amazing and he did his run at the end of through the dark for probably 30 seconds solid i was digging it. And the batman onesie situation was just the best. He loved that thing haha Oh! he also at one point used a pizza hat as a shield from Louis who was spraying him with water (big surprise there).

NIALL. okay. Niall tonight was on fire. He sounded pretty much perfect. At one point he kept holding his shoulder like he hurt it and i saw Louis ask him if he was okay. He seemed to pull through good as new though so i hope he’s okay! At one point, there was a giant flag of USA, Ireland, and England’s flags all in one on stage, and niall picked it up and wrapped it around himself! At the end of Act My Age (god bless his irish dancing), he decided to lay down on stage and Louis and Liam kinda tossed him about a bit before Louis gave him a hand to help him up and he actually took it this time! hooray for progress! haha

Harry was….Harry. He was so lively and just the best entertainer. His voice is so amazing and he fiddled around with some note changes here and there that all sounded SO GOOD. He noticed Cameron again in the audience and gave him drumsticks for his birthday and said “See you for your fifth birthday!” He also was in the middle of doing his whole “hands up, hands down” thing and had to stop because he noticed a very tall man who he was convinced was standing on a chair but was actually just that tall and that was hilarious. Also i just have to say yelling “Oh yeah!s” with Harry is the most amazing feeling idc what anybody says.

Okay. And of course. DRAG ME DOWN. The mentioned this song almost every time they talked before they actually played it. Liam first mentioned it saying he knew it was going to be a good surprise. Later, Louis and Niall were talking about it and Niall mentioned how it was #1 in 82 or 83 countries and how he’s pretty sure that’s a new record. Then. After No Control (i know right, just fuck a girl up and play a brand new song after no control), Louis just starts thanking for all the support on the new song and then says “So if you;d like to hear it, here you go.” And i lost it. Drag Me Down live honestly sounded the same if not better than the recorded version. Completely serious. Liam’s lower range, Niall on the chorus, Louis’ solo and ‘nobody nobodys’, and Harrys fucking runs. all like 100% perfect. I can’t even explain how amazing it felt to experience that song live for the first time. Also, the first live song of the fifth album ever. like, wow i can’t get over it.

Anyways, Liam also mentioned that yesterday (July 30th 2015) they finished the fifth album! Its completely done! He and Niall both them proceed to practical beg us not to leak it but repeatedly saying “PLEASE PLEASE DONT LEAK IT! PLEASE!”

LILO IS SO REAL. Those two during Little Things is the cutest most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. And Louis helping Liam put on the onesie and then proceeding to not help by putting a tiny green hat and a pink tiara on him was cute too. At the end of the show, Lilo once again decided to drench each other in powerade and that was such and experience to witness in person. Louis was having so much fun tonight and it was so apparent.

Overall, All four boys seemed to be enjoying themselves SO much and seemed SO happy. The only thing that was disappointing was that there was SO much interaction between Niall, Louis, and Liam, but Harry never interacted with them much. It’s a little disappointing to have SO much interaction with the three, and then harry off doing his own thing. But maybe that’s just a thing now. idk. Overall i was so pleased with the performance and BEYOND surprised and grateful for them playing Drag Me Down. I didn’t even realize until i got home that Alive got kicked out and Diana is still fucking there. 

I probably forgot some stuff, but….i’m pretty sure i got the important parts!



“So, terrible two’s, am I right? Y/D/N’s going through that phase right now, I believe.” The interviewer smiled as she looked at the picture of Y/D/N on the screen.

“Actually, I don’t think she’s going to have a terrible two’s phase.” Niall smiled, crossing his arms. “She definitely takes after Y/N’s energetic personality." 

"Oh yeah, how so?" 

"It’s more like tumbling two’s.” Niall snickered. “She’s very clumsy too. Whenever she hears one of our songs, she starts dancing like this.” Niall imitated his daughter, shaking his arms and hips. “And then she gets really passionate about her dancing, and one time she fell over.” He laughed. 

“That’s adorable. So that means Y/N and Y/D/N are both energetic and clumsy.” The interviewer grinned. “Cutest family ever.”



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Okay… So I have been a fan of One Direction since they started out on the XFactor and I know it’s really hard to see one of the boys leave and it’s really hard to accept it but I have something to say about this…
One Direction means the fucking world to me I have never seen a flaw in anything they have done, yes they have made mistakes but who doesn’t and I really can’t stand the fact that people criticize them when they don’t know them but I can’t say anything about that because I don’t know them personally…
Liam Payne- the sweetest most caring person ever… 1/5 of One Direction… A beautiful soul that will never hurt a human being in his life… My love… My life… My idol… My baby… My prince… My king… My everything… I love him
Niall Horan- the cutest Irish man you will ever meet and/or see… 1/5 of One Direction… A wonderful soul who cares about everyone and everything… He is the sweetest thing on this planet… My love… My life… My goofball… My Irish cupcake… My idol… My adorable fluffball… My everything… I love him
Louis Tomlinson- the sassiest man you will ever meet… 1/5 of One Direction… A sassy ass soul that puts peoples needs before his own… He may not know you but he still cares… My love… My life… My sass master from Doncaster… My idol… My drama queen… My trickster… My everything… I love him
Harry Styles- the most precious man ever… 1/5 of One Direction… He is a beautiful soul that is sweet and caring and selfless… He is sensitive and a doll… My love… My life… My idol… My curly… My cupcake… My flirtatious baby… My everything… I love him
Zayn Malik- an angel sent straight from heaven to watch over all of us… 1/5 of One Direction… I know he just recently quit the band but he is still part of the band… He is the best person ever… Caring, sweet, precious, beautiful, wild, rebellious… He cares and loves everyone and will never give up on us or the boys… He is perfect no matter what… My love… My life… My Bradford badboi… My idol… My rebel… My angel… My everything… I love him
One Direction- the best band to ever walk this earth… Filled with five of the most sweetest, cutest, sassiest, precious angels on this earth… Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik… These boys will do anything to make their fans and the people around them happy… Yes there may be some decisions they make that will make people sad or upset but they will still always be there to bring them back up again… These boys have yet to do anything that has harmed anyone… Yes people have harmed themselves for something that they have done but nothing they have done has harmed another human being… I love these boys to hell and back a thousand times over and will do anything to see them happy or smiling… They are my life… My love… My idols… My idiots… My heart… My soul… My everything… I love them

      Alright, so somehow, I’ve hit 800+ followers on this blog - a blog that I booted up back in mid-November, with low expectations, because it was just a character I’d made. Plus, he had no faceclaim, and was purely an original design, and I wasn’t too confident that anyone would come to enjoy him. Yet, here we are - it’s now June, and I’m over 800. I’m honestly speechless about the entire thing, for it’s still difficult for me to recognize that other people do, in fact, enjoy Lucian. I cannot express how honoured I am, either, that so many of you have come and decided to stay, especially with this recent rough patch I’ve gone through in my life. 

      If you are not on this list, please do not be upset. I love every single follower I have, and every single person I follow. You are all important to me, for you are the people who have kept me here when I wanted nothing more than to give up and admit that I cannot create anything worthwhile.

      Without further ado: here is Lasi’s 800+ Follow Forever.


vanagloria-superbia: Pretty sure everyone knew this shoutout was coming, haha. If any of you know of that one person who you trust with everything, no matter the weight of it, and know you could trust them with your life, then you understand the sheer enormity of my love for this gorgeous being. Rabbit has become my closest friend over the past five years, even though we met via deviantArt. She has done nothing but support me throughout all of my endeavours, and encourage me to continue doing what I love. Rabbit also makes some of the most well thought-out OCs I’ve EVER seen, Benjiman included! Not only that, but she designs them all herself, too - and then draws them, with her PERFECT art style! I look up to her work so much, no lie. She always listens to my dumb ideas, provides me feedback, and talks with me until the wee hours of the morning about anything and everything. This girl taught me to trust others again, by showing me that there truly are golden-hearted, perfect human beings out there in the world. Hell, she even writes and draws things for me randomly, just to make me smile, and I cannot even express my gratitude for such things! I love you, Rabbit, so very dearly - I can’t wait to see you again. ♥ You are, and forever will be, the Benjiman to my Lucian, and the Niall to my Bao. You’re my sister, and that will never, ever change. tl;dr: FOLLOW MY RABBIT BABY BECAUSE SHE IS THE CUTEST MOST PRECIOUS SWEETHEART ON THE PLANET.

dragneelsroar: At first, I was too scared to talk to, or even FOLLOW, this lovely lady - which is shocking, considering how much we have in common. Nicole is such a kind and approachable person, it’s insane: she’s up for talking about anything from the weather to hardcore ships. She always proves herself to be there for her friends, and takes time out of her day to remind people that she loves them, because she recognizes that sometimes, people need reassurance - and that it’s OKAY to. Not to mention her insane amount of talent - Nicole can write, man. Her replies and drabbles are always so eloquent and well done, it’s incredible. It’s obvious, too, from her amount of followers that her portrayal of Natsu is spot-on: she looks into all of the facets of his personality, rather than focusing her attention solely on one. Even though we’re close friends, I still look up to her, and I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to meet her through the role-playing community! Love you, sweetie! 

broken-golden-heart: Okay, so this girl was someone I admired for a long time - from back when I had my Kanda blog, actually! She messaged me regarding an OOC post I’d made, and we gradually began talking after that. Now, we talk basically every single day, and I’m so, so ridiculously grateful that I’ve gotten to know her. Miki is, by far, one of the most kind-hearted and open people I’ve ever met, which is why she’s on this shoutout list. She may live 12 hours ahead of me, but that doesn’t stop us from pestering each other, haha!  Her dorky little pictures of Yvanya and Lucian being nerds always manage to lift my spirits and make me laugh. Her OC, Yvanya, is portrayed so wonderfully, retaining some semblance of innocence despite her ultimate job in life - to guide those who have died. She is a brilliant and amazingly talented girl, and I really think you should all give her a follow and see what I’m talking about! I love you, Mikibae!


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