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The removing of the performance videos from the show youtube channel is pretty common practice after X amount of months, it's got something to do with image & copyright rights. Niall's performances are also gone. This specific case of deleting can't be blamed on Flopsy. Now, the difference with Louis is his team didn't upload the performances to his own personal channel like most artists teams do (see Harry uploading both SNL performances onto his channel) so THAT is on Flopsy & Louis' team.

Your last point is spot on

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prompt- a highschool AU where people judge harry as a bad boy even though he isn't but he doesn't correct people, he has only 2 bffs (liam and zayn) and cue niall and louis and their pranks they pull and running in the hallway laughing really hard, until one day while running, niall bumps into harry and bang their heads together and please don't make them shy or a stuttering mess. THANK YOU X

Don’t know if I like this, and it might be longer than I want but I wanted to give you guys something today. 


Harry didn’t have piercings, they looked painful just staring at them, like when Zayn first got his nose pierced he had cringed and almost squealed when Zayn gave it a careless tug saying it didn’t hurt. But he did have a collection of tattoos, all pretty patterns along his arms, chest, and even some he managed to get on his legs.

That was all though, the tattoos. But apparently everyone thought he was a bad boy. Liam and Zayn both had more tattoos than he did, both going on their skateboards and smoking in front of the school before class. It wasn’t fair really, that girls swooned over them but looked at Harry as if he’d bite their heads off.

“It’s probably your resting bitch face.” Liam had suggested when Harry had asked them if they thought the rumours were true that he was the school ‘bad boy’ and ’rule breaker.’

“Resting bitch what?” He had asked, almost choking on the soda he was drinking as they sat in the skate park. Zayn was puffing out his smoke while slowly rolling along the sidewalks with his board, looking uninterested with their conversation.

“You just look angry all the time, you walk around with no expression most of the time, and you don’t usually talk to anyone else but me and Zi.” Liam sounded like he was trying to be cautious talking with Harry, as if he was walking around egg shells. This wasn’t that sensitive of a topic, and Harry couldn’t help but scoff.

“Zayn doesn’t talk to anyone else but us too! This lad has a girlfriend and still gets girls begging on their knees for him to take them out.” Harry pointed an accusing finger at Zayn, who stopped his lazy rolling on his skateboard to give him a raised brow.

“It’s probably cause I am in the art program, girls dig artsy guys mate.” Zayn was back to pushing at his board, slowly moving past them with the cigarette back in his mouth. Harry gave him a glare, making Zayn abruptly stop to stare at him in annoyance.

“Sorry, and guys…you like girls and guys, forgot.” Harry never wants to be annoying or pushy, but he’s told Liam and Zayn a thousand times since their second year of high school that he was bisexual, they still weren’t so sure about it, tip-toeing around him and worrying they’d insult him every time they talked.

They’re getting better though, asking him who he likes and dislikes, listening carefully to his rants on the homophobes in the school. Zayn was usually the forgetful one, and it wasn’t a horrible thing, they have known each other since grade five and it’s only been recent that Harry has openly talked about his sexuality. 

“Doesn’t matter who I like, probably won’t get a boyfriend or girlfriend with the way everyone hates me.” He shoved his head into his hands, staring down at his dirty converse with a pout on his lips.

He felt a slap on his shoulder, Liam’s hand giving him an encouraging squeeze before letting go. “You’ll find someone, it’s our last year of high school so after that you won’t have to see anyone again.”


There is so many more students in this god damn school that are worse than he is. Harry is anti-social and apparently has something called the ‘resting bitch face’ and all of a sudden that means he’s the baddest boy in the building,

There’s guys like Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan who tear up the school with graffiti at night, then go around shoving toilet paper in the toilets so they overflow, pulling kids pants down as they walk by, stealing the boys gym classes clothes so when they come back to the change rooms they have nothing. They are ruthless with their pranks, Louis being the mastermind of it all and that’s pretty obvious by the way he’d have that snake-like smile come across his face whenever the people who caught them would tell them off.

But they were just seen as silly hooligans who made the school years a little more eventful and fun. It boiled Harry’s blood.

“Lou, fuck Lou slow down!” It was Niall’s voice, speak of the devil. Harry could hear them from where he was standing at his locker, grabbing for his binders and ready to leave since he had a spare for his last period. He felt something whiz past him, the squeak of sneakers hitting the polished flooring was loud and fast, quickly fading till whoever it was turned the corner.

Harry had just closed the locker door, ready to get the hell out before he’d have to witness one of their unfunny pranks again when he felt something collide with him so hard his body spun, back hitting the lockers harshly with his binder flying across the hallway.

That wasn’t as bad as whoever hit him, the person was like a blur in front of Harry as they hit the ground hard, slapping against the floor and a cracking sound echoing down the empty halls.

“Oh fuck, sorry!” It was Niall, now that Harry refocused after the shock of it all. The boy was still sprawled out on the floor but slowly was picking himself up, looking out of breath.

“Watch where you’re going ya?” Harry growled out, but forced his anger deep back down into him when he saw Niall staring down at his broken glasses, the lens was popped out and the arms of them were snapped off and laying a few feet away.

“Shit, can you see without those?” Harry knew Niall needed glasses, the smaller brunet would wear them around more frequently this year, and it soon became a daily thing. Not that Harry paid that much attention to Niall he just…was a good observer.

“Uh…yeah I’ll uh, I’ll be fine.” Once Niall got a good look at Harry, he all of a sudden looked nervous and scared. It made Harry’s heart sink, knowing that he was probably worried he’d punch him out. With rumours going around that Harry was the bad boy of the school, stories came with them on how he was in a gang, beat people up for money, had been to jail for six months…all stupid shit that ruined his reputation more and more.

“Look are you sure you’re okay, you hit the ground pretty hard.” When Niall had straightened himself out, now holding the shrapnel of his glasses, Harry felt like he needed to prove he wasn’t a bad person to at least one guy at this school. Niall would probably make up some story that he pushed him down, people around here would eat that right up.

“I’m sure, thank you though Harry.” Niall gave him a genuine smile, and it made Harry’s stomach do backflips.


Ever since that day, Niall’s face became more familiar to Harry. He didn’t know why, but they’d see each other in the hallway and give each other matching smiles, almost like the encounter they had was a secret between them.

Harry used to hate him, thought Niall was just as obnoxious as Louis was, but look at him now, falling in love.

It was probably because of how Niall acted around Harry, he wasn’t scared as soon as he asked if he was okay, almost like a switch turning on in his head and a little voice telling him ‘hey, this Harry guy isn’t as bad as they say he is.’

But was Niall even gay? Did he even want to be friends with him or just a person he smiled at from time to time in the hallways as they passed each other? It was the root to Harry’s thoughts these past couple weeks, and it was starting to show by the way he’d notice Liam and Zayn exchanging glances whenever he’d stare off into space or look at Niall for too long during lunch with a frown across his face.

Today was apparently going to answer all Harry’s questions, because as he sat alone waiting for Liam and Zayn to show up, Niall came walking up the bleachers steps with that same sparkling smile across his face.

He didn’t say anything, and neither did Harry, it was a weird silence as they just stared at each other. Harry had to break the eye contact a few seconds later, occupying himself by squinting down towards the football field as the schools team did their warmups.

“I think I’ve come to a conclusion,” Niall finally spoke, pausing slightly to make sure Harry was paying attention. “It’s that you aren’t the bad boy people say you are.”

He hit the nail right on the head, just like that. Harry couldn’t help but chuckle, surprised at Niall’s answer and now an amused smile appeared across his face.

“What makes you think that?” He played it cool, leaning back against the bleachers, not ready to give Niall the satisfaction that he was more than right.

“Cause when I shoved into you, you definitely didn’t show off your bad behaviour that people say you had.” Niall shrugged as if it was nothing, now shuffling a little closer to Harry. “Everyone has told me some crazy stories about you, but I’d rather have the real Harry tell me about himself then some rumours.”

It felt like Harry’s heart had stopped and his mind had just shut down for a second because he’s never felt this much love for a human being before. This boy barely knew him and after one encounter he was now standing here striving to become his friend.

“Well I wasn’t planning on doing anything right now so if you wanna chill for a bit…” Harry trailed off, his confidence not really at it’s full level yet. But Niall looked to be happy with his offer, eagerly plopping himself down onto the seat beside him and shuffling so they were hip to hip.

And after that, they had talked for a good hour, the sound of the football team packing up their stuff and getting ready to go home was the only thing that snapped them out of their conversation. Harry could see Louis on the field rushing off after he pulled his jersey over his head and then disappearing into the change rooms.

“Lou probably wants me to come down and meet him by the car, but the team is having a game tomorrow and you should come. I’d love to have some company.” Niall stood and Harry did too, them both grabbing at their bags and heading down the bleacher steps. It was just them now, the field empty except for a lone ball that someone forgot to pick up.

Harry was ready to say his last goodbyes and plan his day tomorrow even before it would start when he was suddenly tugged into a smothering kiss, making his gasp get muffled by their clashing lips

Niall made them part a second later, but kept himself close and lips near Harry’s ear as he whispered into it. “Liam and Zayn kinda ratted you out and said you liked me so, I hope you didn’t mind that.”

He walked away right after saying that, giving Harry a wink over his shoulder before he turned into the change rooms. That was probably why Liam and Zayn didn’t show up to meet with him, and he felt absolutely no anger towards his friends as he made his way to his car.

He’d probably thank them, actually.

You’re literally all I need

Hello babes! Omg I haven’t posted anything in like 2 months and I’m truly sorry for neglecting you all for this long! I swear I never meant to do it so here I am with a little something. Nowadays I really don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do these fake edits so instead I wrote this. Let me know what you all think, if it’s a good idea to post stuff like this here and there or if it’s not. I’ll try to be more active but I don’t want to promise anything in case I can’t keep it. I feel bad enough for not posting for 2 months so imagine if I were to promise to be active.. gosh, no. Feel free to leave any recommendations for me to do whether it’s fake texts or imagines/one shots like this. I’ll try my best to come up with something. :) I hope everyone’s having a good night, day, afternoon, morning, whenever you’re reading or seeing this. Also, thank you so so much for the 889 followers it means so much that you guys keep on following this blog even if I haven’t been active lately. :) Love you a lot, xoxo B

Length: 2,723 words and 4 and a half pages
About it: cute, a bit random since I just wrote what came to me

Missing Harry was something that never left my system. I missed him constantly – whether he was with me or not. His job required him to travel around the world most of the time and I was okay with it because I knew how much he loved to do it. We have always supported each other, no matter what the other wanted to do because we knew we weren’t alone. Having each other’s backs was what made our relationship strong and stable as well as being honest and open. Lying wasn’t an option between us, not even little white lies because we just couldn’t keep things from one another. Believe me, both of us tried it before but we ended up spilling the beans. It was weird though. I was never this honest with anyone in my life ever. Not even with my mum when supposedly she’s supposed to be my best friend. Well, in this case, Harry was my best friend. I kind of had a feeling he knew more about me than anyone else – including myself.

So, when he decided he wanted to go to America for a few weeks I let him. The band announced they were having a break, or as they like to call it “hiatus”, so who was I to tell him where he can and can’t go? They decided on this break for this exact reason – they didn’t want anyone to tie them to time limits and stuff because they’ve been told what to do for the past five years. It was only fair if I let him go. I’ll be honest, and say, it was the hardest thing because not too long ago did he arrive back home and just a few days after he went away again. However I wanted him to be happy and if he’s happy on the other side of the world then I’m going to have to deal without him. Of course, he asked me to tag along but having an office job is nothing like being a popstar. I can’t just take time off whenever because other people rely on me and that’s alright with me. I knew what I was signing up for when I applied, went for the interview and scored the job.  

But, missing Harry was something that never left my system. I missed him constantly – whether he was with me or not. Those few weeks that he spent in the United States turned into almost two months, my birthday nearing and I haven’t heard anything from him. Whenever I called him, he was busy in the studio or out with his friends which I understood in the beginning because I was aware of the fact he hasn’t seen them in a while and that he wanted to work on his own songs as well. But I just felt left out and forgotten. I tried my hardest to push these feelings out the window, to tear them out of me, put them in a box, lock it with a key then throw it into the river Thames. Nonetheless, it did not seem to work and it started to give me a headache. And mostly heartache but again, I tried to get rid of it by drowning myself in work. There were days where I stayed in the office for longer than I needed to; sometimes I even slept there because the couch was comfy enough. And in all fairness, it didn’t really make a difference since I would’ve slept alone at home as well so I basically just saved petrol in my car by not going back home.

Finding a black Mercedes Benz parked in front of my house after arriving home was not something I expected. Surprised wasn’t even a good enough word to describe how I felt the moment I stepped into my place and walked into the living room just to find my boyfriend on my couch in his sweats. My heart was beating uncontrollably against my chest, almost ripping out of its place as our eyes met and my bag dropped from my hands to the floor. With shaking hands I covered my mouth which was wide open in my surprised state, my eyes instantly starting to water up when I saw him walking towards me. He wrapped his fingers around my arms once he was in front of me, deeply looking into my eyes which were hid behind my glasses. My lenses started to fog up because it was really warm in the house and since I was out in the cold just a few minutes ago it was due to happen at any time.

“What are you doing here? When did you come home? And why didn’t you tell me?” I bombarded him with questions, my voice shaking like a leaf in the cold. Soon enough my tears started to stream down my face and as soon as that happened, I was already engulfed in Harry’s warm and loving hug.

“Don’t cry, baby doll,” he muttered quietly as he held me close to his chest, his chin resting on the top of my head as I hid my face in his chest. He smelled so good; I almost forgot how heavenly his scent was. Finding comfort in his arms made me calm down easily but at the same time I was still worked up from the fact that he was home. “I love you. I love you so much, yeah? Don’t cry, love.”

“Are you staying home? Are you staying with me?” the questions left my mouth without any second-guessing, my heart rate quickening up again as I was slightly afraid of his answer. What if he only came home to check in with the band’s team then he leaves again?

“Yes, baby doll. I am staying home, I am staying with you,” he replied without any hesitation and this caused me to smile. A huge grin spread across my face as I hugged him even more tightly causing my glasses to almost fall off my face. “I’ve missed you so much, you know?”

“I’ve missed you too, a lot. I don’t know how I’ve gone that long without you here,” I shook my head as I pulled away from him. Sniffling quietly, I pulled down the sleeve of my shirt to clean my cheeks and to wipe my tears off of my glasses. “Are you actually staying? Like, you’re not going anywhere, right? You are staying for like, a month?”

“More than a month, actually,” he winked at me as he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. “I already said this, but I’ve missed you so much and I was so stupid to just leave as soon as we announced the hiatus and finished all of our performances and stuff. I really should’ve stayed, but I thought about it as I bought my plane tickets, and you never really stopped me from going away.”

“I didn’t because it seemed as though you were happy to leave. I didn’t want you to be sad because you only deserve to be happy so I let you go.”

“Were you happy when I left?” he asked me curiously, his fingers intertwining with mine as he aimed his words at me with a calm tone.

I kicked my shoes off then we entered my living room and sat down on the couch where he was laying before I came home. The TV was on some kind of cooking show which made me chuckle. Harry looked at me with an arched brow and I just nodded towards the screen so he looked that way. After that he sat so close to me that our noses almost touched and I just smiled at him being clingy. I truly did miss him a lot.

“No, I wasn’t,” I sighed as I finally gave him an answer. “But what did you expected me to do? Tell you not to go? I wasn’t about to give you orders when that was the very reason you guys took some time off.”

“You still could’ve told me you didn’t want me to leave,” he shook his head slightly, his eyes staring into mine. I could only imagine how horrible I looked with smudged mascara under my eyes and on my eyelids. “When you called me, you always did at the wrong times and I felt like a douchebag telling you I can’t speak. I always wanted to call you back but I just never did. And all I can reason this with is that it always slipped my mind. It’s really bad, I know.”

“Did you have a good time, though?” I asked him, changing the subject totally. Lifting my legs up, I placed them onto his lap then wrapped my hands around his neck. It was a weird position and I didn’t think it’d be comfortable but I liked it. “Have you written any good tunes?”

“Why do you not care about me leaving you?” he seemed and sounded so serious, it instantly killed off my good mood. My smile faded as I stared back into his eyes which were so close to me since I pulled him onto me.

I licked my lips as I slowly started to let go of him. Maybe he didn’t want to be this close and that’s why he didn’t answer my question.

“What’s the point of crying about stuff that’s already happened? You’re here, you said you won’t go anywhere for a while. I’ve missed you a lot and I love you so I just want to spend as much time with you as I can without any possible arguments. I obviously care about you leaving, but it wasn’t as if you wouldn’t have ever come back. You’re here so I don’t see the problem anymore.”

“So you’re not mad at me?” he looked genuinely surprised as the words left his mouth, forming a question which made me reconsider if he actually knew me better than anyone else.

“No, Harry, I’m not mad at you. It hurt but I’m over it, yeah? You are here to make up for the time we spent apart.”

“That’s right,” he smiled at me, finally. His green eyes lit up as he pushed me onto my back so my head was on one of the pillows. My right leg was between his body and the back of the couch while my left leg was hanging down since his body was between my legs. “I love you, doll face. I truly do. I want you to be my wife one day.”

“From zero to a hundred real quick,” I said laughing, slightly cringing a bit and Harry just rolled his eyes at me. “Why do you want me to be your wife? I thought I was really annoying.”

“You are,” he nodded as he came closer to my face and pressed a kiss onto my nose. “But you also make me really happy and always support me and I know I don’t deserve you but I want to keep you by my side for as long as possible. If you’d be my wife I’d be the happiest guy on this planet.”

“I’m your girlfriend, aren’t you happy?” I challenged him even though I felt a bit cheeky saying this even if I was joking. Never in a million years would I ever ask this question from him seriously.

“I am happy. The happiest I’ve ever been. I don’t even know why I just said that before actually. I’m sorry. I’m really happy now with you being my girlfriend.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” I smiled at him as I put my hands on either side of his face, cupping his cheeks and pressing a small kiss onto his soft lips. I closed my eyes as our mouths connected, the feeling I haven’t felt in a long time came rushing back to me. My smile grew as our lips parted from each other’s but I still didn’t open my eyes. I missed his kisses, his taste, and his scent. I just missed him in general. “I’d love to be your wife. Actually, I can’t wait for you to be my husband.”

“Really?” he asked me with a surprised expression on his face. We haven’t really talked about this stuff this deeply before because we either didn’t have the time or we just had other things to chat about.

“Yes,” I nodded smiling. “Don’t laugh, but your contact name has been “my hubby” before but then I was like, shit, what if he’ll see it and freak out or something? So I just changed it back to “gorgeous boy” then I changed it to “Haz” just today.”

“Is that supposed to mean something?” he looked at me questioningly. “Why did I go from hubby, to gorgeous boy to simply being Haz? Were you about to break up with me or something?” he joked as he was making his eyebrows go up and down with a cheeky half smile on his face.

“No, I was just trying to be mad at you but I love you too much,” I rolled my eyes as I pulled him closer and kissed his lips again.

This time we didn’t pull away after a small and innocent peck but rather he swept his tongue across my bottom lip and slightly bit into it to pull it apart. I let him take control of the situation, his mouth moved in sync with mine whilst my hands disappeared into his hair. A quiet moan left his lips which almost instantly died out as well because he kept on kissing me. It was sweet and much needed because going through two months without his loving gestures was challenging.

“You’re literally all I need,” he mumbled against my lips, his forehead pressed against mine. A wide grin appeared on my face as my heart was beating and my legs wrapped around his waist. “You make me happy and I can’t wait to call you wifey. I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved in your life and you’re my role model. I want to be like you. You’re strong and independent. Kind but knows when to toughen up with people who need to be put into their places. You’re overall amazing and I’m so lucky to have you.”

“I’m lucky to have you, too,” I told him honestly, his green eyes captivating me. “You’re such an amazing human being I don’t even have the right words to tell you how I feel about you.”

“You don’t even need them because you always show me what I mean to you and I love that about you so much. I love everything about you and everything that comes with you.”

“Don’t get too sappy, Styles,” I laughed lightly and he just smiled at me. “You’ll have enough time to do that when you get on your knees and…”

“Oh,” he interrupted me with a cheeky smile and that look in his eyes which I knew very well.

“Shut up, silly,” I laughed as I pulled on his hair a little bit.

“Someone wants it rough tonight I see,” he wiggled his eyebrows once again and I couldn’t keep my laughter in anymore. Not like I did before, but this time it was chest shaking. Harry joined me instantly and I don’t even know how we ended up in my bed but we did.

I was tired, Harry was tired – we were both tired. I didn’t have the energy to take a shower so Harry being an angel that he is he decided we were going to take a bath together. And I didn’t argue with him I just agreed and got in the bath tub with him where I leaned against his chest, closed my eyes and just relaxed. Our conversation went from one topic to another; never kept talking about one thing for more than ten minutes. We had so much to catch up on so even when we were lying in bed and both of us were about to fall asleep we just kept on rambling.

It was so good to have him back so I just hoped that even though missing Harry was something that never left my system, it will quiet down for a bit.

#388 - You've Cheated In A Previous Relationship

Harry: “Wait, wait…” he held his hand up. “I thought you said you broke up with him before we started dating…” “I know…” you nodded. “So you lied and cheated then?” You could see his jaw tense up. “I’m sorry, okay? I’m really sorry,” you sighed out. “Is that what you told him too? When he found out what really happened?” “Harry…” He shook his head and cut you off. “I need to think okay? I really just… need to think.”

Liam: “I can’t blame you, I can’t… he put you through hell and while I hate cheated and could never condone it, I understand.” “I know,” you nodded, swallowing thickly. “I hate it too.” Liam cleared his throat. “You wouldn’t cheat on me right?” he asked, breaking the brief silence. “You’d never do what he did to me…” you chuckled, trying to lighten the conversation. “That’s right,” he smiled, grabbing onto your hand tightly.

Niall: “You’re awfully quiet,” you mentioned after having talked about how your last relationship ended. “It’s just…” he cleared his throat. “How could you do that to him? From what you told me, he was great to you.” You nodded. “I know but I fell out of love Niall…” “So if you fall out of love with me, I’ll have to find out when some random guy calls your phone?” You frowned deeply. “No, Niall of course not!” you huffed. “Well I can’t really trust you can I?”

Louis: He held onto your hand tightly as you walked through the shopping center, bags hanging off of your arms. “(Y/N),” a voice called to you and you turned towards it, coming face to face with someone who you never expected. “So this is the guy you were sneaking around with?” your ex laughed dryly. “You know, when we were still together?” You bit your lip slightly as Louis stood slightly in front of you. “Okay, keep walking yeah?” “Whatever… good luck with her mate…”

Zayn: “I can’t (Y/N), how am I supposed to know you won’t do it to me? If you’ve done it once, it’s so easy for you to go and do it again…” he sighed, sitting on the edge of his bed. “I can’t ask you to trust me like that Zayn, I know that, but please… I really care about you, I really do, I want to be with you and have a life with you.” Zayn nodded slightly, taking a deep breath. “It’s going to take some time… prove to me that you can do this okay? For the both of us…”

If you see this, post an excerpt from your WIP

“Do you want to talk about it?” Niall asks softly.

Harry burrows in closer to Niall’s side. “No. Really not at all.”

“Do you think you need to?”

Jesus, why is Harry surrounded by all of these emotionally healthy people? It’s annoying.

“Yeah, probably.” He rolls onto his back with an annoyed sigh. “How about, I just get in my car and drive to Canada. There’s whale work in Canada, right?”

Niall shrugs. “Dunno, mate. Belugas, maybe? It gets really fucking cold in Canada, but everyone’s super nice. So, might be worth it. Except, it isn’t where you really want to be, is it.”

“Why is everyone forcing me to face uncomfortable truths about myself?” Harry sulks. “Maybe I really do want to go to Canada! I’ve heard it’s nice!”

“You don’t want to go to Canada, you want to go live in happily ever after bliss with Louis in Providence, and study whales and have babies,” Niall says wisely.

Harry stares at him. “How the fuck do you know that?”

“Oh Harry,” Niall’s smile is sweet and sympathetic. “You’ve been trying so hard to convince yourself that you guys are just friends, but it’s so clear, mate. Everyone else can see it.”

Harry groans, and flops down on to the bed, flinging his arm over his eyes. “I think I’ve had all the insight I can handle for today, to be honest.” He thinks of the letter in his bag, and swiftly shoves the thought away. It’s too much, all just too much. “What the hell day is it even, anyway?”

“Tuesday, mate, late day tomorrow.” Niall leans over Harry and rummages under the bed, pulling out a crumpled brown paper bag. He tosses Harry a knowing grin. “Wanna get high?”

Harry ignores that fact that he hasn’t had one text from Louis all day. They’d been a bit awkward around each other that morning, and finally Harry had gathered his things. When he’d left, Louis had pulled him into a hug and pressed a sweet, soft kiss onto his lips. “Be well, Harry,” was all he’d said, and Harry had pretended that it hadn’t sounded like goodbye.

“I’m in.”


Harribo: WHere are you? You’re not here, Lou.

Harribo: I’m sad, Lou. Louissssssssss.

LalaLou: Are you high?


LalaLou: I’ll talk to you later, Harry. Have fun with Niall.

Harry stares at his phone, squints at it as the text blurs, and then drops it onto the bed. “How’d he know it was you I got high with, Nialler?” The room is spinning a bit, and he feels all light and floaty.

“Well,” says Niall reasonably, taking another bong hit, “Who else would it be, really?”

Harry snickers at that. Then he turns to Niall and frowns. “Luke thinks I’m a bat,” he says solemnly.

Niall’s mouth drops and his eyes widen. “No way! Can you, what’s it called, I had mono during that part of zoology,” he snaps his fingers several times and then sits bolt upright and shouts excitedly, “Echolocation, Harry! Can you echolocate?”

No Sense

Combined from the prompt from the ask and a different prompt :) LONG ONE FOR THE RETURN OF THE ONESHOTS :) 

Niall hesitantly left his bedroom and made his way down the stairs, still in his pajamas. He could hear his father angrily speaking to someone over the phone, pacing around the kitchen area worriedly. Just from this, Niall could tell that today would be an off-day.

Most Saturday mornings, he and his father would make pancakes and then watch cartoons till his father would eventually have to leave for work. Ever since Niall’s mother died, it had become a routine that neither participant could shake despite Niall turning 16  recently and his father being an absolute workaholic. 

But, Niall could tell already that today would be one of those rare days when his father absolutely had to go into work. He could tell because he could hear his father trying to quietly tell off one of his employees and convince whoever it was that they wouldn’t need their chief of police for at least another hour. 

“Fine.” He heard his father grit out. “I’ll be there in twenty.” He sighed heavily. Niall mirrored the expression, walking into the kitchen with a tight smile. When his father noticed his presence, the older man shook his head, grumbling an apology. 

Liam Payne has always tried really hard to be the best he could. Usually people would refer to him as ambitious or over-zealous– but those people only knew his work life. If they thought he was a tedious police chief then they wouldn’t even want to hear about his parenting skills. Liam wanted nothing but the best for his son, like any respectable father, and ever since his wife had died, Liam knew that he would have to step it up. 

Danielle had been lovely towards Niall, the two always had a connection that Liam could never forge or understand completely. Even when Danielle was around, Liam didn’t get to see her interact with Niall much. Because Liam worked from early in the morning to late at night, Liam only got to see Niall during the weekends, and usually then Danielle would leave them be, let them have their alone time. When Danielle died, the only thing Liam and Niall knew how to do was watch cartoons and have fun. Liam didn’t know how to say ‘no’, or cry in front of his child. He didn’t know how to make the right choices medically and educationally for Niall. Danielle had done so much more than Liam could’ve ever imagined, and when he was forced to deal with not only the death of his wife but also a grieving child and so, so much responsibility that he never even knew about– Liam couldn’t handle it. It took months for him to heal- months to learn how to get out of bed and make a breakfast and lunch for Niall. He had to learn how to set up a babysitter for when he couldn’t get time off of work. He learned how to comfort his son and how to interact with a side of Niall that he had never seen before. 

It took time and tears but finally, the two of them learned to work together. By now, it’s been six years since the death of Niall’s mother but the two are somehow still alive and well. Except for the fact that Liam still probably works too much– but Niall never complains so, it should be fine.

Liam gives his son a guilty look. “Ni…”

Niall waits for his father to continue, but once it’s clear of what Liam wants to hear, Niall bites back a frustrated noise. “It’s alright, dad.” He says, hoping he sounds somewhat convincing. 

He must, or maybe his father is really that oblivious, because Liam perks up completely. “Good, then. I still made you pancakes, they’re right over there, yeah?” Liam says, walking away from the kitchen and his son. When he doesn’t hear a response, he looks back. Heart cracking a bit as he sees the obviously unhappy look on his son’s face. He walks back dutifully and hugs Niall close, kissing his forehead and whispering another apology before walking out the door and towards his squad car. 

Niall sighs, wanting to punch himself for feeling so upset about his father missing cartoon day. He’s sixteen for goodness sakes. Enthused, Niall makes his way towards his bedroom, getting dressed and then fixing up his hair in the mirror. He then makes his way to his cellphone, typing out a quick text to Harry.

To: Harry <3 

hey, my dad just left 4 work, do u wanna come over?

Completely unlike Harry, he doesn’t respond. For the fifteen minutes that Niall waits, his heart aches because he has a feeling that Harry is the reason that his father is missing cartoon Saturday. With another heavy sigh, he dials up Louis instead.

* * * * 

Harry isn’t a very friendly person. He doesn’t kick puppies or yell at children or anything, but he definitely isn’t a nice type of person. He gets a bit too angry too quickly and gets in one too many fights during the school year, but he knows that officer Payne loves him. Even with the extra growl in his voice today, that man definitely loves him. 

The gruff chief of police gives Harry another glare and okay, maybe the officer doesn’t love him as much as he thought. ‘At least your son loves me.’ is what Harry would say, if he wanted to spend a night in that jail cell over there. 

“Harry, why do we always find ourselves in this position?” Officer Payne asks, his voice annoyed and low as he leans back in his chair. 

Harry shrugs. “I think your officers have some vendetta against me or something.” He says, a bit of truth behind that statement. The officers are always following him around. It makes sense, sure, but it still pisses Harry off.

“Oh yeah? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the spray paint all over Amelie’s Bakery, now would it?” The police chief muttered sarcastically. 

Once again, Harry just shrugs. “It looked pretty sick though, didn’t it?” He says uninterested, referring to his drawing of a lilac flower that now scars the lovely brick wall of the small bakery in town. Does Officer Payne know that the lilac flower is his son’s favorite type?

Officer Payne isn’t impressed. He simply gets up, instructing the teenager. “You know the drill, Harry. Go get your buddies out there, clean that shit off of the wall and then pray that next time, Heather will just press charges instead of this bullshit.” 

“Do you use that language around your son, Jesus.” Harry says, shaking his head, but still there’s a smile on his face which makes Harry himself a bit uncomfortable. That only happens when Niall is on his mind. “I’m only a child.” 

“Wrong- my son is a child- you, on the other hand, are a vandal, a rebel, at best.” Officer Payne growls, leading Harry out. 

‘doesn’t seem like a child when he’s grinding his bum against my dick…’ Harry cackles mentally.

Slowly but surely, Harry and his gang of punks get all of their possessions– mostly just colored bandanas and watches and cellphones– and are taken straight back to the bakery, where Heather is smiling widely at them. Heather is the owner of the small bakery and says that she loves most of the things they draw on her wall (Most, because sometimes Mikey gets a bit too detailed with the dick drawings). She’s out there just as always, hugs them and hands them sponges and they spend the next hour making the bricks squeaky clean. 

Finally, once they’re done, the squad cars leave and heather returns to her post in the shop. Harry picks up his phone and grins widely. 

From: Ni <3 

hey, my dad just left 4 work, do u wanna come over?

Niall and Harry are kind of dating. It’s one of those relationships that might not even actually exist but the love between them is so real and undeniable that the word ‘boyfriend’ doesn’t even describe their feelings. It doesn’t make sense. Harry and Niall don’t make sense. The bottle blonde with a police chief for a father and the rebel punk with too many tattoos and not enough responsibilty. It doesn’t make sense but it’s been that way since ninth grade.

He flips his friends off with a glare as they make fun of the stupid smile on his face as he reads the text, and walks off towards the back of the bakery where his motorcycle still sits. 

To: Ni <3

I’ll be right over

He feels the phone buzz again as he straddles the bike but ignores it, knowing that Niall’s probably just responded with an “Ok” along with three billion heart emojis and smiley faces. 

* * * *

When Harry arrives at Niall’s house, there’s a somewhat familiar car in the driveway that makes Harry roll his eyes. He pays it no mind as he walks into the house and starts the search for Niall. Niall, obviously hearing the slammed door, calls out, “Dad? Is that you?” 

Harry rolls his eyes, following the direction of the voice up to Niall’s bedroom. Niall’s opening the door just as Harry gets there, causing the blonde to run directly into his chest and scream. “Oh my- Harry!” Niall shouts, looking angry. 

“Niall!” Harry returns, trying to sound angry but probably looking like a right idiot, smiling and laughing a bit too. 

“I told you not to come over- we’re busy.” Niall says, looking down at the floor and Harry knows immediately that Niall must’ve had a bad day or something. Mentally he tries to think back– it’s not his mother’s birthday and it’s a week until her death day  so it can’t be that. Completely puzzled, he’s left staring into the room where Louis Tomlinson is laying in Niall’s bed. 

Harry walks into the room unabashedly, shoving Louis off of Harry’s Niall’s bed. “Hey- what the fuc-”

“Harry, no, please don-” Niall begins, already walking towards. 

Harry shrugs, flopping onto the bed. “I’m not doing anything. I just don’t want him laying around in my boy’s bed now do I?” He says, and he smirks as he can literally see Niall melting at his words and Louis’ glare right at the curly haired punk.

Louis and Harry didn’t get along. No one really knew why, and no one really cared either, but they just pushed each other’s buttons. Harry was a genuinely angry person to begin with, and with Louis’ help, he could turn hulk at any moment. 

“God, Niall, is this really what you want to surround yourself with?” Louis grumbles, making Harry sit up. 

“What is that supposed to mean?” Harry says, eyes narrowed. 

Louis glares right back. “You’re a fuck-up, Harry. A punk wannabe or something. You’ve got some kind of anger issues or something and I don’t want my best friend getting hurt.”

“I would never hurt Niall,” Harry shouts the same time that Niall says, “He wouldn’t hurt me, Louis…” 

Louis shakes his head, laughing a bit crazily. “Okay, fine. We’ll pretend that the guy who your father hates, the guy who vandalizes a bakery every other night, and the guy who put Justin in the hospital last month is a great, respectable guy. Niall, what would your father say if he knew about this little– affair?” 

Niall is silent at this question, his eyebrows furrowed and Harry’s anger only rises. “Louis, if you don’t want to be the second person I’ve put in the hospital this year, then you’re going to want to get out.” Harry growls, standing from the bed. 

Louis scoffs, looking to Niall, his eyes saying , ‘really?!’ Niall doesn’t look up from his shoes. 

“Niall-” Louis tries, making Harry rush forward and push Louis back towards the door. 

“I’m not kidding, Tomlinson.”

Louis opens his month to say something- probably idiotic as always- but Niall cuts him off. “It’s alright, Lou, I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” He says softly, still not looking at either of us in the face. 

Louis closes his mouth and nods, seeing that Niall was obviously upset and not wanting to hurt the  blonde anymore, he leaves. 


“Are you the reason that my dad had to leave this morning?” Niall asks slowly. 

Harry’s eyebrows furrow. “Um, I’m not sure, he was there when I got there.”

“For vandalism?” Niall asks, sighing and sitting on his bed. 

“Niall-” Harry begins sitting next to his boyfriend and clutching his hand tightly. “I’m not really sure what you’re saying right now-”

Niall cuts him off as well. “I think you should go.” He says gently and Harry stops dead in his tracks. 

“Wha- Niall, I don’t want to..” Harry says just as softly, trying to meet Niall’s eyes but the blonde won’t allow it. 

“No- I mean, I think that we should- take a break or, or something like that.” Niall says, and Harry’s heart stops. 

Harry’s hand releases Niall’s instantly and the taller boy can hear Niall’s whimper as he does so. “Wh-what?” Harry asks, begging the boy to pop up with a smile and say ‘PUNK’D YA!’ or something stupid that Niall would do but he can’t even get the blonde to meet his eyes.

“Louis is right– my dad would never allow us to be together… he wouldn’t.” Niall says and Harry wishes that he had put Louis in the hospital- “Don’t blame Louis, Harry, please, I know what’s going on in your head but it’s not Louis’ fault that we are way too different.” Niall says and Harry doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready to let this go.

“No, Niall, we- you just said it, you know me too well, I know you too well we can-” Harry tries for the last time but Niall isn’t having it.

“You know my father would never let me date someone like you.” He says, the most blunt and emotionless that Harry has ever heard from Niall. 

Harry laughs, also void of emotion as he nods. “Someone like me, right.”

Niall shakes his head, “You know what I mean Harry.” 

And yeah, Harry does know what Niall means and he understands it all but he never actually expected to care this much- he knew this moment would happen but he thought he would only be missing a fuck buddy or a distant friend. But no. He’s losing the love of his life right now. 

“Fine.” He says, getting up before Niall can see his tears. 

“I love you, Harry.” Niall says and Harry’s heart felt like it was getting torn apart because why the hell didn’t they ever say it before. Whether it was his stupid ego trying to regain his pride or his asshole persona that had previously left Niall out of the whole “I hate everyone” look on life realized that he suddenly had to hate Niall now- he didn’t say that he loved Niall back. 

* * * *

When Liam gets home that night, the house is silent save for loud cries coming from Niall’s bedroom. After bursting in all police man style and seeing that nobody was physically hurting his child, Liam rushes over to Niall just to make sure that he doesn’t need to take him to the hospital. 

Niall doesn’t respond much, just hugs his father tight and rambles on about Louis and boys and Liam thinks this might be Niall’s way of coming out? Even though they had gone over long ago that Liam didn’t care and wouldn’t mind- Liam can’t understand any other reason that his son may be crying. 

He had asked Niall, of course, when he was holding his son as the blonde sobbed into his chest, but all he had gotten from Niall was a small, breathy, “it’s complicated”. So, going against every fiber of his being telling him to be nosy, he stayed out of it. 

* * * *

Seven days later, they see each other at a party. Niall’s only allowed to go because Louis swore to Liam that there was no alcohol or drugs and that Niall would be home by 11pm. All of those were lies, obviously, but Liam had a date that night anyway and if Niall wasn’t already crushed, that fact alone made him want to curl up into a ball and cry. 

Liam had been seeing someone for a few months now and Niall had yet to meet the person. That might be because that “someone” is a guy, and Liam is kind of freaked out to tell Niall that his new parental figure might turn out to be another officer named Zayn. 

Niall is barely holding it together at this party. It’s almost like nobody knows. His own father went on a fucking date.. today. Today of all days everyone is pretending like they don’t know. Louis drags him to a party, Liam is off on some date trying to replace everything they used to have and Harry isn’t even a part of his life anymore. Louis is about 3 shots in, but Niall doesn’t think he wants his first drink to be out of spite of his mothers death and a break up. It’s been seven years exactly today. Seven years and suddenly nobody is talking about it. 

Soon enough the atmosphere becomes way too much and usually when Louis drags Niall to parties, he can rely on Harry to either come pick him up and take him to that one place near the park that they love, or at least take him up into an empty bedroom and cuddle until they had to leave. But now he has no way of transportation until Louis is sober enough to leave. Calling his father to come pick him up would be the equivalent of calling the cops, and Niall won’t be known as that kid. Niall figures that he has two options. 1) Wait for Louis- a.k.a don’t go home tonight because Louis is absolutely nowhere to be found or 2) walk. Niall doesn’t see anything wrong with walking the 5 miles it takes to get home. In fact, five miles to burn off all of the pain he’s feeling right now seems like a good plan. 

Niall sighs, taps Louis on the shoulder and then heads out, walking through the door and out the gates. 

Of course, nothing is every easy, so the moment that Niall passes the gate, he recognizes the figure smoking a fag against the iron bars. 

Harry looks up and rolls his eyes in acknowledgment. Niall hunches his shoulders and begins to walk past the boy he loves, only to be stopped by a hand against his arm. Niall stops, breathing heavily, praying that Harry will remember and just hug him or something cliche like that- but of douse he doesn’t.

“You know, you were the only person I’ve ever loved like that.” Harry slurs and Niall backs away, because he doesn’t know harry anymore. The old drunk Harry was violent and cruel- unless it was around Niall. Then drunk Harry was cuddly and tired– he really liked to braid hair too. But this isn’t that Harry. 

“I know.” Niall mumbles because he does know that. Harry never specifically said it, but his actions were always his number one advocates. 

The hand holding, the sweet nothings, the grinding- Niall shakes his head, trying to rid the memories that had been plaguing his thoughts all week. 

“You- you didn’t deserve it.” Harry says, and Niall knows he doesn’t mean it, he knows he doesn’t because of how many times that Harry had reassured him. The only reason it hurts as much as it does is because of how much Niall had told him of his fears– the number one being undeserving of love. Harry knew that and was trying to hurt him that bad. It sent shivers down Niall’s spine.

“I know.” Niall lies, only wanting Harry to let go so Niall can mourn his mother and his relationship in peace. 

“You ruin everything that you are a part of- look at that- relationships, friendships- famil-” Harry begins but Niall can’t do this, he shoves Harry pack against the fence, freeing his arm. 

“I know, alright!” Niall shouts, and he also knows that there are tears suddenly streaming down his face. “Look-” He says, voice considerably softer now that there’s that confused and injured puppy look on Harry’s face, “Any other day but today we can do this but right now I just want to go home.” Niall says softly, and Harry’s eyes begin to widen in realization. “You can talk to me next week or something but right no-” 

“Niall, wait, I’m s-so sorry I completely forgot.” Harry mutters, looking downright pissed off at himself. 

“I know.” Niall tries to sound humorous but he ends up sounds bitter an hurt and he hates the pity he sees in Harry’s eyes. “I have to go now. Bye, Harry.” he says, holding back tears and everything hurts so bad because since when did he start hiding his emotions from Harry. 

Harry had been safe and real for so long and now there’s nothing between them but hurtful words and sadness. Niall spends so much time walking that he doesn’t realize he’s crying. He doesn’t even realize that he had completely missed his house and had been subconsciously walking to the one place that he always felt safe. Only this time, he would be alone and that was absolutely terrifying to even think about. 

* * * *

Liam and Zayn are having a bit too much fun on the couch when Liam’s eyes meet the clock and he involuntarily shoves the darker skinned officer off of him. 

“Li, what the fuck!?”Zayn shouts before seeing the look in Liam’s eyes. “What is it?” 

Liam chokes on a breath as he says, “Niall was supposed to be home at 11.” 

Zayn laughs loudly for a second before seeing the horrified look on Liam’s face. “Li, oh my god, babe. It’s 11:30. He’s 16, not 12. Let the boy live.”

Liam is already shaking his head in protest. “No, Zayn you don’t know my boy like I do. He would never miss curfew- shit.” Liam says, picking up his phone. When he calls Niall, the phone goes immediately to voicemail, meaning his phone was probably dead. Next, Liam calls Louis, who picks up after 2 rings. “Mr. Payne?” Louis says, and Liam can hear heavy music playing in the background. 

“Louis, what the hell happened to 11pm, huh?” Liam growls through the phone and he hears Louis’ nervous voice respond.

“I know, sir, it’s just, the problem is– I can’t find Niall anywhere.”

Liam’s world shatters. 

* * * * 

People are deserting the party when Liam’s squad car pulls up. Liam doesn’t register much except for the fact that Louis is sitting on the curb, tugging at his hair in frustration. 

“Louis!” Liam calls frantically, rushing over to the teen, Zayn hot on his heels. 

Louis is practically shaking when Liam makes his way to the boy, “I’m so so sorry officer Payne- I went to the bathroom for a second and then he was gone-” 

Louis’ story is cut off by someone Liam really didn’t have time for. 

“What’s happening, why are you crying, Louis?” Harry Styles, resident vandalist asks, looking as if he actually cares. Liam growls, barely restraining himself from shoving the boy back. 

“Not now, Harry.” Liam grits out. 

Harry pays the father no mind, meeting eyes only with Louis. The blue eyed boy’s eyes don’t leave Harry’s, and Liam is severely confused as Harry asks, “Is it Niall?” 

Liam watches on, astonished, as Louis nods, tears streaming down his face now. “He’s run off, Harry, we don-”

“Why the hell was he alone on his mother’s death day anyway, Jesus!” Harry shouts angrily, eyes suddenly trained on Liam. “You know how important these days are to him, what the fuck?” 

Liam is stunned into silence as the rebel who is constantly in the police station suddenly begins to give him parenting advice. He had completely forgotten. “How the hell do you know about that?” Liam says lowly, ignoring the uncomfortable look Zayn has on his face. 

Harry doesn’t respond, loosing his temper as he walks away from them, absently kicking a trashcan over as he yells out in frustration. 

“Harry!” Liam shouts, demanding the boy to return, but the boy ignores him, moving on and out of their vantage point. “What the hell was that about?” He asks Louis, who is wiping his eyes with his sleeve. 

“They– I dunno…” He cuts himself off. After one of Liam’s glares the blue eyed boy immediately changes his wording. “I mean- they used to like, date- i guess. They’re like- proper in love or summat.” He stutters.

“What?!” Liam roars, making Louis step back several steps. 

The conversation is completely cut off as a loud engine begins. Each of their heads turn in absolute shock as Liam’s patrol car speeds away. 

“Fucking Styles.” Liam growls, sitting down on the pavement and praying that that rebellious idiot knows his son better than the chief himself. 

* * * *

Harry finds Niall exactly where he knew the blonde would go. He’s sitting on the swings near the playground, slowly rocking back and forth, and Harry is having Deja Vu from the first time they met. 

Harry doesn’t say anything as he walks towards the boy, and Niall doesn’t either. He sits in the swing next to the blonde, and doesn’t say anything anymore. It feels unreal as Niall looks to him, tears in his eyes. 

“Nobody even remembered.” He says breathlessly. 

And that’s it, right there Niall is in Harry’s arms and they’re breathing in each other’s air and Harry’s anger is finally off of his chest and it’s all good and bright again and Niall is still crying a little bit but at least- “I’m so glad I have you.” Niall whimpered into Harry’s neck, “I still have you, right? I have you?” Niall basically strangles the taller boy as he asks so and Harry nearly gets whiplash from how hard he nods. 

“You have me, you have me, always. I’m so sorry that I-” He begins, but Niall cuts him off by kissing him, hard. It’s weird and uncomfortable because they’re still sat in a swing and Niall tastes like tears and it really doesn’t make sense that it feels so right but it does. They sit there for a few minutes doing nothing but breathing heavily in between sloppy, teenage kisses before Harry puts a stop to it, opting to hug Niall even closer. 

“I’m sorry, Harry, I don’t know what came over me when I- I just-” Niall begins to apologize but Harry shushes him, pressing his face more into the comforting scent of his boyfriend. 

“I understand.” He says simply, and then ending off in a chuckle. After Niall makes a confused noise, Harry laughs. “It’s just– you don’t have to worry about hiding this from your dad anymore.” 

Niall gasps, and Harry reluctantly allows Niall to pull away. The blonde’ eyes are wide and confused. “You didn’t.” He says in a low voice that is surprisingly light and giggly. 

Harry shrugs, grinning back at his simpering boyfriend. “He might kill me when I take you and the squad car home.”

Niall hums happily, cuddling back into Harry’s hold before jerking back once more, “Wait, did you just say the squad car?!” 

//to be continued??//

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Too much character development lol my bad x.x 

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There is nobody else

Louis Tomlinson - 1746 words (Requested by anon)


“I’m actually quite nervous to meet them, you know.” I mumble towards my boyfriend, playing with the chipped off black nail polish on my left fingers. Louis is humming a tune, unfamiliar to me, probably the melody to one of the new songs he has been working on, his fingers tapping against the steering wheel to the rhythm. “You shouldn’t be love, I’m sure they’ll adore you.” Louis smiles briefly at me before his left hand lets go of the steering wheel to pat my thigh in a soothing manner, keeping it there as he gives the thick flesh a final squeeze.

“Besides, you’ve met Harry already. And you’ve skyped with Niall once.” Louis adds, nodding his head as if confirming his own words in his mind before taking a turn, the flat where Liam lives already coming into view. We were celebrating the holidays with his mates, them all coming together for a meal and I don’t know whatever they were about to plan next, but it would be the first time I would meet all of One Direction in actual person, after dating Louis for four months.

I’ve met Harry casually when he stopped by Louis’ place for something I can’t pinpoint anymore, and he seemed rather friendly though rushed. I hope they were all that friendly towards me, because I wouldn’t be able to cope with the fact that my boyfriend’s friends don’t like me.

“Yeah I know but still..” I trail off, absentmindedly biting the nail on my left pointer finger as I see Louis park his car. What if I’m overdressed? What if I’m underdressed? They’re not gonna like me at all I just know for sure maybe I can fake being sick or something and we can just go home, I’ll do this another time maybe.. Or maybe never, that would be nice too.

“Love, come on. They’re waiting we were already running late.” Louis holds out his hand for me to take as he stands by my opened car door, my shaky hand resting in his before I pull myself out of the vehicle. Louis’ greeting with Liam being one for the books, with a romantic bro hug and a slap to the back. I smile politely as Liam grants me a bright grin, motioning me in with a simple hello.
“You must be y/n. I’ve heard so much about you! And you’re even more beautiful in person.” I can feel the blush already creep onto my cheeks and right now the inner me is fangirling like a maniac, but I simply thank Liam as I grasp Louis’ hand tightly so he wouldn’t leave me behind.

“Lads, this is y/n. Y/n, this is Niall, Harry and of course Liam.” Louis smiles as he points to every one of them, but of course I already know who is who. Still I simply mutter a ‘hi’ to everyone with a small wave, staying close by Louis, but he pulls me towards the sofa and directs me to sit by Niall.
“Hi.” I grins at me, the crinkles by his eyes increasing as he gives me his brightest smile. I smile back, nodding my head as my eyes trail over to Louis who is discussing something with Harry on the other side, both of their faces bright with joy.

“I am actually a huge fan and this feels awkward.” I chuckle dryly, rubbing my sweaty palms on my dress as I let my gaze fall back onto Niall. “Oh don’t worry love, I am a big fan of yours as well so I’m fangirling on the inside too.” That statement made me snort, and I giggle rather loudly as I try to muffle the sound with my outstretched palm. Immediately the tension I felt drops from my shoulder and I smile towards Louis who gives me a particular look but shrugs it off before resuming his conversation.

“You don’t even know me!” I chuckle, turning my body a bit towards him so we could have a proper conversation. “Yet!” Niall adds with a wink which sends me into a frenzy of giggles again, thanking Liam as he hands me a glass filled with a bubbled liquid. Fancy.

After half an hour Liam redirects the lot towards the table, Niall sitting across from me so we could continue our conversation. Louis let himself fall down next to me, his hand immediately landing on my thigh in a tight manner before giving it a rough squeeze. “Ow, what’s that for?” I groan as I turn towards Louis, unfolding my napkin before placing it on his hands over my lap.
“Sorry love.” Louis merely states, a tiny smile cast towards me before Niall catches my attention again.

“And then he said I never make the same mistake twice, I make it five to six times just to be sure and leapt in again.” Niall is already laughing hysterically by the end of his sentence and my gasp, my hand resting on my chest. “No, you’re not serious?” Niall is at the verge of crying as he nods his head which makes me go into hysterics with him, wiping away a tear that has fallen due to this amusement he brings along with him. “You Irish are fucked up, I swear to God!” I chuckle again and Niall raises his glass at my statement, my own glass of wine raised to clink my glass with his.

“Give that girl another refill! She needs it!” Niall booms towards Liam who laughs along and nods his head, standing up to go grab a new bottle of wine from wherever. I am still lightly chuckling as I turn towards Louis, his jaw set tight as he gives me a tight smile. “Love, is something wrong?” I touch his arm lightly, tracing his tattoos as I await his answer. “No, not at all.”
The sarcasm is dripping from his words and I want to roll my eyes because he is doing this again for no reason at all, but I decide to drop it and have a lovely evening with his friends who are absolutely to die for.

“Liam, let me help you with the plates.” I push myself into a standing position as I already collect my empty plate, my balance a little off with how much wine Niall has been giving me in the past hour. Liam smiles gratefully as I follow him towards his kitchen, gasping at the size of his whole flat as I pass by the open doors. “You have a lovely home.” I compliment him as I put the plates near the sink, turning around as Liam puts his pile down as well. “Thanks, I’ve decorated it myself. Could you run the water? I’m gonna get the glasses too ‘cause I have another wine for the main course.” Liam smiles as he skips out of the kitchen and I turn on the tap, my fingers tapping against the expensive marble as I wait for the sink to full up.

“Enjoying yourself?” I hear my boyfriend’s voice behind me and a smile graces my lips as I turn around, but it is immediately wiped off of my face as I see his expression. “What’s wrong babe?”
“You and Niall get along pretty well, don’t you think?” I shrug my shoulders as I watch Louis take tentative steps closer towards me, his fingertips trailing over the same marble I was tapping mere minutes ago. “Yeah, he is quite friendly. But I didn’t expect otherwise.” I smile as I raise my arms to embrace my boyfriend in a hug but he keeps his distance.

“You’re mine, but it doesn’t show that way.” Louis grunts and I roll my eyes visibly this time, his jaw tense again as he sees my motion. “Don’t fucking do that.”
“Louis you are overreacting, please.” I try to reason with him, stepping closer to him as I let my arms fall around his waist. “You’re forgetting whose you are.” I refrain from rolling my eyes again and squeeze his waist, kissing his jaw briefly before stepping out of the embrace I made.
“No I am not, I am trying to mingle with your friends so they like me. And I thought I was doing a good job.” I cross my arms over my chest, raising my eyebrows at him as a smirk takes over my lips.

Louis seems at a loss for words and I step towards him again, lacing my fingers through his. “You never laugh with me like that..” he trails off, squeezing my hand as he averts his gaze from mine.
“Of course we do! Now you’re just focused on this.” I coo, kissing his chin as I lace my arms around his waist a second time. “Don’t be jealous, it’s not a good look on you.” I finish off, hoping he’d drop it now, for once and all.

“I’m sorry I just-“ Louis starts but I cut him off with a kiss to his lips, standing on my tippy toes. “I love you Louis, only you.” I pat his bum and let go,  turning back to the sink which is nearing the brink of overflowing as I hastily turn the tap off. “Where is Liam? He was just grabbing glasses..” I grumble as I push past Louis, slapping his bum again as if to tell him non verbally that he is in my way.”

“Y/n.” I stop and turn around, raising my eyebrow at my lounging boyfriend.
“You’re mine, right?” He seems quite nervous and I roll my eyes before smiling brightly at him. “Of course Louis, always.” I walk out of the kitchen to see Liam laughing with Niall and Harry, the glasses dangling from his hands.

“We were wondering where you two were!” Niall chuckles as he raises his almost empty glass, his eyes turned into slits due to his excessive smiling. “Sit down, I’ll do the rest.” Liam smiles as he motions to my seat and I let myself fall down, Niall already filling my glass back up. Louis lets himself fall down next to me, pressing a kiss on my cheek before raising his glass.
“To friends and a good new year!” Louis chants and we all reciprocate, cheering as we chug our alcohol down and Louis takes me in a protective sideways hug and I smile at my boyfriend and his amazing friends, which I am now glad to be a part of.

Hope you like it,
Lots of love,
L. xox

are harry and louis holding hands in this interview?

maybe i’m reaching, but i noticed something in one of the la jingle ball interview videos, which can be found here. i’m gonna walk through a few key things in this post.

1) in the start of the video, harry’s arms are crossed. he runs his hand through his hair, and then begins to put his arm behind his back before moving so that his arm is blocked by niall. notice that louis’ hand is on niall’s shoulder in these 3 screen caps.

2) in the screen cap below, harry’s left arm & louis’ right arm are hidden behind niall. as soon as harry’s left arm moved behind niall, louis’ hand moved from niall’s shoulder and goes out of view. i noticed that liam is off to the side but harry, louis, and niall are really close together, so i got to thinking, what if they’re holding hands behind niall’s back?

3) at one point, niall shifts a little bit and we can see that louis’ arm is not at his side. you can see the bottom of his sleeve right under niall’s elbow, which shows that his arm is reached out. it’s not on nail’s shoulder, and it’s not on niall’s waist or hip, so where is it? it would be very uncomfortable for him to just hold his arm out at that angle without it resting on or holding onto anything. even if they’re not holding hands, louis has to be at least resting his hand on harry’s arm or something.

4) a few moments after this, harry sways away for a moment (and fonds at louis). in this frame, his arm is behind his back.

5) then, harry moves so his arm is behind niall again.

6) now, at the end of the video, the boys start to walk away. when harry moves away from niall, his arm is at his side. now, if his arm was behind his back when he moved towards niall (#4) and when he backs away his arm is at his side, at what point did he move it?

here’s what this all looks like to me:

in #1, louis is just chillin with his arm resting on niall’s shoulder. harry fixes his hair or whatever and puts his arms behind his back. then, he moves so his arm is behind niall. at this point, #2, louis sees an opportunity and takes it. he puts his hand on harry’s arm or wrist (this is made obvious in #3 when his arm is outstretched). right after this, in #4, harry shifts away and then back. it seems like this is because he wants to move his arm from behind his back so that he can hold louis’ hand. this shift would make him moving his arm be a quick un-award movement. so, in #5, his arm is behind niall again. louis’ arm still isn’t visible. in #6, the boys start to walk away and harry’s arm is no longer behind his back, meaning that he moved it at some point while it was behind niall.

so, maybe i’m being really dramatic and maybe i’m seeing things, but this is what it looks like to me. and, honestly, it would be really cute because they were both really happy and giggly during this interview, so maybe it was because they were sharing a subtle, private, touch.

Preference #6: Makeup Sex - Part 4 (Harry)

“You really won’t come along?”

You glance up to see Harry’s tall frame slouched in the doorframe, cute pout prominent on his handsome face. Biting your lips to hide your smile, you put your focus back to your computer screen, where you’re close to completing the eighth page of your big research paper that’s due in three days.

“I can’t. You know I would if I could, but I have to-”

Finish your paper, I know,” Harry drawls in a mocking whine, flopping dramatically across the bed right at your feet, lying on his side with his head propped up on one large fist. You scowl at the papers that he sends scattering, shuffling them back into some kind of working order and carefully avoiding his wide, imploring eyes. It isn’t as if you don’t want to go with him to Niall’s place for some good old fashioned game watching, beer swilling fun, in fact you want to go everywhere with him now that he’s finally home with you, but until you turn this paper in and stop having nightmares about it you can’t glue yourself to Harry’s side like you want to.

“Don’t you want to go hang out with your guy friends?” You try a different tactic amongst revising the last sentence that you just typed. “If I went I’d throw off the balance of testosterone.”

“Are you joking?” Harry sounds positively appalled at your words, giving you a deeply incredulous look. “I’m surrounded by those knobheads 10 months out of the year, if I have to see Niall’s arse one more time I think I’ll lose it.” He waits until you’re done laughing to continue, lightly tickling the sole of your foot to wring a few more giggles out of you. “You’re always fun to be around, baby, and the guys think so too.” Harry crawls his way closer to you until he’s sprawled on his belly close your right side. From there you can’t hide behind your laptop screen and pretend you don’t see him playing the cute card to persuade you. “I don’t wanna go without you.” His lips press tenderly to your arm, his hand wrapping warmly around yours, and you can’t help but meet his honest eyes. “I missed you so much while I was away. I just wanna be near you, all the time.”

Well, fuck.

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Zianourry Smut


Warnings: Smut. Bdsm. Toys. Smut. Dirty smut. Underage sex.
Niall frowned moodily as he plopped down at the kitchen table. Zayn smiled softly and ruffled Niall’s hair gently. “Hey buddy, sleep well?” Niall scowled and slapped Zayn’s hand away, not responding to his question. “Where’s breakfast?”
Harry frowned and exchanged worried looks with the other parents, but he just put it off to the fact that Niall was growing up. Harry placed Niall’s breakfast on the table and he grinned happily at the younger boy, “I made pancakes for you Ni, it was your favorite food when you were a kid.”
Niall looked up and he pushed the food away. “I don’t like pancakes, make me something else.” Harry sighed and grabbed the plate, swallowing the slight hurt he felt. “Ok…what do you want?” Niall turned around to shoot a glare at Harry. “I don’t know, but make me something edible for a change.”
Louis walked over to Harry and pecked him gently. “Don’t talk to your father like that.” Niall crossed his arms stubbornly, “Maybe I will when my parents stop being fags.” Zayn’s eyes narrowed dangerously, moving over to comfort Harry who was near tears. “We didn’t raise you to be this way Niall.”
“What’s going on?” The four males looked up to see Liam surveying the kitchen with a worried gaze. Louis gestured to Niall and wrapped his arms around Harry, “Niall called us fags, insulted Harry’s cooking, and basically was rude.”
Liam stared at Niall with a stern face, “Is this true Niall?” Niall looked away with an uncaring face, “So what if it was true, of all foster parents in the world, I ended up with the gay ones.” Liam’s composure faltered a bit and he said in a shaky voice, “Go to our room, we’ll deal with you there.”
Niall rolled his eyes and followed Liam’s commands, though trying hard to not seem like he cared along the way. The four men watched as Niall disappeared from their view and Liam turned to the others.
“We need to punish him.” The other three nodded in agreement and Zayn spoke up. “He needs a bigger punishment than being grounded or taking away his videogames…if we do that, he’ll just get angry and his attitude will stay the same.”
Louis looked up and smiled mischievously, “Remember how we used to punish each other…it was pretty effective and not to mention hot.” Harry glanced at Louis hesitantly, “We’re supposed to be his parents though and he’s only thirteen.”
Zayn shrugged and glanced at Louis, mirroring his look of mischief, “Oh come on Harry, we need to punish him in some way and this punishment would be really fun.” Liam glanced at the others for a moment before nodding slowly, “Well then, why not?”
Niall looked up when his parents walked in and he opened his mouth to say something. Zayn held out a hand and he shook his head, “Save it Niall…you know you’ve been a really bad boy and we have to punish you right?”
Niall bit his lip nervously and he looked away. “Well, you guys are so disgusting and-” Niall broke off when he felt Louis lunge towards him, pinning him against the bed. Louis growled softly and glared at the smaller boy, “Don’t talk to us this way…take off your clothes.”
Niall’s eyes widened in surprise, “N-no…you can’t order me to strip.” Louis frowned, “No talking unless we give you permission, guys help me.” The other three adults eagerly walked forward. Harry and Zayn pinned Niall onto the bed while Liam and Louis worked on taking the clothes off of a struggling Niall.
A faint blush bloomed on Niall’s face when he was finally naked and he struggled wildly. “W-what are you going to do?” Zayn growled angrily and he flipped Niall around roughly, gesturing for Liam to take out the supplies as he used to be one of the doms in the relationship.
Liam smirked and he tossed the handcuffs to Harry, rummaging around the cabinets for other fun stuff. Harry grinned and he sauntered over to Niall, grabbing his limbs and cuffing him to the bed. The four stared down at the small boy and lust filled their eyes when they saw him eagle spread on the bed, his innocent and confused face staring up at them.
Niall pulled slightly against the cuffs and he glanced at his parents who were slipping out of their clothes. “What’s g-going on?” “Didn’t we tell you not to talk?” Liam growled softly at the boy and raised his hand to smack his bottom, electing a small squeal to escape out of Niall’s mouth.
Niall snapped his mouth shut and he gasped softly when he felt someone fondle his dick. Zayn smirked and he stroked it softly, feeling the small length harden in his hands. “Do you like that baby?”
Niall shook his head, but a small groan left his mouth when Harry joined in. Harry chuckled softly when Niall bucked forward, attempting to rub against their hands. “Who knew you were such a little slut, but this is a punishment, not a reward.”
Harry slipped a cock ring on Niall and Niall gasped at the way it pinched his length. Niall squirmed around and another groan escaped his mouth when he felt Harry rub against his bum. He knew this was wrong and he felt so dirty, but he couldn’t help but feel aroused by the whole thing.
Harry grinned and pressed a finger at Niall’s hole, “Do you want me Nialler?” A small whine left Niall and he nodded desperately, his pride forgotten. Harry laughed softly and he shook his head, moving back.
Niall pouted impatiently and he tried to touch himself, though he couldn’t do so because of the handcuffs. Liam moved forward, becoming bored quickly and he took out a plastic toy, slathering it with lube.
Liam poked the dildo against Niall’s entrance and he roughly slammed it in, chuckling when Niall let out a small scream. Niall let out small pants and he whimpered softly when Liam didn’t move it, “D-dad please…”
Louis growled and he moved in front of Niall, “Didn’t we say no talking, how about we do something to occupy that mouth of yours.” Niall nodded eagerly and he immediately wrapped his mouth around the tip, sucking lightly.
Louis let out a groan and he just hardened more when he saw Niall’s angelic face look up at him for approval. Niall slowly moved up the cock and he flicked his tongue back and forth naturally. Louis gripped Niall’s hair and he moved deeper into Niall’s mouth, “Jeez…who knew you were so dirty Niall.”
Niall just smirked at the older man and he swirled his tongue all the way from the base of the cock to the front, placing small kitten licks that left Louis a squirming mess. Zayn frowned when he saw what was happening and he removed Louis from Niall’s mouth, ignoring his protests.
Zayn turned to Louis, “This is a punishment for Niall not a punishment for you.” Zayn shoved Louis away, ignoring his exclamation of what was he going to do now with his hard on. Zayn just shrugged and responded with use your hands.
Zayn glanced at Liam, “Use the remote.” Niall stared at the interaction with confusion, but a shout of surprise escaped him when he felt the piece of plastic in him start vibrating. A whine escaped him and he rubbed against the bed, desperate for some friction.
Zayn grinned and rubbed his length against Niall’s face, “Do you want this Ni?” Niall nodded desperately and he opened his mouth to take it in, but he stared at Zayn with confusion when he placed his hand in front of his mouth.
Zayn looked at the squirming boy and he smirked, “I want to hear you beg for it Nialler.” Niall immediately complied with his orders and he stared at the man with wide eyes, “P-please dad…p-please let me taste you.”
Zayn’s lust increased when begs erupted from Niall’s mouth, the small boy lying there completely submissive. He nodded approvingly and he prodded Niall’s mouth, smiling when Niall happily opened his mouth and started licking him.
Zayn scowled when Niall started moving his mouth slowly and look up at him with a teasingly innocent face. Zayn pulled out, “I don’t like it when you tease me Ni…that means you get another punishment.”
Harry moved forward as this was always his job and he pulled out a paddle, moving in between Niall’s legs. Niall looked at him nervously and a small moan escaped him when he lifted the paddled and smacked his bum.
Harry grinned and continued at a steady pace, laughing when the paddle hit the vibrator further into his hole. Niall almost blacked out from the pleasure he was feeling and he gripped the bed sheets tightly, heaving into the air.
Niall whined softly when he couldn’t cum and he poked his bum into the air slightly, enjoying the torturous sensation. Harry stopped abruptly and he stared at Niall’s reddened bum with lust, rubbing his cheeks softly with a large hand.
Zayn nodded and the other four men turned to him as he clambered between Niall’s legs. The four had created the rule long ago. When one member needed to be punished, near the end the other three would fuck the member in order of dominance.
Zayn removed the vibrator, turning it off and placing it on the dresser table. He positioned himself against Niall’s entrance and he slammed himself in, moaning at the feeling of the tight heat.
Niall let out a small cry of pleasure and pain. Zayn was much bigger than the vibrator, but soon the feeling of pain was soon overcome by the feeling of pleasure. Liam stared at the scene aroused and he moved next to Zayn.
Liam pushed in right when Zayn pushed out and Zayn groaned softly when the tight entrance became even tighter than it originally was. The two moved in sync and when one moved in, the other moved out.
Niall started trembling from the amount of pleasure he was getting and he moaned softly when he felt the two adults release into him. The two slid out and Louis moved forward eagerly, moving a hand forward to cup Niall’s rock hard cock gently.
Louis moved to release Niall from the cuffs and Niall pouted when he didn’t remove the restraint on his length. Louis gripped Niall’s sides roughly and he carried the boy up until the tip of his cock was poking Niall’s entrance.
Niall separated his legs and he slowly slid down on the cock, his arse still hurting. Louis gripped Niall’s hips tighter and he pulled the boy down in one forceful pull. “Didn’t Zayn tell you already that we don’t like it when you tease?”
Niall nodded and he bounced up and down on Louis quickly, grinning when Louis possessively wrapped his arms around his waist. Harry stared at the scene in arousal and he moved forward, kneeling down in front of Niall and easily taking his small cock into his mouth.
Niall stopped momentarily when Harry skillfully sucked his length and he bucked forward into Harry’s mouth eagerly. Louis scowled and he growled into Niall’s ear, “Move or you’ll get another punishment.”
Niall complied willingly and he continued, moving around in attempts of finding his prostate. A shiver of pleasure ran threw him when he found the bundle of nerves and he continued bouncing that way, the feeling of Louis’ dick in him and Harry’s mouth around him becoming too much.
He felt Louis release to him and he felt Harry’s mouth leave his dick. Louis lifted him up and he placed the boy on the bed, letting Harry climb on top of the younger boy. Harry rubbed their hard cocks together and he stuck his tongue into his mouth, exploring it.
Niall bucked his hips upward and he let out a small whimper, “D-dad…p-please let me c-cum.” Harry just hummed and he moved a hand up to tweak Niall’s nipple, moving to the next one when it became hard.
Niall vaguely recalled Harry cum onto his stomach. He saw the four men crowd around him and Niall squirmed around desperately, almost near tears as the pleasure was just too much.
Liam stared at the boy sympathetically and he glanced at Zayn, moving his hand towards Niall’s length when the elder nodded. He took off the restraint slowly and he chuckled softly when Niall immediately released his load and sigh tiredly.
Liam smiled slightly and he cleaned Niall up with his clothes, throwing the stained articles into a corner when he was done. Liam clambered onto the bed and pecked Niall’s forehead gently, wrapping his protective arms around the smaller boy.
Niall laid his head on top of Liam’s chest, worn out from what happened and he moved closer to the older man. The other three men smiled softly and Harry moved on the other side of Niall, resting his head on Niall’s small shoulder.
Louis moved beside Liam and Zayn moved beside Harry. Niall smiled contently, but he winced slightly every time he moved. “Dads?” “Yes Nialler?” Niall bit his lip shyly and he buried his face into Liam’s chest, “I’m sorry about the way I acted earlier…I guess I was just scared of being gay.”
The other four men just exchanged fond looks and they awed slightly at how adorable Niall looked at the moment.

#349 - One Of You Has A Nightmare About Losing The Other

Harry: (His P.O.V.) My eyes opened quickly and I found myself staring at the dimly lit window. Had I been dreaming? I needed that to be a dream. I need to roll over and (Y/N) needed to be there safe and sound. As I shifted onto my back, I rolled my head over and felt my eyes well up with relieved tears. Trying not to wake her up, I flipped over to face her and carefully slipped my arms around her waist, pulling her into my chest. She shifted in her sleep and curled up into me. I tiredly pressed my lips to the top of her head. If losing her in my nightmare was as terrible as it had been, then I would and will do everything in my power to keep her with me.

Liam: Just the mental image the nightmare had implanted in your mind was more than enough to make you quite upset. Having him away from home so much for work was not helping at all. You rubbed your eyes slightly, trying so hard not to cry before you could get him on the phone. You dialled his number and held your phone to your ear. Liam picked up after the third ring. “Hello?” He sounded exhausted. “You’re coming home right?” you asked quietly. “Babe what? Yeah, I’m coming home, what’s the matter? It’s really late…” he inquired. “I just had a bad dream. I dunno… I just… want you to come home… I dreamt you didn’t it’s stupid…” you drifted off. “Babe, I am coming home… always gonna come home to you…” he murmured. “Go back to sleep okay? I’ll be there when you wake up.”

Niall: It was so vivid. Every little detail in that nightmare was too real. The shattering of the glass, the explosion of the engine and the impact of the airbags. You could see Niall’s limp body in the driver’s seat. The last thing you remember before waking up was a loud screaming noise that you were pretty sure was actually you. You jolted awake, feeling two hands tightly gripping on your arms. “(Y/N),” he murmured and tugged you up into him. “Niall?” you breathed out, latching onto him once your eyes adjusted to the dark. “Yeah honey, it’s okay… you’re okay…” he said softly and you squeezed your eyes shut. “I thought you were gone… it was so real…” you sniffled. “I’m  not gone… m’right here love. Right here,” he soothed, rubbing your back gently and kissing your temple. “Just take a moment it’s okay…” Niall murmured out, pulling the blanket up over the two over the two of you and laying back into the bed.

Louis: (His P.O.V.) I tried so hard to convince myself that it was all a dream that when I looked over to the other side of the bed, she was going to be lying there fast asleep. I felt something inside of me and there was just a complete sinking feeling when I didn’t see her. I immediately looked over to the bathroom, hoping to see a light, but still nothing. Throwing the covers back, I got out of bed and headed out into the hallway. As soon as I heard the clatter of dishes in the kitchen, I made a beeline down the stairs and went to the kitchen stopping in the doorway. (Y/N) turned around with a glass of water in her hands. I bounded over to her and took the glass of water before wrapping my arms tightly around her waist. “You’re still here…” I whispered out against her shoulder. “Are you okay..?” she asked softly, putting her arms around my shoulders. “I thought you left… bad dream…” I mumbled and she nodded her head in understanding. “Well I’m right here Lou… not going anywhere…”

Zayn: “It was so real…” you said softly, laying your head on his chest. “I know. Dreams… well nightmares can do that but I’m here, I’m alive, and you can hear my heart beating can’t you? It was just a bad dream,” he murmured, walking his fingers down your back. You nodded your head, adjusting your arms around his waist. “Do you think you can go back to sleep?” he asked and you bit your lip, shifting unsurely. “I might go get something to drink, but you get back to sleep, I’m sorry for waking you up.” You placed a gentle kiss to his shoulder before slipping out of his grip. “Hey,” he said quietly, climbing out of bed with you. “I’ll come with you and then we can go back to sleep together okay?”


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Naughty Girl


(A/N- Contains smut)

×1213 words


Niall watched as his girlfriend swayed to the music as she talked to a few friends. He sipped at his beer running his hand through his hair.

He mentioned the costume as a joke but never expected her to actually wear it. But when (Y/N) arived home with the slutty costume Niall almost couldn’t contain himself.

Blood was rushing to his dick making it grow a bit in his loose fitting soccer shorts, he decided to go as a soccer player. The short skirt showed so much smooth leg all he wanted to do was run his hands up and down them.  The revealing blouse also showed off one of Niall’s favorite parts of (Y/N), her cleavage.

His mind wondered to what he was going to do to her when they arrived back home.

The party continued however, and Niall still made sure to watch (Y/N) dance to the music. “You alright mate? You seem destracted.” Louis said coming over and patting Niall on his back.

“I’m alright.” Niall answered shortly fixated on his girlfriend’s hips. Louis followed Niall’s eyes to (Y/N) and smirked.

“Oh I see,” the Doncaster lad laughed, “Well go easy in her tonight Nialler.”

Niall chuckled and watched as his band mate walked away, ‘God I need to get out of here’, Niall thought looking back at (Y/N).

Putting the empty beer bottle on a table; he made his way over to her wrapping a strong arm around her waist .

“Ready to go love?” He asked hopefully.

“Really?It’s only midnight.” (Y/N) asked confused.

“Uh, yeah. I don’t know I’m just a little bored, rather just go home.”

“Okay then, I’ll get our coats.” (Y/N) informed her boyfriend before walking off to where the host put the coats. Niall watched her bum, skirt just stopping a bit past where her thighs started.

He could feel himself growing hard and hoped that it wasn’t noticeable.  “Okay, ready to go!” (Y/N) announced snapping Niall from his dirty thoughts.

Smiling in response he grabbed her hand and led her to the door then the car.

“You seemed off tonight Ni? Are you okay, you bearly moved from that corner all night.” (Y/N) thought out loud and watched the buildings pass by the car window, soft breath fogging up the glass.

“I’m fine babe, just really want to get home…”

“Okay then.” (Y/N) said slowly looking at her boyfriend confused.

The ride home was mostly silent apart from a bit of small talk about some people costumes. But the only costume Niall cared or can think about was (Y/N)’s, his mind had so many dirty thoughts that it took all he had not to stop the car on the side of the road and take her in the back seat.

When Niall pulled into the drive way her turned the car off and got out of the car and walked around to (Y/N)’s side opening the car door like the gentleman he was. She sighed as she stepped out of the car and whined slightly when the heels hurt her feet.

“I think I’m gonna take a shower and go to bed.” (Y/N) said stepping into the dark home, immediately taking off the heels and throwing them into the corner. But Niall had slightly different ideas.

Before (Y/N) could make it to the steps Niall grabbed her wrist pulling her into his chest. Hands moved to her bum squeezing making (Y/N) yelp in surprise, “You were very naughty tonight.” Niall grunted kissing her neck and sucked lightly on the flower smelling skin.

“Ni..” (Y/N) moaned tiping her head back allowing Niall more access to her neck.

“Weren’t you baby girl? Dancing to that music in this outfit. Such a bad girl.” Niall moved then closer to the wall making (Y/N)’s back press against the white drywall. “Gotta teach you lesson.”

“Ohh..” (Y/N) said shackly grabbing onto Niall’s white jersey, this was exastly what she wanted when she purchased the costume, to see Niall’s eyes darken in lust and his domant side make an appearance.

Breaking away from his girlfriend Niall grabbing her hand and led her up the staircase and into the bed room. He waisted no time undoing the tiny white buttons on the blouse and made if fall the the floor. The white push up bra made her boobs look very prominent, Niall started to grope them make (Y/N) grow wet. Pulling his hands away and placing them on the skirt he made that fall to the floor aswell leaving her in just her bra and panties.

Niall pulled his shirt off revealing his chest hair and toned abdem. He crashed his lips back into (Y/N)’s slipping his tongue into her mouth. She let out a breathy  moan at this and let him dominate her mouth. He let his tongue rome her mouth a bit more before he picked her up and put her on the bed. “Get on you knees, face on the bed. I want to see the perfect ass in the air." 

(Y/N) quickly followed his instructions, with her cheek against the cool sheets and her knees supporting her weight she felt Niall’s hands start to rub small gently circles on her bum.

Without warning a large hand came down slapping her ass, "Gotta teach my princess a lesson for being so naughty tonight.” He said spanking her again. “I want you to count the spanks for me.”

Nodding she waited for his hand to come back down onto her bum, when it did she counted one, then two, then three, till the Irish boy stopped at twenty. By then her bum was a cherry red color.

Smirking he decided to tease the moaning girl on the bed who was hot and bothered just by the spanking. He moved his pointer and middle finger in a circular motion over the lace panties, he could feel she was already wet.

“Oh, Niall fuck.” (Y/N) squirmed biting at her bottom lip.

Niall just smiled at his work and continued for a bit before he decided to take it to the next step. “Alright baby girl; bra and panties off.” He comained as he went to the nightstand to retrieve a condom.

Niall watched as she freed her breasts from the confinement of the bra and slipped her panties from her legs. At this point Niall was fully hard and slipped the condom on his cock.

Getting back on the bed he hovered over you one hand supporting his weight while the other massaged her left breast. “You ready love?” Niall grunted.

Nodding her head (Y/N) sqrewed your eyes shut,so over come by sexual desire. He slowly entered her letting her get used to his length before he started to thrust.

He pounded (Y/N) into the matriss  the bedroom was filled with moans with the occasional scream when Niall hit the right spot.

(Y/N) and Niall had reached their climaxes seconds from each other and fell down onto the bed out of breath. “Happy Halloween.” Niall smiles kissing her cheek.

(Y/N) couldn’t help but laugh.


Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

I wasn’t sure if you wanted a pairing for this prompt so I made it Larry. I hope it’s what you wanted. 

Title from “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane.

Warnings: MPreg, slash, mentions of abortion, graphic birth, forced pregnancy?

Disclaimer: This is pure fiction and I own none of the characters.

Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

11 weeks

“Harry I know this is a shock, but can we at least sit and talk about it for a minute?” Louis exclaimed, storming into the house on Harry’s heel who was already speeding up the stairs of their house and in the direction of the bathroom. “Hazza?”

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Have you been online today?

Not that I remember, mum.

What’s going on?x

They’ve leaked some photos from my iCloud.

Very private ones.


Mum, I’m so so sorry.

No, sweetheart.

This isn’t your fault at all.

I’m not too affected by it. Just a bit upset that they violated my privacy like that.

I’m sorry, mum. It is kind of my fault, they are my fans after all. It feels like I’m responsible for this so I’m very sorry. x

Don’t blame yourself, darling. They aren’t your responsibility.

What kind of photos did they leak?

From New Years. On the yacht.

No. No, no, no.

You have to talk to Y/N, Harry. I bet she’s super upset, these pictures really don’t look that good. It looks like you and Kendall were really a thing.

I will, mum. I hope she isn’t too upset, I told her about Kendall. Thank you for telling me about this. I’ll get this sorted out.xx


“Shit!” Harry exclaimed and threw his phone onto the couch beside him.
“Oi, what’s going on?” Louis asked him from where he was sitting right beside him on the couch, Harry’s phone hitting his thigh.
They were all in Niall’s living room right now, having a nice little lads meeting. They haven’t done that lately, they’ve all been so busy since they took a break. This was the first time in months they were all in one place again.
“They leaked some photos from my mums iCloud. From new years with Kendall.”
“Hell, no.” Niall said with disbelief lacing his voice.
Harry buried his face into his hands, messing up his hair with his fingers.
Louis took his phone out immediately, opening Twitter and scrolling through his notifications.
“Fuck, mate. They are bad.”
Harry groaned and shook his head.
“You have to talk to Y/N.” Liam said.
“Oh, thank you very much but I know that. But what should I tell her? Hey, I’m sorry that those photos got leaked and I know it looks like Kendall and I were all lovey dovey and you probably think that I lied to you when I told you I’ve never been with her. But well, let’s just move on from it, yeah?” sarcasm dripped from his every word.
“Well, maybe not like that. Y/N is a strong girl, she dealt with a lot of shit since she’s been with you already.” Niall reassured him.
“I know she is strong but she always gets a little insecure when my past is brought up. Especially Kendall. I haven’t been with Y/N for too long and well, we never really talked about our feelings for each other-”
“Wait. What?” Louis asked incredulously.
“Obviously, she knows I’ve got feelings for her but I’ve never… I never told her exactly what I felt.” Harry sighed.
“Yeah, I know. I’m an idiot. She probably already got all the stuff from my flat and is gone. What if she doesn’t realize they are leaked? What id she thinks I’m with Kendall right now?! What if-”
“Alright, you need to stop with these ‘what if’s. Y/N isn’t gone, I mean where is she supposed to go? She can’t go to her flat right now because that water stuff is being fixed and she wouldn’t just leave you like that. Just drive home now and talk to her, yeah? I bet she isn’t mad or anything like that.” Liam said calmly.
“What if she doesn’t trust me when I talk to her?” Harry whispered.
“She has to.”

Harry was home within twenty minutes after he left Niall’s apartment in a hurry and drove through the busy streets of London as fast as possible. He all but bursted through the door when he was finally in front of his apartment, almost stumbling over his feet when he took his boots off. He hurried into his living room, he knew she would be there.
She stood in front of the big window, dressed in one of his sweaters that was at least three sizes too big for her. Her hair was up in a messy ponytail, a few strands falling out. She had her back turned towards him, he wasn’t able to see her face.
“Love?” Harry asked carefully, his voice just a whisper.
Y/N turned around immediately, surprise written all over her face.
“Oh, hi. I didn’t even hear you coming home.”
He studied her face closely, looking for any sign of sadness or anger. But there was nothing.
“Y-yeah. I got home as fast as possible when mum told me…”
She nodded understandingly, the corners of her mouth turning downwards slightly.
“Oh, yeah. It’s pretty bad. Is she okay, though?”
“Yes, she is. But… are you?”
“Me?” she asked surprised.
“Y-yes. I mean the pictures are…”
“Oh, you mean because they are of you and Kendall?”
Harry nodded once, scared of what was to come now.
“Don’t worry about it. I knew about you two, didn’t I?”
He looked at her with his lips parted, his ears not quite believing her calm words. He expected her to be upset, maybe even scream at him. He didn’t expect this at all.
“I’m just a bit shocked how… close you really were with her. But I’m okay with it.”
“You aren’t upset?”
“No. I mean I’m upset that these people violated Anne’s privacy like that but other than that I’m all good.”
“Not even the slightest bit?”
“No, Harry.” she laughed.
“Do you want me to be? I can totally act like a jealous and possessive girlfriend if you want me-”
Harry didn’t let her finish her sentence, he walked over to her and wrapped her into the tightest hug ever. She groaned quietly at the force of his body against hers but she welcomed him anyway.
“I’m so sorry.” he whispered into her neck.
“It’s okay, baby. I’m not mad or anything. And it isn’t your fault.” she reassured him, her hand rubbing over his back soothingly.
He pulled back from their embrace, his hands now cupping her cheeks and stroking her soft skin.
“You’re so amazing you know that? I know we haven’t been together for too long and I really don’t want to scare you off, but… I love you. I’m so in love with you. You’re so gorgeous and amazing and so lovely and I fell hopelessly in love with you. I was so scared when my mum told me about the leaked pictures. I thought that you would have packed your things and just left me. But you didn’t even yell at me. I love you. I love you so much.”
He was rambling, he knew he was so he stopped himself and just pressed his lips to hers. She hummed against his mouth, letting him kiss her and kiss him back just as eagerly.
“I love you, too. I was scared to tell you too, but I do. I really love you.” she smiled lovingly at him.
He kissed her again, covering her mouth in loving and lingering kisses, showing her just exactly how he felt.

“You really thought I would leave you?” Y/N asked after a while.
“I mean… I wouldn’t have blamed you if you had.”
“Harry, they’re just pictures! I wouldn’t leave you for some leaked pictures. Just because you’re on them with you ex doesn’t mean I’m gonna break up with you.” she said.
“I know, I’ve just been scared. We never talked about our feelings before so I didn’t know if you felt the same about me.”
“Of course, silly. I would have left a lot earlier if I didn’t.” she giggled softly.
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.” he sighed playfully.

anonymous asked:

Hello can I request a one shot please? If yes then... "Niall can read minds and Harry can't stop thinking how pretty he is AU" xxxx

I come alive when I hear your voice 

Niall goes to London’s School for the Gifted because he can read minds, and Harry’s a boy with a literal heart of gold. 

[A/N: I need to take a minute to apologize profusely for how long this took. It took me way too long to be able to get this written. I hope the quality makes up for it. Happy reading :)]


The voices are but a murmur as he walks through the corridors; unspoken thoughts, whispered in the back of his mind. Managing them is easy enough these days. Had somebody asked him a year ago, however, what it was like to be a ‘mind reader’, he’d probably have told them it was absolute torture. Having a busy mind of his own is one thing, but having his mind crowded with other people’s thoughts tended to give him a headache on most days.

It’s why his da agreed to homeschool him for his 10th year. It’s why, when he was given the opportunity to attend London’s School for the Gifted by the headmaster, himself, Mr. Cowell, who promised he’d help Niall ‘craft’ his 'gift’, he decided to take the offer. 

Now, managing those thoughts that don’t belong to him is like second nature. 

Jade needs a coffee if she’s going to make it through her next class.

Liam’s thinking about asking Sophia for a second (third) chance; he’s been thinking about it for a while now though, to be fair.

Sophia wants Liam to ask her.

Perrie wishes Zayn would get his shit together before his inconsistencies ruin their relationship.

Zayn loves Perrie, but he isn’t sure if he’s in love with her anymore.

Louis wishes Eleanor would at least take his calls.

And then there’s Harry.

Harry, who thinks Niall has the 'best face’.

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You Make Me So Hot: Zainourry fic

Summary: Liam’s too proud to admit that he’s bisexual so the boys decide to help him out.

Warnings: angst i guess, bit of fluff, overstimulation, breath play, fingering, toys, dirty talk, SMUT, GAY SEX

A/N: happy new year everyone! thought i’d end the first day of 2014 with some good old boy sex, so here it be! this was an anon request for liam centric zainourry so yeah, enjoy!

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All About Trust

Niall Horan Imagine

Requested? Yes: You’re dating Niall and on tour with the boys but decide one night not to go out with him and instead stay and watch a movie with Zayn and Louis on Bus 1. Louis sends a picture of you cuddled between them to Niall as like a joke, and he gets jealous and decides to come back to hang with you.
Word Count: 905
Thank you for requesting! Hope you enjoy! xx

“Niall I’m not really feeling like going out tonight, though.” You whined into his shoulder. A few times while on tour in a new and foreign place, the boys would go out to a popular club in the area and judge for themselves how popular it is. Usually they get quite drunk and end up not remembering much about the place to judge. Of course while you tagged along with Niall, you usually went along with them. Some nights you’d rather stay in with Niall, although he more often than not was always up for a night on the town.

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One direction A/B/O preference #3 First time you meet (His POV)

A/N: If any of y’all don’t understand the a/b/o concept please don’t hesitate to write me. Also if you want to request a preference where Y/N is a guy instead of a girl, please do. I’d love to write it if anyone wants to read it.

Also there’s a tiny hint of Larry in Niall’s because I just can’t help myself, but it’s like one line.

Request: First time you meet (His POV)

LIAM: “Louis you know that meeting is important,” I stressed into the phone as I walked down the sidewalk. “Well, Llama, you see—“ I tuned out as Louis started babbling, and my eyes swept over the people walking down the sidewalk. I noticed a guy walking towards a girl, and I was about to look away when I noticed that he grabbed her arm and dragged her into an alleyway. I quickly hung up on Louis before hurrying down the street, turning left into the alleyway. “Please, please,” I heard the girl cry, but not in the way one might want her to plead, and I growled before dragging the inebriated alpha off of her. “Get fucking lost,” I snapped, throwing him to the ground. He took one look at me and then scurried away, cussing under his breath. I fell to my knees in front of the girl where she sat curled into herself against the brick wall. She was hiding her face in her knees, and her shoulders were shaking with her cries. “Hey, hey, you’re okay, he’s gone. I won’t hurt you,” I said calmly, doing my best to hide my anger so my scent would be comforting. She slowly lifted her head, and if her smell wasn’t enough of a factor to how freaked out she was, the tears streaming down her face definitely was. Even with blotchy eyes and a red nose, she was the most beautiful omega I had ever seen, and her scent was slightly overwhelming, a fruity tinge to it that had me fidgeting. “C’mon, I think you need something to drink and eat so you don’t go into shock. My security guys are right out there, all betas, they won’t hurt you.” I offered her a hand, which she took after brief hesitation. “Thank you,” she whispered, and her voice washed over me like a tidal wave crashing onto the shore, and my knees wobbled slightly as I helped her up. “You’re welcome.”

NIALL: Ben was telling Liam what his part in this particular music video was while Louis glowered – for some reason he wasn’t a fan of Ben – when I saw her. She was standing off to the side, a clipboard in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other that read ‘BEN’ in typical Starbucks fashion. She was talking to Harry, nodding along to whatever story he was in the middle of telling now. His eyes were twinkling, the way they always did when he was talking about his mate, who was currently staring murderously at our director. She was quite possibly the most beautiful person I’d ever seen, and her eyes had so much light that I was instantly drawn to her. I skipped up to them and skidded to a halt next to Harry, “-and then he dropped it,” Harry finished, giggling as the girl started laughing loudly. “I think Louis needs you to calm him down before he kills Ben, bro,” I told Harry, clapping him on the shoulder. Harry took one look at Louis, winced, and then ran off with a smile thrown over his shoulder. “Hi, sorry, I’m Niall,” I introduced, holding out a hand for her to shake. She put the clipboard under the arm holding the coffee, and shook my hand, a smile lighting up her face. “I know who you are,” she laughed, before adding; “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.” She drew her hand back before throwing a glance over her shoulder, where Harry was trying to talk to Louis, who apparently wasn’t listening. “What’s his deal?” she asked, but it wasn’t malicious, simply curious. “No one knows,” I sighed, which earned me a laugh. “Would it be totally inappropriate of me to ask out Ben’s assistant?” I asked her. Her grin simpered down to a shy smile, and she shook her head. “Not at all.”

LOUIS: “Fucking alpha assholes,” I grumbled under my breath as I pushed my way past the photographers. “Aren’t you an alpha?” a voice spoke up beside me, and I twisted around to come face to face with a girl, smiling hugely. She was an omega, that much I could tell, but her scent was unlike any other I’d ever smelled. I leaned closer to her on instinct, and her eyes fluttered slightly as she took a whiff of me, rocking back on the balls of her feet with a decisive nod. “Yeah, definitely an alpha,” she said, voice shaking slightly. “God you smell great,” I blurted out. Her eyes widened and her pupils dilated slightly. “So do you,” she breathed. “I don’t- uh- fuck,” I cursed, shaking my head in an attempt to get the fog to lift so I could regain some sort of control over my mouth. “What’s happening right now?” she asked me, taking a step closer seemingly without noticing. “I have no idea,” I told her truthfully. “Should we, uh, maybe get away from all the paps?” I nodded quickly, grabbing her hand and dragging her down the street, until I found an almost empty café. Getting her alone didn’t make her scent any less delicious, but at least it wouldn’t cause a scandal in the press tomorrow. “I’ve never tried anything like this before,” she confessed, and she could’ve been talking about the paps and the fleeing, but I knew she wasn’t. “Yeah, me neither. I’m Louis.” I stretched out my hand for her to shake, and after she had, we simply lowered them to the table so we didn’t have to let go. “I’m Y/N.” She squeezed my hand and a thrill ran down my spine. “This is the most sappy thing to ever happen to me,” Y/n said after a minute, and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Me too, love, me too.”

HARRY: I was weighing two different brands of bread in my hands when there was a loud squeak a few aisles over. I furrowed my brow at the sudden rush of omega fear that filled the air, and I threw the bread away and took off running. When I turned down the breakfast aisle, a beautiful omega was standing with her eyes screwed shut, arms stretched upwards to reach something she obviously couldn’t get a hand on, with a – clearly unwanted – alpha plastered to her back, hands on her hips. He was whispering something in her ear, rolling his hips, and I noticed a single tear run down the omega’s cheek. “Hey!” I yelled, alpha authority unknowingly slipping into my voice as I stalked down the aisle. The alpha’s head snapped in my direction, and a growl ripped out of his throat. I was seeing red, my fists clenched before I grabbed the man by the hood on his shirt and threw him backwards. He slammed into the products behind him, and the entire aisle wobbled dangerously. “Go,” I said lowly, raising an eyebrow when the alpha didn’t react immediately. He got to his feet and threw one look at the omega before muttering: “not worth such a flat piece of ass,” and then he took off. I stared after him until there was a whimper behind me, and I spun around just in time to catch the omega in my arms as she tipped forward. “Wow there, you okay?” I felt a tiny nod against my chest and I dragged her closer, holding her tight until she stopped shaking. “Thank you,” she said softly, hands clenched in my shirt. “You’re welcome. C’mon, let’s go pay and then I’ll follow you home okay?” She hesitated before nodding again, and slowly extracted herself from my arms. “Let’s go.”