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One shot of a sexual Twister (the game) ? ☺️

“Right ‘and blue, yeah?” His brows came up looks at you. You blush a deep colour and move your hand.

When Niall said, “Let’s play twister” you didn’t think you both would be playing strip poker first. He told you the one item of clothing you both had to wear socks.

Now, here you both were, naked, left foot on green, right foot red-completely spread eagle. Your ass was in Niall’s face. Your hands were on blue and yellow.

“My favourite view.” He murmurs and leans forward to suck at your clit.

Your mouth drops into an ‘O’ in surprise. “F-fuck!” You whimper out.

Your moans and whimpers simply encourage him further. As your back arches, You spread your legs even further. He sucks harder on your clit. You bring your hands up and start to massage your tits gently, pinching at your nipples. He pulls away licking his lips, “Baby, you taste so fucking good.” He goes back down, running his fingers along your opening.

You loose any inhibition to be standing and you shift down to your knees and forearms. “Ni…” You whine out. His tongue was merciless on your clit and pushes into you as he spanks your bum lightly. He slowly enter two of his fingers into you, flicking his wrist slightly. He doesn’t stop sucking on your clit, turning his fingers up to massage your gspot. He whispers against my clit, “Cum baby, cum for me.” He quickens his fingers, continuing to flick his wrist and tonguing your clit.

A louder moan comes from you and you start to tighten around his fingers, crying out. Niall keeps his mouth on you as you cum, sucking you clean, moaning softly at your taste. He pulls away with a smirk, his brow coming up, “We aren’t done here.”

Niall spanks you roughly and smirks to himself. “Left hand blue, right hand yellow.” He growls out at you.

You obey and he pushes your face into the Twister matt, “I’m going to make you feel so good.” He pushes himself into you with a moan and you scream out softly. Fuck

Niall Horan; professional third wheel- a masterpost

This is a masterpost dedicated to Niall being both a professional third wheel and an intense larry shipper (most of the time both).
None of the images used are mine please dont kill me for using them

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I remember December of 2011 seeing some pictures of Niall and just thinking he was really cute then found out he was in a band so I went on youtube and watched the video for What makes you beautiful and thought it was the worst thing I had ever heard but I kept watching videos of Niall so I literally forced myself to listen to the Up all Night album on repeat until I found it tolerable because I felt bad that I didn’t like his band. Over the years I’ve liked a lot of their music and hated others(I’m sorry but Steal my Girl is one of the worst songs I have ever heard in my life, how the fuck was it a single???), and I’ve gone through periods where I hated this band but stuck around for Niall and now I’m just so happy and excited for the future now that he’s solo. He’s gonna be doing a tour where everyone is there to see him and ONLY him, playing the music that he wants to play. I’m just happy that after so many years of waiting for this its finally happening(AND HES BRUNETTE!!!!) 

but look at louis’ face when harry congratulates jimmy on his child… you cannot tell me that he isn’t the one who’s on the receiving end of harry’s baby fever, the one who has to constantly tell him that they can’t have children, not yet, harry.

his expression literally translates to, “oh god i’m going to be hearing about this again tonight….about how yet another person has a baby and we don’t….”

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Play this at my funeral

Daddy, I

summary/prompt: can i request a prompt for omegaverse where Niall actually really hates Harry but he’s in heat and he’s the only alpha around. And Harry is loving every second because he’s always liked Niall but Niall never gave him the time of day. And because Harry is a sadistic bastard he makes Niall beg for it until he’s crying.

word count: 4,285

NARRY SMUT, omegaverse, daddy kink, a bit of underage, dirty talk, crying, and a bunch of other yummy narry goodness. enjoy!



All the students jump from their seats and eagerly file out of the classrooms. Niall packs up his school supplies in his backpack, throwing it over his shoulder and patiently waiting for everyone to flood out of the busy hallway.

“Hey, Niall!” A voice sounds from behind him. He turns to see Harry, a boy two years above him, squeezing through the crowd and making his way into a clear spot beside him. “Hey,” he repeats with a warm smile.

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