niall is cute as hell


happy part six of a face to call home! it wouldn’t be the holidays if heva didn’t make an appearance, would it? this is the only non-winter related bit of ‘brace your elf’ december, but it’s been a while and we all deserve to know what’s going on with harry, eva & co. enjoy!

march 2030: one too many shopping bags (gif 2)

“How come Maeve and Eva got to go out shopping for the afternoon while we’re stuck with these terrors?” Harry asked, watching as Niall’s two sons Emmett and Dylan chased around Madeleine and Phoebe. The four of them ran circles throughout the open layout of the living room, their feet padding against the floor in loud, anti-rhythmic patterns, almost like their own personal stampede.

Niall snorted, leaning back against the cushion of the sofa as he began to settle in. “Your wife is creeping closer to her due date while mine is still nursing our nine-month-old, let them have a day out,” Niall replied, his head immediately turning when he heard the sound of a loud thump. Madeleine immediately called out that everything was fine, which was usually a sign that everything was not fine. Seconds later, the group came barreling through the living room again, no tears or ailments in sight.

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whenever you’re sad ((and ur short)) it’s a good idea to think about niall being your boyfriend and teasing you because of your height. i can just imagine him loving the fact that youre so short because he isnt very tall himself and its hard to find a cute tiny girl. i can see him holding your hand and playing with your cute lil fingers and he’d hold up his huge mother fucking veiny hands and compare sizes and he’d laughs and capture yours between his long fingers and it would just be so cute. and sometimes he’d pick up your lil sneakers or sandals and admire how cute and adorable they are compared to his sneakers and he’d also love to look down at how little you are when he’s hugging you because you have to stand on your tippy toes and you rest your head on his chest and it would just be adorable. and he’d tease you when you couldn’t reach the cinnamon toast crunch on the top shelf at the store or when you’re trying to dust the cabinets and he’d just laugh and kiss your cheek before helping you out. but his favourite part about you being short would be the hot sex. because you’re so tiny he’d be able to pick you up and throw you around easily while he mercilessly slams into you and he could effortlessly hold you up against the wall and fuck you so good and hard. so whenever ur sad about your height just think about all these things and u will instantly feel better probably 

So, supposedly, Louis is 5′9….but look how little he is compared to the others?? He’s supposed to be the same height as Niall; does he look it? Hell no he does not. Cute little bean :)

On a side note, how adorable does he look here? A tiny, excited little kitten bouncing around behind his boyfriend, I feel like Harry knows exactly what Louis is doing cause he looks about a second away from scrunching his nose to avoid Fonding :)


Niall barely spoke 8 words in this interview, so let’s just enjoy him being awkwardly cute as hell 😍🙈