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You were a person of many talents, but the one thing you could never conquer was the act of lying. That was why you prided yourself on being as honest as possible, but there came certain times where you had to give lying a try no matter how bad you were at it. 

“Good morning, everyone…” You hummed as you made your way down the stairs to see the dining room table already set up with place mats and dishes. Y/F/N had planned a brunch for the gang but unfortunately forgot to pay her gas bill so she had no way of cooking - Which explained why everyone was at your place instead. On a typical Sunday, you liked to sleep in and laze about all day, so the idea of waking up for a brunch wasn’t exactly making you go crazy. At least you were getting to eat free food. 

“There you are, lazy. Was wondering when you’d finally come down.” Y/F/N walked out with a stack of pancakes before setting them down on the table and wiping her hands on her apron. “Go on and take a seat. Your place is right across from Harry.” She pointed to the name card sitting neatly on your plate. 

“Why can’t I sit next to you instead?” 

It wasn’t like you hated Harry. Even though he was a dick to you and called you names and poked fun at you whenever he had the chance, you didn’t hate hate him. …What were you saying? Of course you hated him! You never knew why everyone thought he was so charming and sweet - He was a prick and you would give anything in the world to kick him right where the sun didn’t shine. With that being said… how exactly did you end up hooking up with him last night?

The details were blurry, but you remembered the gist of it. You remembered the feeling of his body pushing you up against your own front door. You remembered the feeling of his hands sliding down your back as he unzipped your dress. You remembered the feeling of his lips pressed against your neck while he thrust- 

“Because I spent a whole lotta time making those name cards, so you’re sitting where your name is placed.” You huffed when Y/F/N gestured to the seat again before you stomped over and plopped yourself down. You had kicked Harry out this morning after discovering him snoozing away next to you, (and you had forgotten there was a brunch happening) so seeing him literally an hour after you kicked him out was a tiny bit awkward. It would be fine! You just had to deal with him for a couple hours and then he’d be out of your hair. 

“Woah, what happened to you?” Liam asked, leaning forward a little to look at your neck. 

“What are you talking about?” You raised an eyebrow, instinctively reaching up to brush your fingers over your neck. 

“Someone got a little frisky last night, it looks like.” Harry cut in, your eyes flickering up to his. Immediately, your face scrunched into a small frown at the sight of his cocky smirk. “I wonder with who, though?” He hummed, raising his bottle to take a sip of water. “I’m sure you had a great time considering the number of hickeys he gave yeh. Are you sore too? You looked like you had trouble coming down the stairs.” This was why you didn’t want to ever get involved with Harry, but of course, drunk Y/N just had to take him home with her. He was usually cocky, but because he knew your guys’ night was well spent, he was ten times cockier. 

“I don’t remember his name. I do remember the sex was sloppy and only lasted three minutes. Not to mention, his mouth was like a bloody hoover. By the time he got in me, he practically turned into a jackhammer. Worst sex of my life.” You shrugged, glancing over at Harry to gage his reaction. His face had gone red and he looked like he wanted to murder you. You were lying, obviously, because the sex was amazing. But you’d never let him know that. 

“Ooh, yikes. That sucks. At least it’s over now, right?” Niall snorted, grimacing slightly. “What’s the matter wit’ you, Harry? You’ve gone all red.” 

“The sex was great and you know it!” Harry blurted out, your eyes widening slightly when the whole room went quiet. Well, there went your chance of hoping nobody would find out you hooked up with Harry. You had no choice but to own it. Yes, you had sex with Harry. Yes, it was great. But again - You’d never let him know that, for fear that his head would explode if you added to his already giant ego. 

“…Alright, Mr. Hoover-mouth. Whatever you say.” 


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Can we have a blurb where you are pregnant and you and niall fight about breastfeeding because you don't wanna do it.

“It’s my body, Niall! Why are you being like this?”

“Of course it’s your body, but it’s OUR baby!  Why won’t you just talk to me about it?”

You slammed your dresser drawer shut hard enough to knock over one of the framed snapshots lining the top surface.  You let out a sigh and rubbed your hand over your swollen belly.  The argument over breast feeding had been going on for weeks.  You’d talked with your doctor about it and she had assured you that it was your choice and that as long as the baby was being fed, that’s all that mattered.  Niall however, had been appalled that you weren’t even willing to try nursing the baby.  He’d been sending you links to medical journals and parenting blogs eschewing the benefits of breastmilk.

You straightened the collapsed frame and wiped at a few stray tears rolling down your cheeks.  Looking down over your protruding belly, you trailed one of your equally swollen fingers down a fresh set of red stretch marks mapping out your skin like angry tributaries.  You had a matching set of blue varicose veins on your ankles from the pressure of the baby, and last week you’d peed your pants.  Twice.  Niall was sat on the edge of the bed, his head cradled in his hands.  He looked as handsome as the day you’d walked down the aisle nearly four years ago.  The broad planes of his back were still smooth and dusted with freckles.  His eyes still a bright bright blue that sparkled when he laughed.   He could have any woman in the world.  But he was stuck with you and all the collateral damage happening to your body.  

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niall is cute but he'll never be on the same level as harry or liam and that is a fact

I mean… physical appearance is subjective. What I find attractive may not be what you find attractive and vice versa. Fair enough.

But seriously?! Have you not seen the man’s solo magazine covers?! (which, by the way, he’s had quite a lot)

Also for consideration:

So think what you want, but I find Niall extremely attractive and that’s all that matters ;p

Worried Sick | Niall Horan

“Hello love!! I really enjoy your writing!! Can you write a Niall imagine where guys are going to visit your family over the weekend and he goes to bed that night says his tummys feeling kind of iffy but he just says he needs some rest but in the middle of the night it gets worse and he wakes up really nauseous and being sick and you’re trying to comfort him because he’s really stressed and upset about it because  he doesn’t like throwing up? thanks love!!“ from @niallhasmehard .

This smiley gif isn’t mine!

A/N: I used Michigan as the destination since that place is still fresh in my mind from vacation! Also if you don’t know what the card game ‘Spoons’ is, then look it up. AND I MADE THIS SUPER LONG WHOOPS

“And how long are we going to be gone?”

“Just the weekend, babe.”

“So… two days?”

“That’s typically how long a weekend lasts, Niall,” I reply with a giggle as I fold up another t-shirt to place inside the suitcase. My eyes watch him pace at the end of our bed after I put the cotton tee inside. “I don’t understand why you’re so nervous. You’ve met my parents already.”

He stops in the middle. “Yeah, but only for dinner a few times, not the entire weekend.” He sighs and rests his hands on the gray comforter. “I’m afraid they’ll find something wrong with me.”

“Like what?”

He shrugs then chuckles. “I dunno, maybe that I laugh too loud, or my accent is weird, or that I leave you alone for months at a time? They probably think I’m cheating on you.”

We were dating for a month before he met my parents for the first time. They were in Los Angelos doing usual tourist things when they decided to pop by our house unexpected. It was so impromptu that Niall had a mini freak out session. He knew they were in town, but he didn’t expect them to stop by at random; he wanted to prepare himself at least, he said. He was so caught up in making a good first impression that he was stumbling over his words throughout dinner, and his cheeks flushed pink the entire time. It didn’t help matters any when my father put on the whole ‘tough as nails’ act. Although Niall said he felt like an idiot, he won over my parents with his 'words’. They didn’t mind that he was a musician: as long as he is doing what he loves, and making their daughter happy that’s all that matters.

“Niall stop putting all these thoughts into your head. My parents love you, and more importantly, love you, so that should be the only thing that matters.” He lets out a defeated sigh. “You’ll be all right,” I reassure him with a warm smile which spreads across his face after a few seconds. He presses a kiss against my forehead.

“You’re right, I’m worrying too much. I’ll go pack!” He exclaims, then disappears into our closet, the light flicking on. 

“Don’t forget to bring a sweater! It gets cold up there!”

* * *

We boarded our plane at ten in the morning, and six hours of naps, and bad movies, we landed in the upper peninsula of Michigan. If we drove another couple of hours from my parents’ place, we would be in Canada. As I make the final turn onto their road, I feel a shiver of excitement rush through me; the giant grin couldn’t be wiped off my face. Occasionally, I glance over at Niall who admires all the tall pines, birches, and oaks. “Isn’t this exciting?!” My hand falls onto his knee and gives it a small shake. He averts his gaze from the window with a look of content. 

“It’s gorgeous up here, princess. Why did you move away from this?” His large hand rests on top of mine, squeezing it. 

“As lovely and isolated as it is, there wasn’t a lot of job opportunities here, and I wouldn’t have met you, sugar-bear.” He rolls his blue eyes at the nickname.

He leans forward in the seat to get a better view out of the windshield as we pull into the driveway. “This is your folk’s place?” Nodding, he gasps in awe. It’s nothing too special: just a four bedroom, two bath cabin with a small boat house a twenty feet away. The siding it has makes it look like logs, but it’s all fake. When I pull into the drive, I see my mother lying in one of her favorite places: the hammock strung between two large pines just beside the house. A book is in her manicured hands. I don’t find my father anywhere yet.

“You’ll be okay, Niall. They adore you, and remember it’s only the weekend.” I reassure him when his smile fades at the sight of my mother walking over, beaming with joy. Climbing out of the car, I walk into her open arms and hug her tight. The faint smell of her cucumber and green tea shampoo reminds me of my childhood. “How was the flight?”

“Eh, long and tedious. Nothing new.” Another car door closes, and my mother calls out to Niall when he steps around to the other side. She hugs him the same way she did me, and I can see his cheeks turn pink when they pull apart. 

“It’s good to see you again, (Y/M’s/N).” He says the tone of his voice is a little uneasy. 

“And you as well! I missed you, guys! How long has it been? Almost a year since I’ve seen the both of you?” She glances between the two of us. 

We both nod. “Yeah, I think the last time was Christmas. Speaking of, where is Dad?”

She walks to the trunk of our car and pops it open, eager to get our suitcases out so we can unpack. Niall and I walk over to assist. “Oh, he took a walk down to the lake to see how rough it is. You know your father, he basically lives at that beach down there.” She giggles. “Go ahead and make yourself at home while I go fetch your dad! You can have any of the guest rooms.” She says after passing me the last suitcase from the trunk.

Thanking her, she heads towards the gravel road to make her five-minute descent down to the beach. We step inside the cabin, then head upstairs to the room on the far right. I step my belongings on the end of the bed while Niall sets his on the ground next to it, then collapses on the comforter. Niall lets out a sigh of relief like he was holding his breath the entire time. “Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look too good.” I address paling skin and raise a brow when I feel his forehead that burning to the touch. But he brushes my hand aside and reassures me that he’s alright with a little bite in his tone. Rolling my eyes, I head downstairs to the kitchen to grab him a glass of water and some Tylenol. When I reach our bedroom, I see him still in the same position, but now he the crook of his elbow over his eyes to block out the sunlight. “Here Ni,” He peeks, spotting the glass and two pills, but shoos me away. I love him, but he can be stubborn as hell sometimes. He never wants to admit he’s wrong. 

“I said I’m all right, babe. I’m just tired is all.”

I set the glass and medicine on the side table. “If you say so, I’ll let you get your beauty sleep.” Giggling, I place a kiss on his the tip of his elbow, then head toward the door when I hear my mom’s voice call out to me. “I’ll wake you when it’s time for dinner.”

* * *

The next couple of hours I spent catching up with my parents. Pretty much just filling in the blanks of everything the missed between last Christmas and now. There isn’t much to tell since we do keep in touch on a regular basis. We played a couple of round of cards, then my dad and I went down to the lake to watch the sunset disappear beneath the watery horizon. Now, I’m in the kitchen with my mom helping her fix dinner: fried fish fresh from the lake and an assortment of steamed veggies. The smell is making my stomach grumble. The last time I ate was after our plane landed, so I’m starving. The faint noise of fish sizzling in the pan is accompanied by the cheering television as my dad watches some sport in the living room. “I’m going to see if Niall is awake,” I state, wiping my hands on a piece of paper towel after placing the carrots into the steamer. My mom nods and I take few a few steps out into the foyer then freeze when I see him coming down the stairs, his natural brown locks a disheveled mess. He still looks a little pale, and the bags under his eyes are more prominent. “Have a good nap?”

He shrugs nonchalantly. “It was okay, would’ve been better if you were there with me.” He kisses me on the forehead and manages a small smile. His palm is like ice as he grazes my side. He’s definitely getting worse.

“Did you take that medicine I gave you?” That just makes him groan. “Niall, if you’re sick you need to tell  me so I can take care of you.”

“(Y/N), for the hundredth time. I am fine! You don’t have to worry.” He murmurs, but I’m not convinced. He sighs at my somber expression, then lifts up my chin with his index finger. “Princess, promise me you won’t worry anymore?" 

My eyes narrow. "Fine,” He thanks me, smiling bigger with relief, then kisses my forehead again. I follow him to the living room, leaning against the doorframe watching their reunion with a grin. My dad rises from his special chair and brings him in for a hug, patting on the shoulder blade twice before pulling away. They both sit back down, Niall taking the sofa catacorner to the chair, talking about whatever was on television. Not interested in sports talk, I head back into the kitchen where my mom slides the last piece of fish onto the paper toweled plate. The veggies are already mixed and placed into a bowl. “Hey, looks good mom!”

“Couldn’t have done it without you, sweetie. We make a great team! Can you grab the boys, tell 'em soups on?”

* * *

Throughout dinner, the focus was mainly on Niall. No surprise considering he was asleep for the rest of the day. He talked about his upcoming album, tour, and even showed us a few demo songs he didn’t put on the record. He was beaming throughout the entire conversation, and I started to think he was right. Maybe he wasn’t sick after all? After dinner, Niall and I helped my parents clean up the kitchen; then we played a few rounds of spoons to which things got pretty heated. I ended up in a tug of war for a piece of silverware with my boyfriend. Being the good man he is, he let me have it, costing him the game, but hey we are a competitive bunch.

Now the time is almost eleven-thirty. I’m sliding into bed with nothing except for one of Niall’s shirts, cuddling into his side. “Did you have fun today? I know it wasn’t a full day and we didn’t go fishing yet, but still!”

“Yeah, I forgot how nice your folks are. It doesn’t seem like they hate me.” He chuckles lightheartedly. “Who knows though, it could all be an act!”

I smack him lightly on the chest. “Quit being melodramatic and go to sleep!”

“T'was nothing but a joke! Good night princess, love you.”

“Love you, too.”

* * * 

Being the light sleeper that I am, it was no surprise when I felt the shifting weight of the matress, multiple times throughout the night. By the fifth time, I sat up in my bed, squinting at the bedside clock to read the time: 4:00. My hands search the sheets next to me to find warmth, but instead, I find emptiness. Rubbing the sleep away from my eyes, I then scan the room and spot the bathroom door closed with a tiny sliver of light peeking through the bottom. Throwing off the covers, I head over to the door and just before I knock I hear the toilet flush. When I creak open the door, I see Niall resting his head on his arms that lean on the toilet seat. “Babe? What’s the matter?” I squat down next to him.

“Man, I was hoping you wouldn’t wake up,” He mutters.

“Why? Do you not want to help you?”

“No, babe. I shouldn’t even be sick. This is stupid.” He picks his head up only to rest his chin back on his arms. His eyes are watery and bloodshot. “I was fine when we came up here, I promise, but I just kept thinking about meeting your parents again… It just freaked me out a little bit.”

“More like a lotta bit if you’re in this state. I’ve told you a thousand times, Ni. My parents love you, and even if they didn’t, it wouldn’t matter because I do." 

His bottom lips juts out. "I’m sorry, I should’ve just listened to you, and now I’m all pukey.”

Giving him a soft smile, I pat him on the arm then get up, walking to the doorway. “I’ll make you some mint tea, and Niall?”


“I still love you even though you’re all pukey.”

He chuckles. “I love you, too, princess.”

N.Horan Blurb

Here you go sweets, hope you like it @irishbrunettee

She didn’t know when it had happened, but she feel in love with Niall. Maybe it was the way he was so relatable or maybe it was how normal he was despise all the power he had. He was Niall, but more importantly he was hers. She has fallen so quick and so fast, but yet she didn’t regret it. She loved him and the fact that he somehow was able to return those feelings was more than enough. But right here, in this moment listen to his heart beat was the moment when she realized just how far gone she was for this man. 

He was everything, he was the one that made her day brighter. She didn’t mind where they were, or who they were with, as long as Niall was there beside her that was all that matter. He was the only thing that truly mattered, not the gifts, or the glam but him. She felt her heart beating faster as he placed a soft kiss onto her head before redirecting his attention back to the golf match. 

Looking up at him, he looked down feeling her stare. Smiling softly, he leaned down as their noses touched. His eyes spoke to her in a way she never thought possible, and she physically felt herself fall farther and farther in love with him and she wouldn’t have it anyway other way because the melody his heart was beating in was more then enough to tell her that he loved her just as much as she loved him. 

Imagine going to the airport to pick Niall up. You’re not going to send a car for him. No, after months, you’re seeing him in the flesh.

Unfortunately, as you discover, the fans have the same idea. There’s hundreds of them swarming the poor airport. Thankfully, you have security with you. They clear out an area and rope it off, leaving you standing anxiously there, holding your sign. It says “Missing a Horan”, which is lame, but you’re sure he’ll love it.

You keep the sign up against your chest, and soon enough, his plane arrives. People start pouring off of it, and you’re twisting around, looking through the crowd for him.

Suddenly, your eyes meet the ocean blue of his. His widen in surprise, and those pink lips of his part. A black cap is placed backwards on his soft curls of brunette hair, and a white hoodie with gray sweatpants. He looks like a dream.

And Niall wastes no time. He runs towards you, skidding to a stop in front of you, chest heaving. Your eyes meet again, and suddenly he’s crushing you to his chest, the sign crumpling between you. Your arms wrap around him and you squeeze, so so hard. Tears light up your eyes. It doesn’t matter that there are people around, or fans watching. All that matters is Niall is here, in your arms.

You sob a bit, and he presses his lips to yours, making you grin. “Missed ya so fuckin’ much, darlin’. So, so, so fuckin’ much.”

You can’t even speak. It’s too much. You’re overwhelmed.

“Not gonna leave ya, not anymore. Not fuckin’ leavin’ ya. You’re me girl.”

Finally, you’re able to speak. You look up at him, a smile breaking over your face. He’s so beautiful. Absolutely glorious. Even in sweats and a jacket, he’s the handsomest man you’ve ever seen. “I love you.”

A wide grin breaks across his face, and it’s like the sun rising. You can’t look away. “I love ya too, baby. Let’s go home.”

First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 21

Maisie spent three days at Kyle’s place wallowing in self-pity.  She hadn’t cried this much since…well ever.  She dreaded going home.  She dreaded running into anyone who would ask her how excited she was about being engaged.  

Maisie needed answers.  She wanted to know why Steven had tried to poach Niall from her.  She wanted to know if Mere knew about it and if she’d been the one to order Steven to do it.  She wanted to know why Janina wasn’t answering her texts.  And while she couldn’t and wouldn’t admit it to herself, she did want to know if Niall meant it when he said he was in love with her.

Maisie’s confidence was at an all-time low.  She had never felt more worthless in her life.  But Maisie couldn’t acknowledge the one thing she needed to.  She knew that the state of her life was entirely her doing.  But she couldn’t let that in yet.  It would mean a complete meltdown.

The only thing that got her to open Kyle’s door when the bell rang was the fact that she was starving and there  should’ve been a large pizza behind it.  However, Janina’s judgmental stare was the only thing waiting for her on the other side of that door.  Maisie instantly felt her heart pounding in her chest.  Janina looked just as surprised to see Maisie as Maisie was to see her.  But all Maisie need do was read Janina’s sneer to know exactly how this conversation was going to go,

“You live here now?”  Janina asked, sarcasm dripping off of every word.  

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Preference #6 - The Other Boys Don’t Like You Part 3 (Niall)

As soon as the call disconnected Niall threw his phone at the couch, letting it bounce off and land on the floor, hitting the wooden floorboards with a thump. Raking his fingers through his hair he didn’t bother to wipe away the tears that were clouding over his eyes as he fell down onto his knees, his chest already beginning to tighten with every intake of air he took.

Liam having noticed all this rushed over to his side, his hands going to rest on Niall’s shoulder blades as he tried to coax him back into a sitting position. Niall could hear him muttering into his ear but he couldn’t focus on the words, his mind completely filled with what he might have done in order for you to break up with him. Maybe he could have stayed around more, he knew that you understood when he had to go away, when he had to spend countless hours in the studio without much free time, but maybe he could have tried seeing you more. Maybe it was because he drank too much when he went out with the lads, there’d been a few times when you’d helped his drunken ass into bed, but he’d never heard you complain about it…

He was knocked from his thoughts as another pair of hands pushed against his shoulders, Louis face coming into sight.
“She broke up with me…” Niall murmured brokenly, his bottom lip beginning to quiver.
“What? What did she say?” Liam asked.
“That she loved me but we - we couldn’t be together anymore.”
“That was it?” Louis asked, frowning down at his friend.
“I don’t know why,” Niall replied, sniffling back his tears. “Why would she do that? We - we were going so good.”
“Niall come on,” Liam said, helping him back to his feet and leading him towards the couch.

Niall stopped however when another thought popped into the forefront of his mind - the conversation he’d had with the Maggie when she’d brought lunch in for them. He’d originally just assumed that maybe you had been busy, just dropping something off quickly on your way somewhere else, but now that he thought about it, the boys had been talking about you. His stomach dropped when he realized you must have heard what they had said about you, that you thought leaving would somehow make it easier on him.

Niall pushed himself out of Liam’s grasp, his cheeks turning red as he pointed an accusing finger at them.

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Memories// Niall Horan imagine

Titel: Memories// Niall Horan imagine

Summary: The reader and Niall catch up and talk about the memories they shared. 

Warnings: Cheating, cursing, yelling. 

masterlist ( only laptop)

‘ Come in Niall’ You said when the Irish lad stood in the front of your apartment. This wasn’t casual, not since you two broke up, but Niall was in town and asked if he could come over. Of course, you needed to think about it, but couldn’t reject it. Niall and been there for you in a hard time and even though you broke up, he was still important to you somehow. Niall followed you and saw a couple of pictures standing in the hall. The picture which caught his eye immediately was the picture of your dad. He died two years ago, in the time you and Niall were dating. It was hard for you, especially since you were a daddy’s girl. But Niall helped you through it and you couldn’t be more grateful. When Niall arrived in the living room, it was just how he remembered it.The walls were still the same colour, the couch stood in the same place, the only difference was that you couldn’t see that Niall and Y/N had been dating, every single picture was removed. ‘ So… how is life?’ Niall asked Y/N when they sat down. ‘ It’s great. Finally got the job I wanted’ You said. Niall smiled, he was glad you made it. 

‘ Ugh! I can’t do this anymore’ You said, throwing your book somewhere in the room. Your finals were coming up and to say you were stressed was an understatement. You had been studying for the past two hours, but it was simply too difficult for you. At least, that’s what you thought. Niall, however, was sure you were going to pass the finals. When he saw you sitting in the room, he smiled sadly. You were trying so hard, and it wasn’t working anymore. ‘ Babe, maybe you need a break’ He said and you turned around. ‘ A break?Don’t you know how much I need to do? I need to read my assignments again, I need to make an essay that will make me help remember it-’ Niall cut you by kissing you on the lips. ‘ I’m sure you going to make it, babe’ He said, smiling at you. ‘ You are even smarter than me!’ Niall added with a laugh. ‘ Everyone is smarter than you’ You teased your boyfriend and shook his arm playfully. Niall stuck his tongue out and you laughed. ‘ What? I’m only saying the truth’ You said, teasing Niall again. Before you knew it, Niall began to tickle you and you felt down on the bed. He tried to kiss you but failed when you laughed too hard. ‘ N-Niall, stop!’ You said between the laughs. Niall calmed down and laid down next you. ‘ I knew you needed a break’ He said, smiling at you.

Those days were the better the days. The days where everything was well, without any problems, without the tears and without fights. Niall was pissed he let you go that easily, but also glad it had happened. ‘ So, you had become a nurse?’ Niall asked. ‘ Yes, I did. It’s hard, but you get used to it’ You said. It was weird to speak with Niall, but you it wasn’t like you expected. It was more comfortable, nicer and you felt being yourself when you were with Niall. ‘ How are the boys?’ You asked Niall. You always had been close to the boys, especially Harry. Even after your break up, Harry kept seeing you. Some fans thought you were a couple, but Harry denied it a couple of times. ‘ Good. We hadn’t spoken in a while, with all the solo’s, but I bet they are happy’ Talking with Niall was weird, yet it was nice. You felt being yourself when you were with Niall. Although you couldn’t trust him, not after what he did to you. 

‘ Why?’ You said between the tears. Niall stood in the front of you, but couldn’t look at your face. Niall didn’t answer, instead, he walked away from you. ‘ Why Niall?’ You asked him again, and this time he turned around. ‘ I don’t know’ Niall said honestly, it was barely a whisper but you could hear it every word of it. ‘ You do, Horan. And we both know that’ You said angrily. Niall sighed and ran a hand through his hair. ‘ It kind of happened I guess..’ Said Niall, he was unsure how to have to this conversation with you. ‘ IT KIND OF HAPPENED?’ You shouted.‘ WHAT THE FUCK OF ANSWER IT THAT NIALL?’ You added, shouting louder than you mean to. ‘ I don’t know… I was drunk… and the lads forced me to do it’ Explained Niall. ‘ Always blaming the lads huh?’ You said. ‘ Goddammit Y/N. Yes I was drunk, but I barely remember it anymore’ Niall said. ‘  So you slept with her?’ You asked. ‘ Fuck, yes I did’ You could see Niall getting frustrated. ‘ How many times?’ You said, your voice cracking at the end. Now, when Niall admitted he cheated, you felt betrayed and heartbroken. ‘ Just once’ Said Niall, his voice was normal again but still low. You felt relieved that it was ‘ just once’, but you didn’t know if you could trust Niall or not. He lied to you, he cheated on you, he kissed you while he already fucked someone else. You walked upstairs to grab some clothes and other stuff and when you arrived back in the living room, Niall sat against the wall. ‘ We are over’ You said, feeling the tears in your eyes. You left, leaving Niall in the apartment. 

That’s how your relationship ended. With huge fight. It was awful, very awful, but you got over it. It took a long time, with help from your friends and family, but it succeeds. You also stepped out the spotlight, you lived without the fame and you were fine with it. ‘ Our break up was hard, at least for me’ said Niall suddenly. You were surprised by his words. Why would he say that? ‘ You were the one who cheated’ You shot at him, but almost took the words when you saw Niall’s hurtful expression on his face. ‘ I didn’t mean to’ Said Niall. This time, you believed him somehow. Maybe it was the tone of his voice or the expression on his face. ‘ It was hard for me too. But I got over it’ You said. You walked over to the window. The rain was pouring, you saw the people on the streets running away to their houses. The most people found it weird, but you liked the rain. It set you free, the teardrops made you fresh. You couldn’t explain it though. 

‘ C’mon Niall! It will be fun!’ You cheered, looking at your boyfriend. Niall shook his head. ‘ It’s freezing, the rain is pouring and we were supposed to enjoy the holiday together’ Niall pouted. It was your second holiday together and it was fun, but today it was raining in France. You stood in the rain currently, dancing like a mad woman. It was quite embarrassing, but no one was watching besides Niall so it didn’t matter at all. You liked dancing in the rain, simply because you grew up doing it. ‘ But Niall you are so boring! You are a bad boyfriend’ You teased him. You liked teasing him because it made Niall do things that he will never do. Niall took one step closer, but not too close. You take out your hand and Niall finally gave in. He took your hand and he joined you in the garden of the holiday house. The rain was still falling, but the neither of you couldn’t care. You were happy and so was Niall. This is matters, you and him. Nothing couldn’t stop it now. Niall picked you up and kissed you passionately on the lips. ‘ I love you’ He whispered. You smiled. ‘ I love you too’ 

You and Niall drink the tea in silence, not knowing what to say. The day was almost over and Niall needed to go back to his hotel, at least that what you thought. ‘ Can I stay here for a night?’ He asked after he had put the tea down. ‘ Sure. Why exactly?’ You asked him. ‘ Because it’s probably too late to drive home’ Said Niall. ‘ Nevermind, it’s a stupid question’ Niall said. ‘ No it’s not. You can stay here if you like, I’m just surprised’ You told your ex. ‘ Great. Do you have a spare room or something?’ Niall asked. You nodded and showed him the spare room. While walking upstairs, you saw a picture of your dad. 

You stood outside the house of your mother along with your older brother. You heard silent cries from your left side, and that’s hurt you. Your brother crying? He was always so strong. Always taking care of you, always joking and being happy and protective. It made sense that your brother was crying though. Your dad died three days ago due to cancer. It was a short battle and he hadn’t much pain. The nurses immediately said it was impossible to save him because the cancer was everywhere, even in his brain. For you, it was hard and unexpected. You knew something was wrong, but you hadn’t expected this. On your right, stood Niall. He flew from Los Angels to your hometown to be there for you. You said you would make it on your own, but Niall didn’t listen. He wanted to be there for you, no matter where he was. You and the rest of the family got in the car and followed the car with your father’s body. You cried during the car ride, although you didn’t want to. Your father didn’t like seeing your cry, he always made you were safe and happy. But now - when he is gone- you lost it and broke down. The rest of the funeral went in a blur for you, you didn’t remember much of it afterwards. ‘ It’s okay Y/N, I’m here for you’ Niall said, hugging you tighter when the coffin went into the ground. You nodded your head, not able to speak. Niall was right, it was gonna to be okay. 

‘ Thanks, Y/N. I really appreciate it’ Niall smiled at you, but the smile faded when he saw where you were looking at. ‘ You miss him, don’t you?’ Said Niall and you nodded. It was true, you missed him, so much. Your father was your rock, your save haven. ‘ Come here darling’ Said Niall, opening his arms for you. Your head was on his chest and for the first time in forever, you felt safe. Maybe it was a good idea to let Niall stay here since you never forgot him. 

Niall-- Christmas Tree Search

Car seats could barely contain our two little ones as we pulled up in the parking lot of the Christmas Tree farm.  Even with the little ones so excited they were bouncing in their seats, they were nothing compared to their dad, who was just as excited in the driver’s seat.  He was muttering about how far away we were going to have to park, wanting to get to the trees as soon as possible.  “You know,” I tell him teasingly, “The trees will still be there if it takes us thirty more seconds to park and get inside.”

“Of course, there will still be trees,” Niall said smartly.  “But we want the perfect tree, and I won’t let some Tom, Dick, or Harry take it from us.”

From the back, a very confused little boy asked, “Wait, why is Uncle Harry taking our tree?”

Niall snorted as I hurried to assure him, “No one’s taking our tree, sweetie.  Daddy didn’t mean Uncle Harry, it’s just a phrase.”  I turned back to Niall and reminded him, “We’ll find the right tree, Niall.  Just… try to remember this is supposed to be a fun family experience.”

He shot me a small glare and I had to grin in response.  Our son’s first Christmas had turned into something of a competition between Niall and nobody else.  Only the best, top of the line gifts, the fanciest stockings, the funnest Christmas lights, all coming to a head when it took four tree farms to finally find a tree that he liked, and that was only after hours of nitpicking about which tree to choose while I hid in the warm shop with our four month old baby because the sitter couldn’t make it that day.

A catalog of fake trees left on the dining room table the next year was enough to convince him that pulling that again wasn’t going to go over well.

Once we were safely parked, we split up to do what was needed.  Niall went to the back of the SUV and started pulling out the wagon to put our daughter in while we walked around.  I went to the side and opened the door to my children.  Our son, 5, was already out of his car seat and rearing to go.  I blocked his exit, pointing to the space in front of the empty middle seat.  “I don’t think so, you know the rules.  Put on your coat.”

While he grumbled and fought to pull his jacket on, I let our three year old daughter out of her car seat and start trying to force her into her own coat.  She’s much more compliant than usual and full of giggles as I pulled her knit cap down over her ears.  Once she was all bundled up, Niall scooped her up into his arms.  I heard giggling and saw them giving Eskimo kisses to each other out of the corner of my eye as I checked to make sure that our son was properly put together.

Both kids out of the car, I closed the door and turned to see Niall smiling at me fondly.  He reached over and pulled my coat snug over my freshly protruding belly.  “Gotta keep all three of ‘em warm these days,” he reminded me with a quick kiss to my nose.

Together, the three of us made our way to the man who owns the farm, who welcomed our kids like they were his own grandkids before reminding us of the way his farm was set up.  We went to the little shop where his wife handles payments and sells t-shirts and hoodies with the Farm’s logo on them, as well as baked goods and warm drinks.  Once she got her chance to hug on our kids and sell us hot chocolate for the kiddos and hot apple cider for the adults, we set out to the trees. 

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didn't Niall sell his car?? all they do is lie lie lie no matter what

he has like 3 or 4 cars, i doubt he sold ALL of them and he was going back from the golf club which is outside london so obviously he went by car 

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