niall is a pimp

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I'm so confused why people think zayn is so mysterious the only one that is mysterious to me is niall

I agree. Niall flies under the radar. He definitely has some stories to tell. And as time goes on, the difference in how his personal life is treated compared to the other guys becomes more and more glaringly obvious. Really he’s the Teflon Don of 1D. He’s out here banging celebrities, smoking weed and getting shitfaced drunk but he’s still sweet, hungry, baby Niall to this fandom. In reality, he’s a grown ass man out doing grown ass man things. No shade, though. Keep doing what you do, Niall.

Have some grown ass man Niall because chin dimple and baby blues. Resistance is futile.

The Boys After One Direction

louis: football coach/ pimp
liam: singer
harry: songwriter/ singer
niall: bartender in ireland
zayn: jesus


pimp DADDY

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Can't wait until modest spin the story that Niall had an affair with Liams gf to make big news. Then they'll show Ellie and sophia alone chatting and taking selfies at vs. Oh the front pages and sophia was just an up and coming model she was used here give her a contract while we're focusing on this victim that every guy wants.

Somewhere, Simon Jones is taking notes. LOL

“yo huh alright larents listen da pimps gonna rap to you yoyo its chicken stuffed with mozzarela cheese wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mashed potatoes”

If I ever tell you that I am inconsolable please know that I am a faker and a liar I am very consolable just remind me that Niall’s email address used to be “da_pimp_is_here@hotmail dot com” and I will be laughing again .00001 seconds.

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All fans of 1d regardless of their ship should ask themselves why out of all the boys and all these years Niall is the only one who has never had a stunt girlfriend, a publicized relationship, a long term relationship and no homo activity on his twitter account. While the other boys have one or the other done to them. Why is his real relationships, if he has one, and his sowing of his wild oats kept to a low down without a peep. The same tactics could used for the other boys as well.

Absolutely. I dunno why more people in this fandom don’t give that some serious thought. Why indeed. Fandom be running from the truth like…

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I wonder how larry-exclusive shippers don't realize the shadiness that Niall has a private "romantic" life compared to the rest. Narrative tells us the boys want private romantic lives. When it comes to Elounor the Larry exlusive logic is 100 HQs = bearding. But when it comes to Sophiam & Zerrie it's 100 HQs = in love. Liam & Zayn have expressed wanting private romantic lives yet how many hqs and articles do we get? As far as I remember Niall has never even stressed that he wants a private

romantic life but then again what romantic life right? It’s virtually nonexistent. How isn’t that shady? Why is Niall the only treated like this? I highly doubt he has a lot of bad luck when it comes to women so much so he can’t get a girlfriend or even date.


I dunno. I haven’t actually seen a Larry only blog address it. But I have seen that some blogs still discuss Niall as if he hasn’t even hit puberty yet. LOL So maybe that’s how they rationalize it. But in reality, Niall is a 21 year old man and I doubt he’s celibate. I mean, 20-something guys are horny fuckers. 20-something girls are horny fuckers too. You do the math. 

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Why does Niall seems to have so much less restrictions about what he does/tells/likes? Can you imagine what would've happened if Louis had followed a similar sims account, or a picture like today?

Probably because there’s no smoke and no fire when it comes to Niall. He likely is just what he appears to be: a straight bro dude. They keep a close watch on the ones they’re terrified are gonna fuck up (in their eyes) and do something really gay. Those “problematic” guys need to be monitored and managed.

They probably don’t have anything to hold over his head to coerce him into cooperating with stunts either. 1DHQ would probably love Niall to get into a Bieber-esque scandal and get caught in bed with a female hooker. Hell, they probably offered to drive him to the brothel when they were on tour in Brazil!

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do you think with how media is taking at niall it will be him with the PR girlfriend this time around? I'm not saying harry isn't going to be tied with names and going on small dates and such like he's always done. but do you think they'll push niall this time too or no? I'm just thinking. not like a set in stone idea I have. just a thought really.

It’s possible. That may be what the image shift is laying the groundwork for. I wouldn’t mind seeing Niall in that role instead of Harry. Harry is so over it. I’ve been saying for a while that I don’t understand why management hasn’t done more to exploit Niall’s likability. And he’s cute and legal, so why not? Maybe they’re gonna try that now.

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Do you think Amy and Niall are dating?

I think Niall is enjoying the single life. The reality of his life (and that of his fellow band members) is that it’s hard to meet someone, get to know them and nurture a relationship when you’re hella busy and never in the same place for long and have been living like this for 4+ years.

1DHQ would like you to believe otherwise (Elounor, Zerrie & Sophiam). So I think Niall has casual friends with benefits type relationships right now. I’m not saying that necessarily includes the lovely Amy. I don’t know. But I would guess that’s how he’s rolling right now. His lifestyle doesn’t allow for much else unless he starts dating a member of the entourage. And he’s (almost) 21. I doubt he’s strictly celibate.