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We all started out loving five boys, who brought us together, and gave us hope for happiness, and love. Don’t forget where we came from, and always choose love over hate.

  • [in a group chat]
  • louis: You are now one day closer to eating your nachos
  • niall: That's so inspiring.
  • niall: But what if I die tomorrow and never eat any nachos.
  • harry: Then it's nacho lucky day.
  • [liam has removed harry from the chat]

Big Plans - A Niall blurb

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When he looked at you - his bright blue eyes swimming over your body like the tenacious current of the ocean before his gaze would crash like waves into yours - it never ceased to amaze you how much it could take your breath away. How it could make your heart race a thousand times faster and how it could make the cherry-red flush creep up to your cheeks within milliseconds of feeling the heat of his impassioned glare. How vivid it felt; the all-consuming fiery burn as his pupils grew darker and wider the longer they locked on yours. How real he made you feel. How much he hungered for you. How much he loved you.

When he looked at you, you could feel him. And this night was no different.

He had made plans, ones that he made very aware to you over and over for the past month or so as to make sure you wouldn’t forget. Not that you would ever forget any kind of plans with him, but this particular night, for whatever reason that you weren’t so sure of, it seemed even more important that usual. Sitting in one of the antique chairs in the foyer of your shared high rise condo, you heard him shout out to you a couple of times; once while you were putting the last curl into your hair and the next while you were touching up the edge of your lipstick, informing you the reservation time he had made was getting close.


“I know, Ni, I’m coming…I swear…”

His hands were clasped in front of him as he leaned forward a bit in the chair and rested his forearms on his thighs, you still quite unaware of the nerves that were punching through his gut and wanting to pour out from him in that very moment. “Seriously, I don’t wanna be a dic–”

His words cut off short, not because he was hesitant of what he was about to say, but because at that second you had finally walked out of the bedroom. His eyes, still bluer than anything you had ever seen before in your life, slowly raised from the peek of your painted toes in the strappy heels you were wearing all the way up your frame, covered in the slinky little number that Niall had generously bought you only two weeks before just for this occasion. It was then that you watched his chest expand with a lumbering breath and his lips part ever so slightly as he carefully, and eagerly, soaked up every single incredible detail of you.

He didn’t utter a word as you stood there in the bedroom doorway facing him, no more than five feet from his perch on that antique chair as his gaze devoured the delicious curves of your hips and the supple fullness of your breasts. Slowly raising his eyes up to your face, he easily caught your just as enamored stare. “Wow,” he sighed out, the word slipping aimlessly past his pink lips and wavering through the air before it drifted over your ears. It made a sheepish grin pull across your mouth and you timidly dipped your head down for a moment before swallowing hard and peeking back at him, his now darkening gaze darting wildly over yours.

“Sorry I took so long,” you whispered back, your tongue lightly running along the edge of your top teeth. His eyebrow raised slightly as he held his focus on you, the tiniest hint of a smirk slowly tugging at the corner of his lips.

Feeling the trickle of warmth that had begun to flow over your body as his silent stare continued to burrow right through you, it took everything you had just to gather a breath before taking a few slow steps towards him. His eyes never left yours; locked and held on tight as the space separating the two of you grew smaller and smaller, until you were slotted right between his spread knees. You watched his head slowly tip back to his broad shoulders, his big hands easing from their entangled clasp and reaching up to sit comfortably at your hips.

Sinking your teeth into your bottom lip, they gently scraped across as your stare flowed over his face this time. He was, in all accounts of the word, stunning. Every single thing, every intricacy and flaw, every tiny part of him that no one else was able to understand or see in the way that you could, it made him even more extraordinary to you. In the four years that you had been together, there wasn’t a single time that you would look at him and not instantly become breathless. You loved him just as much as he loved you.

His grip on your hips, strong but gentle, stiffened a bit as your hands came up to rest around the sides of his neck. Bending over slightly, your heart was pounding against your rib cage, almost certain he could hear it as you eased your face down, your lungs filling with the intoxicating scent of him before you lightly brushed your lips to his. Niall’s eyes fluttered as he felt your mouth press against his own, the delicate sweet kiss that followed sending a shiver across your body. Goosebumps raised along the patches of your exposed skin, your nose just skimming the side of his as you shakily breathed out and slowly pulled back from the tender kiss.

Peering down at him again, his half lidded stare settled on the way you were licking the taste of him off your lips. “Ya ready to go then, beautiful?” he asked you, his voice gravelly as if it had been sitting in the back of his throat for far too long. You watched him swallow hard as the words left his lips and you tilted your head just a bit to the side, your fingers slowly sliding up from his neck and over his prickly beard to gently rake through the front of his freshly washed dark hair.

“Mmm,” you lightly hummed out, “I think I need another kiss first…”

“That so?”

You gave him a nod. “…you know, if we have time…”

Niall huffed out a breath. “We always got time for that, darlin’…”

And before you could even blink his big hands were cupped around the sides of your face, clammy palms sticking to your skin as he readily pulled you back down into him. A short giggle slipped past your lips before it was replaced by a subtle moan; his tongue sliding against yours and his hot breath piercing your lungs. Your fingers gripped into the back of his hair, holding tight to him as he kissed you, harder than you anticipated but exactly what you wanted. His lips held yours, coaxing you further into him as your taste swept across his inviting tongue.

Squeezing your eyes shut, you fell into him, his body slumping back into the old chair as your hand slammed to the wall behind his head. You gasped for air, feeling his moans rumbling up from his bared throat as his thick fingers tangled into the wavy sides of your hair, holding you as close to him as he possibly could. The relentless heat penetrated through his thin henley, pulsing rampant through the palms of his large hands and through the frantic lick of his tongue. It saturated you, filled you. It made the incessant ache between your legs for him throb even more. It was unstoppable, he was unstoppable.

He chuckled against your mouth as you dragged a hand to the front of his neck, slowly using the leverage to pry your wet kiss-bitten lips from his. Choking back a needed breath, your forehead lightly pushed to his as a dizzying smile etched across your puffy mouth. You could feel the faint brush of his lips over yours as he quietly urged you for another kiss, the ghost of one of his hands trailing down the curve of your body causing you to quiver against the feel of him before he quickly flicked it up under the trimmed hem of your dress. His touch slid up your leg; his roughened fingertips dancing over your soft skin and inching closer to where you were now begging to have him buried inside you.

“What-…um, I thought we had…reservations, Ni?” you mumbled out against his sweet lips as they were still trying to encourage you into another heated kiss. You felt them curl up into a devilish smirk at your words and the taunting creep of his fingers sweeping along your inner thigh.

“We do, love…”

His other hand roughly clasped around the back your neck, yanking you closer as the arm that was holding you up began to tremble, pleading to give way. A whine edged off of your tongue as you felt the slightest tease of his knuckles along your clothed heat, Niall softly circling the tip of his nose against yours to calm you as your body tensed in anticipation. You could feel the wetness starting to pool in your center from his lingering touch, feel the warmth vibrating to the tips of your fingers from the heat of his thick body. You could feel the intense need for him crackling from the depths of your bones and it made you pinch your eyes shut so tight they bled black as you cried out for him under your heaving breaths.

His lips finally brought you back, encompassing yours as his tongue filled your mouth and swallowed the half-audible moans that he had so earnestly created by his wicked touch. You could feel yourself giving in, practically falling apart in his hands before he pulled his mouth from yours and snatched his hand out from between your legs. A gasp broke past your lips as your eyes flew open, hazy stare latching to his as he pursed his lips together in attempts to ward off his impending smirk.

“Really?” you spit out, moving your hand from the wall to his shoulder as you pushed yourself up off him a bit.

Shrugging a shoulder, he slipped his hands down to sit at your waist. “Gotta save some for later…”

“You are so mean to me,” you grumbled, rolling your eyes as you leaned up and stepped away from him.

Niall gave you a breathy chuckle and ran a big hand up through the front of his soft hair. “Ya won’t be sayin’ that later, love, promise ya that.”

Narrowing your eyes as you grabbed your bag off a small table that sat by the door, you watched as Niall stood in front of you and tugged on a light jacket. “Oh yeah…and why’s that?”

Tucking the collar of the jacket down, he reached out and slipped some loose strands of hair behind your ear. “‘Cause I got some big plans for ya, baby, you have no idea, but first,” he paused, retracting his fingers from your neck to grab his brimmed hat from a nearby hook as he opened the front door, “let’s go to dinner, I’m fuckin’ starvin…”

Pure Honesty (Theo Raeken)

Originally posted by bloggergirl29

Summary: Please insert foot into mouth. AU (also featuring Liam Dunbar).

The line at Starbucks is long, but that’s to be expected when it’s located in the busy shopping district in town.

[Name] shifts her body weight between her feet as she waits to order. She’s decided on her drink long ago but the line was moving as fast as the workers could possibly go. Her best friend Gemma is beside her, also fidgeting in boredom.

Gemma’s eye catches on a promotional poster framed and on display of the band “The Pack.” It was a popular band made up of six guys, all good looking, all the wet dream of every girl in the world. Maybe not every girl in the world, but a good majority.

“Oh look! A poster of The Pack!” Gemma says, pointing at the poster. “I know they have a concert coming up, but presale was sold out in a matter of minutes. I wish I had tickets.”

“Well, when a band comes to perform in their hometown, of course it would sell out fast,” [Name] answers with a shrug.

“If I went, would you have gone with me?”

[Name] smiles. “I’m not a huge fan of them, but I do like some of their songs. But if you got tickets, I’d go with you.”

Gemma takes another look at the poster and sighs, her hands clasped over her heart. “Ugh, I think that Derek Hale is the dreamiest out of all of them.”

[Name] giggles and shrugs. “Isn’t he the oldest member? He’s more man than the others.”

Gemma sighs again. “Isn’t he?”

Another look is cast off at the members of the band and [Name] says, “I think all of them are pretty cute, but I’d say that Theo is the cutest.”

Gemma nods in agreement. “I can see that. There is something about him that is pretty yummy. But what about Liam Dunbar? He’s super cute.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

The deep, husky voice intruding on their conversation makes them both stop dead in their tracks. The pair of guys in front of them in line had turned around, both smirking in amusement. And as the universe would have it, it was none other than Theo Raeken and Liam Dunbar.

Gemma is the first to balk, her face starting to resemble a tomato. Heat enflames [Name]’s cheeks and her words stutter. “Oh my god. I-I mean…y-you’re…” She shakes her head. These guys had to have heard girls tell them that they were attractive all the time. What was one more girl?

“You know what? Screw it. Yes, I think that Theo, you’re the cutest out of the whole band. You have a face that I would love to kiss off if I ever had the chance, and I won’t so, there’s no point in trying to hide it.” She shrugs as Gemma continues to remain speechless.

“I like her and her honesty,” Liam says grinning. He smacks Theo in the chest. “You should keep her.”

Theo grins as well. “She’s cute and honest. Maybe I will.”

[Name]’s blush grows, and she tugs her scarf off, the heat of her embarrassment becoming too much. Before anyone else can respond, the barista says, “Hello, welcome to Starbucks. What would you like?”

Theo gives her another smirk that makes her want to melt into a puddle before he and Liam turn to order.

Gemma grabs [Name]’s arm and whispers, “Oh my god! I can’t believe that we just ran into Theo Raeken and Liam Dunbar! And that you said to his face that you wanna kiss his face off!”

“I kinda wanna die right now,” she whispers back. “This moment is gonna pop into my head for years to come late at night when I’m trying to sleep and remind me of what a damn loud mouth I have!”

Theo and Liam finish their order and move out of the line to pick it up. [Name] and Gemma step forward to order. As they reach for their wallets, the barista stops them. “Don’t worry about it. The guys in front of you paid for your drinks already.”

“They did?” [Name] asks. She glances over to where Theo and Liam got their drinks and were starting to leave. Theo winks at her as they pass by.

It’s not long until they get their own drinks, however there’s a phone number and a message written on her cup and not Gemma’s.

Hey Starbucks girl. Call me if you and your friends want tickets to our concert. You may just get your wish to kiss me, too, but only if I get to keep you. -Theo