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“the one with the glasses,” amelie whispered, glancing at him while typing orders in the computer. her smile grew as he peered up at her, blue evident from across the cafe. 


“he always asks me if i’ve had a good morning.” 

a niall one-shot, coming eventually. 

Niall Horan Blurb - The Second Single

I snuggled underneath the blankets and sheets, closing my eyes against the brightness that told me it was far too late to still be laying in bed. I rolled over and groaned as I stretched my arm out to grab my cell, checking the time. 11:45am. Shit, I never slept this late. Niall could – with all his late nights at the studio and such but I was always up hours before he was. I’m sure it had to do with both of us being up all hours of the night as he paced around the room, nerves getting the better of him. His second single, ‘Slow Hands,’ dropped this morning and he had been a nervous wreck – worried that people wouldn’t like it, worried that it wasn’t good enough, worried that he had missed something and worried about how people were going to react. I had assured him that the song was amazing and everyone was going to love it but it had taken some doing to get him to even lay down, let alone relax enough to get some sleep. He was long gone this morning, up early to get to radio shows for interviews.

I scrolled through all of my social media on my phone and smiled to myself. He had worried in vain. Early indication was that the song was being well received and people were buzzing about it on every platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr. He was nervous about all this solo stuff, I just wish he had more confidence in himself and in his his solo abilities. This song definitely branched out into a more adult theme but I knew his fans would love it – hell, he was twenty-three years old, he understood and enjoyed sex as much as the next person – why not sing about it?

I felt eyes on me and looked up from my phone. “You’re home?” Confusion washed over my face. He was supposed to be doing interviews all through the day.

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Don’t ever let what people say bring you down. You’re body is perfect just the way it is.

New theory: what if Slow Hands is about wanting to slow down the hands of time, because life moves pretty fast, and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it? (But at the same time, also about everything he could do (to me) with his hands to make the night last forever, because he likes to have two meanings to his songs?) 🖐🕰😎💙