niall in wonderland


Christmas engagement (Niall Horan Imagine)

It was a very cold Christmas morning. You felt the absence of Niall beside you. The cool feeling filled you physically and emotionally. You often noticed that you couldn’t sleep very well without Niall beside you. You open your eyes to see shades of pink and gold crossing the room. The shadow from passing cars roamed the walls. Barely sunrise and Niall wasn’t in bed? He loved sleeping! Especially now that he had so much time to do it.

You felt lonely without his body there. Now that he was able to spend more time with you, he’d become like a drug. You couldn’t keep away from him for long, afraid that in another moment he would dissolve into dust.

You padded out to the living room area, and from there to the porch. The cold morning was quite lovely. A delicate layer of frost covering the world. The sun shining made the world look like a golden wonderland.
Niall was on the porch, making the world an even more beautiful place. You sat down beside him feeling a bit grumpy. Why the hell was he out here, when he could be in bed with you.

“Merry Christmas,” Niall smiled at you sweetly, reaching out for your hand.

“Why are you-” you started to speak.

“Wait I’ve got a gift for you,” Niall said excitedly pulling something from beside him. You rolled your eyes to the sky.

“Well you know we could’ve done this later in the day,” you went on a bit angrily. You looked back to show Niall just how exasperated you were, but when you turned around you saw something you weren’t quite expecting. Niall on one knee and in his hand a ring box with the most lovely ring you’d ever seen.

“I wanted to do it when no one else was around,” he admitted. “I know you hate mornings, but everything is always so busy we never get down time. I needed to do this at a time when we were completely alone,” he explained and tears were rushing to your eyes. “You’re the best thing in my life, and I love you so much. I can’t imagine life without you, so I want to make sure that I never have to and that you never have to live without me. Will you marry me?”

“Yes of course!” Tears filled your eyes. You threw your arms around him and he swung you around. You were both laughing and whooping with joy.

“Hey quiet down you two!” A cranky neighbour yelled. “I know it’s Christmas but really!”

“I guess not completely alone,” Niall mumbled into your ear. You laughed and kissed his cheek.

“Merry Christmas future Ms. Horan,” Niall said gently.

I wanted to do a full illustration with the boys- with composition and shading and everything. 

So here is a 1Derland AU. 

This ate my life so much I have a whole other page of their full outfit designs available upon request x_x

It’s postcard dimensions :D because I am contemplating sending out Halloween postcards. 

holiday fic rec list!

this is a short lil list of some holiday/wintery/christmas/cold weather fics that make me want to drink hot chocolate next to a fireplace.  if you know of any that i’m missing, please tell me about them!