niall in a suit can i just

Talking about marriage.

Talking about marriage.

Louis: You throw your hair up in a pony tail, walking into the master bedroom, Louis looks at you for a moment before pursing his lips. “What are you thinking about?” you question knowing his brain of his is working. His eyes narrow down looking at you before he opens his mouth. “Let’s have a chat”
“Uhm alright.. Is this bad?” you question nervously, he shakes his bead. You sit on the bed, getting comfortable. “Have you ever thought about marriage?” he asks softly,
“Well yeah of course I have.” you nod, getting the hint to where this is leading. “So would you want to wait? Like what age would you want to get married?” he curiously asks,
“I don’t know, whenever time feels right.” you shrug not wanting to tell him exactly what age. “Near future?”
“I really don’t know, I guess so” you shrug. “What do you think?” you question,
“I think that I’m ready for a commitment, but I think waiting a little is best considering we are at a rocky place right now with my work.” Louis comments and you agree.

Harry: All over your instgram is your friends having fun, getting engaged or married. It seems like you’re the only one that isn’t married, and you’ve been in a relationship the longest. You put your phone down, and look at Harry. Distracting him from whatever it is he is doing. “Harry?”
“Have you given marriage a thought?”
“yes it was in my mind for .2 seconds, then I came to my senses.” he answers,
“no I haven’t really given it much thought. Why do you ask?”
“I don’t know, I mean, we’ve been together for so long and never really discussed it.” you exhale, looking at him studying his expression.
“Well do you want to get married?” he asks, and you nod shyly. “Well marriage was always on the list of things to do, have you put much thought into it?”
“Yes, kinda.”
“Let me guess you have everything picked out don’t you?”
“no, actually; I don’t.” you shake your head before pausing. “So you would consider getting married.”
“Yes baby I would, can I get back to my work now? I have to have this song written.” he kisses your cheek, making you smile. “Yeah sure.” you nod letting him get back to his song writing.

Niall: As you put on the dress you’re wearing to your sisters wedding you smile starting to think. You think about how lovely it would be to be the bride for once and not just be the maid of honor or the bridesmaid. Niall zips up the back, pushing your hair to one side, before clipping on a gold necklace for you. “Thank you”
“you’re welcome, you look nice in the dress.”
“and you look handsome in a suit and tie” you giggle adjusting his tie. “Hm I don’t brush up too bad.” Niall chuckles, before allowing you to continue getting ready. “Niall?”
“you know how you say I can always talk to you?”
“Yes. What’s wrong?” he instantly asks,
“Well.. I want to be the bride instead of the bridesmaid for once. I’m always the one in the coloured dress, I want to be the one in the white.” you pout, causing Niall to raise a brow. “Is this a hint?”
“oh no, no, not at all I was just speaking my mind. Sorry.” you look down feeling like Niall feels pushed. “Oh y/n don’t be sorry, I’m glad I know how you feel now, I want to be the one getting married too, instead of the best man or whatever.” Niall confesses, bringing a smile to your face. “Really?”
“Yep” he nods popping the P, before walking to the wardrobe dropping the conversation.

Liam: You sit at the brides table, looking at the sparkling wine. You’re at your little sisters wedding, yes little sister. She’s only 19 and getting married. You’re much older and still not even engaged. You huff a little jealous that she married before you, it’s not a competition but you can’t help but feel a little jealous. “You look miserable” Liam comments sipping the champagne. “That should be me.” you mutter,
“Are you jealous?”
“I think you are. Come on she’s happy.”
“I know, but still” you groan,
“I know you want to get married.”
“And I know you don’t.” you reply,
“that’s not entirely true, I just don’t want to get married straight away.”
“I know, I gathered that from things you’ve said previously.”
“Cheer up, your time will come soon, I promise.” Liam whispers, kissing your cheek. He doesn’t break his promises, so something tells you he has a little plan.

Zayn: After reading a romantic book, you’ve gotten a few ideas in your head. One being marriage. You’ve thought about it a few times, but never spoken about it, it’s more of an idea that has stayed towards the back of your mind. “Hey Zayn?”
“You know how you’re always open for new ideas?” you question trying to weasel your way around things subtly.
“Well how about marriage? It’s fun” you blurt out, and he laughs. “That’s what they said about younger siblings. It’ll be fun they said.” he jokes,
“they are fun”
“Hm yeah at times.”
“So what about marriage? What are your views on it?” you question placing the book on the table.
“My views? Well I guess it’s something that is important and means a lot. It’s a commitment, a commitment that some people don’t understand.”
“What if we made that extra step? Make the commitment?” you smile,
“Hm I don’t know, we are young.”
“Yeah I know, but age is just a number. It’s up to us to make it work.” you encourage, “I get your point, I do. I just want to wait a bit until marriage. But when the time gets closer you’ll know.” he winks, making you smirk.

The After Party

“I can’t believe it’s finally happening… Been workin’ for months on it. It was good, right? Ya liked it? Do you think everyone had a good time? I don’t think I spent enough time with my mum and dad. Maybe I should have had them stay with us instead of bookin’ hotel rooms for everyone? M’sorry it went so long. I didn’t think people would stay late.” Niall rambled on, his fingers tangled with yours resting on your leg as he drove home. His eyes darting between you and the road and back again.

You lifted his hand up to your lips and kissed it gently and placed it back on your lap.

“It was perfect, babe. Everyone was blown away. The album is amazing! YOU were amazing!” you gushed. “Your family had a great time! I think your house would be a bit crowded with the whole family. I’m sure The Four Seasons is very comfortable!” you giggled trying to reassure him.

He kept his eyes on the road but you could see them twinkle as the smile grew across his face.

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Punk Series #1 - "Hi, I'm..." (First Meeting)

Harry: It wasn’t your typical hang out place, but you and your friend wanted to go someplace different. When you got to the club, it was already pretty packed. Bodies pushed up against each other, music pounding, and the floor shaking. It was your typical nightclub scene. Approaching the bar, you waved the bartender over, ordering a drink and chatting with your friend. You weren’t planning on meeting anyone tonight, but whatever happened, happened. After about an hour of hanging out, dancing and just having a good time, you were back at the bar, settling down. Feeling a presence beside you and eyes burning into the side of your head, you turned, immediately holding the gaze with the man next to you. Taking in his appearance, you noticed his numerous piercings His stretches ears, his nose and lip ring, along with his tattooed-covered body. You were honestly mesmerized by this man and he appeared to have the same reaction to you. The two of you still hadn’t spoken a word to each other, staring mindlessly into each other’s eyes. Finally you broke the awkward tension, looking towards your drink. “Um, hi,” you chuckled, looking back towards him. “Can I help you?” You watched as his tongue ran along his lower lip, stopping just before the small piece of metal. “Maybe,” he smirked. “As creepy as this sounds, I’ve had an eye on you tonight. Finally decided to come talk to you. So hi…” he said, smiling darkly. “I’m Harry.”

Liam: It had been a long night of waiting on angry customers. One after the other, comments were being thrown in your face about things that was completely out of your control. Now you were down to the last two tables and the boys sitting at table 8 weren’t taking it easy on you. Every time you would walk away, you could feel their eyes burning into the back of your head. But it wasn’t the back of your head they were staring at. Bringing them their check at the end of the evening, the one with the heavy tattoos looked up, giving you a smirk. You tried to ignore it to the best of your ability. “Cash or credit,” you asked, keeping your eyes down on the notepad. “It’ll be cash, love,” the same one replied, pulling out a couple twenties and setting them on the table. “How much change would you like back?” The man shook his head, holding up his hand. “Keep the change.” You nodded hesitantly, putting the cash into your little apron, his eyes never leaving you. “This may seem strange, but may I ask your name?” The man asked, his lip ring catching some light. You chuckled, flashing your name tag. “Ah, right. (Y/N), that’s a pretty name.” Smiling again, he spoke once more. “Well (Y/N), hi. I’m Liam.”

Niall: Walking around the shop, you mindlessly eyed the clothes, occasionally stopping if something caught your eye. So far, there hadn’t really seen anything. You also hadn’t noticed the young man watching you subtly from the check out. When he was finally free of customers from the front, he gradually made his way to you, stopping only a couple feet away. “Did you need any help finding anything?” he asked, causing you to look up. “Oh, no I’m just looking thank you.” You smiled and went back to browsing, assuming he’d go away. But he didn’t. “Because if you’re looking for something specific I can point you in the right direction.” Looking up again, you shook your head.“Uh, I think I’m okay thanks.” You turned your back, but he did not take the hint at all. Inside your mind though, you weren’t too disappointed. At first glance, he may appear to be a bit taboo. But if you really looked, you would see the beauty in his expression. The way his piercings suited his face perfectly, and the way his tattoos were just sticking out so you could catch a glimpse. Under all the body art, as nice as it was, there was a very handsome man. “Well, maybe you can help me instead then,” he smirked, causing you to look back. “And what would that be?” “Well, first let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Niall.”

Zayn: “What part of no don’t you understand,” you said, getting frustrated with your boyfriend. It was like he just couldn’t keep his hands off you. “I understand, but I know you’re joking. I know you want it,” he chuckled darkly. Was he stupid? You were in a public place, right in the middle of the shopping centre where strangers upon strangers could easily catch you. “Look I said no okay?” Pushing him away again, he only flocked back, rubbing your thigh and pushing your limits. “STOP!” you yelled, gathering the attention of a few bystanders. He stood up, grabbing your arm and yanking you up with him. “Did you just yell at me?” Fear suddenly washed over your body and you shook your head, realizing you had just made a mistake. “You know what happens when you yell…” Evil could be seen behind his eyes, and you nodded. But before he could drag you out of the busy centre, there was a body, a stranger, standing between you, pushing you protectively behind you. “Walk away mate,” the stranger spoke, a firmness in his voice. “What the hell are you doing? This is none of your business.” Your boyfriend made a lunge to you, but the man kept him away. “Just walk away. Before we cause more of a scene. Walk. Away.” You watched your boyfriend scowl but give up, turning around and disappearing into the crowd. As quick as it had started, it was finished and you finally saw the face of your protector. His glasses were partially covered by his hair, a lip ring catching your attention. His neck and arms were coated with dark tattoos, but you had to admit they were quite nice. “Thank you… but you didn’t have to do that…” “Don’t thank me. And yes I did. I’ve been watching and I could see how uncomfortable you were. It’s not something uncommon for me… So I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” He smiled, flashing his teeth slightly. Holding out his hand, he decided to make light of the situation. “Anyways, hi. I’m Zayn.”   


Louis: Sitting on the park bench, you watched your brother run around the field with his buddies passing around the soccer ball. You didn’t have to come along, but you needed an excuse to leave the house while your mom had her friends over. As you were watching, you noticed a new guy hanging around, talking to your brother and hanging out with the rest of them. But he wasn’t like the rest. At least his appearance wasn’t. His arms and chest were heavily tattooed, and from what you could catch a glimpse of, he had a few piercings. It wasn’t a bad difference, in fact you found that you could barely take your eyes off of him. Taking a break, the boys spilt off momentarily, your brother and the man coming over where you were. He must have left his stuff over in the same area. “Why’d you tag along again?” you brother questioned, sitting next to you and taking a drink from his water bottle. “Because, mom has her friends over and I refuse to be there when they come over.” You stared at the field crossing your arms. Suddenly there was a shadow over you, causing you to look up and low and behold, there was the new guy. You found yourself staring, your brother nudging your arm and breaking your trance. “Hey, I just wanted to thank you for letting me play with you guys. I don’t know many people here.” His voice was beautiful, to you anyways. “Oh yeah! No problem mate. You should come play when we do. I can give you my number, here.” Like teenage girls, they exchanged numbers, causing you to chuckle. “Oh, and hi,” he held out his hand to you. “I’m Louis.”

One Direction Livestream Body Language Analysis: Larry

To start off we have Niall talking to the camera. He introduces the livestream and asks the other boys how they’re doing.

Everyone seems to be in an alright mood, Louis whispers some joke to Liam, Harry smiles, Zayn looks beautifully unfazed.

Ben Winston is introduced. I want you to look at each of the boys’ reactions in turn.

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2015′s writings masterpost


Welcome to the jungle
One shot

“Hello gorgeous!”

He was feeling cheesy tonight okay? That boy was just so cute with his curls and his big brown eyes that Zayn couldn’t help it. This time the boy clearly rolled his eyes and tried to escape his grip but Zayn was holding him hard.

“What’s your name curly?” he add.

“Liam. Can you let me go now?”

“Hey Liam. I’m Zayn and no, I won’t. I’d rather keep you for a while if you don’t mind.”


Present!Zayn meets barely 18 Curly!Liam in a gay club

Walking contradiction
One shot

Then, someone cleared their throat next to him and he heard the softest, most delicate voice he had ever heard spoke to him and no. That punk couldn’t have that beautiful of a voice but yes, Liam be damned, it was him, standing next to him with a tiny smile stretching his beautiful pink lips.

“Like what you see?”

Liam was confused. Was he asking that about the painting on the wall or about his own self because, the way Liam was eye-fucking him must have been obvious.

Or the one where Liam is some successful businessman who ends up into that art exhibit and found himself mesmerized by that punk with colourful tattoos and piercings everywhere

He keeps me warm
One shot

He tries to listen to the sound of the cars outside, looking at the moonlight entering through the dark curtains of his room. He tries to focus on those strong arms around him, on that wonderful warmth spreading from that body into his own. He tries to think about everything else but the crazy beating of his heart or that big, almost painful smile on his face, his cheeks almost hurting with it.

But the hurt of his face is nothing compare to how good it feels being in Liam’s arms, no. Nothing is better than that.

Only you can set my heart on fire

“And even Liam Payne is on the list man! How funny it would be Payne, playing The Pain!”

Zayn quickly raises his head towards Louis and he feels his own face fall at those words. Knowing that Louis’ would see it, he tries to busy himself by looking at his phone and drinking coffee but, it’s too late. He sees his friend looking at that big poster on their wall, the cover of the first issue of The Pain, and then looking back at Zayn. He does that a few times before finally speaking.

“Oh you didn’t!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


Zayn works for Marvel Comics and maybe has the biggest crush on actor Liam Payne. What a surprise it is to him when his comic, blatantly inspired by Liam himself, is going to be on the big screen and Liam is the one chosen to play the main character.

A little bit of magic
One shot

“Still spying on Payne’s class?”

Zayn jumped so hard at the sound of Louis’ voice that he hit the pile of books next to him, sending them all on the floor with a bang, probably disturbing the whole Library doing it.

It was useless denying his feelings towards Liam because Louis knew. Niall too. He could have said that he was just enjoying the sunny day and that he was quite fond of hippogriffs, be it was just poor excuses for him to stare at Liam and everybody knew it.


The boys are working at Hogwarts as teachers and Zayn is the Librarian. Everybody knows Liam and Zayn are in love, except for Liam and Zayn.

I fell in love in the back of a cop car
One shot

Liam looks back at his knees, at those handcuffs around his wrists and he knows those are restricting him because of Zayn in a way but, he can’t found it in himself to be angry at him. He wasn’t ready to know that the artist behind that street art was this beautiful, handsome man and that his eyes and his smile were going to have that much effect on Liam’s sanity.

Or the one where Liam get arrested because of Zayn.

And you smiled because you knew
One shot

According to his teacher, Mrs. Roberts, his tutor’s name is Zayn and he is supposed to be waiting for him by the front desk. “He’s really handsome,” she had said, “dark hair always high up in the air and he also wears glasses.”

Of course he is. He is a nerd studying English for fuck’s sake. Liam makes his way through the door, the Library still silent and almost empty except from some old man behind the front desk, with grey hair and a huge mustache and next to him stands a boy who must be Zayn.


Liam fails English and needs some tutoring sessions.

Love like war
One shot

“I don’t care? I don’t care?! You think I don’t care about the fact that I learned you were engaged at the same time as the rest of the fucking world Zayn? That I wasn’t important enough to for you to tell me about it before anyone else? That I think this is the worst fucking idea you could’ve had?! You don’t care because all you can think about is yourself!”

The anger is suddenly back in full force, the words “worst idea” spinning in his mind, over and over again.

“All i can think about is myself? Really Liam? Who left me completely alone once he was single to go out and get drunk almost every night? Who completely ignores me now that he had find himself the perfect girlfriend? It’s you Liam! You left so you didn’t deserve to know anything about what was happening into my life!”

Or the one where Liam and Zayn fights, until they’re not.

What kind of bubble gum have you been blowing lately
Ziam PWP
One shot

Zayn’s mum send a pool cleaner to his house and he does a bit more than cleaning Zayn’s pool.

Brighter Than The Summer Sun (With @zipplekink)
One shot

Zayn has always liked going to the local park with his dogs and his homework, or his sketchpad. But he has liked it more lately, though he has been distracted from his work, because he can’t keep his eyes away from Liam, a volunteer for the youth summer camp, as he runs around and plays with the campers.

The course of true love never did run smooth
One shot

He lets them talk to look around the room while eating his roasted chicken and to his own despair, he meets Liam’s eyes across the room from where he sits with Niall and their friend Sophia. She talks to Liam but it looks like he is not listening, he is looking straight at Zayn and even in the distance, he can see the coldness in those brown eyes. Zayn lowers his eyes then and concentrates on his food, his chicken being a lot less judgmental than Liam fucking Payne and it hurts a lot less to concentrate on his food than to stare into those eyes. Welcome to seventh year Zayn, nothing really changed and he still hates you just as much.

Or the one where Zayn and Liam are in Hogwarts and kind of hate each other.

Lips so good I forget my name
One shot

“Niall is gonna be mad, mate!” Zayn says to him as he enters the lounge just after Louis.

“Why is that?”

“Christmas. It’s his thing you know. Goes a bit crazy about it every year to be honest. I just saw your classroom and… He’s gonna be mad at you. Or kiss you for actually being just as crazy as him. I can’t say which one is most likely to happen.”

“K-Kiss me?”

“Come on, H. You can’t be that oblivious?”

Or the one where Niall and Harry are both High School teachers and get into a competition to find out who have the wildest Christmas spirit.

Hand prints and good grips
Ziam PWP
One shot

Liam removes his shoes and hangs the jacket of the dark grey suit he is wearing on the hooks next to the door. Zayn can see the way he is rolling the sleeves of his white shirt as he slowly reaches the couch. With every roll, a bit more ink is revealed and muscles are flexing and Zayn’s mouth is watering just by looking at him. He secretly hopes Liam would make him suck his dick because he really wants a taste of his Daddy right now.

Liam runs his fingers into Zayn’s dark hair, scratching lightly at his skull with his fingernails. It feels so fucking good to be touched after dying to be all day that he whines, low in his throat. And he can’t help the stutter of his hips pushing on the soft material of the couch again.

“Fuck baby, you look so good like this.”

Or just some shameless PWP Daddy Kink.


Good boy, Ziam, Smut.
Clark Kent or Superman? Narry, Fluff.
Christmas drabble Ziam, Fluff.
Hey Angel, Ziam, Fluff.
Niall with glasses, Narry, Fluff.
It’s too late, Ziam, Angst.
Public sex, Ziam, Smut.
10 things I hate about you, Ziam,
Power bottom Liam, Ziam, Smut.
Spanking, Ziam, Smut.
Nanny Zayn, Ziam, Fluff.
Prom night, Ziam, Fluff.
Photographer Liam, Ziam, Fluff.
My best friend’s brother, Ziam, Fluff.
Biting love, Ziam, Vampires.

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OKAY BECAUSE IM GOING THROUGH THIS AND IT KINDA SUCKS An AU where Niall and Harry Work together and one is a supervisor who is 10 years the other's senior, and the younger one has a crush on the supervisor. The supervisor always teases the younger one and checks up on them and always tries to make the younger laugh. The younger one isn't sure if it's flirting or being friendly. SORRY IF ITS TOO LONG.

Niall enjoyed working with Harry. Out of all the interns his law firm had hired on, Harry was by far the best; coming early, staying late, working twice as hard as any number of his peers, and fixing any mistake without complaint.

Niall knew that that was nothing extraordinary, but Harry also brought him a coffee first thing in the morning before doing anything else, and he always took the time to make sure Niall had eaten lunch whenever he got too absorbed in his work, and whenever they stayed late together, Harry always ordered something they both liked.

It was the little things that got to Niall, so if he spent a little more time pouring over Harry’s work than anyone else’s, if he guided Harry’s hand (figuratively and literally) a little more than strictly necessary, well, he didn’t notice.

It’s on one such night, where they’re staying late, pretty much the only ones left on their floor, and the hours are really getting to Niall, an empty carton of stir fry still in his lap, that it happens.

Niall’s leaning heavy against Harry’s side to point at something in the Friedman case they’re looking over, and he can feel Harry’s eyes on his cheek instead of on the sheet in front of him. He’s about to ask about his distraction, a rarity for Harry, but Niall’s voice is gone when he looks up.

Harry’s face is intense - that’s one way to put it, because his eyes are dark in concentration and his brows drawn tight as evidence to the fact. He reaches out and Niall doesn’t even think about stopping him.

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Happy Birthday Baby aka Niall Horan

Grab some tissues it’s about to get Emotional

So it all started when the lovely Maura and Bobby decided to have one more kid….

External image

External image

I’m about to cry anyways Let’s skip to the x-factor days

External image

External image

External image

Up All Night…

External image

External image

Take Me Home…

External image

External image

External image

Where We Are

External image

External image

Let’s talk about Niall as a Person though…

He’s goofy

External image

He’s caring

External image

External image

Niall In A Suit … Can we take a moment..

External image

External image

He’s 21 now and I just can’t!

Happy Birthday Niall James Horan :)

Never again / Zayn centric

Prompt: Two year old Zayn is left alone with a babysitter but the man isn’t nice.

word Count: 3k

Trigger warning: slight abuse, language

„Do we really have to do this?” Louis, who was standing is his son’s bedroom, looking at the two-year boy, asked.

“You know we have to,” his boyfriend Liam sighed and wrapped his arms around Louis’ hips, resting his chin on the smaller boy’s shoulder.

They continued to stand there for a few more minutes, watching their son sleep peacefully. Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry weren’t only fathers. They also were a world-famous band called One Direction and sometimes it wasn’t easy to be caring fathers and singers at the same not, especially not at their age.

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It’s Mister to You

inspiration bc niall fucking horan decided to write mr. niall horan on his name tag fucking my day up the right way

“It’s Mister Niall Horan to you,” Niall’s hot mouth breathes on my ear. I’m frozen, not from fear or panic, but from how hot that sounded coming out of his mouth. I’ve always taken control, it’s my job, but now, Niall is the one is in control. I feel the tingling sensation in my stomach and between my legs. When he lifts his head up, a huge cocky smirk is on his face.

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Boy your lips taste like a night of champagne (Ziall)

Happy Valentine’s Day a day late

This is based on a singing Valentine that actually happened in one of my classes, but not to Beyonce, I chose that.

“Excuse me, is there a Zayn Malik in the room?” Zayn’s head immediately snapped up from where he was doodling pointless swirls and shapes into the paper where he was supposed to be taking notes for Psychology, eyes wide in surprise. There was a young man sticking his head through the door and his eyes were glancing around the rather large classroom, as if he would find Zayn, even though he was sure he’d never met the man before in his life.

“Uh…” his professor, a long-haired, younger man, scratched his beard and glanced around. “I don’t know, is there? Is there a Zayn Malik in here?” It wasn’t exactly a lecture class, it was smaller than that, but it was also bigger than a standard classroom and therefore too many students to ask the professor to remember. 

“Um, ye-“ he started, beginning to raise his hand.

“Right over here!” Louis squealed, waving his arms frantically and pointing at where Zayn was, who was quickly flushing and hiding his face with one hand. Laughter rippled through the classroom. Judging by the wet spot in the center of his notebook, previously where his head had been, Louis had been paying about as much attention to the lesson as Zayn and was only awoken by the sound of learning ceasing. Little shit. 

The man at the door’s lips quirked up a little, eyebrows raising. “Well, uh, good. We, um. We have a singing Valentine for Mr. Zayn Malik.”

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niall writing an anthemic song we'll hear 38229 times on sports promos and tv shows and soon Niall will be a rich-ass adult musician with fifty thousand bags of vacuumed packed socks because he wrote this decades Don't stop Believing


The year is 2025. Niall Horan opens the door to his modest but tasteful contemporary home and invites a camera crew in. 

“Hey MTV, this is my crib, like! *gestures dramatically* Where d’we start? The kitchen? Uhhhh…that’s Willie on the couch there say hi Willie.”

*muffled voice from living room, sounds of FIFA 25*

“Legend. Right uh people do the fridge thing right?…this’s me fridge! Oh, that’s me candles there on the table, got a mix there, good smells. Right, here’s me Actimels, sorted by date. Willie! Did you rotate the Actimels while I was away at the Grammys??”

*muffled voice from living room*

“Whatevs. Anyway, got like six Grammys this year. Got a snog from Rihanna I was BUZZIN. Um…come over this way. That’s the garden. Obama out there, hi Obama! He says hi. Doesn’t talk much. This is the telly…that’s FIFA…Willie’s crap at FIFA, don’t film that you’ll embarrass him. Got a song in there this year though. Lotsa trumpets and drums and the like like BAM BAM *air drums enthusiastically, imitates trumpet noises* Anyway down here, I know what you’ve really come for, right? It’s just down the hall.”

*Leads the camera crew to a closed door at the end of the hall and makes a shushing motion with his hand*

“Gotta be quiet. And don’t breathe too hard, the air in here is filtered. Paid like a bajillion dollars for that. *opens door* So like…here they are. Here’s me socks. *gestures at three walls lined with display shelves full of shrink wrapped novelty socks, arranged by color and pattern* There’s me world record plaque on the wall over there. Biggest sock collection in t’ world! Haha. It goes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, black and white, dots, stripes, herringbone, plaid, animals and nature, funny phrases, celebrities and historical figures. Got a special section for horse socks in each color. Fuckin LOVE horse socks they’re so funny. Check these out though, custom made Gucci horse socks, hahaha I like these one too. Horses playing golf! HA! Here’s the Obama socks. Got like fifteen pair. These here are socks Harry’s bought me. Mostly like floral shit and hearts, I dunno he’s just like…really into hearts. I really like coming in here when I’m like…stressed out or like having trouble writing. Bring my guitar in here some times, they’re just really inspirational, you know? I like these ones here ‘I hate Mondays!’ with the little frogs. It’s so true, right? Mondays are the worst. The frogs remind me of Harry sort of. Lemme know if you want to touch anything, I’ve got gloves for that. I can pull stuff out for you. No? Alright cool I’ll just pull these dog socks out though they’re hilarious! It’s the queen mum’s corgis, right? But they’re wearing little suits. Hahahha! Cute. *muffled sound of Never Enough playing from a tiny speaker* Shit that’s me phone. It’s Harry. Sorry, I’ve got to take this, he’ll want my opinion on a blouse or somethin’. Anyway, thanks for the visit MTV! Now get outta here I’ve got to organize me socks!”

anonymous asked:

What are your top 5 Niall outfits?

Ok Anon, this is going to kill me… but I am doing this ;).

5. This cosy asshole, look at him! Stripes look amazing on him, and I love those black slip-ons too. So much love!

4. Ok so jeans might even be the same as 5. are, and shoes are similar too. BUT I love that this asshole is embracing his chest hair and has that low neck tank on. UGH. And that red/navy shirt looks incredible on him, it makes his shoulders look extra broad. Yum.

3. This outfit is here mostly cos of those shoes. I LOVE THAT HE HAS SHOES WITH FLOWERS ON THEM AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM! But I also love that jumper and those jeans. LOVE.

2.5 Blue jeans, white tee. Classic and BEAUTIFUL. Suits him perfectly. And I love black trainers, I wish I could have all of his… in my size. :D

2. Ok so I cheat, but since the only difference is the shoes, I didn’t want it to be another number lol. I mean what can I say! These chelsea boots look SO GOOD on him. They aren’t any Harry type of heeled boots (thankfully – sorry Harold lol), but they change the feel of this outfit! I love Niall in his usual trainers and slip-ons, but DAMN these boots look hot on him!!!

1. THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE. FUCKING HELL. I MEAN DAAAAAAMN. I will probably never be over this look. He looks absolutely amazing. Blue tones suit him perfectly, and that white tank showing off the chest hair is just DIVINE. (Yes I said divine. Sorry not sorry.) GAZILLION POINTS FOR THIS YES THANK YOU!


Bonus: I don’t know what kind of shoes he has, so I can’t ‘judge’ this as a full outfit, but I LOVE this idea of a tee and army jacket. AND the messy hair just adds to it. 

AU College Series #22 It suits you

AU College Series can be found here

A/N: He gives yo something / you wear something of his


“So I’ll see you at lunch?” you asked, standing with Liam outside one of the College buildings. Liam looked around at the students making their way to classes. He took a breath when he saw a few of his teammates with their girlfriends; the girls proudly wearing their boyfriends letterman jackets. “Liam, are you ok?” you asked, snapping him out of his thought. He quickly looked at you and nodded. “I have something for you,” he blurted out, dropping his backpack to the floor. You raised an eyebrow in confusion and gasped as he held up his letterman jacket. “For my girl,” he whispered. You turned around and smiled as you slid your arms into the sleeves. You blushed and giggled at how big it was on you, but you didn’t care; it was already so warm and comfy. “Thank you Li,” you whispered, playing with the sleeve cuff. He chuckled and cupped your cheek in his hand, making you look up at him. “It suits you. Now everyone knows I’m taken,” he said, pressing a soft kiss to your lips, “and who the beautiful girl is who has my heart.” Before you could say anything, he kissed your cheek and ran off to join his teammates, leaving you with the warmth of his jacket.


“Thank you for tonight Lou,” you said, walking down the main street full of sorority an drat houses. You didn’t expect it to get cold tonight, so you didn’t bring a jacket, but the cool air blew through your light jacket, making you shiver. Louis frowned as you rubbed your arms up and down, trying to get warm. He stopped and turned to you. “Here,” Louis said, taking off his denim jacket. You quickly shook your head, feeling embarrassed for not bringing a jacket. “No no Lou, I’m fine. The house is just up here,” you explained, smiling at how thoughtful he, “plus I don’t want you getting cold,” you added, blushing slightly. Louis chuckled and slid his arms out of his jacket, not listening to you. Within seconds his jacket was placed over your shoulders. You smiled as it was still warm and smelt like him. “I’m tough love, don’t worry about me,” he said cheekily, wrapping his arm around your waist and kissing your cheek. You smiled and looked down at the jacket; you knew there was a charming guy under that bad boy shell. As you continued walking, Louis found himself watching you out the corner of his eye. “And it suits you baby,” he said, chuckling as your cheeks turned pink.


“What’s wrong Ni?” you asked, noticing how quiet he was. He sighed, frowning. “I can’t find my favourite snapback. I had it on yesterday and now I can’t find it. It was my lucky one too,” he rumbled on, running fingers through his hair, “I have an exam today.” You bit your lip, but it didn’t stop a little giggle escaping your mouth. He quickly looked up to you. His face lit up, blue eyes brighter and a smile appeared on his lips. “Found it Niall,” you said quietly, lowering your head and bringing your fingers to your mouth. He sighed in relief and smiled. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, feeling guilty for rumbling on earlier. “No no Niall, it’s fine. I’m sorry for wearing it. You just left it at my dorm room last night and I thought I would wear it,” you said, shyly taking it off and looking at it, “but you can have it back.” Niall took it off you and quickly shook his head. “It suits you. I like it on you,” he said, putting it back on your head. “Thank you Ni,” you smiled, “but what about your exam?” “Maybe I need a new lucky charm?” he said, blushing slightly, “like a kiss from my beautiful girl?” he added with a smirk. You giggled and couldn’t give say no to the blond boy in front of you; so you pressed your lips to his.


“Here you go Y/N,” Harry said, handing you a drink. You weren’t playing attention and he accidentally spilt the whole glass on you. You jumped back and looked at your top. “Harry,” you whispered, biting your lip as tears filled your eyes; you knew it was silly, getting upset over this, but it was your favourite top. “Hey sweetheart,” he frowned and suddenly got an idea, “you can wear something of mine, ok?” He rushed to his drawers and searched for something in particular. “Here baby put this on,” he said, stepping towards you. “Thank you Harry,” you replied and kindly took the item. “I’ll turn around and won’t peak, I promise,” he chuckled. You blushed and watched him around turn. You quickly took off your wet top and slid on his plaid shirt. You tucked it into your skirt and giggled at how nice it felt to wear; how cosy and comfortable it was. “Done?” he asked. “Yes Harry, you can look,” you giggled, smoothed down the soft fabric. Harry smiled, showing his dimples as he saw you wearing his plaid shirt. “I look horrible, don’t I?” you asked, blushing from embarrassment. Harry shook his head and placed his hands on your waist, making you look up at him. “It suits you, honesty,” he whispered.


“Oh no. Zayn, wake up,” you said, kicking off the blanket and trying to get of bed, but his arms were around you. “Seriously Zayn. We have to be in class in 10 minutes,” you pushed him waking him up, “the lecturer doesn’t really like us, we can’t give him around reason.” Zayn groaned as you left his arms and started searching around the room for your clothes instead of wearing your pyjamas to class. “Can’t we just miss class today?” he whined. You shook your head and threw a pair of jeans and clean tshirt at him, making him groan again. “If we make it to class, I’ll buy to lunch,” you suggested, smiling as he stood up and starting getting dressed. “We have 5 minutes baby,” he said, opening the dorm door. You nodded and grabbed the first pair of shoes you saw and slid them on, before following him. As you both walked down the corridor, Zayn wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed your cheek. “You seem taller today,” he joked and looked down at your feet, “hey they’re mine.” You giggled and shrugged your shoulders. “You were rushing me and I couldn’t find my shoes,” you said, walking faster. “They suit you,” he smiled, “so I guess I’ve lost my favourite Dr Martins to my girl now.” “We can share, can’t we?” you winked.

- Holly

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1D as things my niece did yesterday
  • Harry: yes, you can be fabulous, just know that you can never be as fabulous as me.
  • Liam: I just don't get why batman is so under appreciated! I mean, a rich, middle aged guy in a tight, spandex suit and a bat mask running around town- wait, yeah, I get it now
  • Louis: *while twerking slowly in front of the mirror* don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? I mean look at my butt
  • Niall: I just wanted the cookie. why can't I have the cookie? *huffs* fine, I'll have cake then.