Your eyes flipped open when you felt that Niall wasn’t laying next to you anymore. According to the time one the clock, which was around 2:30 in the morning, he had probably gotten up to get himself a snack since he hadn’t eaten dinner. Still, you got up to see if he was doing just that. You were wearing nothing but a t shirt and your underwear, so you slipped on some pajama pants and went to investigate for a missing Niall.

The living room and kitchen was totally empty, nothing seemed to be out of place. No signs of anyone having food or a misplaced pillow on the couch. Except one of his guitars, his acoustic one, was missing from his wall, and the light on the patio was turned on. The blinds from the back door pushed back and the door left open ever so slightly. You frowned to yourself in confusion. You peeked through the glass and you spotted Niall, sitting in a chair on the patio under the roof, playing his guitar.

It was drizzling rain and pretty chilly outside. He wasn’t even wearing a shirt. You pulled the door open, stepping out barefoot on the patio. You shivered, wrapped your arms around your body.

“What are you doing?” You blurted out, making Niall jump in his seat a little bit. He calmed down when he realized it was only you, and gave a little smile.

“Couldn’t sleep. I wanted to play but I didn’t wanna wake you, so I came out here. It’s nice out, isn’t it?” Niall shrugged, continuing to strum his guitar.

A pencil was stuck behind his ear and a notebook sitting in his lap. You thought it was rather odd for him to be sitting out here by himself in the early hours of the morning, but you stopped questioning him because he almost never seemed to do anything that seemed normal. He was weird, but a true sweetheart with good intentions. You shrugged, sitting in a chair across from him.

The rain started to pick up just a little bit, beating harder against the roof that extended over the patio. You sat and listened to the sounds all around you. The rain, pattering against the roof and the ground, the crickets chirping, Niall playing his song he was writing and him humming a few words, the scribbling of his pencil against his notebook. This was completely relaxing. You watched Nialls fingers move up and down the neck of the guitar, absolutely fascinated with his process of song writing. You always wondered what was going on inside his head. You could practically see the gears turning in his beautiful brain. Niall took a second to glance over at you, looked back down at his guitar for another second, and then looked back at you as he realized you were sat in the corner curled in a little ball, shivering just a little bit with your arms stuffed inside your shirt.

“You cold, darling?” He asked, as if it wasn’t obvious. You hummed in reply.

“Just a little bit.”

“Why don’t you go back inside? You don’t have to sit out here with me.” Niall told you, resting his arm on the side of his guitar. You shook your head.

“I don’t wanna go inside if you’re out here.” You simply said. Niall thought you made a good point, since he couldn’t really sleep without you either.

“Well come over here then.” He waved you over.

You got up, Niall leaned the guitar against the wall, tucking his pencil back behind his ear and his notebook under his leg. He patted his lap and you sat right on his thighs, curling up against him. Niall took your hands in his, blowing warm air on them and rubbing them together to make them warm. He started rubbing up and down your arm, the wrapped his around you and held you there and started swaying back and forth. You rested your head on his shoulder and Niall gave you a little forehead kiss. You both stared out into the backyard, watching the rain come down on the green grass and on the garden you started. The sky was a blue-ish black, littered with white dots for stars. A pretty sight during this time.

“What’s the song you were playing?” You suddenly asked.

“Haven’t given it a title yet. I got the chorus and a few verses down, though.” Niall responded, still looking up at the sky.

“I liked it.” You admitted.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. It’s got a nice melody.” You yawned, snuggling closer to Nialls body. Somehow he was still warm after sitting in the chilled air for however long.

Your eyes were starting to get a little heavy and drowsiness taking over you again. Niall chuckled at you as you rubbed your eyes.

“Getting sleepy?” He asked, whispering in your ear. You nodded, leaning your head on his shoulder. Then Niall yawned.

“Me too.” He sighed. “Look you got me yawning now.” Sleepiness starting to hit him again too.

“Maybe we should go to bed now.” You suggested, climbing out of Nialls lap. He nodded in agreement and stood to grab his guitar and notebook, and followed you into the house.

Niall hung his guitar back on the wall as you pulled back the blinds and locked the door. Unexpectedly, Niall came up behind you, resting his hands on your hips.

“I’ll carry you if you want me to.” He lowly whispered in your ear, as if someone would hear if he spoke too loud.

He pressed a cheeky kiss to the back of your neck, you almost melted into his arms. You nodded, spinning around to face him, then jumping on him, wrapping your legs around his waist. You couldn’t help yourself by giggling into his neck, and kissing it lightly.

“Back to bed, we go.” Niall muttered, making his way down the hall and back to the bedroom.

He laid you down gently on your side of the bed, hovering over you and planting a kiss to your lips for a moment. He climbed over you to his side and snuggled under the blankets and close to you. You reached behind you, taking Nialls hand and giving it a kiss. You could feel Nialls lips curve in a little smile as he nestled his face in your neck.

“Goodnight, petal.” Niall whispered.

“Night.” You whispered back.

One Direction OneShots

**Okay so here are some little OneShots for you guys. Bare in mind that this ones I made a while ago that’s why Zayn’s in it. Hope you like them💕**

Niall: You were in bed looking up at the ceiling not able to sleep. After thinking for a while you decided to go get a cup of tea to see if it help you sleep. You went to the kitchen and as you were heading back to the guest room you notice Niall’s door was slightly open. You peaked in to see Niall fully asleep trapped in the covers. You couldn’t help the smile that made it’s way to your face at the sight of the boy you were head over heels in love with but the smile slowly fade away knowing that he would never feel the same way about you. You sigh and was about to close the door when Niall said your name. You looked over to him thinking you had awaken him but he was still asleep. You walked to him and sat on the bed stroking his blonde hair.

“I love you so much Niall” you whisper looking down at him. As you were taking your hand away from his hair he grabbed it making you gasp in terror that he might of heard you “Niall.. I.. I..” you stutter not knowing what to say “You really mean it?” He asked sitting up, looking straight into your eyes “I.. I.. Yeah..” you said looking down at your lap feeling tears coming down your cheeks. He lifted your chin so you were looking at him, he whipped the tears with his thumb and said the words you never thought would been said “I love you too princess. Always have” you smiled before kissing him. Something you’ve always wanted to do.

Liam: Liam carried you up the stairs as you couldn’t yourself since you were more than drunk. After 4 months of not seeing your best friend he was finally home and so you two went to celebrate. You have drank a little too much and Liam brought you back to his so you wouldn’t drive. As he put you down on the bed of the guest room and was about to leave you called for him.

“Wait don’t leave!” You pouted. He laugh and walked over to sit next to you “(Y/N) you need to sleep” he told you as you rested your head in his lap “Well I want you to sleep with me” you said giggling “I’ll stay until you go to sleep” Liam said stroking your hair “Okay..” You said but then started to cry “Hey.. hey.. What’s wrong?” He said as you sat up next to him “I’m sad..” You said making him chuckle “Well I can see that but why?” He said whipping some tears away. You sniffle and said “I like Liam..” shocking him “What?” He asked looking at you with wide eyes “I like Liam. But he’s never going to like me back. It’s been 2 years since we’ve known each other and I like him so much..” at this point you were sobbing like crazy not knowing you just confessed your feeling for Liam to himself. He laid down pulling you into a hug, stroking your back to calm you down “Shh.. It’s okay. We’ll talk about this tomorrow” he whisper as you drifted to sleep

Louis: He didn’t know how much it hurt you to see him with someone else. You’ve been friends for a long time now and after a while you came to realize you liked him as more than just a friend. So whenever he was with someone else it was like a stab to the heart. You wanted to tell him, you really did but the thought of him laughing at your face for telling such thing haunted you all the time. Making you live with the thought of what if..

Zayn: “Do I look okay?” You said looking down at your blue dress “You look fine” your best friend reassure you for the thousand time “(Y/N) I’m not wanting to put you down but you have been friends with Zayn for how long? And you still haven’t told him you like him” she said sitting on the couch “I know, I know but I’ll tell him tonight okay?” “Okay” she said

You got to Niall’s party at 8 pm and started looking for Zayn. You went into the kitchen, the dining room, the living room but couldn’t find him. You finally went up stairs hoping to find him but when you did you wished you never did in the first place. He was against the wall with some slutty girl all over him. You didn’t notice the tears coming down your face until it was blurry. You sob making Zayn look over at you.

“(Y/N)?” He said trying to take the girl out of the way but you couldn’t take it anymore and ran out of the house going to a small park near the house. You sat on a bench crying when you heard a familiar voice “(Y/N)?” In front of you stood Zayn looking like he had run a marathon “Wha- What are you doing here?” You stutter whipping the tears away “What are you doing here? What happen in the house?” “Nothing” you said looking down as he sat next to you “I know something happened. People just don’t run out like that” he said putting a hand on your shoulder making you swap it away “Don’t touch me. Not after your hands were all over that slutt” “Wait, what?” He said confused “You don’t get do you? I.. I like you. God I like you so much since a long time ago and it sucks every time I see you wi-” you weren’t able to finish when he connected his lips with yours, moving in sync “What?” You said confused at what just happen “I like you too”

Harry: You laid down with Harry in his bed as you watch TV like every other Friday night. You loved being with him and after a year of being very good friends it was inevitable that your feelings towards Harry grew as more than just friendly. It hurt you so much every time he was with a girl or talked about one but you tried your best to not show it. Right now was one of those times, as you two watched an Ariana Grande music video as Harry rambled about how hot and incredibly talented she was. You looked away feeling a tear roll down your cheek not able to hold it any longer.

“Damn it Harry! Would you stop already?” You said looking back at him as he frown confused “What?” He said “You don’t get it right? God I love you! I’ve always loved you and you just don’t see it!” You said as tears went down your cheeks

You got up from the bed and walked out of the room going downstairs in look for your purse. After you had it you were walking to the door when you were pushed to the wall. You looked at your purse in the floor then back up to see Harry in front of you.

“What the hell, Harry?” You said angry. As you were about to move away he came closer to you leaving centimeters away from each other “What.. what are you doing?” You said nervous. The next thing you knew the little space between you. The kiss was sweet yet passionate, making butterflies go wild “Took long enough love..” Harry whispered in your ear then looking back at you “What are you talking about?” You said with a frown. He traced your cheek with one hand as the other staid in your waist, getting close to your ear ones again “I have loved you since the first day I met you” and with that he kissed you one more time.

**Wow reading this back for the first time in a while makes me think of how I write😅 sorry for all the crying going on in here. But nevertheless I hope you enjoyed them☺️**

N: Harrys jokes aren`t funny, but I laugh at them, just to make him happy.
—  NIall James Horan
N:We were in Harry`s house and he pretended to be a whale. His mother came in and told him to stop making sexual noises.
—  Niall James Horan
  • Antis:I know this is about Larry but-
  • Antis:I'm not a Larry shipper but-
  • Antis:This is so Larry but-
  • Me:Hey angel
  • Tell me, do you ever try
  • To come to the other side?
Dating Niall would include

- baking cupcakes in the middle of the night.

- him making you wear his sweaters when you get a cold

-lots and lots of cuddling

- rough and sweaty post-concert sex

- “Y'have to be quiet darlin’, I don’t want Harry catchin’ us again.”

- him dragging you to all his sports events

- You having to cheer him up after his team lost and he’s acting like a pouty four year-old toddler

- “Niall did you purposely cut holes in your jeans?”

- “Niall where the fuck is the pie I bought this morning?”

- “Niall get off of me, we have to get up.” “Nuh uh. Don’t wanna.” “Niaalll.”

- him making dinner and it’s good but the kitchen’s a mess

- “Sometimes I think you love Harry more than me.” “You got me.”

- rough and sweaty post-golf sex

- that goddamn stupid ugly hat

- him being overprotective at clubs and crowded places

- him tackling you out of no where and tickling you

- him trying really hard to braid your hair

- “My eyes are drowning in an ocean of you.” “You’re such a loser, you know that?”

- him trying and failing to teach you guitar.

- his thick ass fingers

- tracing the veins on his arms while you both watch tv

- sloppy kisses

Niall Horan Style Masterpost

Heart palpitations in 3….2…..1…..

Niall’s black ripped skinnies & white classic converse.

Anytime Niall wears a suit ever.

The start of his chelsea boots. *heart eyes*

Army green was meant for Niall.

Cuffed skinnies & floral vans.

Half button checkered shirt & light wash ripped jeans.

PJ shirt look alike & chelsea boots. 

So much about this one.. The classic adidas, the funky socks, the light wash skinnies, the ADORABLE glasses, & the navy on navy jacket & shirt.

I warned you ;)