niall how dare you

155: He snaps at you (part III).

Contains references to sexual assault and drugs.

Harry: “Please stop!” you scream at the man but it’s no use. You try to fight him off but his hands pin your wrists tightly above your head and his knee forces your legs apart. He lowers his lips onto your now exposed shoulder. Fresh tears stain your cheeks as you try to arch your back away from the wall and fight against his firm grip. “No!” you scream again. “Your struggling’s making me hard” he smirks. Your tears cloud your vision and you zone out, not wanting to hear or see anything. Within seconds, you feel the man being ripped away from you and thrown to the floor. “She said no!” you hear a familiar voice scream. “She fucking said no!” he repeats. You sigh in relief, finally being able to breathe again without the weight of your attacker on you, shock still overcoming your body. “What kind of man doesn’t listen to the word no!” he yells, his curled fist repeatedly making contact with the man’s face. “Harry!” you scream, a small yelp escaping from your lips. You grab his arm and gently pull him away, and you’re not sure whether you’re trying to stop him from killing the vile human before your eyes or if you do it for comfort. You thought you’d seen him at his angriest during your fight, but this, this really was the angriest you have ever seen him, hatred filling his eyes as he realises what could have happened had he arrived any later. “I got you” he murmurs softly, his tone changing as he pulls your body into him. “It’s ok baby, I’m here” he whispers gently, pressing soft kisses to your forehead, his arms tight around your body.

Liam: You stare in the mirror, taking in your reflection. You’re covered in make up and your body is exposed in just your underwear. You sigh, brushing your hair off your shoulder as you think of the money you will soon hold in your hand that will help you to support yourself whilst with Liam. You leave the dressing room and head into the bar area where for the last week, you’ve been exposing your body to men. You know you’re up next and you just can’t wait for it to be over and done with. You take to the pole and dance, putting on a show for goggling eyes of varying ages. Money occasionally finds its way from men’s pockets and onto the floor around you and you shrug off the wolf whistling and degrading comments you hear. The music changes, signalling a change over, and you leave the dance area. You grab your kimono and wrap it around your body, before heading to the bar for a drink. “Gin and tonic please” you ask the barmaid. “Make it a double.” You watch with intent as she pours your drink before she places it on the surface in front of you. Before you have the chance to place any cash on the bar, the presence behind you reaches out and hands the barmaid a crisp note. “It’s on me” he murmurs. You turn to face him, anger and hurt embedded in his eyes, followed by his voice thick with emotion. “I think we need to talk.”

Louis: The last thing you had remembered was leaving the club for fresh air and collapsing in the street, your friends panicking as they realised it was more than just alcohol that had caused this. Your feeble attempts at stopping them from contacting anyone had failed, and your friend had phoned Louis. The conversation consisted of your friend saying “it’s (y/n)” before Louis sighed and muttered a quick “I’ll be there.” When he arrived at the scene, he didn’t expect the sight that greeted him. Paramedics were tending to your limp body, an oxygen mask placed over your nose and mouth. Your friend quickly approached him upon his arrival, holding a firm hand on his chest to prevent him coming any closer. “How much did she fucking drink?!” he roars at her, although fear evident in his voice. Your friend shakes her head. “She barely touched a drop of alcohol” she whispers, tears in her eyes. Louis gasps and shakes his head. “What did she take?!” he says in a loud whisper. Your friend lets out an involuntary sob. “I should have stopped him Louis, but he seemed like a nice guy …” Louis shakes his head. “You’re a shitty friend” he tells her firmly, finally making sense of the situation. “And you need to tell the police, or I will.” He leaves your friend regretting the decisions she made tonight as he approaches the paramedics tending to you, lowering his body to the ground and holding your hand. “Is she going to be ok?” he asks in a small voice. “Please make her ok. I can’t live without her” he cries.

Niall: “No!” you scream at your friend. “What the hell do you thin you’re doing? We’re just friends, you can’t just kiss me like that!” you tell him firmly. He shrugs. “But we could be so good together! I’d treat you better than that fucking arsehole. I wouldn’t talk to you like shit and I wouldn’t expect you to do all my dirty work for me. Please (y/n), we could be great!” You shake your head. “You’re right, he is an arsehole. Even I know I didn’t deserve the way he spoke to me, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving him. I love him so much it hurts and I just want him back” you sob. Taking advantage of your vulnerable, teary state, your friend lunges towards you again, pressing another kiss to your lips. “No!” you told him again, before you felt a firm, yet gentle arm pull you away from your friend. “The lady said no the first time mate so back off.” Your friend sniggers. “Niall, mate, she deserves better” he tells your boyfriend. Niall gently guides your body behind him, his body shielding your own. “Maybe she does deserve better, yes, but she obviously doesn’t want you, so drop it. She said no and you didn’t listen.” Your friend emits an involuntary gasp. “I wouldn’t” he begins with a gulp. Niall nods, pressing his lips into a thin line. “I think you should go” he murmurs, and you press your hand onto Niall’s shoulder gently, reminding him you’re there. Your friend takes Niall’s orders and leaves without a goodbye, leaving you and Niall alone.

Zayn: “You’re (y/n), right? Zayn’s girl?” she asks. “How dare you even say his name you whore!” you scream at her, her peers and customers in the bar turning their heads to look at you and see what the commotion was. “Excuse me?” she asks in a high pitched voice, holding her hand to her heart as if she’d been offended. “You heard me. You stay away from my boyfriend!” you tell her firmly. “As if I’d want him, especially when he’s been with you” the blonde retaliates. “I saw the pictures” you tell her, placing your hand on your hip. She sniggers, and her friends behind her seem to be enjoying the confrontation between the two of you. “Ok, I’ll be honest” she smirks. “He was the best I’d ever had. He kissed me and touched me and made me feel so special. You’re probably a frigid virgin that he’d never fuck” she murmured. Without thinking about your actions or the consequences, you curled your fist into a ball and sent it flying towards her face. Before you knew it, you were both pulling on each other’s clothes and hair, screaming cruel and vile names at each other. Whilst some spectators were cheering at the scene like a playground fight, others weren’t so impressed, and within moments, you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around your waist and pull you away from the scene. The actions were mirrored as the blonde too, was pulled away. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Zayn yells from behind you, his grasp still firmly on your waist, and although anger was at the forefront, hurt was evident in his voice.

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Chrissy, I've just discovered your Niall blurbs and they are so good!! Can you please do one of Niall and you making a baby for the first time and then telling him your pregnant?! Thank you x

I’m so sorry this took me so long, but I hope you like it! Thank you for reading and for being patient! xoxo.


Pregnant? You’re…. pregnant. You sat on the edge of your bathtub staring down at the three white sticks that you had laid out in front of you. Each one of them glared back at you with the same results. Pregnant! You bought five tests from the drugstore, five may have seemed a bit excessive but your paranoia had gotten the better of you so you drove forty miles out of your way in hopes that nobody would recognize you. The Papz and fans were always trying to catch you doing the most mundane things possible and usually you just laughed it off, but this time was…different. This was something you couldn’t risk getting out, especially since you hadn’t even told Niall that you thought you were pregnant. The last thing you wanted was for him to find out on social media with the rest of the world that he was going to be a father.

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niall with a nose ring....KATE HOW DARE YOU????

LISTEN…i am not super into the nose piercing (or like..really any facial piercing tbh) aesthetic on dudes. but niall here is my exception…because this….this is a very real thing that needs to happen. bonus if he’s brunette.

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Louis tomlinson is ugly and idk why all of u think hes some cute and hot guy like im actually a bit confused hes a rat?

How dare you come to MY HOUSE…Oh anon, you’re in for one hell of a ride.




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Sleepy Time

For the Anon who requested this fluffy preference of the boys talking about you while you “sleep.” They’ll be kind of short, but very cute (I hope!)


You were holding your own for a very long time battling your eyelids to stay open. Zayn was holding you in his lap as you sat there in the limo taking you back to his apartment. “Princess,” he hummed into your ear. “You can sleep.”

You didn’t respond, simply too tired to answer. You had a long week and you knew how excited Zayn was about this dinner because it was very, very formal and he couldn’t wait to see you in a beautiful gown like the one that was draped over him. You missed him so much and snuggling with him, even in front of the boys was okay with them. You weren’t clingy. But the boys knew how much you missed him. So they were cool with you snuggling up to him in front of them. Especially after the long day you had. And especially because you never did stuff like this.

On multiple occasions, you had to push Zayn away from you so that you wouldn’t be annoying toward the boys. Zayn would tell you they had to grow up and he’d kiss you on the cheek anyway. Zayn pulled you more closely to his chest. His arms wrapped around you. He held you close and kissed the top of your head as his hands lightly ran up and down your back.

He held you close and listened to your breathing even out. “Zayn, she’s literally an angel,” Liam murmured. You had been such a help the whole night and aside from looking gorgeous, you stood up for the entire band in front of a reporter who was twisting all of their words.

Zayn smirked. He was completely unaware that you could hear him. “Yeah, she is,” he said softly. He knew how possessive you got over the band, especially him. And he adored how you were a fire cracker, ready to blow up at anyone that was rude.

“She was so friendly and like…ugh, I get tired at these things especially after a long day,” Louis said quietly so he wouldn’t wake you. Even though you were quite feisty, you were entirely elegant and sweet to anyone, even the nasty reporters.

“Yeah, she’s a trooper,” he kissed your forehead still unknowing that you were listening to him. “She’s a good girl,” he said. He wasn’t acting like you were a goody-two shoes. He meant you were good. You were good as his girl and he adored you for a million and one reasons.

“Are you going to marry her Zayn?” Niall asked. “Because if you don’t, I will,” he snickered quietly. Niall was especially impressed with your cooking and he couldn’t have cared less if you kissed Zayn the whole time you were around him as long as he got the yummy fried chicken you cooked so often and cookies that tasted like a Christmas explosion.

Zayn chuckled. “Sorry, mate, she’s mine,” he told his best friend. You wanted to scream you were so excited. Zayn loved you that much. You felt guilty for listening but it was nice to hear…especially after all the fans tweeted about how ugly you looked at the event and how Zayn was so out of your league.

“Aw, Zaynie, you sure?” Harry said and you felt someone else’s hand brush you hair down. “She’s awfully pretty for you,” he smirked. Harry was so happy his friend was happy with you. He loved to see Zayn smile. And even at a word that sounded remotely similar to yours, Zayn’s lips curled up into the biggest grin.

“As long as she’ll keep me and put up with all this, yeah. I’m sure. She’s all mine,” he hummed. You continued to breathe out at an even pace. Actually falling asleep in Zayn’s protective hold.


“Shut up!” He hissed when Niall laughed loudly. “She just fell asleep!” He whispered…but also kind of yelled.

“Aw, sorry, Lou,” Niall murmured. “She’s so cute,” he chuckled under his breath as he looked at you. You were resting with your head in Louis’s lap while he and Niall watched a football game. You hadn’t talked much the whole evening because you could tell you were starting to get sick.

Niall couldn’t believe how kind you were to his best friend. The moment Niall stepped in the door instead of the normal nipple-pinch he received from Louis, you gave him a hug and then a Nerf gun telling him Louis was being mean even though you were getting sick and you needed Niall to protect you.

He loved coming over to see you and Louis. To make things more obvious that you were an angel to the entire band but especially Louis, you made Niall and Louis snacks to pick at while the game played and then retreated to somewhere else in the house so Louis and Niall could watch the game.

It was just about half time and Louis’ phone would not stop vibrating with a text even though he responded.

“Who is texting you?” Niall asked curiously.

Louis rolled his eyes in exasperation at his phone. “Niall, she’s being weird,” he said knowingly.

“I am not!” You called from the kitchen. Niall snickered.

“She’s not feeling well,” Louis continued as if you hadn’t spoken. “Would you mind if she laid down with me?” He asked. “She won’t come out until you say so,” he rolled his eyes again.

Niall chuckled. “Me?” He asked. “Of course you can, Princess,” he said toward the kitchen. You pushed the door open and smiled shyly at Niall.

“I know it’s guys night…I didn’t want to interrupt.”

“Louis gives good cuddles, I get it,” Niall winked at you.

“Yeah, how dare you…?” Louis rolled his eyes as you snuggled into his tummy and laid on the couch. “Made us food, played Nerf War with us. You’re an awful girlfriend for interrupting for the last half of the game,” he said sarcastically. You continued to snuggle. Now there was fifteen minutes left in the game and Niall smiled as Louis combed his fingers through your hair while you “slept.”

“She’s so good to you, Lou,” Niall said softly.

Louis smiled softly at the TV while he played with the soft strands of your hair. “Yeah, she is,” he mumbled. “She’s absolutely wonderful,” he hummed.

“What is she sick with?”

“She’s probably just stressed out and is getting a cold,” Louis shrugged. “She does that a lot. With the tour and everything…she also really like snuggling. When we’re alone I can’t get her to leave my side,” he chuckled softly.

You wish you weren’t supposed to be pretending you were sleeping because you would have yelled at him for lying to Niall. “Yeah, right,” Niall defended. “I bet she can’t get you off her,” he rolled his eyes.

Louis smirked and bit his lip. “Well, look at her, Ni, she’s so soft…and pretty…and cuddly,” he murmured and brushed your hair off your cheek as you slept. “I really love her,” he hummed.

“I know you do, Lou,” Niall smirked. “She’s a really great girl,” Niall said knowingly. “And she really loves you too,” he smirked. “For whatever reason,” he rolled his eyes and chuckled.

Louis laughed under his breath. “Yeah…really…for some reason,” he murmured, rubbed your back as you finally drifted to sleep and falling into a dream of just Louis and you. Always.


“How does she sleep through this?” Zayn asked Liam in a whisper. “It’s so loud…” Zayn was referring to the Batman movie playing. With the surround sound that you bought Liam for Christmas, it was loud and echoed through the whole house. And you slept right through it.

Liam had his feet propped up on the coffee table while you sat beside him curled up close to him, your head on his chest while his arm wrapped around your waist. He lightly squeezed your side every so often interrupting the gentle movement of his fingers up and down on your rib cage, through your shirt.

He didn’t know you were still awake. You were trying to fall asleep…it was taking a few more minutes than normal. But that was okay. You liked listening to Liam’s voice to fall asleep. You usually did. Sometimes if you had problems falling asleep while he was away you would call him, have him tell you about his day or sing to you. You loved when he sang to you.

“I don’t know…she sleeps like the dead,” Liam shrugged. “She’s terrifying really. She called me up one morning while we were in the States and said she slept through the fire alarm,” he shook his head sadly. “I wish she didn’t tell me. I’m so scared to leave her,” he sighed softly.

Zayn smirked. “Li, she’s a big girl. She’ll be fine.”

“I know…I know, really I do. I know she’ll be fine. I just worry a lot. I’ve never been so in love with a girl before, Zayn, she’s precious and i just want to do anything I can to keep her and make sure she’s safe,” he explained. “I’m not here a lot and there’s so much I worry about.” He reminded Zayn.

“She’s your angel, though Li,” he reminded him. “She literally adores you. She’s so cute,” he chuckles. “She sends you care packages on tour,” he rolled his eyes. Liam smiled brightly. And you tried to keep from smiling while you cuddled up to Liam.

“Yeah…she is my angel. But I’m not here enough…I want to be here more…I just get…anxious. She’s so good and she would be good for anyone and I want to be good for her. I want to hold her and wake up with her and make her happy. And I’m not here enough for that. Some other guy who lives down the hall for all I know could make her happier than I do.”

In what world, Liam Payne? You think to yourself. You shift a little and Liam carefully moves you into his lap so he’s all but cradling you like a baby with your head on the arm rest and his other arm draped over your waist lightly moving his thumb against your hip just beneath the hem of your shirt.

“Is she still asleep?”

“I once lost my balance a minute and stumbled while I carried her to bed and I hit her foot on the wall, softly, but still…and she didn’t make a peep.”

Zayn chuckled. “Good, because you snore like a bear,” he rolled his eyes.

“I do not!” He protested. “It was one time and I was sick!”

“And who took a week off from work to baby you back to health?” Zayn reminded him. Liam smiled softly and looked down at you as you slept. He lightly brushed his thumb across your cheek and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“She’s really great, isn’t she?” Liam asked rhetorically. The adoration in his voice made your stomach flip. He loved you so much and it was overwhelming to think you got him all to yourself.

“Yeah, she really is,” Zayn said knowingly. “I’m going to let you get her into bed,” he said quietly. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he smirked. “Tell her I said thank you,” he told Liam and he said bye, and you listened to Zayn leave.

“Let’s get you to bed, my baby,” he cooed to you and lifted you effortlessly…like you were an actual feather… You sighed heavily as he shifted you and you snuggled into his chest.

“My Batman,” you slurred as best you could to make it seem if you were actually asleep. Liam smiled proudly and believed you were actually asleep. He kissed your hair.

“I’m your Batman, baby,” he whispered.


Niall was laying in bed with you. He was wrapped around you and he held you tightly to his chest. He played with his phone for a while. Then a FaceTime call from Harry came in on his phone. He answered it and Harry smirked at his position with you nuzzled up to your chin with the duvet. Zayn was also in the screen and he snickered softly. Niall smirked. With you spooned up to his chest, he hadn’t seen your face in a while. You were precious. He smirked softly at your sleepy face on screen. Totally unaware that you were awake.

“We were going to ask if you wanted to come out with us, but we see you’re busy,” Harry smirked. Niall smiled and kissed the top of your head.

“Yeah,” he hummed in appreciation. “I am,” he sighed softly. “Maybe if she wakes up. She hasn’t been sleeping well,” he mumbled and rubbed your side gently. “I don’t want to wake her for no reason,” he smirked.

“What a cutie pie,” Zayn smirked. “And she’s cute too, Nialler,” he laughed. Niall laughed very softly in your hair and Harry snickered as he and Zayn looked at the two of you cozy in bed.

“What a lucky lady to get a Horan Hug Snuggle,” Harry smirked. “I’d kill for one right now.”

“Am I not good enough for you, Harry?” Zayn asked. Harry looked offended.

“Of course not!”

Niall grinned gently but honestly he was having difficulty focusing on his friends because you were just so adorably sweet in the corner of the phone screen. You were breathing evenly and Niall snuck an arm back under the comforter to wrap around your waist so that he could pull you closer to him. He buried his face into your neck and kissed you collarbone. “You’re so cute, Niall,” Harry cooed.

Niall smiled shyly and kissed your temple. “I love you,” he whispered in your ear but didn’t let the boys here. He loved having you so close.

“When will she wake up?” Zayn asked. “Can you come out with us when she’s up?”

“She’s usually really snuggly and needy when she first wakes up from a nap,” Niall laughed softly at the boys. “But I’ll see if she’ll let me. I might just stay in…I haven’t spent a whole day with her like this since before the tour and I think I really just want to hold her for a while,” he said. “Does that make me whipped?” He asked the boys.

“Yes,” they responded in unison.

“That’s alright, I like it,” he smiled proudly.

“We do too. She’s good for you Niall. I’ve never seen you smile so big,” Harry said to him.

“Yeah…” he sighed to his friends. “She’s my princess,” he hummed. “Finally, took her long enough,” he mumbled. “I love her so much guys,” he murmured softly. “She’s just…ugh. She’s perfect,” he sighed. “She’s so cute.” You turned in toward his chest and snuggled up to him nuzzling your nose into his chest. He absolutely couldn’t handle you. You were just to cute. “Can I hang out with you guys tomorrow?” He asked curiously. “I just want to be with my princess right now,” he mumbled.

“Aw, Ni, of course,” Zayn smiled. “Tell her we said hi when she wakes up.”

“The boys say hi princess, you hear that?” he mumbled just to your ear. “Little faker,” he snickered softly. “Thanks boys,” he hummed and you blushed against his T-shirt as he said his goodbyes.

“See you Ni,” Liam said.

Niall squeezed you. “Did you enjoy all those compliments my pretty princess?” He asked. You nodded. He chuckled and kissed your forehead as you hid from him. “I love you.”

“I love you more,” you promised. He chuckled and pressed a kiss to your lips before nuzzling back up to you and holding you close.


The jet lag finally caught up to you but you didn’t want to. You had a limited number of hours to spend with Harry and you certainly weren’t going to waste them by catching up on the time zone.

You were clutching around Harry’s waist as the tour bus drove down the highway. You snuggled into his chest and you cuddled up to him wrapping your arms around him. Between rounds of video games he combed your hair softly and brushed his fingers across your cheek and pressing tiny pecks along your face. “How long is she here for?” Louis asked

“A week,” he mumbled. “Not long enough. I’d keep her forever. She won’t take a job with us,” he shrugged “She thinks it’s good to miss each other or something. I think it’s torture.”

“Maybe she hates you,” Louis snickered. You rolled your eyes internally listening to them talk.

Harry scoffed. “I don’t think so. I’m a lot of work…she puts up with a lot if she hates me.” Cause I don’t…idiot…you thought playfully. He pressed his lips to your temple. “Isn’t she beautiful, Lou?” He asked.

“Gorgeous,” he mumbled. “I have my own, thanks.”

“Sound jealous that she’s not snuggling,” Harry said smugly.

“I am,” Louis laughed softly. “I’m very happy for you, Harry. She’s a lovely lady. She balances you nicely. I love her a lot…for you especially.”

Harry smiled happily as you slept. “You’re beautiful,” he breathed to you. “So gorgeous,” he hummed. He couldn’t get enough of you. You were absolutely something else. Simply perfect. “She’s so tired, the poor thing…” he frowned. “I want her to get a good night’s sleep tonight. Is it possible you and Zayn could not play music all night?” He asked politely.

“For you? No,” Louis said and you heard the click of the controllers. “I won’t for her though,” Louis smirked in Harry’s direction.

“That’s rude,” he mumbled.

Louis snickered. “Of course, Haz,” he smiled. “Anyhting for you,” he grinned and watched as Harry combed your hair down more. He was astounded by your beauty. Your willingness and never-ending faithfulness to make him happy and be with him no matter the distance. He adored you.

“I love you,” he whispered to you. You enjoyed the sound of the clicks. Enjoying the feel of Harry in your arms. You had missed him and this was like nothing you hd ever felt before being so in love with someone who loved you so much and cared so much. Harry was perfect and it warmed your heart to be around him right now when he was usually so far away. He was simply perfect.

He rubbed your back. “Louis,” he said softly.

“Hmm?” He hummed as he played.

“I think I’m going to be with her for my entire life,” he said quietly. “She’s…she’s everything, Lou. I love her.”

Louis smiled. “She’s amazing, Harry. I’m happy for you,” he whispered softly. “But let her sleep.”

He chuckled softly, continued playing with Louis and not waking you so he could lightly rubbing your cheek with his thumb. He could never get used to you. And that’s why he wanted your whole life to try…just so he could be with you…the greatest adventure of his life.