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#345: 'Halcyon Days' (PART 2.5)

How Long Will I Love You: Halcyon Days (PART 2.5)- One Shot #345 

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little darling: September, 39 weeks 1 day

It started throughout the day. She started complaining of little twinges in her back and hips. Brushing them off, because pregnancy does not come without some aches and pains. She curls up on the sofa and Niall massages his palm to the base of her spine, before rubbing her legs.

“Will you rub some body butter on my belly?” she asks languidly.

He chuckles and kisses her nose. “Sure.” He rises from the sofa, in search of her favorite lotion that he’d religiously slathered her belly with throughout her pregnancy. It was his favorite time. He could get up close with the bump. Kiss it, talk to the baby and sing to the baby, who seemed to love the sound of his voice. Of course, the pregnancy app he’d downloaded and got weekly updates from, had told him as much.

“It’s because my heart starts going fast when I see you.”

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