niall horan the gift that keeps on giving

fia hadn’t seen niall in years. the boy got famous and up and left her in little old mullingar. she didn’t blame him. the first chance she got, fia left town, too. four years later they were both back in town. but can they continue their friendship where they left off or were there too many things left unsaid?


a post-1d niall / childhood best friend fia one shot based on this post

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hey babe! can i please have one where you're very independent and niall is so proud of you for that but he spoils you and you hate it but he's all cute about it aw

~648 words

(Sorry its really short, and hope this is at least close to what you had in mind)


“Niall. I’ve told you this a thousand times; you don’t have to buy me things.” You huffed as you came into the den holding the gift bag, you found on the bed, that was filled with bras and panties that you had wanted from Victoria’s Secret. He turned his head away from the football match he was watching.

“I know i don’t have to, petal. I wanted to. Besides, i knew you wanted those.” He answered simply before looking back at the large television just in time to see his team score a goal.

“That’s not the point.” Without another word you walked back to the bedroom sitting down at your vanity. “I have my own money. I could have bought it myself.”  You said to yourself before settling your head in your hands.

It wasn’t that you were angry at Niall for buying you the stuff, honestly it was sweet, but you were frustrated. Ever since you were little you had always been independent. Always wanted to do things for yourself. You worked hard for what you had and to be at this point in your life. It was obvious that Niall makes more money with you, but that didn’t mean you wanted to use his money and become reliant on him . You went to work every day, paid your own bills, bought the things you wanted, and sometimes when you went on dates with Niall you paid for dinner, even though it would take a good twenty minutes of arguing before Niall finally let you pay.

Niall spoiled you all the time. He brought you countless gifts, given you the opportunity to fly to foreign places, and even let you move into his beautiful home. The gifts he would buy you were completely unnecessary and expensive. They would range from handbags, clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, literally anything. If you were shopping with him and just said that you liked something, more times than not you’d find it on the bed in gift bag the next day.

“Are you mad at me?” Niall spoke from the doorway making you jump.

You sighed and looked at your cute boyfriend. He stood in the doorway in his sweats, his now brunette hair was a mess because he was too lazy to style it, and his pure blue eyes looked worried at you. “No. I’m not mad.” You answered, giving him a poor excuse for a smile.

“I thought you’d like them, love. When we were shopping the other day you said you liked those. I’m just confused why you’re upset.” He answered, genuinely confused.

You held your arm out for him as you moved to sit on the bed. He entered the threshold of the bedroom and flopped down on the duvet next to you, his larger hands grabbing yours and holding it tightly. “I’m not mad Ni. I’m frustrated. I’ve told you so many times that i can buy my own stuff. You don’t have to go out and buy me things just because I said i liked them. I make my own money.”

“I know that. And i’m beyond proud of you, but i like buying ya stuff. Just want ya to stay happy.”

“You don’t have to buy me stuff for me to be happy. I’m here for you Niall. Not your money.”

He nodded, “You just work so hard and sometimes i just want to spoil ya.”

“I work so hard so that I can spoil myself.” You said, giving him a smirk before kissing his stubbly cheek. “Thank you for remembering which ones i wanted. It was really sweet. But can you chill out on the gifts? Like lets try to keep it to birthdays and christmas.”

“No promises, beautiful.” He responded.

Rolling your eyes, you leaned in to kiss his thin lips. “Watch yourself, Horan.” You giggled, “Maybe I’ll start spoiling you.”


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James Corden remixes 'Drag Me Down' for One Direction Carpool Karaoke
James Corden is the gift to One Direction fandom that keeps on giving. Though the band is officially on hiatus, the Late Late Show host recorded a...

Posted December 16 2015 — 7:58 AM EST

James Corden is the gift to One Direction fandom that keeps on giving.

Though the band is officially on hiatus, the Late Late Show host recorded a Carpool Karaoke segment with the boys when they appeared on the show earlier this month. (You know, the time Harry Styles lost a game of Tattoo Roulette and got inked live on television.)

This latest edition of Carpool Karaoke contains a number of gems, including Liam Payne discovering that Louis Tomlinson kept turning his seat heater on (“My ass is on fire!”), the former blaming Styles for stealing his “seatbelt hole,” and Niall Horan saying he’d marry Selena Gomez in a game of Sleep With/Marry/Cruise.

Musically speaking, Corden treated fans to a makeshift music video for “No Control” when he choreographed the boys in coordinating denim jackets to create the ’90s boy band aesthetic they’ve always eschewed. (The track hails from their fourth album, Four, and was made a DIY single when fans aggressively campaigned to get it radio play.) Also, Corden remixed “Drag Me Down” with a rap verse interlude, and impressed his fellow carpoolees with a high note in “Best Song Ever” that rivaled Payne’s own.

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