niall horan take me home tour gif

I was going to use this GIF to describe One Direction without Zayn:

Louis: *fights everyone without control and looks as if he’s about to do something mischievous*

Niall: *runs away and does the Horan jump (you can tell that even if it’s not in the GIF), unaware of what’s going on*

Liam: *is afraid and relies on Harry*

Harry: *Tries to hold everything together*. THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

But after noticing all this I noticed Zayn.

Because Zayn will always be a part of One Direction. Even if you don’t see him.

two years later and this is still the meanest harry has ever been to someone


This is so weird and awesome, I’m shaking oh my god.

DO YOU SEE IT? WHAT’S HAPPENED????? Larry is love. Ok. His reaction is everything