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❀Song(s):Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, Versace On The Floor by Bruno Mars, Do You Like It by Victoria Monet 

❀Warning(s): Mention of sex 

❀Summary: Niall and Jessica have been friends for a long as he can remember. He’d fallen for her and one day finally took the chance in asking her out on a date. It wasn’t long before the pair was found on his bed with limbs tangled and nothing but love and passion floating through the air. 


That was the one thing that came to mind when he had finally asked Jessica out on a date. He knew her like the back of his hand, he watched from the sidelines as guy after guy broke her. He had the upper hand knowing the do’s and don’ts. He’d double checked everything making sure everything was perfect down to the seasoning he’d used to prepare the food for them. He was going all out but still keeping it nice and simple.

She couldn’t help but smile as he opened the door to his car for her. She’d dressed simple, like he had asked her to do. Black leggings paired with a denim shirt and a nude lace cardigan. Her hair was left down straight without a curl inside. She looked beautiful and he was finding it rather hard to not stare. Placing his hand on her thigh she smiled softly as a blush crept it’s way up onto her cheek. 

She bit her lip as it raised higher and higher the closer and closer they got to his house. She quickly took a hold of his hands, as his cheeks flushed with color. He didn’t know what had come over him but he couldn’t help but wonder how she’d look beneath him. Her dark hair spread on his pillow as her chest heaved in pleasure. 

“You ready?” 

She blushed getting the double meaning of his words, but yet she let her mind wonder to what it’ll feel like to have his hands roam her body, feeling his skin against her’s as he brought her to a state of bliss no other has been able to take her. Sure these thoughts grower stronger, as he his hands slide down her upper arm to hold her hand as he lead them to his backyard. 

Sh gasped slightly at the beautifully set up table. Ever inch was covered with all her favorite foods, from things she hadn’t eaten in years to the snacks she always makes sure she has at home. “This is perfect Niall…” She whispered as she turned to face him. 

His hands rested on her waist as he smiled once her arms reached his neck. Smiling he pulled her closed resting his forehead on hers. Her sweets smell took over his sense as she smiled up at him. It didn’t take long before his smile faded softly and leaned closer and closer. 

“Is this okay?” He breathed as she nodded her head. Her eyes fluttered shut as his lips brushed up against her’s. 

It wasn’t long before the food was simply forgotten, and they found themselves in Niall’s bedroom. He pulled away slightly cheeks flushed as he took in her appearance. “Are you sure?” He breathed as she nodded her head giving him the permission he needed. 

It wasn’t long till they were a heaping and moaning mess. Her skin felt like fire as his lips traced each part of her body. Her hands Gripped him tightly as he brought her to her release. His eyes screwed shut as her mouth placed sweet kisses along his shoulders and neck as he worked them both. 

Smiling as she rested her head on his chest he sighed, never did he expect for the girl he’d fancied would feel the slight bit of attraction towards him. Smiling as she traced shapes on his chest making him glow with happiness. “Can’t believe that happened..” She stated as he chuckled and brought her closer. 

“Can’t believe ya like me back petal..” 

“How can I not..” 

“Cause you’re too perfect..” 

Preference #25 - He Falls Asleep On You (Niall)


You nudged your boyfriend’s shoulder lightly, chuckling when he readjusted himself, leaning his weight almost fully against your side, his head resting against the crook of your neck. The boys had just finished up a completely sold out show and you were now all back on the tour bus, on the way to the next city.

As soon as everyone had calmed down from the show Harry had suggested putting on a movie, something everyone else agreed to even though they were all exhausted. Now it seemed like you were the only one left awake in the small makeshift living room at the back of the bus. Liam had disappeared to his bunk half way into the film, Harry and Louis were both snoring on the other end of the couch and Niall was completely out of it, his arms wrapped securely around your waist.

With a little shake of your head you moved one of your hands into the hair at the back of his head, threading the strands through your fingers and scratching at his scalp softly, just enough for him to let out a hum of approval. It wasn’t that comfortable but you were happy to let him sleep for a little while, if he was going to go back on stage and perform tomorrow night he really needed all the sleep he could get. Readjusting yourself lower against the couch cushions you reached for the remote, picking a new movie on the Netflix options before settling in for a long night.

Written By Bree xx

#387 - Seasonal Depression

Harry: The summer was reaching its annual demise and as fall crept in, so did something else. As the leaves on the trees began to fall and the days started getting shorter, you found yourself growing tired. Your energy levels seemed to disappear and most of your time now was spent inside, on the couch or in bed. “Hey, you ready?” Harry asked, coming into the living room with both of your jackets. “Right, yeah,” you nodded, getting up slowly. The last thing you wanted to do was go out, but you needed groceries. This happened every year, you kind of knew how to deal with it. “Are you going to be okay?” he asked, helping you get your jacket on. “Yeah,” you nodded before yawning, quietly sighing to yourself. “I’ll be fine.”

Liam: The days were short, night time coming a lot sooner than it needed to be. The skies already starting to darken at 4:00pm. You found yourself sleeping in until 1:00pm, leaving only three hours of daylight to do anything. Your eating habits were changing and three steady meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner became one big meal in the evening, a binge period for you. You would be so hungry from going 12 plus hours without food that when it came time to eat, you would get anything you could. You had talked to Liam about it, discussing ways he could help you with these feelings. Like waking you up when he got up in the morning and making sure you had something to eat before noon or the two of you making plans every couple days just to get out of the house to distract yourself.

Niall: “Niall, you need to stop talking…” you pressed your fingers into your temples, aggravated. “Oh…” he drifted off, his smile falling from his face. “Sorry…” You shook your head and stood up from your spot, going into the kitchen to grab yourself something to drink. Looking outside, the melting snow made everything grey and dead. The grass that managed to poke through was brown, dead, colourless. You took a deep breath and shook your head slightly, closing your eyes. Pulling the curtain back, you turned away from the window and drank the cool liquid out of the glass. Niall was still in the living room, you could hear the TV. You didn’t want to be around anyone right now. You finished your drink and headed upstairs, trying to figure this out.

Louis: You were trying so hard to be happy. So hard to keep that smile on your face. You wanted everything to be okay, but you could feel yourself feeling so hypersensitive to everything around you. Your skin seemed to itch whenever you saw a leaf fall off of a tree. You hated the changing of seasons, summer to fall. It was hard to watch for you. Louis held onto your hand as you two walked through the town, jackets on for the first time in a while. Everything was changing and it was giving you a sinking feeling in your stomach. Louis gave your hand a squeeze and pulled you a little closer to him as he adjusted his sun glasses with his free hand. You held his back tightly, trying to reassure yourself that everything was okay.

Zayn: Holding your breath, you closed the curtains in the house so you couldn’t see the sun peering in from outside. You couldn’t stand to see the snow melt and to have the sun stay out longer as days dragged on. You were tired, drained from barely sleeping. Once the house was dark again, you felt yourself kind of relaxing. It was a bad day. Zayn came back from the shower and saw you standing in the living room with your arms around yourself and your eyes closed. “Hey…” he murmured, coming over to you and cautiously putting his hands on your arms. “Bad day…” you whispered out, feeling a lump well up in your throat. “Okay,” he nodded, unsure. You put your arms around his shoulders and took a deep shaky breath, letting him put his back around you as well.


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Truths Out

A/N: Sorry it look me so long to update the next part but I hope you guys like it !! What do you all think James’ reaction is going to be ?? 


Niall kept stealing glances at y/n the whole drive back to her apartment, filled with a kind of nervous excitement; the idea of meeting his child, his son after so long leaving a lump in the back of his throat. Y/n had said that James knew of him, but he was worried that maybe he wasn’t going to live up to the kids expectations, maybe James expected someone that wasn’t…well, him.

He felt sick to the stomach, his thoughts and emotions taking off at a million miles an hour; Niall wanted to be in James’ life, he wanted to be in y/n’s as well but James had also only grown up with a Mum for five years, there was a possibility that he didn’t want a Dad.
When y/n pulled into an apartment complex Niall felt like running, but when she put a reassuring hand on his shoulder Niall knew he had to do this.

“Niall,” Y/n murmured, breaking him from his internal monologue. “He’s five, you’re going to be fine.”
“I’ll take your word for it.”
“He wouldn’t have kept asking about you if he didn’t want you in his life, it might take some time to get used to it but James will love you.”

Niall nodded his head and climbed from the car, his hands firmly in his jeans pocket as he followed y/n inside the building. It seemed like the apartment was right there but also so far away; the elevator only making his nerves worse as it clicked over each floor. Niall had gone through tough meetings in the past, he’d been in confrontations that he wouldn’t ever want to be in again but this was by far the worst he’d ever felt, his heart feeling like it might actually beat right out of his chest.

Y/n unlocked the front door and Niall heard the excited squeal from the small boy inside. Niall held his breath.

He watched as y/n hoisted him into her arms, placing a kiss on his cheeks despite the small boys protests and Niall was once again struck by how much they looked alike. Everything about James, right down to the slightly goofy smile reminded him of himself, it was slightly terrifying.
“James,” Niall turned to look at y/n when she spoke. “You remember Niall from soccer practice the other day?”

James peeked over his Mum’s shoulder and smiled, waving at Niall.
“Ahuh, he helped me kick a goal Mumma.”
“And it was a very good goal,” Niall commented, pleased when James’ face lit up.
“Well I have something about Niall I wanted to talk to you about.”

y/n dropped James back onto his feet, taking his hand and leading him into the living room, Niall following slowly behind them. He watched as she sat him on the couch, kneeling in front of him; he watched the way she brushed his hair away from his face, cupping his cheeks as she spoke. Niall couldn’t have picked anyone better to be the Mother of his child.

After y/n finished talking James quickly looked at Niall with a slightly confused expression, his blue eyes looking Niall up and down. Niall honestly didn’t know whether he wanted to laugh or cry.

Written By Bree xx

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